It felt as though I was dying. Upon regaining consciousness it seemed I had woken from quite a night to remember. My head ached, my whole body ached in fact, right down to the bones. Wherever I was, it was not light yet and I couldn't see anything through a blanket of black. I hoped I was at home but this did not feel like my bed and strangely my movement was restricted. Laying comfortably on my back there was a smooth but rigid ring, which felt like a soft steel band made to fit my waist. Where am I, and what the hell have I been up to, were the foremost questions on my mind. Though there were strong similarities to good nights, bad hangover... there was enough to suggest that this was something entirely different. For a start I couldn't remember going out. I could not actually remember the evening before at all. My last (and dim) recollection, was of walking home from work at the end of a regular week. Why could I not remember? If I could just think harder I would surely be able to piece together my present predicament, and that must be its status now... A predicament! You don't awake in strange place, unable to see or move freely without calling it that. Well I don't!

As concern started to expand into anxiety, a whole new series of events began unfolding. If I thought my awakening was unusual, then the next few moments would test the capacity of my reasoning.

At first there was the noises. It was like the sound of air being released from a car tire only softer. A gradual...'Sssssshhhhssss'. Then, to my horror came the murmur of other voices around me - male voices. If my hearing wasn't failing me, they sounded like they were in a state of both bliss and distress at the same time. This isn't easy to describe however the moans and whimper type noises seemed to be anticipating something big and enjoyable, while also encompassing great anguish. While there were no definitive words, these were the impressions I was getting from the tone of the moans, so to speak.

What the hell was going on? I was extremely confused.

Suddenly there was a loud crack and what looked like a streak of lightening across the sky. From complete darkness my eyes were burnt and I could do nothing but recoil and cry out in pain.

Within the throbs of my agonies, which were beginning to lighten, I registered the murmurings ease.

Meanwhile the gentle hissing had become more prominent and was more of a feminine 'ssshhhh ssshhhh' sound, that a mother might use to placate a child or a girlfriend. Or perhaps a sobbing partner.

The collected moans of tortured anxiety were dissolving into a comforted waiting coo, it seemed to me very unusual for men to make such a noise on mass?

I felt the temperature rise and finding the courage from curiosity I tried opening my eyes again. The glare was tremendous and I realized quickly that the flash of lightening had in fact been exposure from complete darkness to a bright sunny day. The entire roof section had been lifted and peeled back like the convertible roof on a nice car. Squinting, I could tell I was in some form of room with numerous other men. All were strikingly fit, tanned and most disturbingly of all, every one of them was naked. It was a quick deduction and glance down my own body to realize I too was completely nude. No, not quite nude as around everyone's waist was a metallic looking ring, which seemed to hug the skin holding each of us to a green form fitting mattress. The rings were as thin as a pencil and felt as strong as steel... I had never seen such a substance and despite holding me firmly the material was as light and soft as Indian cotton while looking like a slightly flattened garden hose. I could slip my finger beneath it but not extend it or stretch it to slip past my pelvis or over my rib cage...

The beds or slabs or whatever they were, I had never seen before either. The fabric looked like felt but was soft and fluid like liquid silk. As I watched the other men move the fabric would ride with them. The whole bed slab, seemingly alive. I didn't know how long I had been pinned to my back but I felt no soreness and in fact, given the situation I was in, I physically felt extremely comfortable.

There must have been fifty men in the room. To add to my discomfort they almost all simultaneously began to get erections. Something very strange was happening here. Very strange and for a confirmed 'straight bachelor' like myself to be bound naked in a room with numerous men, as they became aroused, well... It was unusual.

Then, I saw her. The most drop dead, gorgeous creature ever to walk the planet. Despite my situation, my own cock twitched and began a turgid advance. Holy shit what was going on?

I watched as this woman, every particle of her a display of perfection, advanced on one of the men near the end of the room. She must have been drawn up by god, in conjunction and under instruction from Hugh Hefner and Rod Stuart. She oozed grace style and poise while sex poured out of her. Her eyes held a steel gaze and amazingly I felt she was looking only at me. I couldn't be sure. A tiny hourglass waist was riding above a heart shaped, apple bum, which just could not be described with enough superlatives. Her chin was held confidently on an upward angle, which promoted her amazing breasts. While not huge they did her little bottom an injustice by teasing the eye away from it.

Her face was angelic with a hint of the devil in her twinkly raised eyebrow. I swore through her stare I could feel a wink and a glistening cheeky sparkle. Her hair hung in ringlets and cascaded over her shoulders. It was golden and shone in the sunlight. As she bee lined for the lucky guy at the other end of our room I couldn't help but notice her clothing.

Again it was like no other I had ever seen. I don't claim to be a knowledgeable guy when it comes to these things but this was a different material. Silver in color, or mercury it rode her like water. A short one-piece tube type skirt, which hovered just above the nipple line down to the very top of the thighs. This was the main item. When I say 'covered' I mean it hugged like liquid skin and left nothing to the imagination. Almost a bathing suit, but more like spilled mercury, a 'sexy drink' in both look and fit. Even from my distance of about 20 feet I could make out obvious features below the fabric. She was displaying hard nipples which seemed to point like frozen peas, obvious below a silver silk tablecloth. Down below I swore I could make out the occasional hint of her labia as she walked. The slight hint of her lips glimpsed tantalizingly, I was sure.

She was a goddess and like everyone in the room, I was in a silenced awe.

