tagIncest/TabooMidwest Mom Ch. 02

Midwest Mom Ch. 02


Chris could sense his father was upset and was overwhelmed with feelings of guilt. He couldn't see his father but he could sense his presence on the other side of the room. He wanted to reach out and see what was wrong, but he couldn't tear himself away from the pleasure. Chris reached down and felt his mother's silky hair, and realized her mouth was the source of his pleasure. He could feel his cock being squeezed, but the feeling was rough and somewhat uncomfortable. He grabbed her hair harder as he approached an orgasm. Then he opened his eyes and realized he had been dreaming.

Tossing the sheet off of himself he saw his boxer shorts were painfully twisted around his raging hard-on. He had woken up right on the verge of orgasm. Chris thought about finishing off with his hand, and he would have, but the events of the previous night flooded into his mind, and he decided to leave himself in a state of heightened sexual excitement.

Chris stayed in bed for a bit and read a magazine. He could hear the sounds of his mom, Sandy, already awake and moving around downstairs. He couldn't wait to go down and see her, and maybe feel her. But he also enjoyed the feeling of having nothing to do and lolling around in bed in the morning. This was what he came home for after all.

After he had paged through an old copy of the New Yorker, Chris headed to the shower. As he got up he marveled at the size of his erection - the after-effect of his dream. Perhaps he was imagining, but he thought he could faintly smell the sex of the night before as he reached down and fondled his cock and balls. Although tempted to go down and see his mom, he decided he didn't want to risk running into his father or sister with a raging hardon.

After showering Chris threw on a loose pair of sweat pants and his longest t-shirt. Such preparations were necessary since his cock just wouldn't quit. All through the shower his cock was pointing straight up and at attention. Getting dressed he pulled his cock up and pulled the elastic strap of his pants over it. Down boy, he thought. With his t-shirt hanging down, nobody could tell he had a boner, hopefully.

Holding back his anticipation at seeing his mother, Chris tried to stay calm as he descended the stairs. In the kitchen he found his mom sitting at the kitchen table. She was still wearing her nightclothes, a purple silk top and matching bottoms. Chris' heart fluttered as he compared the picture of his beautiful mother, who seemed so respectable and demure, with the images of her pushing his cock down her throat and pushing her pussy into his face for him to lick and suck.

"Morning, hon. D'you sleep well?" asked Sandy.

Chris wasn't sure if anyone else was around, so he acted like a normal son. That is, a son that had not fucked his mom the night before. "Yah, it sure is good to be home."

Sandy got off of the stool and stood up, turning to face her son. The top two buttons of her silk nightshirt were undone, exposing her skin and the tops of her cleavage. Her strawberry hair was pulled back in a ponytail, although a few stray hairs escaped, giving her a casually sexy appearance. She smiled warmly at Chris and he could detect a playful twinkle in her eye. "I bet its good to be home" she said, and he did not fail to detect her innuendo.

With that Chris stepped closer to her and dropped his hands to her waist. He could smell the scent of her soap and it was driving him wild. She let him step in towards her, but as he tried to grab for her waist, she twirled around and walked away towards the counter. "What would you like for breakfast?"

By now Chris was pretty sure they were the only two in the house. His mother wouldn't be playing around like she was if his father or sister were around to see. "You," he said. "I want you, mom."

Sandy's heart melted at the earnest expression of desire from her son. She had intended to keep things on the level this morning. After all, Diane would be there in about 30 minutes. But from the moment he entered the kitchen, the way he looked at her had her juices flowing. "What exactly do you want to do with me, darling?"

Chris could sense an opening. "Mom..." he didn't quite know how to say it. "I... I wanna have sex again!" he blurted.

She liked that he didn't mince words. There were no games any more. He wanted her and she wanted him. Sandy could feel the lubrication seeping out of her pussy, probably already coating her lips. Without saying a word, she turned around and put her hands on the counter behind her, exposing her ass to her son. "Well, if that's what my son wants" she said fetchingly. With that, Sandy pushed her ass out invitingly, and looked over her shoulder at her son. She was allowing him to fuck her from behind, right there in the kitchen.

