Mike & Peggy


"Here sit next to me on the bed," Peggy indicated where by patting the bed. The fact that they were still both naked was not reducing the urge that Mike felt. As Mike sat, Peggy rested her hand high on his thigh. He had a hard time keeping his eyes on her face and not staring at her lovely tits. He was hornier than he'd ever been in his life.

"Mike, I've told you repeatedly that I really like you a lot. And our relationship has gone to a whole new level, obviously. But, if we are to continue, I need to know that I can trust you, I mean really trust you."

"Oh, you can, honest you can!" Mike said quickly.

"Wait, let me finish. First let me tell you why I'm so uptight about this. A couple of years ago I got really close to a guy who I trusted and . . . well, he let me down. I found out that even though we were supposedly together, he was sleeping with someone else. I was crushed, and that's when I decided I wasn't going to have sex as a part of a serious relationship with someone I really care about until I get married."

"Peggy, I told you I was okay with that, really, but that doesn't mean you couldn't make me cum, right?" Mike was trying to sound supportive and get his rocks off too. He wasn't exactly sure how to do that though!

"Oh no Mike, it doesn't mean that. I just couldn't stand to be betrayed again."

Mike almost jumped off the bed. He had just heard her say that getting him off wasn't the problem, just fucking. Well right now that would be great!

Mike thought seriously about pointing out how just being married didn't necessarily mean that people didn't cheat, but pointing that out seemed like a bad idea. He didn't want Peggy to think he was suggesting that he was like that. Damn, he wasn't going to get to fuck her unless some day he wanted to marry her, and as much as he felt in love, he wasn't ready for that. He wasn't so far gone that getting married to get laid made any sense.

"I can understand that," not really understanding at all, "and like I said, I will respect your feelings. So could we lie down here and you finish what you started in the shower?" He was beginning to show his desperation even more.

"Yes, I'm sure you'd like that. Actually, I'd like to do it, but that's the whole point I'm trying to make. I need to be sure I can trust you."

Mike was totally confused at this point. His face clearly showed it too.

"I see you don't get what I mean. Mike, I like playing with you, it really turns me on in fact. And you've been wonderful since we started dating about not pressuring me about sex in any way. It's part of why I like you so well. I know how much you need to cum and in fact you deserve it after all you've put up with from me. But I need you to spend the rest of this weekend with me without cumming." As she said this last, she reached over and stroked his cock gently a couple of times. It twitched violently.

"WHY?" he almost screamed. "I don't understand!"

"Because, if you can do that as horny as you are, you know with us both naked and petting all weekend and you'll still follow my rules, then I'll know I can completely trust you. And THEN, next weekend we'll take our relationship one step more!"

God this last part sounded good to Mike. But he really wasn't sure he could do as she was asking. He felt crazy already and it was only Saturday morning.

"I'm starved. How about taking me out to breakfast?" Peggy asked, quickly changing the subject as she got dressed in the same shorts that showed off her ass and legs to perfection and then pulled her tee shirt on over her bouncing breasts.

Mike was so caught off guard he just said, "Sure, let's go," figuring that getting out of the house would at least reduce the amount of torment Peggy could put him through. He was wrong.

Mike got dressed and grabbed his car keys and out the door they went. As he followed Peggy out to the car he could tell it was going to be a long weekend. The wiggle of her ass was making him semi-hard already.

To be continued...

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