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Mike & Peggy


Author's note:

First, I would like to acknowledge and thank Wagoneer88 for his efforts in proofreading and editing this story.

Next, if you've read my earlier stories and like the theme you can skip the rest of this, it's redundant.

The central theme in this story is Female Domination, specifically teasing and orgasm denial, and yes the guy is very much of a wimp. They are BDSM stories! They are about a guy who allows himself to be dominated and has a very strong and submissive fetish about T&OD.

Originally this story was posted at two other sites where it was extremely well received. One factor is it was in the category of Female Domination, one that Literotica doesn't have. However the reception of my stories here at Literotica has been much less enthusiastic. Different tastes of the audience or whatever, I'm not really sure. I do know most of the negative comments have regarded the theme of the story, hence this note.

If you like the genre, great. I hope you'll like this story and I'd love to hear what you think of the writing, character development, etc.

If you don't like the genre please do all of us a favor, don't read the story. Frankly I don't give a shit if you don't like the genre. I do and so do many others. And PLEASE, don't bother telling me the guy is a wimp. I told you that in the second sentence of this note. If you don't like stories about wimps you'll hate this!

Thanks for tolerating this rant, I think it will improve the readers experience.


Now on to the story:


Mike had met Peggy when they were both in their junior year at the University. They met because Mike was an also-ran on the football team and Peggy was a cheerleader, definitely not an also-ran! Since Mike didn't play much, he often got to chat with Peggy on the sidelines. He had an immense crush on her from the outset.

Mike was not a typical jock. He wasn't overly big, certainly not for a football player, but had a good build and was rather good looking, but pretty shy and didn't have much of a positive self-image.

Peggy was another matter. She was the best looking of all the cheerleaders and was very shapely to boot. Peggy was always very friendly towards Mike, not stuck up like most of the other cheerleaders, but she seemed pretty uninterested. He had asked her out several times, but she'd always had some reason she couldn't go. She was so nice about it, he couldn't tell if he'd just had bad luck with his timing or if he was plain wasting his time.

Mike was about to give up and just let it go, but he decided he'd give it one more try. He was very glad he did. Peggy said yes, "I was afraid you wouldn't ask again, again. Every time you have, I've been tied up. I was afraid you'd think I didn't want to go out, but I really do."

Mike was ecstatic. He was on cloud nine as they parted. They had arranged to meet that weekend. On their first date Mike was a complete gentleman. They hit it off very well and were both clearly enjoying being together. As he returned her to her house she gave him a quick peck on the cheek and quickly let herself in, leaving him on the porch. "Call me," she called as the door shut. And so it started.

Mike was quite sure he was falling in love, one date or not, he was sure. Call he did and the two of them went out regularly from then on. Mike felt like he was more serious about her than the other way around, but maybe that was just because he felt an average guy like him was so fortunate to be going with such a beauty!

Their physical relationship built very slowly, partly because Mike didn't want to blow it by being too aggressive, but also because he could sense that Peggy was in charge in that area, period. Oh sure they hugged and held hands and kissed a bit, but Mike would certainly have liked things to progress more rapidly.

After a while, most of their dates included some serious necking, and Peggy would let Mike play with her breasts a little, but only through her clothes. She was always touching him though, and especially liked to stroke the inside of his thigh while he was driving, but never quite high enough to touch him where he so badly wanted her to. Close, but not quite. It resulted in Mike going home after almost every date with a real case of blue balls.

This torturously slow (at least to Mike) build in their physical relationship was exacerbated because the only place they had privacy was in Mike's car.

The house she lived in was a sorority and he lived in a dorm. They'd been going together since football, and for over two months Mike had gotten nothing but aching balls out of their dating. Not that he minded too much. By now he knew he was madly in love, and Peggy certainly seemed very attracted to him. They had progressed to the point where she would occasionally let him get his hand inside her blouse, even inside her bra, but he still hadn't made any more progress than that. She would rub his cock and balls a bit, but again, only through his clothes.

