tagMind ControlMiles Away

Miles Away


"It'll work, Shawn. Swear to God."

Shawn Graber stared at his roommate, Rob and wondered if the dude had totally lost his mind. "Dude, you need to seriously take some time off from surfing the Internet. Your brain is fried."

"No, dude. I'm really serious."

He let out a loud sigh, closing his Macro Economics book and turning to face him. "Okay, Shawn. Tell me about this miraculous scam."

"It's not a scam." He dashed to his side of the dorm room and brought over a large manila envelope, upending its contents on his roommate's notes. "Check it out."

A DVD and a handbook fell out and Shawn picked up the latter, reading the title: How To Make Any Woman Do What You Want. "Rob, are you serious?"

"Dude, all you do is watch the disk and it happens."

"Yeah, right."

Seeing his disbelief, Rob moved in close and whispered, "I did Robin Murphy last week."

Shawn's jaw dropped. Robin Murphy was one of the most beautiful women on campus and was last year's Homecoming Queen. "No way!"

"Way!" The excitement of sharing his secret shined in his eyes. "And I can prove it, too." Rob launched himself into a frenzy, hooking his video camera up and attaching the S-video cord to the TV set. Static filled the screen and then, a beautiful blonde came into focus, her pupils wide in blue eyes and a silly smile plastered on her face. Rob voice murmured instructions from the background. "Tell everyone who you are."

"Hi, everyone." Robin waved at the camera, her voice robotic. "My name is Robin."

"Very good." The camera swung around to the bed and again, Rob's disembodied voice floated into the picture. "Now, take your pajamas off and get on the bed." The camera jerked as he put it on its stand and stood just out of focus. Robin removed her windbreaker, then pulled her pajama top off. Her hard-nippled D cups swayed gently as she reached for the waistband of her bottoms and slid them down. "Oh, yeah. That's great!" Robin smiled slightly, tossing her pajamas away and climbing onto the bed. "Spread your legs for me, Robin and show everyone how wet your pussy is for my cock."

Shawn watched in absolute amazement as the delectable Robin Murphy turned her legs towards the camera, opened her legs and slipped two impeccably-manicured nails into her trimmed quim. The dark pink petals glistened with cum and she squeezed her inner muscles, making a small river of creamy fluid exit her hole and drip down between her ass cheeks.

"Okay, Robin. Time to make old Rob feel good." Rob got on his knees, his side to the camera, giving a silhouette of his short but hard prick. The girl bent between his legs and Shawn watched as she greedily slobbed his knob, her pink tongue licking and her cheeks flexing with the suction she applied to his rod. Noises followed, Rob alternately encouraging, then urging her in her cocksucking until he gently pushed her back. "You're a fantastic cocksucker." Shawn cooed, stroking the soft globes of her breasts and bending to taste her rosy nipples.

At his direction, she laid on her back and opened her creamy thighs to him, wrapping her arms around her as his cock sunk deep into her pink hole. Both of them groaned and Shawn began pumping her like a gorilla in heat. It only took seconds before he was cumming, grunting her name as she whimpered through her own orgasm. Sweaty and wearing the largest shit-eating grin on his face, Rob extracted himself from her grasp and the screen filled with static again.


It took him several moments before he was able to speak. "I can't believe it. How the hell did you do it?"

"The DVD!" He said excitedly, then his expression grew serious. "Listen, I know how hard you took the break-up with Susie. What if you could get her back?"

"She would never come back to me. She complained that I worked and studied too much to carry on a relationship."

"She told me that you weren't spontaneous enough and that you didn't take the time to get her horny."

"Christ, Rob! I'm a full-time student, working a full-time job! When do I have time for romance?"

"Now." Rob placed the DVD in his hand. "Sit and watch."

The DVD took a little more than twenty minutes to watch and amounted to nothing more than a soap opera-type movie. Rob was grinning happily at her while Shawn shook his head. "Was that The Bold and the Beautiful or Guiding Life?"

"Neither." Rob smiled at Shawn. "You'll understand tonight."

"Whatever, Rob. I've gotta study." Shawn went back to his books and notes, turning his back on his roommate and not noticing the smile that Rob had on his face.

* * * * *

Two hours of intense studying later, Shawn turned in for the night, his brain exhausted and dead in his skull. Rob had gone to bed much earlier without another word to him since watching the DVD but Shawn didn't really care. He was still pissed off that Rob had interrupted his important studying for that. He could have watched Girls Gone Wild and been a lot more entertained. Sleep began to draw him in her comfortable arms and he nestled deeply, hoping for a dreamless, refreshing sleep.


He opened his eyes, blinking sleepily and was surprised to see Susie standing by the bed, her gorgeous dark, silky hair tumbling over her bare shoulders. "Susie." He didn't need to say anything else. She bent down, her mouth brushing over his lightly before firmly pressing against his, her warm breath mingling with his. He whimpered, his cock hardening in an instant as his hands roamed the length of her naked back and his senses sang with her sweet perfume. He pushed his tongue against hers, awakening the passion that he'd kept inside his heart, waiting for her return.

He pulled her down against him, rolling her over so that she was under the covers and proceeded to run his hands all over her body, nearly smiling at the soft hum that vibrated through her. His fingers caressed her scalp and neck, memorizing places that he'd taken for granted and learning new ones that he hadn't explored. The way she responded told him that he was doing the right things and when she gasped the breath out of his lungs, he knew that she was enjoying the way his fingers were stroking her pussy lips.

Juices coated his hand and he deepened the kiss just as he slid a thick finger into her. She moaned and arched against him, trying to press her hips into his hand and he added another finger, slowly stroking her puffy lips and drawing more juice onto his hand. The moment his thumb encircled her clit, she cried out, her pussy muscles sucking his fingers deeper. He pulled them out and let her watch him lick them clean, noting the flush on her cheeks and bent to give each of her nipples a quick suck before settling himself between her knees.

Her arms wound around his neck, pulling him down for another soul-stirring kiss as his prick sank into her honeypot and he shivered at her warm wetness. She had never been this wet before and he knew that it was because he took the extra time to get her to his level. Each stroke bathed him in her juices and he felt himself harden even more within her sheath. She felt it as well and her pussy thrummed around him as she met with two more orgasms. Finally, he changed his rhythm, slowing down a bit and taking his entire length out of her and slamming it back in.

Susie found her voice, chanting his name as each stroke brought her closer and closer to the ultimate release and her tongue curled around his when her body began to shake. Shawn held onto her as tightly as he could as his own body roared in its release. Her pussy squeezed him softly, milking every last drop of cum from his pulsing cock and they sighed in fatigued bliss, holding each other close.

"I love you, Susie." Was the last thing he whispered before falling asleep with her still-trembling body in his arms.

* * * * *

Shawn awoke the next morning, completely revived from the previous nights' study session and lifted his head from the pillow to check the time. Eight-thirty. Enough time to go out for breakfast and cram in a little more studying before the eleven o'clock final ...

"Quit hogging the covers."

He whipped his head around, astounded to find Susie's smiling face buried in the pillow next to his. "What are you doing here?"

"You asked me to come." She nuzzled his shoulder, giving him a playful bite. "Don't you remember?"

"But you live ... "

"I drove for five hours, Shawn. Don't you remember asking me to come here?"

The DVD! His mental message really worked! "Yes, I do, honey. I'm sorry. I'm just waking up."

Her hand curled around his hard prick and gave it a tender tug. "Feels like someone's already awake."

"How about a little dessert before breakfast?"

As Shawn turned her onto her back, his tongue deep in her mouth, he made a mental note to thank his roommate and laughingly wondered if Rob had already gotten the message.

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