tagNovels and NovellasMike's New Job Ch. 04

Mike's New Job Ch. 04


Tales From Sechs City -- welcome to Sechs City, a wealthy, middle-class costal area of Western America in the state of California. A gorgeous, quiet largely uneventful place, people move to the city to follow their dreams, to live their day-to-day lives. It's almost too perfect to be true...

The afternoon was dragging on, and they had been in the shopping mall for nearly two hours now. Although Heidi had managed to complete each one of her necessary chores earlier that morning, she knew that there was still plenty of work that could be done at home, rather than wasting her time here at the mall. Sure, it had been fun spending the time with Isabella, but all they had seemed to do was shop for clothes and shoes, which really they didn't even need. Still, thought Heidi, at least Mike's going to be bringing home a lot more money; that should just about cover all of this.

But now she was becoming more and more frustrated. For the last ten minutes they seemed to have been just walking around in circles, not even stopping windows to look at things, let alone go into the shops.

Isabella was often three or four steps in front, and it was an effort to keep up with her with all the heavy bags Heidi was carrying. She was actually surprised at the seemingly limitless energy of her friend, who was carrying double the number of bags Heidi had.

Finally, as a large crowd of teenagers blocked their path briefly, Heidi was able to catch up with her. 'Izzie, are we nearly done here?' she asked. 'I really need to get home.'

'Nearly, hun,' replied Isabella. 'Just one more thing to do and this one's the most important one of the lot.'

'And I don't suppose you're going to tell me what this thing is, are you?'

'You'll see.'

But Heidi's patience was spent. 'No, Izzie! I'm sorry, but my feet are tired, my arms ache, and I just want to go home and collapse into a nice hot bubble bath, okay?'

Isabella looked at her friend. 'Okay, okay,'' she assured her. 'We'll be reeeeeeeeeally quick -- I promise. Boy, if this is what you're like in a crowded building I hate to think what you'll be like on Wednesday.'

'Thursday, Izzie,' Heidi corrected her. 'My wedding is on Thursday. You should really know that, being the maid of honour and all.'

'I wasn't talking about Thursday,' replied Isabella quietly, but not quietly enough.

'What? Izzie, what are you on about? You haven't...Izzie, I told you, no hen nights!'

Isabella smiled a little sheepishly at Heidi as she in turn scowled back. 'What kind of friend would I be if I didn't give the blushing bride a proper hen night?'

'No, Isabella! I told you ages ago, I don't want a hen night.'

Isabella sighed as they turned yet another corner they had been around at least three times now. 'Well, it's a bit late, honey, because I've already booked half of the evening.'

'Then you can un-book it!' Heidi knew that her friend had meant well but she just couldn't control her tired anger. She wondered if it also had something to do with the fact that she would be going home to an empty house for the first time in a long while.

But it seemed that Isabella had had enough too. 'Fine,' she said shortly, before dropping the bags and storming off into the crowd and away from Heidi.

Heidi sighed. This was not exactly good, having a major bust-up with her maid of honour days before the wedding. She had a sudden urge to get out her mobile phone and ring Mike, but almost instantly she rebuked herself; not only was it a stupid idea -- after all, what could he do? -- it was also a sign of weakness, and she wanted to seem like she was staying strong and focussed when he called her.

Somehow Heidi managed to pick up Isabella's bags and slowly started to trudge her way through the crowd, trying to find her friend among all the anonymous faces.

Finally she saw her, sitting on a rare seat that faced a rather ugly looking fountain. Heidi gingerly stepped forward, put all of the bags carefully down, and slowly sat next to her friend.

'I'm sorry, Izzie,' she said softly. 'I guess I'm just more tired than I realise. And I'm not exactly looking forward to sleeping alone tonight. Or not seeing Mike for three days. The wedding is actually pretty scary too, if you think about it...'

'All right, excuses, excuses,' Isabella interrupted her dryly. 'I'm sorry too. Look, I didn't ignore you. I heard you loud and clear the first time you told me: no hen nights! But you've got to understand, I look at you, and do you know how I feel?'

'Not violent, I hope.'

'No, I feel anxious. You're about to take this huge, huge step; this is a big commitment you and Mike are about to make to each other, you know? How many boyfriends have you had, Heidi? And I mean serious ones, not those silly make-believe ones we have in kindergarten.'