As they headed into winter quarter things changed somewhat. It was a huge step, in Mike's mind, but in reality nothing had actually changed. He'd been trying to get his hand into Peggy's pants since she first let him feel her breasts. Finally she let him undo her jeans and slip his hand down there and put his finger inside her. She even guided his hand so that she was getting good stimulation to her clit and reached a very satisfying orgasm. Mike however was required to keep his pants done up and while Peggy was now usually bringing him much closer to cumming, she still did so only through his clothes. The situation had not gotten better for Mike, quite the opposite. Peggy was now getting orgasms from their relationship and he was getting worse blue balls than ever. His not too subtle hints that he'd love a hand job met with a giggled response that strung him on, like, "Not just yet Mike, not just yet."

For nearly six months they had been dating. Peggy was getting off regularly, but he'd still never had her undressed, just un-done. And he still ended every date with a severe ache and nothing more. His only relief was going home afterward, and nearly wearing his cock out with his own hand as he fantasized over her. The first big hope Mike had that this might all change happened when school got out that spring. He moved into a house with two other guys, and they each had their own room! Peggy was always comfortable at the house, but she had managed to avoid being in Mike's room with the door closed. "Your roommates," she'd say.

Mike was going nuts. Finally Mike saw a chance for his big break. His two roommates were going camping for the coming weekend. Mike called Peggy and told her the news. After hemming and hawing a while he final managed to get out his question, "Peggy, please spend the weekend here with me. My roomies won't be home until Sunday!" He was almost begging.

Mike almost fainted at her reply. "I'd love to," she said. "Mike, MIKE," Peggy finally said very loudly when after a very long time he hadn't responded at all.

"Uh, well, GREAT!" he finally got out. She just laughed.

"But Mike, on Friday, we're going to talk about some rules. If you can't or won't promise me that you'll follow them, then I'm not going to stay. Understand?"

"Sure Peggy, whatever you say. I'm just so glad you are willing to stay," Mike said, not believing his good fortune. Finally things seemed to be looking up.

Mike thought Friday would never arrive, but finally it did. Six o'clock rolled around and the doorbell rang. Mike nearly ran through the house to get it. As he opened the door he nearly gasped. There she stood, looking sexier than ever!

It was unseasonably warm and Peggy had on a short tee that showed her midriff, and a very sexy pair of shorts. It was very obvious that Peggy did not have a bra under the tee, something Mike had never seen her do before. Because of the weather Mike was just wearing cutoffs.

Mike asked her in. He'd spent the whole day cleaning up the place; after all, three college guys lived there.

"What did you get for dinner?" she asked. Hell, he'd spent all day getting ready, he never even though of food. Rather sheepishly he confessed there wasn't anything to eat in the house. She led him by the hand and they drove to the store. They returned quite a while later with enough for an army to make it through the weekend. Mike didn't care that he'd just blown half a month's food budget for one weekend. She was going to be there the whole time!

Peggy fixed him a very nice dinner; she was obviously a good cook. They had rented a movie too, and after dinner he popped it in the DVD player. It was a chick flick, very romantic. She was sniffling before it was over. She was also allowing him free access to her unencumbered young bosom and he was taking full advantage of the situation. She was in return doing a good job of teasing him through his shorts, which were in serious danger of bursting!

Things went about like usual, except when he tried, Peggy let Mike get his hands under her shirt and feel her naked tits. He damn near went crazy. They felt so good! Of course this just made Mike as hard as a rock and Peggy was touching, stroking and teasing his cock and balls more than ever before.

Mike was dying to fuck her. He had always been careful not to go too far, too fast, but now he couldn't help it. Peggy got a big smile on her face as she reached over and paused the movie, "Mike, remember I said there were some rules we need to talk about?"

"Yeah, sure I remember," lying through his teeth. It was the absolute last thing he remembered right then.

"There is something you really need to know. I do NOT intend to have sex with you!"

Mike was crushed, and he looked it. "You mean you're a virgin?"

"I mean, I do NOT intend to have sex with you! Frankly, I like you a lot and I need to be sure it isn't sex, but me you are interested in," she said a little frostily. "You've been a real gentleman, until now. It's one of the reasons I like you so much." She smiled so broadly as she said this that the room got brighter. "But if that is a problem, you'd better just tell me! Because if I can't trust you to completely honor that, then I'm leaving. And you will really need to prove to me that you mean it."

