tagNovels and NovellasMike's New Job Ch. 02

Mike's New Job Ch. 02


Tales From Sechs Citywelcome to Sechs City, a wealthy, middle-class costal area of Western America in the state of California. A gorgeous, quiet largely uneventful place, people move to the city to follow their dreams, to live their day-to-day lives. It's almost too perfect to be true...

Heidi sighed as she walked into her living room with a steaming cup of coffee in one hand and a magazine in the other, still dressed in her black silk dressing gown, as she was feeling rather lazy this morning, probably due to the lack of sleep she had had. Their little bungalow was quieter than usual. Heidi was used to being alone in the house while Mike was out at work, but there was something about the fact that for the next few days he wasn't going to be coming home afterwards that made the house feel colder and emptier.

She slumped onto her green sofa and took a sip of the deliciously bitter hot coffee before setting it aside on a coaster on the nearby coffee table. There wasn't that much space left on there, as a large pile of wedding magazines, prototype invitations and material samples were strewn messily over the majority of it.

Taking one of the old invitation designs, Heidi flipped it over and with a nearby pen began to write out a list of all the things she knew had to be done today. The first was obvious: sort this mess out, especially before her parents arrived in a day's time. The last thing she needed was her mother finding the house in this state and trying to 'be helpful' by tidying it up. If Heidi could find time today after the last-minute shopping then she'd make a start on it sooner rather than later. Tomorrow would then be free for her to concentrate on the more important wedding arrangements.

Heidi's messy handwriting betrayed how bored she was already with writing this list. She wasn't even sure why she had started it; surely she could remember all this? Plus, when Isabella arrived in fifteen minutes or so she would have another head to store all the important info, so there was double the chance she wouldn't forget anything.

She looked at the nearby clock now. These fifteen minutes were taking an awfully long time, as if every second had actually doubled in length. She just wanted to get the next few days over and done with, get to the altar, and remember her vows – oops, better write that one down and underscore it, she thought – before the reception at the local golf club, the photos, her father's predictably embarrassing speech, the dance to her favourite song, the chocolate and vanilla cake, the bouquet of roses...she had everything planned out exactly how she had imagined it when she was five years old and first began to play at weddings with her dollies.

And then there was the wedding night. Heidi couldn't help smiling as she thought about that, about how much fun she and Mike were going to have, before falling asleep in each others arms and waking up the next morning as Mr and Mrs Michael Crane. She'd planned the morning after, too: after all, they wouldn't have slept in the same bed for a good three nights, and would have a lot to catch up on. They would have fresh strawberries for breakfast, brought up to them by a porter, before she would start to tease her new husband by gently caressing his cock under the satin sheets; first with one finger at the base, perhaps toying with one or two pubic hairs, then adding another finger, stroking up and down very lightly.

He would start to grow quickly – after a year and a half sleeping together she knew just how to turn him on. She'd keep stroking it, but now go nearer the gradually rising end and place a third finger just lightly on the tip, very lightly, so that he wouldn't be able to tell whether she was touching him there or not.

Heidi was beginning to get horny just thinking about it. Absent-mindedly she began to gently stroke her left thigh with her fingernails. She closed her eyes and smiled wickedly as she thought of how Mike would start to plead with her, at first to stop mucking around, but then his mood would change, and instead of trying to stop her he would start to try and make her do more. But oh no – he wasn't going to be in control of her now. No, he would have had that privilege the previous night and it would be her turn to play that morning.

Reaching up with her free hand under her shoulder-length blonde hair, Heidi started to stroke her right ear, just on the lobe, a place where, when Mike nibbled on it, she almost creamed herself every time. Her left hand started to move further up her thigh now, under the hem of the silk material, her light strokes beginning to get faster.

