tagBDSMMike & Peggy Ch. 04

Mike & Peggy Ch. 04


Author's note:

First, I would like to acknowledge and thank Wagoneer88 for his efforts in proofreading and editing this story.

This is a continuation of a long story separated into several parts. For it to make sense you really should read the whole thing, in order.

Lastly, if you haven't read the Author's note at the beginning of Part 1, PLEASE do so. That said, your votes and feedback are greatly encouraged and appreciated.


Now on to the story:

Sunday he just sat around, mostly in his room by himself, and sulked. He still couldn't make any sense out of his tumultuous life right now.

On Monday he went to class and then football. Spring practices had started. The distraction helped take his mind of Mary and Peggy, but not much. His balls had recovered slightly, but the constant dull ache served to remind him that it had been over ten very trying days since he'd cum last.

Tuesday was much the same, but it was one of the days that the cheerleaders worked out next to the practice field. No Peggy, no Mary.

That night he called Peggy. She hadn't been at practice because she still wasn't feeling too great, but she assured him she was on the mend and would be fine by the weekend. This last lifted his spirits a bit. Neither of them mentioned Mary.

Wednesday was pretty normal. The cheerleaders only practiced on Tuesday and Thursday and Mike didn't see either girl that day. He was starting to feel a little more normal.

On Thursday he saw both girls at practice, but they were on the other side of the field the whole time and he didn't speak to either one. Peggy smiled at him a couple of times. Mary never looked his way. That night he called Peggy to arrange their weekend.

"Oh Mike, I'm sorry, I thought I told you. I'm tied up Friday night, but we can get together Saturday night."

"Uh, tied up? What's going on?"

"Mike, I'm busy!" she stated rather directly.

"Oh, oh, I'm sorry, I just, uh, okay I'll pick you up at 6:00 on Saturday?"


And that was the end of the conversation.

Mike's mind was a whirl again, busy Friday night, what the Hell was that? Well, he'd just have to wait until Saturday. And it came around more slowly than any day he could remember.

Six sharp he was at the sorority. In an uncharacteristic display of promptness, Peggy kept him waiting only a couple of minutes and when she walked in the waiting room she looked like a million bucks!

She was wearing a micro-mini that barely covered her pussy and showed about a mile of leg. Her top was a loose silk tee that showed plenty of cleavage and she had what could only be described as 'fuck me' heels on her petite feet.

As soon as they got in the car Peggy leaned over and kissed Mike on the cheek, and then whispered in his ear, "Did you keep your promise all week?"

He blushed and nodded, "Yes."

"Good, we're both going to be real glad!" she whispered as she dropped her hand in his crotch and started to rub. They both felt his cock grow to a full erection in a matter of seconds. Peggy let out a giggle, Mike a moan.

Other than that the evening was 'normal' Mike thought. They went to a club, had a few drinks, danced and had a good time. Mike was dying to get back to his place, hoping that Peggy had been serious about him being glad, but he didn't want to seem over anxious. To his amazement and great joy, Peggy suggested heading to the house about ten o'clock.

On the way she teased him, "You've been waiting a long time for this weekend, I know. Mike, I know it's been difficult, but I promise to make you cum before I leave your house, okay?"

That was the sweetest music Mike had heard in a long time, "I'd really like to count on that Peggy," he said with great honesty.

"Oh, you can," was her only reply.

It wasn't long before they were at Mike's place. He noticed that the lights were on. At least one of his roommates must be home. He was worried about how Peggy would react to that. As they walked through the door he saw that John was there watching TV.

"Hey." College guy grunt from Mike.

"Hey, hi Peggy," was John's reply.

"Hi John, how are you?" she asked in a much huskier voice than normal.

"Oh, I'm good. Tired, so I thought I'd lie low tonight." Then with an impish grin he went on, "Was that Todd Peterson I saw you with last night at the Cineplex?"

Peggy didn't hesitate nor seem in any way to care about his question, "Oh yeah. We saw 'Phantom of the Opera', what'd you see?"


"Any good?"

The two of them bantered back and forth about the movies for a little while, both seeming to have left Todd Peterson, starting quarterback behind. Not Mike. What in Hell was she doing with Todd at a movie last night! When she said she'd been busy Mike didn't want to believe it was another guy. Deep inside he knew it probably was, but now his defense mechanism of not knowing for sure was gone.

John and Peggy were winding down as Mike's thoughts came back to the present.

"Okay, well, see ya," Peggy ended. Then shocking Mike, she took his hand and headed toward his bedroom.

"Uh, are you cool with this. I mean you and me in here when John's home?" Clearly Mike had lost the ability to think before speaking!

