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Militarty Mom


All characters are 18 and older. Descriptions of characters are omitted to allow the reader to imagine their own image of what the characters should look like. My stories are not for everyone. Either you love or hate them but I welcome all feedback, good or bad. Like a bad train wreck you want to look away, but can't.

This story is about a military mom who lost her husband in Iraq. She herself is currently serving in the army as a tough no nonsense drill sergeant. All day long her job is to break down and reshape men and women. But the loss of her husband has left a void in her life and especially her sex life. As her son approaches manhood she takes notice of his maturing body when she catches a glimpse of him coming out of the shower. He is the spitting image of his father back when he was a teenager. That night she hatches a plan to persuade him into filling his fathers shoes. She knows he will not just willingly have the desire to bang his own mother so the plan to blackmail him as a mommy fucker to all of his friends came into fruition. Her son may be the spitting image of his father but he is a total slacker. Bad grades and all he does or thinks about is surfing, skate boarding, and snow boarding with his other slacker friends. For an army brat he has no focus or any solid plan for the future. Little does he know that his care free days were about to come to an end. Military mom is about to change all of that. Sex slave son is about to be born. That day when he comes home from school she calls him into her room.

When he opens her bedroom door, his jaw drops to see her fully naked on her bed diddling herself with a vibrator. She


"Close the door Tony. Sit down in the chair next to my bed son." Tony shields his eyes and says,

"Mom, for god sakes put some clothes on." She snaps back,

"Shut the fuck up, sit down in that fucking chair, and look at me when I'm talking to you."

His face sobers up as the sound of her voice cuts through the air like the crack of a whip. He walks over to the chair and sits down. She says,

"There are going to be some changes around here buddy boy. You have things way too good Tony and if you insist on acting like a toilet by flushing your life away with your slacker friends then I'm going to exploit your talents as a toilet and make you do what you do best. You're going to become my toilet and my human boy toy and what ever else I wish you to be." He fires right back protesting,

"Oh hell no. I know my grades have slipped but..." His mom cuts him short,

"I... said... SHUT THE FUCK UP! You talk like you have a choice in the matter. Just so we are clear, if you don't do what I say when I say, your friends are all going to find out that you are a mommy fucker. So, oh hell yes. Now you can start by taking off your clothes and sitting in that chair." Tony slumps his shoulders in defeat and begins to undress. His mom continues,

"Now sit in that chair, watch, and listen." She begins to circle her cunt with the vibrator. Her legs are spread wide so he can get a good look at her wet glistening pussy lips. She says,

"Look at it son, look at mommy's cunt, look at the cunt that brought you into this world... That's right son, this is where you came from... Stroke your cock for mommy son, let me see how nice and hard you get... Do it son or your friends are going to hear about it you lazy fucking bastard... Yeah, that's it, stroke that fucking cock for me son... Get it nice and hard... Jerk off for mom while I play with my cunt... Look at it son, watch my vibrator going in and out of my wet cunt... Can you see that son?.. Does that turn you on?.. Don't you wish that was your cock going in and out of mommy's wet cunt?.. Huh?.. Look son look, imagine that this was your cock... You're fucking me son... Your cock is fucking my cunt... Fuck my cunt son... Fuck it... Fuck my cunt with your cock."

"That's right baby, mommy wants you to stroke your cock and keep thinking about fucking my cunt... Are you having trouble with your hard on son?.. You want me to help?.. How about if mommy sucks your cock?.. Would you like that?.. Okay baby, mommy's going to suck your cock... Watch me son... Watch my lips slide up and down your cock... So tell me son, how come you're such a fuck up?.. Huh?.. You make mommy very angry when you toss your life away... Well from now on you have a new purpose in life... You will now be my sex slave... Any disgusting perverted sexual desire mommy needs, you will take care of... It's your new job... It's your new focus in life... And right now I need you to clean mommy's ass hole with your tongue... So get over here and eat my ass doggy style."

"Yeah that's right, bend me over this bed and munch my ass out... I'm going to spread my ass apart and I want you to dig my ass out with your tongue... Do it mother fucker... Eat mommy's ass hole... Fuck my ass with your tongue... Go on, push your tongue in as deep as it will go... Fuck me son... Fuck my ass hole with your tongue... Tongue fuck me... Tongue fuck my ass hole you mother fucking piece of shit... Come on son... I'm not fucking around... Mommy's pissed off... Fuck me in my ass hole god damn it... Fuck the shit out of me with your tongue you lazy piece of crap... I'm so fucking sick of your shit... Now you're going to pay son... Be my human toilet son... Clean your mom's ass hole... Ha Ha Ha... Look at you, you pathetic piece of shit... Look what you've been reduced to... You're a no good ass eating human toilet bowl... And a really bad one."

"Come on son, eat my ass good.... Bury your face in there and stick that tongue in as far as it will go... Now swirl it around in there... Let me feel it... Oh yeah that's it son... I can feel your tongue deep inside me swirling around... Okay now make that tongue long and stiff and start fucking mommy with it... Bang mommy's ass hole with your stiff tongue... Do it son, do it... Fuck mommy's ass with your tongue... Stab my ass hole with your tongue... Fuck the shit out of me... Fuck me hard and fast god damn you... Come on motherfucker fuck me... That's it fuck me... Tongue fuck me son... Tongue fuck your mother's ass hole... That's right it's me son... It's mommy... I love this... I love forcing my son to eat my ass hole... I love that he hates doing this... I love that he is grossed out by having tongue sex with his mother's ass hole... HA HA HA look at you son... I'm your mother and you're my son and I'm blackmailing you into eating my ass hole out and being my sex slave."

