tagGroup SexMILFs At Home (And Away) Ch. 03

MILFs At Home (And Away) Ch. 03


I woke up from a brief afternoon nap with my usual soft-on turning rapidly into a full hard-on - Penelope and Zoey were sharing my cock. They lay alongside me – on their sides with one arm across my tummy and their recently fucked pussies in full view. I was on my back with an arm between their open legs. Their pussies were too close to finger and too far from my face to lick. Their combined aroma filled the bedroom and I lay back and allowed them to pleasure my cock. They licked, kissed and sucked on my balls – taking turns to orally pleasure my erect shaft. In my relaxed but very horny state, my hands instinctively rubbed their backs, ass and thighs. With this, they both opened their legs even more and their swollen pussy lips parted. I could see their labial lips, engorged clits and puckered little assholes in exquisite detail. Penelope's pussy was beginning to weep tiny droplets of juice ... they coalesced into larger drops and ran down between her open pussy and collected under her clit. I continued to rub her ass and inner thighs ... my eyes fixed on her juicy pussy and obvious excitement.

She moved her open legs closer to my face. I could smell the delicate scent of her wet, dripping pussy ... it was so close I could almost taste it ... I wanted to taste it ... I breathed in her musky odour ... slowly ... savouring her sexy aroma ... as she slowly licked the entire length of my now rock-hard cock. She looked back at me through long strands of blonde hair ... her eyes twinkling as she realised she had my complete attention.

"Please taste me" she whispered "please lick me".

I eased my face closer ... breathing on her wetness ... sliding my tongue along her inner thigh ... inhaling her aroma ... then breathing gently on her clit ... I licked her thigh again ... and made eye contact ... she looked at me from rapidly widening eyes ... now I had her full attention.

Zoey held my cock in a vice-like grip along its base ... I could feel my cock pulsing and straining under her firm grip. She licked her lips before sliding her tongue along the rim ... flicking the tip across my bulb ... she now had it all to herself as Penelope continued to stare at me ... he eyes begging me to taste her ... but I was in no hurry to do so ... I wanted her to build up slowly ...

"Get the tape," begged Zoey "I want to see him fuck your sister".

"OK" beamed Penelope enthusiastically.

"What tape" I asked "have you two been up to your tricks again?"

"We were playing with the security system a while ago ... your last visit, in fact. You two were going at it hot and hard down in the stable block, so we zoomed in with the cameras and got a real eye full!"

"OK" I added, "let's watch the home-made porno movie".

"We had great fun editing it," whispered Zoey "we had a dildo each and an anal plug. It took us ages to finalise it ... sooooooo many re-runs and soooooo many breaks in between. We learned so much about digital editing tools, our college project was a doddle after producing this little home movie".

I was intrigued. They had spied on me and my girlfriend – Penelope's older sister – and produced a movie. Would it be colour, or back & white, I wondered? And where exactly did they film us. I had fucked Nicola in every position I could think of and in every part of her parents house, gardens and stable yard she could drag me to over the past few months ... where were the cameras? Did anyone view it "live"? Did they get off on it? Who got off on it? With my curiosity peaked, I sat up on the bed and demanded a viewing!

Penelope left the room momentarily and came back with a DVD. Zoey sat beside me playing with her pussy and talking nasty. This whole family was into sex in such a big way – all they ever seemed to do was get off and get someone else off. It was a truly amazing household.

Penelope inserted the DVD and as the girls sat back on the bed, I suggested we do something to stop us fucking like minks and missing the movie.

"What have you go tin mind?" asked Zoey rather excitedly.

"Well, if you two were tied up – you couldn't jump me" I suggested "and if you two don't jump me, I might even get to see all of your sexy movie. Much as I want to see this movie, if you start ... I will not be able to resist fucking the hell out of both of you".

"OK" said Penelope in a very sultry voice "I like that idea ... and I don't suppose you'll see much of the movie if one of us is sitting on your face!"

Zoey had obviously done this before because she knew exactly where to get the rope and sex toys. She had a huge amount of thick satin rope, four pairs of handcuffs, two obscenely long dildos and two butt plugs.

"This should do" she enthused.

Penelope lay back and allowed Zoey to handcuff her right hand to the corner of the headrest and begin to wrap the rope around her leg ... but I stopped her.

"No" I pleaded, "let me. It's going to be a bit of a squeeze for all three of us, so let me think about how we position ourselves on the bed".