Peggy laughed, "Of course silly, why wouldn't I be. You have made it clear to both him and Ryan that you aren't getting laid, right?"

Mike blushed and just nodded, "Uh huh"

Mike hesitated, then decided to plunge ahead, "Peggy, can I ask you something?"

"Well sure, what?"

"Uh, . . . how come you were at the movies with Todd last night?" he asked pretty sheepishly.

For a minute Peggy looked irritated, then she just smiled and replied, "Mike, I told you I'd had those plans for a while. Todd is just a friend. A couple of weeks ago we were sitting around having a coke. We got to discussing the movie 'Phantom'. I said that Minnie Driver's character was one role, and he insisted it was something else. So we made a bet to go see it together and the loser had to buy dinner some time. Now Todd owes me a dinner."

Peggy could see the gloom settle over Mike's face, and wanting him in the right mood for the rest of the weekend, she emphatically said, "Mike, Todd is ONLY a friend!"

Mike couldn't help but think of Mary. 'Does that mean he's one of the guys you fuck silly while I run around with severe blue balls?' he thought to himself. And if Todd owed her a dinner, that meant they'd be going out again. Damn Mary! It was her fault he was having these thoughts.

Wanting to regain full control, as usual, Peggy moved to Mike and threw her arms around his neck and started to kiss him in her hottest possible manner. She pressed her firm breasts against his chest and ground her pussy against his crotch.

Naturally it worked, within seconds Mike was rock hard and completely putty in her hands. Soon she started to undress him. Mike needed no more invitation; he was removing Peggy's clothes with equal haste. In no time at all they were both stark naked. Peggy kept kissing Mike, and rubbing against him, but now his stone hard cock was trapped between their tummies and she was working it up and down so that he was racing toward an orgasm that of course would be stopped short.

As Mike reached the edge, Peggy maneuvered them to the bed and quickly managed to get Mike positioned between her legs using his talented mouth and tongue on her wet snatch. His cock was now nowhere near Peggy's body. She had removed any pressure that would have made him cum.

Peggy was soon in the throes of her first of four orgasms that she'd enjoy before she finally had Mike stop. She lay without moving, except for her heaving chest, for quite a long while before showing signs of recovery. Finally she indicated she wanted Mike to hold her. She started to kiss him again, and fondle his cock, which obviously was still raging hard.

Finally, "Wow, that was amazing Mike! I'm drained after that. Is it okay if I stay here tonight?" she asked in a sleepy tone.

"God, I'd love for you to spend the night!" Mike said, not yet understanding the implication.

"Good, thanks," in an even more sleepy voice, and then she rolled over on her side facing away from him, "Cuddle me, please."

Mike still didn't get it! "But Peggy, what about me? You promised to make me cum tonight, remember!" Mike's desperation showed in his voice.

"No Mike, I promised to make you cum before I leave your house, remember?" She had to stifle a giggle, "and now it looks like that won't be until some time tomorrow afternoon. Don't worry; I'll keep my promise. Now let's go to sleep, I'm exhausted."

And that was that, she was soundly breathing in the steady rhythm of sleep.

"Terrible case of blue balls . . . your big hard cock in my nice wet pussy . . ." the words haunted him again. God Damn that Mary!

In the morning Peggy was awake first. Of course Mike had tossed and turned and been awake half the night and was now finally sleeping soundly. Peggy turned back the covers and started to stroke his cock. It was totally hard and pulsing before he even woke up. His moans finally told Peggy he was awake; so she kept stroking steadily and firmly until he was just about to explode once again. "I really have to pee," she announced.

And with that she jumped into her clothes because of Mike's roommates, and was out the door before Mike realized what was going on.

John and Ryan were sitting in the living room reading the Sunday paper when she passed through. "Take it easy on Mike this morning, he might be walking a little funny. It's been quite some time since he got any relief," she chuckled as she passed.

Mike came out while Peggy was still in the bathroom. Her comment had the exact result she expected.

"Hey guy, how they hanging?" laughed John.

"A little full and heavy we hear," joined Ryan.

Mike turned bright red. It was quickly obvious that Peggy had said something to them. "Fuck both of you!"

"But not you it appears," they said simultaneously, and then burst out laughing. Mike felt like killing them both, but he knew it was Peggy he was actually pissed at.

They spent the morning lounging around the house half watching some game on the tube and grazing through whatever was in the kitchen.

About 1:00 Peggy said, "Mike, I need to take off soon. Can we go to your room and talk for a while first?"

"Sure," said Mike, praying this was when she was finally going to get him off.

Under his voice John said, "Just talk Mike!"

Mike glared at him but just headed to his room behind Peggy.