Mike caught on to the fact that she hadn't answered his question about being a virgin. He knew she had dated other athletes and had heard rumors, but that didn't mean much. Mike decided that to push it any further would be very stupid. Mike was not very experienced, but he wasn't a virgin either.

"NO, uh . . .no, that's not a problem. I understand and respect that," he lied. He might respect her, but not that! And he damn sure didn't understand. But he wasn't going to risk losing her either.

She grabbed him and kissed him passionately, pressing her thinly clad breasts against his naked chest. His cock was about to burst his zipper and she ground against that too.

"Mike, I trust you, you know I do. If you can live with me not being willing to have sex, then I'd really like to spend the whole weekend together. I really mean it, I like you a lot, you know. And there are lots of ways we can have a great time together without going all the way!" She smiled so brightly that Mike thought he might die. No matter that he might not get laid, she just made it clear that things in his sex life were going to improve dramatically, or so he thought.

They watched the rest of the movie, Peggy letting him have his way with her bare breasts and continuing to torment his cock and balls through his clothes, but still not undoing his cutoffs.

As the movie ended, it was rather late. Peggy had started to smile and giggle and was clearly in a good mood. The movie had a happy ending. She turned to Mike and wrapped her arms around him and hugged and kissed him. She was a passionate, and outstanding kisser. Just that was enough to make him hard, but his cock felt like iron as she whispered, "Let's go to bed."

Since his brain had stopped working, and his cock was the only organ left 'thinking' he erroneously assumed she had already changed her mind. He almost dragged her to the bedroom. He got to the bed, which conveniently wasn't made, so he didn't have to even turn it down. He lay down and pulled her down on top of him. After a few minutes of more kissing she started to laugh gently, "Were you planning that we both sleep with all our clothes on?" As she finished the rhetorical question she sat up and pulled her shirt off over her head. Mike's eyes were transfixed as he tried to absorb the glorious view right in front of him. He just stared, slack jawed.

Finally, without laughing, but it was just under the surface, she said, "I normally sleep in just my panties when it's this warm. How about you?" As she finished that she started to remove her shorts. She revealed a very skimpy pair of frilly thong panties.

Mike could hardly move air in and out of his lungs. He was incapable of cogent speech at this point. Finally he croaked some incomprehensible 'uh's, a single 'er I' and a couple of 'well's. Now Peggy could not contain the laughter.

At last, his embarrassment showing, he allowed as how, "I normally sleep naked."

"Well, I think in the interest of safety, we'd better have you keep your Jockeys on, but come over here and I'll help with your shorts. I think your little problem may make it difficult to get them off alone!" She was still unable to fully stop laughing.

Once Mike was standing there in just his Jockey shorts, Peggy let out an "Oooo!" and started to trace his throbbing shaft with her fingers. His cock was nearly, but not quite peeking out the top of his shorts. She scratched his balls and placed her hand against the front of his cock and pressed while she moved it up and down very slowly. Mike was so close to cumming that when she stopped completely, he groaned out loud. If she had kept it up for just a few more seconds, Mike would have cum. They both knew that. He looked down at her face and she was already looking up at his, with a smile he'd never seen before. "Nice, very nice," was all she said, and that in a husky whisper.

"Get into bed, I'll get the lights," she said. He lay down and she bounced around the room, flaunting her beauty. There was no other word for it. When she finished the room had some dim light filtering in from another part of the house. Just enough to barely see, but that was all. As she approached the bed, Mike could see her slip off her panties. She was now totally naked as she slid under the sheets with him.

He still could not get the synapses to realize he wasn't about to get laid!

"Mike, I love it when you caress my breasts and touch me the way that you do. Would you do that for me now, please?"

What was he going to do, say, 'No, I don't think so. I'd like you to get my rocks off instead!' Hardly. He did his best to pleasure her, and he had actually become rather proficient at it he felt. Of course she had taught him a great deal, and now that he had unfettered access to her body, he was doing an admirable job.