Chris moved into her and hugged her, kissing her neck and taking in her wonderful scent. Sandy let him roam over her upper body with his hands and nuzzle against her neck for a moment. She could feel his cock pressing into her backside. But there were still two sets of clothing between them, and they couldn't linger with it this time. "Honey, your sister will be home soon, so you should probably get down to business. This should be a real in and out operation here."

"Is there any other way?" Chris joked. But as he said that he was already pulling down his mother's pants and panties and reaching for her pussy. He found her primed and ready to go, so he pushed down his sweatpants and pushed his penis between her legs. He rubbed the top of his shaft against her slit, allowing the moisture to accumulate. Then he bent his knees and positioned the head of his dick at her hole, before pushing up and filling her. He heard her gasp as she was invaded by his member, but he remembered her warning and he didn't hesitate to pull out and piston into her again.

Before long Sandy was gasping at the pleasure of her son's tool pushing deep into her quim while his strong hands grabbed her breasts and squeezed them as he moved up and down behind her. This time he was in complete control, and Sandy loved the feeling of abandoning herself to his powerful thrusts. This was not any slow buildup to a large orgasm. Instead, she was moaning through a series of mini-orgasms as her son continued to rip into her. Her cunt felt like it was expanded to its maximum and when her muscles clenched with pleasure she took pride in the friction her old body could still provide for a young man.

In what seemed like no time Chris pushed as deep as he could into his mom's pussy, lifting her on to her tippy-toes as he deposited his load as deep as possible into her. They both stood there gasping for a moment in the afterglow of their energetic morning fuck. As Chris made a move to pull his still hard cock from her hole, she touched his hand softly and said "Wait a sec hon, stay in there for a moment."

She bent her knees slightly and, keeping her son firmly plugged into her pussy, she reached down to grasp her panties, which were collected at her ankles along with her pj bottoms. Sandy pulled her panties on and pulled them all the way up in front. "Ok now" Sandy said, and as her son pulled out, she quickly pulled her panties over her pussy.

"Can't be leaking your goo all over the place while we have a nice family breakfast, now can I?" said Sandy as she turned to her son and kissed him firmly on the lips, letting her tongue slip only slightly against his teeth before retreating.

Sandy turned to the sink and rinsed her face, trying to disguise the flush of her sexual excitement. She knew her daughter could pull up at any minute. For his part, Chris turned on the overhead fan, hoping to dissipate the smell of their coupling. Luckily, it was very nice out and they had the kitchen windows opened. In fact, if somebody had been paying attention, they could have seen Sandy's face in the window while she was being plowed by her son.

Before Sandy could finish slicing two grapefruits, she heard the engine of her daughter's old automobile pull up to the front of the house.

Chris was pleased that his erection had finally subsided, seemingly for the first time in a few days, by the time he opened the door to greet his baby sister. Diane got out of the car and bounded up the front steps to meet her brother. As her daughter's mother, Diane could hardly fail to be attractive, and she didn't. She had curly black hair and a lithe body like her mother. But Diane's breasts were much larger. Diane's face was more cute, whereas her mother's was classically beautiful. In place of Sandy's high cheekbones, Diane had somewhat pudgy cheeks, with a smattering of freckles and fuller lips which drew the eye to her beautiful, and ever present, smile.

Diane almost burst into her brother's arms for a hug. Her large breasts unselfconsciously mashed against his chest and she pulled herself into him with genuine affection. As the hug ended, so did Chris' bonerless streak as he felt himself begin to harden in response to the touch of his sister.

"Oh my God, Chris! Its so great to see you!" Diane gushed in her sing-songy girly voice. Chris didn't usually like the sorority girl type. But Diane was able to moderate her girliness with a sharp underlying intelligence. As a result, her lapses into valley-girl tones implied all of the playfulness of the stereotype, with none of the vapidity.

"Its nice to see you too Diane. Its been too long since I came back to visit."

Diane grabbed her brother's arm and pulled him into the kitchen. As they entered, Chris watched carefully to see if she detected anything of their fucking just a few minutes before. He caught an almost imperceptible pause and he thought he saw her nose flinch just slightly as she entered.

"Hey mom!"

"Hi honey. You interested in some waffles?" Sandy said as she placed grapefruit halves on the table for the three of them.

"Yah definitely. I was basically up ALL night writing this stupid soc paper. I could definitely use something besides Diet Coke in my tummy!"