I handcuffed Zoey's left hand to the left-hand side of the headrest and they huddle together ... groping each other's pussy and tits ... so I raised their legs and handcuffed their free hands together under their raised thighs. I got extra pillows and propped them up on the bed so they could see the wide screen at the end of the bed.

I then tied Penelope's left leg to Zoey's right leg. I left the rope quite loose but bound them from ankle to knee so that they could not move apart.

They have such beautiful breasts ... Penelope is 19 today and Zoey is 18½ ... ripe, full breasts ... swollen from being on the pill ... heavy and tipped with erect nipples ... two nubile teenagers ... confident in their sexuality ... and cock crazy!

I sat alongside Penelope and kissed, then licked her right nipple. She tensed up and offered it up closer to my hungry lips. I licked all around her areola ... grazed her nipple with my teeth and gently sucked her into my mouth.

Zoey's eyes never left her friends erect nipple. Her breathing began to quicken.

I got up and walked around the bed to Zoey. I did the same to her – kissed her nipple, licked all around her areola ... grazed her nipple with my teeth and gently sucked her into my mouth – her legs dropped open and she wriggled a bit.

"Ooooooohhhh, I can't touch myself," she hissed "or you – I can't grab that big cock that's swinging between your legs. Put it in my mouth" she begged "I want it back in my mouth."

I stood up and picked up the remote control – and pressed PLAY.

The picture was in black & white. There was no sound but the images were crystal clear. Nicola and I were in the tack room. We were talking but there was no sound. We kissed and eventually Nicola slid down my torso, dropped my trousers and took my cock into her mouth.

"I can't touch myself," hissed Zoey "can you get your hand around to my pussy?"

"No" said Penelope "I'm in the same position as you".

"Need some help, girls," I asked – in a feigned innocent voice.

I froze the movie.

I kissed, licked and grazed on their nipples again ... and slipped a finger into the birthday girl.

"Ooooohhhh, who's a wet little girl then" I asked. This little pussy is sooooooo wet. I wonder what the neighbouring pussy is like?????"

I slid around to Zoey as she raised her free leg above her head and begged me to lick her. Her pussy was dripping. Her pussy lips were red and swollen and her pink slit showed as she spread her legs as far as she could in her restricted circumstances.

I lay on the bed and snuggled up to her pussy. I teased her ... going close ... letting her feel my breath on her skin ... licking her inner thighs and avoiding her pussy. Her clit was peeking out from behind its hood now. I was so tempted. I briefly kissed her clit and switched to Penelope.

Same again ... tease, tease ... and more tease.

The girls howled in unison. They wanted more contact. They wanted friction. They wanted penetration!!!

I pressed PAUSE again and resumed the movie.

Nicola was sucking my cock on the screen.

"Your big sister is such a talented cocksucker, you know" I opined. "She can get me hard so soon after I cum. Are you taking notes here???"

"I'm just a good as she is," they said in harmony.

They wriggled on the bed ... begging for me to help them get off.

I paused the movie again.

"What are these for?" I asked ... as I picked up the two dildos. "One each, or does one of you get both??? Hmmm, one in the ass and one in the pussy ... but that's sooo unfair to the one who's left out!!!! Hmmmm, decisions, decisions, decisions."

"One each, please," whined Zoey – not wishing to be left out because it was her best friend's birthday.

"OK, one each it is then" I replied.

I placed each dildo between their legs – just in front of their exposed assholes and pussies. OK, now that's something they don't teach you when setting the table, huh."

I pressed PAUSE again and resumed the movie.

The girls weren't impressed. They wriggled in vain as they couldn't get the dildos inside them. The more they wriggled, the further away the dildos moved away from their pussies.

On screen, Nicola and I were hurriedly undressing. I lifted her up on to the saddle rack and dived between her legs. She wrapped her legs around my neck and pulled me into her pussy. I was licking and she was moaning. There was no soundtrack but I could remember her moans. Nicola loves being licked and she didn't have any qualms about communicating this to me. I lay back on the bed and stroked my hard cock in full view of the girls.

I grabbed Zoey's dildo and let it slide down along the crack of her gaping pussy ..., which was so wet, the dildo slid slowly down and came to rest on her tight little asshole. She went wild.

"Please stick it into me" she wailed "pleeeeease ... just a little bit. I need something hard inside me sooooo badly right now.

The movie played on.