She thought of how she would pin Mike down, how she would get up on her hands and knees and position herself just over his gorgeous body. She would start to bob slowly up and down, letting her pussy lips give his hardened cock a brief taster of the joys to come before rising back up again. She wasn't sure how long she was going to do this for, but probably until she couldn't handle it anymore, when the temptation to just bob down and continue, to let her now soaking pussy envelope his member, overwhelmed her.

Heidi began to breathe heavily, her heart beating faster. Her left hand has started to reach her inner thighs and every so often would lightly glide against a little bit of lip. Her other hand left her ear lobe and delicately started to pull the silk throe of her black dressing gown away and out of its holders. The material felt good between her index finger and thumb, and it reminded Heidi of her sheets in the bedroom, of the feel of them across her naked back as she had ridden Mike last night.

But she wouldn't stop there, she thought, as she started to tenderly stroke her small 32B breast. No, she'd sit there on top of him for a minute, perhaps even two, enjoy the feeling of him inside of her, but then get up quickly, giving herself a jolt of quick, fiery pleasure as his cock rubbed swiftly against her pussy lips. He'd moan a little, perhaps laugh, then try and get her to get back on top of him, or maybe even try and pin her down instead. But she'd be too quick for him. She'd jump up out of the king size bed, feel the cool circulated air hit her naked body, how it would tease her nipples and buttocks, how it would tingle.

Heidi's left hand began to stay more and more by her pussy, still resisting the increasing urge to enter with one, maybe two fingers. She delicately bit her lower lip to help control herself. As her other hand began to play with her right nipple, lightly pinching it, softly stroking just under it, she thought of how, with this index finger that was giving her boob so much pleasure right now, she would beckon Mike to follow her beautiful, tanned naked body into the large en suite bathroom of their hotel room.

She would turn on the shower and climb in immediately, feeling the exhilarating rush of ice cold water pour down on her before it transformed quickly into a hot, tantalising stream. With any luck, though she knew he probably would, Mike would have followed her in to the bathroom, but she wouldn't let him into the shower with her just yet. If he tried to she would just push him playfully away. She'd put on a mini-show for him, using the hotel soap to work up a lather and rub foamy bubbles all around her breasts. Maybe she would even allow a finger or two to gently play with her pussy – she knew that had the potential to make Mike even harder.

Play with it now, her mind and pussy cried together, play with it now! But she fought it with every last ounce of mental strength, moaning softly, knowing that a better reward would follow if she could just hold out that little longer. Just rubbing up and down now on the surface of the lips, while her other hand moved from breast to stomach, stomach to pelvis, she finally ticked the last box on the checklist for the morning after: she would allow in, pin him to the shower wall, then turn around and back up onto him, letting his stiff cock enter her from behind. But again she would do all the work – she would back up and down on him at her pace, not his. If he tried to take over she would simply switch the shower temperature back to cold. If the ice cold water affected his erection, well, so much the better – she could spend a whole morning playing with his cock.

That did it: this image was too much for her wandering hands to take. She let in three fingers, feeling them explore deep inside her, while the other hand searched quickly for her clit. 'Oh!' she cried out, as if she had been taken by surprise by the more than welcome visitors. 'Oh! Oh, yes! Oh!' The pleasure of both pussy and clit being worked was almost enough to make her cum immediately, but she still had a little bit of self control left. If she could just...hold...on...

The doorbell rang. Shit! Ignore it! Ignore it! You're almost there!

The doorbell rang again – this time lots of times in quick succession. 'Fuck off', she whispered through gritted teeth, her voice breaking, 'please fuck off!'

But then there was a knock at the living room window. Though the sofa's back was to it, Heidi didn't want to risk getting caught playing with herself by a peeping tom postman. Swearing ferociously, she removed her hands, wiped the sticky juices on the invitation/list, found the throe and quickly tied her dressing gown back up. Standing up, she saw the face of Isabella, with her bright blue eyes and rather large nose, peering in.

'Hey, honey,' she called through the glass, smiling broadly.

Heidi managed to smile back at her, but it was an effort with clenched fists.