Chris marveled at his sisters boundless enthusiasm. If he were up all night there was no way he'd be bouncing around like she was, but she had always been that way and it was part of what he loved about her. She was just a fount of endless positive energy.

Chris and Diane sat at the table and started to put too much sugar on their grapefruit like when they were kids. They chatted and laughed in an immature manner that Chris missed. He never indulged in such silliness away from home while he posed as a serious law student. He was really enjoying himself.

Bringing over the first batch of waffles, Sandy placed them on the table and pulled up a stool. Chris noticed that his mom sat on the edge of the stool and crossed her legs. He thought about the state of her pussy. Chris imagined how his cum had coated the gusset of her panties. In fact, he thought, his mother could probably feel his gooey sexsap as she sat down. Chris' dick responded as he indulged these dirty thoughts about his mother.

In fact, Sandy certainly was aware of the copious amount of cum she carried around in her undercarriage. While Chris and Diane had reunited, Sandy had noticed that her panties were quickly soaked with the semen slipping out of her cunt. She had dropped a finger into her pussy and realized that her pussy was full up with her son's fluids. She couldn't believe it! It felt like she had taken a douche full of semen, which she supposed she had, in a way. Sandy had figured that her panties would be enough to keep Chris' cum from leaking out. But she should have remembered how he had filled her mouth twice last night before petering out. When she walked she could feel her thighs slip against each other, lubricated by the mixture of sex juices that was badly contained in her pussy by her cotton panties.

By the time her kids had come into the kitchen, Sandy had gathered herself. She licked her finger clean and started to feel absolutely naughty about how she would have to serve breakfast while she practically waded in her son's sexual discharge. Perhaps it was because he was fucking his mom that he emptied his balls so completely. Or perhaps her son was always this prolific. These thoughts were doing nothing to calm the sexual charge she felt pulsing through her every nerve fiber.

As Sandy brought a batch of waffles over to the table, she thought about how she would possibly sit down. She worried that if she sat down regularly, the come could leak through her pants and betray her condition. So instead she crossed her legs and tried to clench her dripping cunt as much as possible. She ended up sitting sort of on the side of her butt.

While she let her two kids goof around with each other over breakfast, Sandy's mind drifted to the unbelievable sex and the constant reminder of the sticky substance that she harbored. She realized that she was as turned on as she had ever been in her life. Crossing her legs and clenching her vaginal muscles was bringing her off! But she couldn't uncross her legs or stop clenching for fear of the potential torrent of semen. As a result, she was racing towards orgams, and she could do nothing to prevent it. She felt a bolt of electricity gather from deep in her love canal and ripple out through her whole body. Goodness, she thought. She was spontaneously orgasming over breakfast!

Diane looked up from pouring syrup on her waffles and noticed that her mother was flushed and her eyes were glassed over. It looked like Sandy was in another world all of the sudden, in a way Diane had never seen from her before.

"Mom, are you alright?" Diane asked, snapping Sandy back to reality.

Fortunately, Chris stepped in and provided a better excuse than Sandy would have come up with. "Oh yah, she's just drugged."

"What?" asked Diane, incredulous at the thought of her mother using drugs.

"Yep, mom decided to have a wrestling match with the firestarter last night. She's been popping aspirin like there's no tomorrow." Chris was lying, but Sandy was proud of his quick thinking nonetheless. Although she wasn't quite sure how taking aspirin explained the appearance she projected while she orgasmed at the breakfast table.

"Oh no, what happened?" a concerned Diane asked.

"Oh its really nothing. I burned my arm and shoulder, but its not serious. Just a little painful."

"That sucks mom. Lemme see." Diane didn't give her a chance to say no. Instead she scooted over and pulled the back of her mom's shirt up.

"I don't see anything," said Diane.

"Because you're looking at her back, not her shoulder, you tard" Chris rejoined immaturely. In response Diane pulled Sandy's shirt up even more, exposing her mother's entire back.

Sandy felt totally exposed. Her daughter was basically pulling her shirt off, while she sat awkwardly with her legs crossed on a stool because she didn't want to leak all her son's sperm out of her quim and reveal that just a few minutes earlier she had been leaning over the counter and enthusiastically taking her son's big cock from the behind.