Heidi didn't need long to think about it. 'Two,' she replied. 'There was Brad in high school, he lasted for about five months, then promptly dumped me for some cheerleader bimbo. And then there was Mike, and he's lasted for four years.'

Isabella nodded. 'Uh huh? And let me guess, unless Brad had a way with words, the only man who's ever got his way into your panties was Mike?'

Heidi shifted a little uncomfortably. She wasn't sure whether it was such a good idea to start talking about her sex life in public. 'Well, yes,' she said finally. 'Mike was my first.'

'First and ONLY,' Isabella added.

'Hmm, yeah, I guess you're right. Huh, kind of romantic, isn't it?'

'Oh, yeah,' replied Isabella. 'Romantic. I certainly thought so when I married my first boyfriend.'

Heidi's jaw dropped. 'Isabella!' she breathed. 'What...how...when did...you have never, never told me this...ever!'

Isabella smiled a little sadly. 'It was quite a while ago,' she began. 'I was young and in love with this gorgeous, sweet man. His name was Sam Harris. Oh, he was very handsome. We got married, against our parent's wishes. Simple ceremony, not many guests, just a few friends. For about three months we were happy. And then one day I was working at this tiny office where I was doing some part-time secretarial work when this absolute stud walks through the door. As soon as I looked into his eyes I almost came right there.'

Heidi coughed to hide her slight embarrassment. There was a rather elderly woman sitting on one of the seats nearby, and though she was feigning sleep, Heidi was sure she could hear every word.

'But then I realised. I was so unhappy in my marriage, I almost started crying in front of this guy. He saw me looking sad, offered to buy me a drink. Two martinis later and I'm fucking him in his Mondeo.'

At that the old lady looked up sharply, utter disgust on her features. She got up and huffed away, muttering loudly, 'I never heard such language!'

Heidi and Isabella couldn't help it; the sight was so funny they burst out laughing. When they had calmed down, Heidi took hold of her friend's hand, motioning her to finish the story.

'Well, I felt horrible afterwards, until I confessed all to Sam. Then he told me that he had been fucking another girl at his work. Well, that was it. We divorced amicably and I moved to Sechs City.'

She turned so she could look Heidi in the face more. 'But do you see what our problem was, Heidi? We weren't ready for marriage. We hadn't seen enough of the world, hadn't experienced it all. I am so, so, SO much happier now that I'm free to do whatever I want. I'm not saying that that's right for everyone, and I'm really happy for you and Mike. But you've got to remember that, once you're married, you lose certain freedoms you once had. All these opportunities just go flying out of the window, never to be seen again. And if you try to get them back, well, most of the time its bye bye, marriage.'

Heidi looked at her friend's face. They had had plenty of deep conversations, of course, but she had never seen Isabella look quite so serious about things before. She lifted her hand and brushed a couple of stray strands of blonde hair from across her friend's eyes.

'Okay,' she laughed finally, rolling her eyes. 'We can have a hen night! But not too many people, okay? I've already got at least a hundred people coming to the wedding. I can't deal with large numbers two nights in a row!'

Isabella grinned. 'I promise, and this time I mean it.'

Heidi looked at her watch. 'Right, well, we'd better get going, else we'll be stuck in here when they start to close all the shops, and then what would be the point of being in a mall?'

But Isabella shook her head. 'Uh uh. Still got one more thing to do, remember?'


'No, come on! We'll be quick, but we've got to hurry.'

She picked up a handful of shopping bags, a mixture of her own and Heidi's and quickly walked back off into the main mall area. Heidi sighed, picked up the remaining bags, and followed suit.

They walked round for a while until Isabella suddenly stopped. They were in an area of the mall that was devoted entirely to high fashion outlets. There were fewer and fewer crowds here, as all the shops were preparing to close for the evening. The shop that Isabella had stopped Heidi at was one of the larger ones, which announced its name grandly in a swirled handwritten logo: GOODINSONS.

Of course Heidi knew about Goodinsons. Few women didn't. It was one of the most expensive shops in any mall you went into. And its main trade was in lingerie. But this was no ordinary lingerie. It was some of the most exquisite, gorgeous looking lingerie you could buy. Sometimes Heidi would be lucky enough to get a Goddinsons catalogue posted through her door. She would glance over the pages and imagine what items she would buy if she had the money to go there every week. Mike would be one lucky guy.

