tagErotic CouplingsMidnight Passion

Midnight Passion


The bedroom is dark except for the lovely candlelight coming from across the room. You are waiting for me on my bed, nervous but excited.

I emerge from the darkened bathroom, dressed in a long, black satin gown with lace barely covering each breast, spaghetti straps holding the lace in place.

The flickering candlelight dances over my auburn hair and the shiny satin as I walk over to you. Your eyes hold heat that draws me towards you. Like a moth to a flame I must respond.

Your hand extends towards me inviting me to come closer to you. I place mine into yours, gently smiling. I sit beside you and feel your arms wrap around me, pulling me tight against your body.

You look deep into my emerald eyes as your hand gently caresses my cheek. Mesmerized; I watch as you head lowers and your lips brush mine in the lightest of kisses that quickly become deeply passionate. My body reacts instantly, tingles of excitement and desire travel throughout my muscles.

Your right hand travels down my neck, over my collar bone and lightly cups my breast, your thumb begins a slow teasing circle around my already hard nipple making it even harder.

You kiss the side of my face down to my shoulder and gently bite me; my breath catches as desire burns in my veins. I moan and you groan in response.

Kissing me once again, your hand leaves my breast and slides the strap off of my left shoulder, dropping the lace that covers the swollen breast. Quickly your mouth engulfs my throbbing nipple, causing me to cry out in pleasure. I writhe in your arms, enjoying the flames that encircle my soul.

Somehow during this you have me laying on my back, your hands seem to ravish me, pulling my gown up baring my stockinged thighs to your greedy hands. Your hand encircles my left hip, pulling my lower body against your thighs. I can feel your hardened cock straining against briefs.

I reach down, and firmly rub your cock up and down, feeling it twitch in my hand, growing even larger & harder. My mouth waters with the thought of you sharing such a sweet rod with me.

"Please Darlin', I want to taste you, straddle my chest and let me suckle you." I beg.

With a deep groan You stand and remove your briefs. Your engorged cock springs free and begs for my mouth. I lay back on the bed and watch with wild heat as you straddle my chest and offer your sweet member to my lips. I look up at you and pout.

"Aren't you going to suck me?" You ask.

"Make me." I whisper. A wicked look flashes in my green eyes & and I smile.

Knowing what I want; your face changes from passionate to almost cold. You take your hand and wrap it around the back of my neck and say, "Suck me! Do it NOW!" You command.

With a happy sigh I open my mouth and watch as your force your sweet cock deep into my mouth, enjoying the feeling of you controlling me and the lovely way your cock feels on my pierced tongue.

The un-bridled lust that crosses your face as you punish my mouth over and over, your cock plunging deep into the base of my throat, almost makes me cum.

Suddenly you stop and get off me and grab my ankles. Yanking them apart, you pull my tail to the edge of the bed. Placing my feet onto your shoulders, your hands grab each hip.

"You aren't getting your cream Kitten, I aim to fill that sweet pussy of yours to the hilt, then you can lick me clean of both our cum when I'm through fucking you, that is... if you are a good girl!"

Placing your cock at the sopping wet entrance of my pink pussy and with a hard thrust, your cock impales me to the hilt!

I howl in pleasure at each thrust, in-out-in out...I moan as your cock rams home; bringing me closer & closer to my climax. Your hands still on my hips as you yank me hard against you.

"This is what you wanted isn't it Kitty? For me to punish you, make you cum on my hard cock? Tell me!" You command.

"Ohhhhhhhhh...YES! I love to be your tool of lust, to have your sweet body make me cum." I moan and purr.

"Then cum...NOW! Cum on my cock now Baby!!"

You pound my gready pussy harder and so much faster, causing me to climaxed so hard I scream! My pussy spasms in deep wracking clenches around your cock. You yell out as you cum. Slamming your cock hard into me as each rope of steaming cum pumps into my body.

Tired, panting and totally spent, you collapse onto my shaking body. Little spasms of left over orgasm make my body twitch. My arms wrap around you as we kiss slowly, then smile.

"Wow Darlin'...now that was totally hot, thank you." I say, looking deep into your sexy eyes.

"It's just the beginning Sweetie, just the beginning." and you seal that promise with a kiss.

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