Nicola slid down my body with her long legs wrapped around my back and impaled herself on my waiting cock. I could remember that bit so well. Her heavy breathing alongside my left ear, her big breasts dragging down over my face and resting on my chest and she skilfully positioned herself over my cock ... and her pulsing cunt stretching over my cock and squeezing it until she bottomed out on it.

She hung from a saddle rack as I prodded her pulsing cunt with my hard cock. I could still feel her ragged breathing and heat against my body ...

I pressed PAUSE again and froze the movie.

The girls were wriggling and moaning ... begging for attention.

I lay between Penelope's legs and began my rendition of Marilyn Monroe's birthday song to JFK. I stroked her pussy with the dildo ... pausing to kiss her clit ... and doing a few words at a time ... before slowly sliding the dildo all the way in.

I left it there ... and I pressed PAUSE again ... and resumed the movie.

Zoey was so disappointed ... no dildo for her ... no clit kissing for her either ... she wriggled and moaned.

On the screen, the action switched to one of the stable block corridors. Nicola and I were both naked. I picked her up and turned her upside down ... her legs landed on my shoulders and I pressed her upside down towards the cold wall. She raised one leg over my head and allowed me access to her pussy. The camera was high up on the wall and you could see me licking her pussy and biting her inner thighs.

I let her down. She placed her hands on the wall and wiggled her butt invitingly at me. Not needing a second invitation, I held her hips and drove my cock deep into her. Her big tits wobbled beneath her and I fucked her from behind. The camera could see them when they wobbled to the side. Ohhhh, now there's another sweet memory ... Nicola shouting at me to fuck her hard and don't dare stop.

I pressed PAUSE again and froze the movie.

I picked up Zoey's dildo ... and I pressed PAUSE again ... and resumed the movie.

"Bastard" she roared, as I went back to watching the movie and stroking my hard cock.

"Patience girls" I said in a smarmy voice "the best of things come to those who wait."

"Oh fuck you" she squealed, "I want that big rubber cock right now, you fucker."

A voice from the doorway interrupted us "What's going on here then?"

Veronica (Penelope's mother) had come into the bedroom see what all the noise was about. Even worse, she had three women that I hadn't met with her.

"So here's the birthday girl" said one of the women

"And who's the owner of that very impressive cock" asked another.

I stopped stroking my cock as Veronica introduced us.

"This is my sister Anne" said Veronica through a beaming smile. "Anne, this is my eldest daughter's boyfriend, John. And, as you can see from the movie, he's quite an accomplished fucker."

Anne walked forward, leaned down and kissed me on the cheek.

"Hi" she said cheerfully, as she reached down and stroked my cock. "I do hope you're staying for the festivities."

"And this is my good friend Georgina. I think you two have already met."

Georgina stepped forward, kissed me on the other cheek and also stroked my cock. Any trace of embarrassment disappeared as my cock pulsed in her hand and my mind went back a few weeks to when I had first met her, her husband and her two extremely horny daughters.

"And last, but not least ... my equally good friend Naomi, whom I do not believe you have met" added Veronica in her super sexy, sultry voice.

"Let's hope the pleasure is going to be mine and yours" Naomi added as she too stepped forward, kissed me on the lips, grabbed my cock away from Georgina and stroked it.

"However, much as we'd all like to play with this wonderful specimen of manhood, our husbands are down in the library and your presence is required there. I believe our new maid is entertaining them while we get ready" said Veronica.

I grabbed my clothes as the women sat down beside the girls and watched the movie. My last sight of them was four raised skirts and four shaven cunts being fingered as they all watched the movie with Zoey giving them a running commentary and Penelope begging for some attention!!!

I got dressed as I walked downstairs towards the library. David (Veronica's husband and my girlfriend's Dad) was inside with the 3 other husbands. Michelle, their maid ... a recent import from France was in there with them. She had brought in a tray of wine glasses and was pouring the wine for the guys as I walked in.

"Ah, John" said David "these are friends of the family. I'd like to introduce you to Alan, Jimmy and Roger. Boys, this is my daughter's boyfriend, John"

I shook their hands and sat down on a chair next to David.

Michelle was wearing a skimpy maids uniform – high heels, black skirt and you could see her stocking tops. A see-thru dark top just about covered her torso and a white apron sort of pulled it all together. I could see her black bra underneath the sheer top and her cleavage spilled delightfully into view when she leaned over to pour the wine. When she poured the wine for the other guys, David and I could see her ass cheeks and the fact that she had no panties on – in fact, she wiggled her bottom for us to make sure she had our complete attention.