'I'll have another beer, please, pal.'

The barman of the rather dingy sports bar looked over to Mike, who already had two empty bottles by his elbows and was finishing off the last drops another one in his hand. 'Are you sure you want another one, pal?' he asked. 'It's only noon, and you've already had three.'

Mike wanted to protest. He wasn't a lightweight when it came to drinking, and he had had more before on many an occasion. But he just couldn't be bothered to start an argument with the owner of seemingly the only open bar in town. He raised his hand. 'Okay, okay. How much do I owe you?'

The barman put down the glass he had been cleaning and walked over. 'That'll be...er...eight dollars ninety five.'

Mike started to search for his wallet, then stopped. 'That's a bit cheap, isn't it?' he asked.

The barman smiled. 'Look: you come in here as soon as I open for the day, dressed in your suit, with your shirt un-tucked and your tie loosened. You order four beers and drink three without talking to anyone else in here. I'm thinking you've just been fired, and could use a little break, money wise.'

How is it that a barman can always figure out what's wrong with a customer? Mike smiled gratefully and removed a ten dollar bill. 'Please, keep the change,' he told the man. 'It's the least I can do, mister...'

The barman stuck out a hand. 'Andy,' he said.

'Mike Crane'.

Andy reached under the counter and revealed another bottle. 'Here you are, on the house,' he said warmly. 'But don't tell anyone else – I've got a reputation as a hard nut to keep up.'

Mike laughed. 'Thanks, but you're right. I need to get out of here and call some people. My girlfriend for one...well, my fiancée...aw, shit!' He rubbed his eyes with his hands. 'I can't believe we're getting married in a few days and I've just lost my job!'

He heard the barman walk away to serve one of the three other customers in the place – a fat sports fan, an elderly lady and a postman – before feeling a light tap on his shoulder. Looking up, he found he was staring into the kindly looking face of a young redhead. She must have been twenty-three or something. She had dark eyes and was wearing a smart grey dress suit with a tight black top underneath the jacket. Three silver butterflies were attached to a long metal necklace chain.

'Excuse me,' the girl started. Her voice was quite high and made her sound even younger than she looked. 'Mike Crane?'

Mike was a little taken aback that this beautiful young thing knew his name. He'd certainly never met her before; he'd have remembered. 'Er...yes,' he managed to say, all the time wondering, what the hell is going on?

She smiled at him, showing off a dazzling set of pearly white teeth. 'My name's Stacey, Stacey Field. I work for a company about five minutes away from here, and we'd be very interested in offering you a job.'

Mike wondered if he had fallen into a drunken stupor. Maybe he had drunk too much after all. 'A job?' he repeated.

Stacey nodded and handed him a crisp white card with edges you could pierce your fingers with, they were that straight. 'My boss heard about your situation and was very interested in your track record, Mr Crane. We'd like to offer you a more exciting job with a lot more pay than the salary you would have got from your promotion at Clarke & Bros.'

Mike was puzzled. 'Wait, how did you know...who are you?'

She continued to smile at him. 'Have a think about it, then give my boss a ring on the number that's on the card, and we can set up a meeting as soon as possible.' She reached into her jacket pocket and pulled out a fifteen dollar bill. 'Andy' she called to the barman, 'his next drink is on Anglee.'

Andy stuck up a thumb. 'Cool, Stacey. Say hi to her for me.'

'Will do.' She turned back to Mike, who was still looking bemused. 'We look forward to hearing from you, Mr Crane. Have a nice day.' With that she was gone, almost as if she had never been there, save for the faint hint of expensive flowery perfume which hung in the air where she had been standing.

Mike shook himself. Today was sure becoming a weird day. He looked down at the card in his hand. Over a long phone number, in black bold font, it said, 'Narina Ltd,' and nothing else. He'd never heard of them before – they must have been new to the insurance business. Shrugging, he picked up his fourth bottle and began to sip at it. He had a lot to think about.

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