As the door swung shut behind him, Peggy turned and with one of the most mischievous smiles and a devilish twinkle in her eye she just looked at Mike. After a moment she said, "I think it's time to finally fix that problem of yours, don't you?"

Those words were almost enough to make Mike cum in his pants!

They were soon undressed and Peggy was between Mike's legs, "Just like I promised, I'm going to bring you right to the edge a few times so that when you do finally cum it will be really intense!"

"Oh God Peggy, it will already be so intense, you don't need to do that, trust me!" he almost begged.

"Shhh, besides, I want to. You know how much it turns me on!"

And she pushed him to the edge three times before stopping and demanding he service her.

Mike did his 'duty' as he saw it. At this point he would have done anything to ensure that he was going to get to cum. Today she stopped him after she'd had three orgasms.

"Just a couple of more cycles and then it's time, okay." It wasn't a question.

She ramped him up once quickly, and then soon thereafter started a second time. This time was different, slower, more methodical. With one hand she gently cupped his balls, and with her other hand she gave long, slow strokes up and down the whole length of his cock. Mike thought he was going to go crazy. She slowly, very slowly, kept pushing him closer and closer. He couldn't help squirming. He was shaking, he needed to cum so bad. He couldn't even speak coherently, he just moaned.

Peggy was paying extremely close attention. She could tell he was almost to the point of no return and yet she kept going, but very slowly. Suddenly she saw the head of his cock swell, his balls tighten and his cock start to spasm. She stroked twice more. During the second stroke a huge jet of cum shot out of Mike and reached his shoulder.

Peggy completely released him, but it was too late. A second rope of jizz shot out. There was no stopping this now, but without any stimulation his cock just spasmed and his balls sucked up nearly inside him and cum kept flowing out of the tip in surges, but it wasn't a mind shattering orgasm, rather just a venting of sperm.

"ARRRGGGGGGHHHH! NOOO!" Mike screamed.

Peggy watched fascinated as his cock twitched and jerked and sperm oozed out the end. She nearly came herself watching the total frustration on his face and the way he was thrusting his hips as if fucking the air. GAWD this made her hot. The second time he screamed in agonizing frustration she actually felt a little tremor of orgasm flow through her cunt.

It was over quickly and Peggy proved to be an accomplished actress, "Oh God Mike, I'm so sorry! I thought I stopped in time so we could do one more cycle. I misjudged it. Was it terribly frustrating to just have the cum run out like that?"

"Oh Peggy, shit, what happened?" he hadn't really even heard her.

'I can NOT believe what a total bitch I can be!' Peggy thought to herself. 'That was one of the hottest things I've ever seen!'

"Oh Mike, I'm really sorry, I don't know what happened!"

Mike just groaned for a minute or two.

"Geeze Mike that must have been real disappointing, how can I make it up to you?"

Mike was reaching his limit. She'd strung him along for over two weeks now, not letting him cum, promising how 'worth it' the whole thing would turn out, and now this!

"Look Peggy, for one thing, you promised you were going to make me cum in your mouth last weekend, I figured since my promise carried over, yours would too! I think that's how you can make it up to me, give me a real good blow job!"

Peggy was rather surprised that Mike had the gumption to stand up for himself that much, but she didn't let it show.

"Mike, that's not fair, it wasn't my fault last weekend. You know I was really sick. But I do understand how you feel. Tell you what, you promise not to cum until next weekend and I'll think about the blow job, no promises, but maybe. And one more thing, if you keep from cumming in between times we're together, I'll for sure give you a real blow job some time soon. And that is a promise, okay?"

Mike's dick continued to do all his thinking, as it had been doing for some time now. He really did not see through this little bitch. The promise of a blow job to come was all it took to calm him down and wrap him back around her finger.

"Okay Peggy, I'm sorry I got upset, it's just, well you know. I'm real disappointed about today."

"It's okay, but I gotta run now. Call me, okay!" And with that she threw on her clothes and ran out the door, leaving Mike lying there covered in cum, but just as horny as he'd been on Friday. Granted the ache in his balls was gone, for the moment, but that was all. In fact he felt more frustrated than before.

"Terrible case of blue balls . . . your big hard cock in my nice wet pussy . . ." the words haunted him yet again. 'God Damn it Mary, get out of my head!' he thought.

And so began the next phase of the relationship. After months of 'going together', and more orgasms for Peggy than Mike could count, he finally had his first orgasm at her hands, well, so to speak. The most frustrating, unsatisfying orgasm of his life. And now, somehow, she had gotten him to agree that for all practical purposes, she was in full control of when and how he would cum from now on. How the Hell did he end up here, he wondered. At least there was the promise of a blow job to come, and for now that was all it took to keep Mike going.

To be continued...

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