Heidi had only every been able to buy one thing from a Goodinsons store. When she had been dating Brad she had felt that he was the one she wanted to lose her virginity too, but felt under pressure to look sexy for him. So she took all the money she had saved up from both jobs around the house and the odd paper route and walked very nervously into her local Goodinsons, where she had bought a simple but stunning red silk bra and panty set. Of course, her first time with Brad never materialised, and in her anger at being dumped she had ruthlessly destroyed the lingerie, not wanting it to be a reminder of all the "good times" they had had together. She had forever regretted doing this.

'Come on,' said Isabella now, waking Heidi from her thoughts. 'Let's take a look inside.'

'Oh, Izzie,' Heidi said, unsure. 'I'd love to, but I've already spent too much money today. I can't afford anything from here.'

Isabella shook her head. 'It's my gift to you, silly,' she replied. 'I want to buy you something sexy for your honeymoon; something that'll make Mike cum within seconds of seeing you in it.'

She took Heidi's hand and dragged her through the large open doorway of the shop. The store was almost empty of people, save for a young bored looking girl who was lazily filing her nails behind the checkout. What it was full of was shelf after shelf after shelf of colours, fabrics and shapes.

Heidi and Isabella spent a few minutes glancing through the racks. Heidi's head was in a spin; how could she possibly choose from all of these gorgeous designs? She was incredibly relieved when Isabella tapped her on the shoulder and held out two different hangers.

'Try these on in the changing room and see what you think,' she said. 'I don't know; maybe I'm completely wrong. You are a 32 B, aren't you?'

Heidi nodded and took the hangers from her friend. As she walked over to the velvet curtains of the changing rooms, she heard Isabella walk over to the assistant and say, 'Excuse me, where do you keep your hand-me-downs?'

Behind the safety of the thick red curtain of one of the three changing rooms, Heidi quickly stripped off her clothes until she stood naked. For a moment she just stood there, allowing the coolness of the air conditioning to sweep over her naked, slightly sweaty body. It tingled her nipples a little, and she was amused to see them stand out quickly.

The first thing she tried on was a very posh looking bra and thong set. The bra was a gorgeous cream whilst the thong had lace on either side of it. She looked at herself in the full-length mirror, and tried to gauge Mike's reaction to it.

For some reason she just didn't feel right in it. Maybe it was something to do with what Isabella had been saying; maybe after the wedding, the white of innocence would just seem unsuitable for her underwear drawer. If that was the case then the other option she had looked a lot more promising. It was all black, a colour she knew she looked good in when it came to Mike's tastes.

The top half was a strange combination of strapless bra and the top half of a corset, for the material of the bra fed off in thick strands into a beautiful black rose that, when she put it on, rested neatly above her stomach and belly button. The bottom half may have looked like a simple pair of black full briefs but they were tight and pressed heavily against the lips of Heidi's cunt. They helped to make her bottom look a little shapelier too, which was no bad thing in her books.

'Wow, that's really gorgeous.' Isabella was peeking into the changing room through the velvet curtain.

Heidi smiled as she gave herself one last look over. 'Yes, I think this is definitely the pair.'

Isabella nodded, then quickly drew the curtain, stepped in, and closed the curtain up again. Heidi's eyes widened a little as she watched her friend's reflection in the mirror. Isabella was almost naked, save for an elegant pair of red lace briefs. Her long blonde hair rested over her shoulders and onto her large breasts.

'You've got the back of it a bit tangled, honey,' Isabella said as an explanation for barging in. The back of the bra/corset top was really just three strands of tight material; the rest of Heidi's back was bare.

As Isabella started to sort Heidi's back out, Heidi tried to stay focussed on her own reflection. Yet her eyes kept darting over to look at the reflection of her friend. It was so easy to do so in the mirror.

Heidi had seen her friend naked briefly before, in the changing rooms at the gym for example, and had seen her in underwear too. But now, for the first time Heidi took a good long look at her friend's body. She had a tattoo; two lines twisted together, some sort of Celtic symbol, on the left above her midriff. Her right nipple, which now and again showed itself as Isabella occasionally stepped back a little, was pierced, and two tiny metal studs poked out of either side of it, like a pair of ball bearings.

Finally, Isabella finished. 'There,' she said, resting her left hand on Heidi's right arm. 'Perfection.'