He caressed her breasts for a while, finally paying a lot of attention to her nipples. Then while he transferred the attention of his hands to her sweet young pussy, he used his mouth rather skillfully on her mounds, much to her total pleasure. She was training him well.

During her lulls, she would pay some modest attention to his cock and balls, through his underwear of course, but she was extremely skillful at ensuring he never got too close to cumming. Before they were done, she had cum twice. As she relaxed and regained her composure, she held his cock lightly through his shorts. She could feel it pulse. It damn near made her cum again, even though Mike was totally unaware of that fact.

She rolled away from him after a few minutes, and asked him to snuggle up with her. As he did, she wiggled her way into position so that his cock was nestled in the crack of her firm ass and she pulled his hand around her and placed it over her breast. Then she took a deep breath and started off to sleep.

Mike was absolutely crazed. He didn't dare move, for he was essentially in heaven. But there was a Hell that went with it. He needed to cum worse than he ever had in his whole life, and his body wasn't used to this situation. He had just finished an evening with Peggy, where he'd had a great time; fallen a little bit more in love with her; had given her sexual pleasure, while receiving none himself; and developed a case of blue balls that would incapacitate a mule: BUT every other time this had happened, he'd go home and beat off, usually 2 or 3 times! Not tonight, there was no way.

DAMN IT! He did not know how to deal with this. He wanted to be with her more than anything else he could think of, but he couldn't stand the dull ache in his groin without end or relief, and there was still the rest of the weekend. What the Hell was he to do?

He slept little during the night, dozing off, only to awaken often with a raging hard-on still there. In the morning, once they were both fully awake Mike had devised a plan. He was going to take a shower and give himself some relief. Peggy, sensing exactly what he had in mind, had other plans. When Mike said he was going to take a quick shower she said, "I know, let's shower together!" Once again he couldn't say 'No'!

Naked, she walked sensuously to the shower and stepped in, turning to look back at him. She never took her eyes off his crotch as he undressed and stepped in too. The combination of events had Mike's cock rock hard. Peggy suggested they wash each other. Mike was glad to oblige and went first. He worked on her tits and ass and especially her pussy as she leaned against the wall and stood under the spray. She was glad to let him bring her to another climax. Finally, after she had recovered a bit, she said, "My turn."

Mike was positive she was going to get him off finally.

She washed him all over, totally avoiding his cock and balls until the end. Just before she went to work on his crotch she thoroughly washed his chest. She tweaked and lightly pinched his nipples which, given his state, were extremely sensitive. Finally she went to work on his cock and balls, lathering him up fully and spending much attention on his balls, only occasionally giving his cock a stroke or two and then going back to lightly rubbing his balls. Her touches were having the exact effect Peggy wanted; he was going nuts. After all, this was the first time she'd touched his naked cock.

Finally unable to take it any more Mike begged, "Peggy, please, keep doing that!"

Peggy looked into his eyes, but said nothing; she just started to stroke his soapy cock in a nice slow steady manner. She knew she could have him cumming in no time. Mike leaned back and closed his eyes, enjoying the sensation and racing toward his orgasm. Just as his cock started to spasm Peggy stopped altogether.

"NO! Please don't stop, not NOW!" Mike almost screamed. She just smiled wider. "Please Peggy, I need to, well you know, please!"

"You need what Mike?" she grinned.

"I need you to finish, please," he went on desperately.

"Finish what, Mike? You have to tell me what you need," she insisted as she stroked his cock again, but just a little.

"I need you to make me cum, please!"

"Yes Mike, I know. I know you really need to cum, and I can tell that it aches." As she said that she took his balls in her hand and squeezed ever so gently. "These are very full and I'm sure they will ache until they are finally emptied, but we need to talk some more first. Let's get dried off and go back into the bedroom." And with that she shut off the water and stepped out, grabbing a towel.

Why the Hell did girls always want to 'talk'? Right now right now he wanted nothing less than to talk, he wanted to cum, but 'talk first' she had said, that means cum after Mike reasoned. Well, he could wait a little longer. Mike still didn't even begin to get it.

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