"Ouch, that looks bad, mom. No wonder you're popping some pills - I would be too." Still Diane had not let Sandy's shirt drop. The effect of her lifting it up was to almost expose Sandy's breasts in the front.

Sandy was about to ask her daughter to lower the shirt, when Diane caught sight of the burn on the back of her arm. The burn on her arm was worse than the burn on her back because her back was shielded from direct contact with the burning metal by a shirt.

"Oh no, look at your arm, its bubbling!" gasped Diane, and in her curiosity and surprise she lifted her mother's shirt all the way over her head, exposing Sandy's entire back and arm in the back, and exposing Sandy's beautiful bosom in the front. Diane felt helpless, and to make matters worse, her shirt was blocking her vision. She felt like she was losing control.

"Diane!" snapped Sandy. "Please lower my shirt. You're exposing my breasts to Chris!"

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to," said Diane somewhat sheepishly. She had let the excitement of the morning get the best of her and she hadn't intended to disrobe her mother in the kitchen. It was the surprise of seeing the bad burn that caused her mistake.

But even as she apologized, Diane noticed something weird about Chris' reaction to his mother's flashing tits. He seemed a little bit too comfortable with his mother's nakedness. As she replayed the episode in her mind, she realized Chris had briefly taken in her breasts, but with an expression more of embarrassment than surprise or curiosity. It was almost like he shared in the secret of what his mother's breasts looked like. His reaction was more that of embarrassed boyfriend than surprised son. At the same moment, Diane made a connection with the unusual redolence she had noticed earlier: the kitchen smelled of sex!

Could it possibly be her mother and brother had recently fucked, right out here in the open? It seemed impossible, but over the years Diane had grown to trust her keen senses and her intuition. Plus, it would go along way to explain her mother's strangely withdrawn contentedness and her brother's confident good mood. Wasn't that how men and women usually reacted to a good fuck? If it were anyone besides her brother and her mother she would have sworn they had just fucked. But since she couldn't be sure, she decided she had to probe some more.

"I hope you got some aloe on that burn pretty quickly mom," Diane ventured.

"Oh yes," said Sandy. Then she paused and seemed to consider before adding, "Chris helped to apply it."

"Did the damn thing just burn through your shirt?"

"Yup - Its totally ruined. My bra too. Both were singed." Now a picture was starting to form in Diane's mind. She imagined how the accident could have possibly caused mother and son to cross forbidden boundaries. Plus, it seemed natural. Diane had heard that women peaked sexually in their 40s, and there was no question that Chris was an attractive sexual specimen. He was attractive, well-built and had the same type of quiet composure and confidence that she herself found attractive in men. Perhaps her mom had the same tastes? Her mom could have been feeling let down in bed and the opportunity to hump a young stud was too much to pass up. Diane was becoming more confident. She smiled inwardly at her detective skills.

"Wow. I really missed a lot of excitement last night, didn't I?" As she stressed the word "excitement" she looked at Chris. He didn't change expressions, but Diane thought she caught a brief note of defensiveness in his eye.

Sandy sensed her daughter's change in mood from silly to inquisitive. She could almost feel the wheels turning in her daughte mind and she decided to get up and put the rest of the waffle batter on. Unfortunately, as a result of sitting down and having an orgasm a decent amount of sperm had collected in the gusset of her panties. As Sandy uncrossed her legs and shifted her weight in order to stand up an audible "SQUISH" sound resounded through the kitchen. Sandy blushed and tried to quickly move to the other side of the kitchen.

But the facts of the situation did not escape Diane's steel-trap mind. What she just heard was the final confirmation of her theory and it caused her to react impulsively. Diane immediately stood up to follow her mother across the kitchen and she saw the stain of what must have been a combination of manly and womanly cream on the back of her mother's silk pajama pants!

Diane stood in the middle of the kitchen, consumed with strange feelings. She felt disgust. But underneath it she also felt curiosity. And, although she didn't consciously realize it, underneath the curiosity was a fiery lust, stoked by the discovery of her mother and her brother having fucked just minutes before she arrived. Had she been composed enough to realize it, Diane would have noticed that her pussy was tingling and becoming moist with sexual excitement.

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