tagGroup SexMikey Ch. 02

Mikey Ch. 02


Things were going amazing with Amy. Mike stayed longer than he planned, and didn't really plan on moving back to Ontario. He was home, in beautiful British Columbia. She was here, beautiful fuckable Amy. In the past month things has escalated since his and Amy's first "encounter" at the BBQ. They have been together daily, Amy would go and work on her farm. Mike would stay home and write and see what work he could do from home. But at 6pm when Amy came home, Mike was always ready with a bottle of wine and maybe a toy or two. Mike came back home to visit, he was staying at his moms place... yet they both knew that that would never do; Mike got his own apartment.

The first day of the apartment Mike and Amy fucked like jackrabbits on every surface they could. Amy wanted to make sure the apartment was properly "christened". Mike had no problem with that.

Yet when Amy came home today, Mike wasn't the only with a something to bring to the party.

It was 8 o-clock, the tea lights have almost burnt away... Amy was late. Mike got worried, but knew it wouldn't be much help to call her and complain.. that would just kill the mood. Mike ate some of the dinner he made, packaged it all up. Threw it in the fridge and watched a movie.

Suddenly he heard the door open, as he looked he saw his sexy girl, as Mike rose to get up to her he spotted another blonde head of hair. It was Monika. The German foreign exchange student Amy had for a year in the 11th grade. Mike never really had much to do with Monika in the past...except for them making out for hours at Cory Standwick's party. Mike sort of forgot about that, probably because they were both beyond sloshed. Monika still looked great, but so much better in so many ways. She was always tall, but now she had that body that just made you go crazy. Long long legs, tight little waist, she obviously worked out, into a sexy slender model like body. Her face was stunning, and she had some the fullest and reddest lips you've ever laid eyes on. Monika looked good, but why was she here?

"Oh my god! Monika!?" Mike got up and went to go to her.

"Mikey!" She wrapped her arms around his neck and hugged him. She kicked her leg back. Mike always thought it was silly she did that, but it did feel sort of sexy. The hugged apparently lasted longer than he thought, he was too distracted by the smell of her straight blonde hair.

Amy interrupted with "OK you two! Don't cut me out just yet"

Mike let go of the hug and stood back with a cocked brow.


It suddenly became very clear that Monika and Amy had booze in them when they started to giggle like little school girls.

Amy went for the wine, on her way by she kissed Mike on the cheek and said

"Thanks for the vino sweetey" her hand was very obviously squeezing his cock.

Monika just stood there, staring at Mike.... biting her lip. He was still confused yet he was hoping for something. Amy returned with the wine, 3 glasses, 3 shots of tequila, half empty bottle of wine, and the 2 sets of handcuffs from Mikes bedroom. He was going to get his wish.

"What are you doing with those?" Mike chuckled with a smile.

Amy sauntered over spinning them on her fingers. "Lie down big boy" She smiled.

They went to his bedroom, Monika had disappeared. He laid down. She handcuffed each wrist to a bed post. Mike was stuck; that was OK. Mike closed his eyes awaiting some sort of blow job...which never came. Amy had scuttled out of the room.

"Great..." Mike said out loud.

He thought they had just left him... perhaps to go have some fun of their own.

Yet within minutes Monika and Amy had returned...Wearing some of the sexiest outfits he has ever seen.

They were wearing matching lingerie with garters and buckles. The full works. Amy in black, and Monika in dark red to match those lips...

Monikas body was incredible, and Amy's of course was still holding up even though Mike had done nothing but played rough with it all month.

Mike just laid there, in a t-shirt and jeans awaiting the pleasure.

Amy and Monika whispered to eachother and then started to make out.

"What!? No fun for me?" Mike called out.

"hehehe Maybe later Mikey!" Monika teased.

They stood at the foot of his bed, making out. Monika licking and kissing Amy's neck. Amy's fingers gently playing with the lace panties over Monikas pussy. Mikes cock was growing much too hard to be in these jeans. Monika noticed.

"oooh! Look at that Amy!" Monika pointed to his crotch.

