How I Became a Farmer.

Part 1:

Writing and posting stories on Literotica can be both challenging and rewarding at the same time. As a writer it allows me to develop my writing skills, and on occasion I am offered the opportunity to learn something new.

Within a few days of posting a new story I received several messages from people who either loved or hated the story. I do listen to criticism, especially if it is about how I put a story together, or grammar. I feel that a reader who sends me a valid criticism is helping me to become a better writer. But I'm not writing this to talk about my critics. I'm writing about one of the people who took the time to write to me and tell me how my story touched her.

This is where the story begins:

Her name is Diana, and to my good fortune she lived less than thirty miles from me. Diana is a single woman, reader and author on Literotica. We started trading e-mails and eventually talking on the phone about several of my stories. During one of our many conversations she told me about her attraction to the idea of lactation. She was very drawn to the idea of her breasts producing milk. She also wanted to experience an erotic doctor examination. She asked me if I were interested in helping her to fulfill her desire to begin lactating again

This whole concept intrigued me greatly. So much so, that I did some research on the web about this subject. Encouraged by my research and by Diana's enthusiasm I built a table to perform examinations on her. The table is fifty inches long and twenty four inches wide. The bottom half of the table is split down the middle and is hinged to enable it to open into a "Y" shape.

There are restraints at the end and the middle of each side of the "Y" to restrain her ankles when her legs are either the fully extended or with her knees bent for vaginal exams. There are also restraints along the upper half of the table placed to properly restrain her upper body and torso when needed. As an after thought I added an oval hole in the upper part of the table. This allows a woman's breasts (Udders) to hang down below the table to facilitate the milking process. I made a solid cover for the hole which can be put in place when performing exams, and not milking a woman.

My research found several farmers of these human cows who were successfully adapting milking machines designed for goats for use in milking their women. They were installing adjustable vacuum regulators in order to set just the right amount of vacuum for each individual human cow. I acquired the milking machine used, from an on line auction and made some necessary modifications before installing it on a shelf under the exam table. Lastly, I added a set of wheels to the table to make it easier to move.

Our first secession with the table was fairly successful. Diana, in spite of her great enthusiasm was pretty nervous in the beginning. I instructed her to disrobe completely and lay on the table while I prepared my exam instruments. I then bound her ankles at the midpoint of each table leg to keep her knees bent. I bound her upper body and wrists to the table to effectively render her helpless and immobile. Next I opened the split sections of the table as far as they could and locked them into position. This spread Diana's legs wide open, greatly exposing her vaginal area to me.

I pulled a latex glove onto each hand, letting go of each one with a loud snap to heighten her level of anticipation. I used my fingers to explore her pussy and to give her time to get well lubricated. When she was ready I reached for my speculum and showed it to her.

"Do you know what this is?" I asked.

She nodded her head, " yes," She said.

"Are you ready?" I asked.

"Yes," she said with quickened breath.

I inserted the tool into her pussy and held it there for a moment to give her time to adapt to it's feel. I looked at her and she nodded yes once again so I proceeded to use the tool to open her up in increments, taking care not to hurt her.

Note: It is my commitment that when a sub is under my control it is my responsibility to see to her safety and well being.

I opened her up slowly. The diameter of her opening gradually increased until it reached almost two inches, then I locked the tool in this position. Next I picked up a small flashlight and turned it on.

Prior to her examination I had instructed Diana to clean her pussy throughly before coming to see me. My initial look inside confirmed that she had done as I had asked.

"You did a good job in cleaning yourself," I told her.

Diana smiled at this. She seemed very eager to please me.

I left the tool inserted in her and proceeded to examine the rest of her body. Her belly was not flat and hard like a nineteen year old was, but I would not expect that of a forty one year old woman who has given birth to two kids. Still she was not bad to look at. Her breasts were large and full. Her forty inch D cup breasts hung down a bit from their weight but remained very full.

"I nursed both my kids for their first two years with these," She proudly told me, "I want to make milk again," She said.

"There's a good chance that you will have milk in them again," I told her, "From now on I want you to refer to them as your udders. I told her.

She smiled brightly at what I told her.

I took each of her breasts one at a time and examined them closely. Her nipples stood erect as I rolled them lightly between my thumb and index finger, and then for a long moment I squeezed them harder. Diana moaned a little louder this time.

Diana's excitement level increased greatly as I individually lifted each of her breasts in one hand and examined it with my free hand.

"They appear to be fit for milk production," I told her, after examining both breasts. I rested my hand lightly on her belly, then bent down and put my mouth close to her ear.

"Are you ready to begin your treatment?" I asked her softly.

"Yes," She said, breathing heavier.

"Very well. In order for this treatment to be successful, you must surrender all control to me. Do you understand?"

I told her this days before when we were discussing her treatments, but I wanted to hear her tell me again that she was willing to surrender complete control to me.

"I do. I give myself to you," She said, her voice filled with anticipation.

"Do you remember what I told you about the possible side effect of your treatments?" I asked.

"Yes," She replied.

"Tell me. Say it to me out loud so I know that you know the risks and you accept them," I said to her.

"I, uh... I know that I can become pregnant from the treatments. I know this and I hope that I do. I want a baby to feed my milk to," She said.

I kissed her lightly on the cheek then stood up, "Good, then lets begin."

I removed the speculum from her pussy and massaged her clit for a moment. Her body arched against the restraints that bound her to the table. I eased back on the stimulation of her clit, not wanting her to climax too soon.