When the women upstairs had stroked my cock, I knew they were all game. However, when you meet the husbands for the first time ... its another matter. Discretion is called for. I had to wait and play dumb.

However, discretion was something that was a bit out of place in the library that night and it didn't take me long to figure out what was going to happen.

Michelle filled all the glasses and gave the guys behind her the same view as she gave to David and I a few short moments before. Roger whistled appreciatively and Michelle smiled back at him knowingly. I'd had her earlier in the day and I knew what a hot little number she was ... no holes barred ... she wanted it in her mouth, pussy and ass ... and she wanted lots of it.

She came to sit on David's lap and he filled up her glass. The guys pulled their chairs closer as David slid his hand along her thigh and inserted a finger into her moist clam.

She moaned as he probed her hole expertly. Jimmy had his cock out and was stroking it, as Alan asked David how wet she was.

"Why don't you come over here and find out" she whispered.

"Don't mind if I do" he replied.

She slid sideways on Dave's leg and raised her leg to show the boys her bare pussy and ass. As she did so, she reached forward and rubbed my cock through my pants.

Roger was down between her legs in a flash. He dived into her pussy and slobbered all over her pussy. He licked and she moaned like a porno star. This girl knew how to please and also wanted to be pleased.

Alan placed his cock in front of her and she swallowed it without hesitation, while Jimmy removed her top and bra. Her pert tits came into view and Jimmy clamped his lips on her erect nipples. Once again, she moaned and her breathing rate increased.

"John" interrupted Dave, "we're having a bit of a dinner party this evening and we'd like you to stay on for it, if that's ok with you. Oh, and one other thing – it's a masked dinner party, so everyone will be wearing a mask."

I excused myself and asked if there was anything for me to wear.

"There's a whole wardrobe of stuff in our room. I've got several dress suits – some are a bit small for me now but maybe one will fit you. Why don't you try on a few and pick out whatever one fits best" added Dave.

I made my way back upstairs towards Dave & Veronica's bedroom. I passed by Penelope's room and couldn't help but peek inside. The girls were still tied up and the women were stroking their slits and watching Penelope's home movie.

The girls were still squealing for attention and were still being teased.

"Hi" whispered Veronica, as she saw me peek in "Do come in and see what's on the menu for tonight."

The women were all wearing stockings, suspenders and no panties. They were all playing with themselves.

"I'd fuck this cock right now ... but I've already had it twice today!" opined Veronica as the women gasped at the fact that she had me already. Obviously they were a very competitive bunch of gals.

Veronica brought me to her bedroom and showed me the outfits. She said she need a quick shower and offered to soap my back – an offer I couldn't refuse. We stripped and jumped into the shower. She was magnificent. I soaped her all over, kissed her back and massaged her big, heavy breasts.

"No time for sex" she breathed "we need to be down for dinner in 20 minutes." She stroked my hard cock at every opportunity though.

We showered and fondled one another, then I shaved and then tried on an outfit. Before long, Dave appeared and jumped into his dress suit, while Veronica experimented with her various outfits. She is in such good shape for a woman in her mid-40s – she had high (fuck me) heels, sheer black stockings and suspender belt, no bra – and kept jumping in and out of various revealing evening dresses. I had a hard-on that I could have reeled in a great white shark with!!!

We went downstairs and into the dining room. Twelve places were set, although there were only 11 of us. The 3 guest couples were there – guys in dress suits with masks, women in evening dresses with masks – and lots of cleavage showing. Gravity defying cleavage!!!

Penelope and Zoey were there too. Typical teenagers - both had party dresses on. Michelle was serving aperitifs and she was still in her French maid's outfit – the short skirt now appeared to be even shorter – a six inch gap between her stocking tops and the skirt – her tanned skin looked so sexy against the dark stockings and skirt. As she served the first course, she made an effort to bend over. My cock was erect with all the cleavage surrounding me but it positively throbbed when I saw her ass up close. She bent over beside me and I could see cum dripping from her asshole and pussy. It was pooling at her stocking tops and beginning to dribble down the inside of her thighs. The guys had obviously given her a really good seeing to in the library just beforehand and had filled her with cum. She smelled of sex. Everyone noticed her. Everyone watched her beautiful ass as she glided past.

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