"Okay son, that's enough of that.... It's time to fuck mommy... Your father died for his country... I've been without a good cock for years and I need to get fucked... I'm going to get on the bed and I want you to bang me like a dog really hard... Go ahead son... Put your cock in side my cunt and fuck me doggy style... Oh god yes... Now start fucking me... Yeah that's it baby... Bang mommy... Fuck mommy's cunt... Fuck the shit out of me son... I can take it hard and fast... Your father used to give it to me good and hard... Give me all you've got... Come on fuck me motherfucker... Fuck my cunt... Fuck it... Come on you good for nothing lazy piece of shit... FUCK ME... Do some real work for once and FUCK ME GOD DAMN IT."

"Yes son yes... Fuck mommy... Fuck mommy's wet juicy cunt... Faster motherfucker... Harder... Fuck me good... Make mommy cum son... Make your mother cum on your big hard cock... Oh my god... My son is fucking me... I'm having incest with my son... I'm having disgusting perverted incest with my son... That's so hot to say... Did you hear that son?.. I'm going to say it again... You're having sex with your mom... You're fucking your mommy... That's so fucking hot I can't stand it... I think I'm going to cum son... You're going to make mommy cum all over your cock son... I can't hold it back anymore baby... That's it... AAAAA... AAAAA... AAAAAAAA... AAAAAAAA... AAAAAAAA... AAAAAAAA... AAAAAAAAAAAA."

"Oh my god that was intense... You made mommy cum so hard son... But I want you to cum too son... I want an anal cream pie son... It's the one place your father wouldn't go... I used to have anal all the time before I married him but he wasn't into it... I want your cock in my ass son... Go ahead son fuck my ass hole... Spit on my ass hole and shove your cock in there."

"Ohhh fuck yeah... That feels so fucking good... Can you feel that son?.. I'm squeezing my ass muscles on your cock... Fuck me while I clinch and release my ass hole on your cock... Oh how does that feel?.. Huh you little bitch?... Huh?.. You like that?.. You like mommy's ass hole squeezing your cock?.. You do don't you?.. Oh that's it baby, fuck mommy... Fuck mommy's ass hole... Fuck it nice and hard for me son... Come on you piece of shit fuck me... Fuck my ass hole... Fuck it... Fuck it hard... Harder god damn you... Fuck my ass hole as hard as you can you piece of shit motherfucker... That's it son... Fuck your mom... Have anal incest with your mom... Fuck mommy in her tight ass... Do something useful for once in your pathetic little life and fuck the living shit out of your foul mouthed mother... That's right son... It's me... It's mommy... This isn't a dream... You're actually having sex with your mom... Anal sex... Fuck me some more son... Keep fucking me... Don't stop baby... Don't stop fucking me in the ass... In my ass hole... The place where I take a shit... It's where the shit comes from... You're fucking the hole where the shit comes from son... First you licked it and now you're fucking it."

"Oh my god that's hot... I'm going to make myself cum when I say shit like that... But I want you to cum baby... I want your cum inside my sweet tight ass... Are you ready to cum sweetheart?.. Are you ready to explode your cock deep inside mommy's ass hole?.. Okay baby go ahead... Drain your balls deep inside my ass... Pump my ass full of cum... Do it son... I'm squeezing son... I'm pinching my ass hole closed around your cock... I'm making my ass hole as tight as possible... Fuck me son... Go ahead and fuck my closed ass hole baby... Use my ass hole to make you cum... Use it... Go on... Release it... Cum son... Cum for mommy... Cum inside my pinched ass hole."


"Oh yes baby... Let it go... Fill me up... Pump it in there... I can feel your cock exploding deep inside my ass... That feels so fucking warm and creamy... Don't pull out until you've drained all your cum into mommy's ass hole... Let your orgasm run it's course... Oh yes baby... That was nice... You did such a good job... You filled mommy's ass hole up so nicely with your cum... Mommy loves her son's cum deep in her ass... Do you want to see it?.. Do you want me to show you what you shot up mommy's ass?.. Okay son, lay on the bed and I'm going to stand over you and fart splatter your cum all over you... That's good now keep your eyes on my ass hole as I push it out... Mmmpff Mmmpff... I'm pushing son... I'm going to fart your cum all over you... Mmmpff... And it's going to fart splatter everywhere... Watch it son... Here it comes... Ready?"

Just then she loudly farts out a nasty load of his cum and it splatters and sprays all the way from his stomach to his face. He is covered by the blast of his own cum as she empties out her bowels of son sperm onto him with a loud wet juicy fart that fills the room. It sounds like someone squeezing out the last of the ketchup from the squeeze bottle. She says,

"Okay son... That's enough for today... But don't forget that I own you and this will be your new job when ever I ask. Now clean this mess up and wait for me to call upon you again slave."

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