Next I unfastened her bindings and instructed her to climb off the table for a moment. She stood there naked, as I re-configured the table for her therapy.

I removed the cover in the upper part of the table and instructed her to lay face down on the table with her breasts hanging down through the hole. Diana did as she was instructed quickly. It was obvious how much she wanted to receive the treatment.

I strapped her down to the table and then inspected her breasts that were now hanging down below the table. They were able to swing free enough to accommodate the milking process. I gave each of her udders a final examination and pinched her nipples one more time each.

I switched on the milking machine and attached a suction device to each of her breasts.

"This might feel a little uncomfortable at first, "I told her."

"I like the feeling," She replied.

Diana watched me with great interest as I checked the tubing leading to the collection jar. I didn't expect her to produce much, if anything on the first try, but with the regimen of herbal supplements that she has been taking to stimulate milk production anything was possible, so it was best to be prepared for anything.

"OK then," I told her, "Let's begin."

I walked around behind her and used my finger to check on how wet her pussy was. As I expected it was already very wet and very ready.

"Very nice," I remarked.

I unzipped my zipper and pulled out my cock.

"How does the suction feel?" I asked.

"Perfect," She replied.

"Good," I said, as I adjusted the suction regulator for stronger suction.

I rubbed the head of my now hard cock against the opening of her pussy, getting it wet before entering her with it. As I pushed the head of my cock onto her opening Diana tensed for a moment, then relaxed as I slid my cock in to the hilt.

Diana let out a long moan of pleasure, "It's been a long time since I had a man make me feel like this."

I brought my hand down hard on her ass, leaving a red hand print of my hand on her ass. No more talking unless I instruct you to speak.

I pushed my cock deeper into her before pulling it almost all the way out and then back in again. I repeated this a few more times before settling into a steady rhythm of pumping my cock in and out of her. I was enjoying the sounds of her alternately moaning in pleasure and grunting as each thrust of my cock hit bottom inside of her.

"I knew you would enjoy this," I told her. "Sexual stimulation helps to kick start the process of milk production in a woman.

I pumped her for about forty minutes before my climax came. I forced my cock as deep into her as I could and let my cock pump a thick load of my seed deep into her waiting womb. The inrush of my seed into her womb triggered a huge orgasm in her. Diana's body shook as the hot wave of pleasure washed over her.

I waited until the last of my sperm was drained from my cock and into her pussy before pulling out. I walked around to the head of the table and stood next to her head, "Here, I have something for you."

Diana's face was flush from her orgasm. She smiled when she opened her eyes and saw my cock so close to her face.

"It's time for you to clean me up," I told her.

Diana opened her mouth and held it open as I slid my cock into it.

"OK," I said, and she closed her mouth around it and began sucking hungrily.

I placed my hand on the back of her head and began fucking her mouth slowly at first, but building faster as I went.

She started to gag but I held my cock in her mouth, "Keep sucking," I told her.

Diana kept sucking until I eventually pulled out of her mouth and walked around to the foot of the table and positioned myself in front of her wet pussy.

"It looks like you could use a second dose, " I told her.

I pushed my cock into her and began fucking her dripping hole. In less than a minute her body shook with another orgasm. I was not ready to cum, so I continued fucking her. I felt another orgasm building deep within her so I continued until I sensed she was nearing her climax then I slowed my pace and reduced the depth of my thrusts into her. I wanted to bring her to the edge, but at the same time not allow her to get any closer to the climax she sought. An orgasm is a tricky thing. It takes a lot of stimulation to get a woman to her trigger point, but only a small amount to push her over the edge and into a gratifying climax.

Diana struggled against her bindings trying to make my cock go deeper into her, but she was held firmly to the table, helpless to do anything toward capturing the feelings that she so desperately wanted at that moment.

"Don't despair my pet. You'll get what you seek in due time," I told her in a half whisper.

I kept teasing her with short strokes of my cock.

"Tell me what you want," I told her

"Please master. Let me have it, please," She whined.

Her breathing grew heavier, "Please let me cum master."

I pulled my cock out of her completely. This caused her let out a loud gasp.

"No! Please," She cried.

I slid my cock back in a few inches, "Is that better?" I asked.

"Please let me cum master."

I slowly slid my cock deeper into her. Diana's body writhed as I pushed further. Her moans became more intense, and her body strained against her bindings as her climax grew closer. As my cock hit bottom inside her, Diana's body froze for a moment. Her orgasm had arrived. Her body relaxed as she free fell in to the abyss of her lustful cravings. After a few moments her body began bucking wildly against her restraints. She cried out but I couldn't understand any of her words. Watching her explode in such a manner caused me to explode inside of her, adding to what I had already contributed earlier.

This continued for several moments until her body ceased fighting against her restraints. Diana lay there exhausted after her orgasm, panting heavily, her body covered in small beads of perspiration. I pulled out of her and walked around to the head of the table. This time I did not need to speak when I brought my cock up to her lips. She opened her mouth and sucked me clean. She had learned that this was part of her duties when she received a treatment.

I pulled my cock out of her mouth, bent down and kissed her softly on her cheek.

"How did I do?" She asked, still exhausted.

I bent down and turned off the milking machine and disconnected the collection bottle. I raised it up to the light and examined it for a moment. There was small amount of milk in the bottle, less than a cup.

"Not bad. Not bad at all for a first time," I told her.

I held the bottle in front of her face to show her. Diana smiled

"I cant wait for my next treatment. I really cant wait at all," She said, with the look of a very content woman.

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