For a moment, the two friends looked at each other in the mirror. Then, slowly, very softly, Isabella's hand began to stroke up and down the bare skin of Heidi's arm. Heidi felt goose pimples spring up all over her flesh instantly; was this because of the air conditioning? No, she was feeling warmer now, it couldn't have been that.

Then Isabella stepped lightly forward, so that her large, firm breasts were pressed up against Heidi's almost bear back. The thrill of feeling Isabella's skin on her own sent a wave of numbness through Heidi's body, not least because of the sensation of feeling the metal stud in the right nipple, which acted like a manufactured ice cube on her constantly warming skin.

Isabella's hand moved now slowly from Heidi's arm to her stomach. Her nails scratched gently just under where the material of the black rose ended. Heidi felt her legs beginning to shake slightly. She gulped as quietly as she could.

Then Isabella's wandering hand, after stroking just above thee material briefly, slipped easily under the tight material of the black briefs and onto the wet lips of Heidi's cunt. Maybe it was the tiredness that had hit her earlier; maybe it was the fact that she had been unable to bring herself to orgasm earlier that day. Either way, Heidi didn't stop her. In fact she closed her eyes and breathed deep, shuddering breaths as Isabella's two middle fingers began to dip slowly into her pussy.

'What...what if someone...finds out...catches...?' she whispered through gritted teeth.

'Shush,' replied Isabella soothingly. 'Don't worry; I've taken care of it.'

The tightness of the briefs meant it was very difficult for Isabella to move her fingers from out of Heidi's pussy, but this only meant that Isabella simply started to circle around the hot wetness. It was an incredibly sensation, as if they were a permenent fixture, which was at this moment a very welcoming prospect.

At times Heidi stifled loud yelps. She didn't want to take any risks, despite what her friend had just told her. But Isabella was certainly not helping matters. Her free hand had begun to reach inside the bra/corset over her shoulder, caressing her right breast, playing with and teasing her already hardened nipple.

In desperation, so that she would not feel utterly useless or accepting of her sudden position, Heidi's hands began to search somewhat blindly backwards for Isabella's underwear, for her own pussy, to return this pleasure. But Isabella merely stepped backwards, just out of reach, whilst still slowly circling around the inside of Heidi's engorged cunt.

'No, my darling,' she whispered. 'I'm sorry, but this is part of my wedding present to you. I want you to just relax; please, just enjoy this. My gift to you.'

Heidi gave up and accepted the inevitable readily. She began to moan louder and louder, only realising how noisy she was being too late, just after every sound was uttered from her mouth.

Isabella's movements became quicker, quicker, and the fingers were able to circle deeper, deeper, and then, in a blissful moment, Isabella's other hand removed itself from Heidi's breast and began to caress that spot on Heidi's ear lobe, the spot she had confessed to Isabella in confidence that she absolutely adored any contact with.

It was too much. Bucking and swaying in her friends arms, Heidi clasped both her hands tightly over her mouth in an attempt to dim the almighty scream that was uttered as she came and came and came. Immediately a mixture of glorious pleasure and relief washed over her. She felt slightly dizzy; her knees were shaking terribly. Isabella slowly helped her friend down onto the little wooden seat in the changing room, and then, even slower, removed her hand from both pussy and briefs.

Heidi breathed slowly, still riding on the effects of the orgasm. She looked at her friend, who smiled warmly and murmured, 'Well, you really are the blushing bride now!'

Heidi laughed and kissed her lightly on the lips.


That evening, however, Heidi didn't feel much like laughing. In fact she felt confused and bewildered.

They had quickly got dressed and paid for the (used) merchandise at the checkout, where the assistant looked a lot happier to serve them then she had done before. Isabella told Heidi as they left the shop that she had given the girl a rather substantial cash bribe. Then they had driven back home and said goodbye to each other.

'Are you sure you're okay?' Isabella had asked her just as she was about to go into the house.

'I'm fine,' Heidi had lied.

Inside her head so many thoughts were ringing loud bells. Had this changed their friendship? Should she tell Mike or keep this secret? Had it changed their relationship? Was the feeling she had felt as she rode her friend's fingers part of that freedom that Isabella enjoyed so much thanks to being single?

The phone rang. It was Mike.

'How's your day been?' he asked her.

'Erm...interesting,' she replied. 'How about you? How was your "first day"?'

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