Amy replied with a giggle "Oh that! Ya that things great, your in for a surprise...."

"I cant wait" Monika replied in a very sultry voice.

"want me to get it out for you?" Amy replied in a servant like tone...

"Oh noo, I think I can handle it.." Monika whispered as she crawled up towards Mike's crotch.

She undid he buckle, handing it back to Amy. Amy folded it in half and and held it... Mike knew what was going to happen with that. 'Gulp'. Monika then proceeded to undo his jeans... sliding them down his muscular legs. She kissed his ankle, his calf, his knee.. making her way right up to his belly button.

Mike wanted to kiss those lips, but she had other plans..

Monika pulled down his boxers and unleashed his cock.

Monika giggled, making Mike instantly embarrassed.

Amy jolted with "Why are you laughing!?" She then whipped her nice ass with Mikes belt.

"oooo! No no no, I just have no idea what the fuck I'm going to be able to do with this! I guess I have to try..."

She started to stroke his hard cock as she looked up at him, Mike was in heaven.

She kissed the tip of his cock, precum stringing from her lips. She licked the very tip, getting that tiny bit of jizz for herself. She looked at him, licked her sexy red lips and smiled. Then quickly dipped her mouth over his cock and dove down about half way. He felt it hit her throat, she didn't gag but he knew she wouldn't be able to take the whole thing like Amy. Who was just standing back watching the action touching the lace over her panties. Mike was enjoying this amazing head as he watched Amy take off her panties. Monika was building a perfect pace, all mouth. Just sucking away at his thick cock. Amy came up behind her and pulled every thing off her from her bra down. That lingerie didn't last long. Amy then knelt down and put her head behind Monika's pussy and pulled her ass into her face. Amy was licking that sweet pussy as Monika was giving Mike an amazing blow job.

This was starting to become too much for him, he needed to cum. He didn't know what she wanted to do with it.

"Hey Monika, Your about to get a big surprise soon."

She slowly lifted her wet mouth off his cock and said with a girly snicker "Ha, Bigger than this?"

He replied with a smile "Well, a hell of a lot stickier"

Monika just licked her lips and said "I don't mind..." she continued her blow job, the vibrations from her moaning made it all that much better. Amy was doing a good job apparently.
Mike wondered where she learnt that... Monika started to moan much louder, Amy must be really putting some good moves on... Monika had to take Mikes cock out of her mouth she was moaning so much, she continued to stroke him. She must've caught a break from Amy for a second because she immediately and forcefully went back to sucking him off. Mike was going to cum, Monika knew she looked up at him with big blue eyes and had a sort of smile....even though her mouth was filled with his cock. Monikas tongue was twirling at the top of his cock, tracing his head as her fist pumped away as his cock. She was looking for that cum. Mike was getting so close and with the last squeeze of his balls Monika got what she deserved, a big mouthful of cum. She just laid there and happily swallowed it all, she seemed to be enjoying it so much more than him, Amy was fingering her pussy now. Her hands massaging and fucking Monika. Meanwhile Monika was getting a huge load of cum in her mouth. Suddenly Amy got up.

"OK fuckers, time for me to have some fun.

Amy got up, stepped onto the bed. Stood over Mikes face and sat down, giving him perfect access to her incredible pussy, licking and lapping away at her juices.

Mike job was to licking Amy's pussy while Monika cleaned up Mikes withering cock.

Monika started to stroke Mike, trying to get that cock nice and hard again...This didn't take long seeing as Amy was grinding her amazing ass into his face as he tongued her.

"Yes baby, yes, oooo" her simple moans were enough to drive Mike crazy, his cock immediately sprang to attention. Monika seemed pleased, she started licking away at it again like it was a soother. That is until Amy pushed her face out of the way, Amy wanted to feel his cock again. Monika started licking Mikes cock with Amy, Sucking away at the whole shaft. Head to balls they tongued and twirled around it like they were sharing a Popsicle. In one mouth and out into the other. Mike just enjoyed meanwhile trying to keep Amy happy. Mike heard nothing as the mouths withdrew from his cock. Monika scratch at his chest while she started to kiss Amy. Their tongues playing with each others. Monika kissed Amy's neck, moving her way to her huge tits. She moved closer and closer as Amy moved back, Monika followed her like a tit hungry dog.

Monika crawl onto Mikes lap and hard dick. His swollen head sitting right at her pussy....Waiting to enter her sweet walls. Monika just rotated her hips and she bit down on Amy's nipple. He felt her pussy drip wet onto his cock, he felt her juices run down his cock...slowly and delicately. Mike was being teased worse than ever. He heard them moan as they kissed each other. Amy was still grinding her amazing pussy into Mikes talented mouth. Then it happened.

Monika with one quick move sat right down on his thick member, She shot out a huge scream

"OOOH! Holy fuck!" she panted, "Are you fucking kidding me!"

Mike mumbled out "Are you okay?"

Monika moaned back in pain "Umm, ya holy shit, yes, totally, whew"

Amy whispered into her ear "Take it slow, its nice to feel the whole thing"

Monika listened, as she moved her way up his cock almost letting it fall out, then back down again slow and sensitive, feeling every hard inch. Pumping with blood, rock hard. His thick cock was getting ridden slow and hot while he licked away at that incredible pussy. Amy couldn't take too much more of this...

"oh god baby, yes yes yes yes!"

She just leaned toward Monika kissing her sweet lips, while her sweet lips were shaking and exploding with pleasure as she came.
"Fuuuuuuck! Oh I'm cumming baby, oh god" Monika sucked and bit at her nipples as Amy leaned back in pleasure and froze with orgasm.

Monika started to ride Mikes cock harder and faster.

Amy crawled off Mikes face and laid next to them on the bed catching her breath.

Monika stopped quickly on her lap, crooked a smile, put her hands on his chest, swung her left leg around to the same side as the right, turned around on his dick and put her hands on his knees as she started riding him backwards. Mike just laid there watching that ass bounce up and down on his cock. Monikas full ass just shook as it moved to ride his hard cock.

"mmmm, baby I'm going to cum..." Moaned Monika.

"ya baby, cum for me.. "
He jumped up and down on his cock and it rammed deep inside her wet pussy.

"Ohhh Mikey!! Ohhh"

She gasped and then screamed out "Oh fuck yes! I'm coming..... I'm comiiinnng!!!"

Mike felt her muscles tense around his thick cock. It was so tight to begin with it almost hurt.

He felt his own urge coming.

Amy got back up from breathing heavy and moved her lips over to Mikes balls and Monika's Pussy. She licked as flicked at Monika's clit while she very slowly rotated her hips. Amy's tongue playing with Mikes balls meanwhile having a tight pussy massage his cock. It was too much.

"Oh ladies I'm going to cum, so soon"
With that Monika popped off his cock and got down on her knees at the edge of the bed with Amy.

Mike leaned back on the edge of the bed meanwhile these two gorgeous blondes devour his cock and stroke it to cum.

Amy sucked.

Monika licked her balls.

Amy begged "Cum for us baby, Give us that cum"
Monika pleaded "Please baby, I want to taste it"
Monika stroked as Amy kept her head over the tip.

With the sudden urge Mike stood up as he watch both sexy women get ready on their knees with their mouths open looking up. Playing with cock and balls. Mike shot huge streams of white cum all over Amy's huge tits then aimed it at Monika's mouth and face. She got a bit on her cheek. Amy leaned toward her and licked it off. Monika started to clean off her tits and she made out with her.

Mike just stood their watching the girls trade his cum and make out.

Mike sat down and sighed.

With disbelief.

Mike asked "So what now?"

Monika pulled off Amy's lips to reply "Well, I'm here for 2 weeks...."

Mike chuckled "hah, and staying where"

Amy replied "A hotel of course...until we checked her out today"

Monika smiled, kissed Mikes cock, kissed Amy, and got up and wiggled her little ass off to her suit cases to get dressed.

Mike had good times to cum...

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