Her entrance and swoop on the man she approached took only seconds but I will never forget it. I realized she was making a "shhh" noise as she got to him as well. Too stunned to speak I watched as she reached out to him and encircled his engorged cock in her right hand. "Sssshhhh" was all she offered as he gasped in what must have been her golden touch.

With her left hand she grazed his waist harness and it released him from the bed but the band remained attached to his body. He stood and was led through the large door by his cock. The look on his face was absolute ecstasy. He looked high and if I wasn't mistaken, he looked on the verge of orgasm. It was an absorbing if surreal scene as they disappeared from view. Her delicate arm and hand connected to his piece so naturally. My own cock was twitching in exposed jealousy for the other mans plight. What the hell was going on?

I had about recovered my senses to a degree and was about to ask one of the men, who like myself, a had rock like hard on. "What is going on?". When, an amazing thing happened.

An even more beautiful woman than before entered. She swaggered into the open topped building and tethered herself to a different man in much the same way and led him out. She was also blonde, slightly shorter and wearing the same liquid type shimmering outfit. My jaw dropped, my cock bounced, but I strained for release in vain against the band.

She was a goddess. If I didn't know better I would say she had hovered, and not walked across the room. Again the victim, or should I say selected winner was in a state of comatose delight. His tongue looked to be pressed up, his head was tilted and he seemed to be panting, all at once. Before he left another three woman entered and without stretching the truth each was more beautiful than the one previous. How could this be?

I managed to glance briefly around the room by mentally willing my eyes from the visually unbelievable sight. The view of rows and rows of prone men, bobbing cocks and hungry needing faces, greeted me. I could watch this only for a moment before turning back to the door and watching the trickle of entering sirens become a tide.

One by one more stunningly beautiful females than I have ever seen in one place removed the other men from the room in a similar manner. My anxiety grew as my male company became less and less.

My most recent 'real' memory had been as a working mechanic, finishing my shift and walking home. Life was pretty good and fairly normal. I dated, I worked out, and I lived a good honest single life. Now I was bound to a strange bed with strange men who were all being 'cock walked' away from me in heightened states of desire. To say the least I was mystified and turned on. I could not deny I was quite scared, but as much curious. I wasn't sure if I was more scared of the situation or being left behind. My cock was bobbing uncontrollably as the last few guys were led away. I yearned to feel what they were feeling but before long I was alone.

The disappointment was crushing. I strained against my bind but to no avail. It had an elastic quality but was as strong as steel and I couldn't escape. God I needed release. I reached for my cock. I was a conservative straight guy who before this moment would not have considered a wank in open space like this, never mind the unfamiliar circumstances. These were strange times.

My hand made its way closely to my groin but before I could latch on for what would surely be blissful, perhaps final and joyful release something gripped my wrist. Firmly and forcefully my hand was encompassed by the strange band and firmly moved to my side. "Oh my god..., What the hell". My mind was shot, I had been driven to this weird heightened state and now. No self made fun.

Almost knowing what would happen. I tried the left hand with the same result. Quickly and firmly it was secured to my side by the mysterious bind. I almost screamed with frustration. I writhed on my back, my cock losing no turgidity, the memory of the seductive goddess's leading the other men away by their cocks. Now under the vice like grip of the bind all I could manage was slight twisting.

On my back, my 7-inch love wand waving freely, sweating in the strain, my head tilted back, I had failed to notice her.

She stood at the door. Staring at me. I froze. She had not walked in and bound to me like the others. What was going on? Was I in trouble? Interestingly to this point I had felt little fear and now was no different. She was more beautiful and had more sex appeal than the others combined. She stood and stared while I felt my cock reach new levels of phallic granite, likeness. Could this surreal situation be true, was she going to latch onto me as the others had and lead me from the room? My mind was mash. I wanted this! I should be shitting myself but I wasn't. What the hell was going on? I lay completely still but my heart was pounding now.

She stood. Her feet were apart and her long legs held her strongly. Her hip was tilted as if she was jutting it out, and she was waiting. Her long slender arms were casually by her side with her thumbs seemingly hooked behind her ass cheeks. Her shimmering outfit fitted her like a fashionable condom. If there is such a thing. I let out a slight whimper as finally she took a step toward me. "Oh my god... it is me". That was all I could think.

Then I heard her, "Shushhhh" she said. She was trying to calm me as if I were a startled horse she was trying to regain control over. I wasn't calm but I wasn't panicked either. Then she approached me. Her gait was sexier than any form of progress I have ever seen. She glided with smooth swinging hips. Every step, each painstaking inch of progress seemed to take forever. Goddess gorgeous.

My cock throbbed. My jaw hung. My mind raced. But I was relatively calm considering.

At this point I had a fairly major realization. Even in my unique situation the thought came to me as a stark jolt. Here I am in a bizarre naked man barn, amongst men and goddess like creatures I have never met and I have not attempted any form of communication, with any one. How bizarre.

"Um...Excuse me" was my best effort. It was an unusual situation and the worst head ache I had ever owned had only recently dissipated. The most beautiful creature I had ever seen confronted me, whilst I was naked and erect. I figured I was allowed to be slightly off.

My question stopped her in her tracks.

This was both good and bad from my point of view, firstly she seemed to understand.

But on the other hand she had stopped making her way toward me. It was very sad suddenly, it would be possibly devastating if she didn't grab my cock, as the other men had been grabbed.

After what seemed like a month of reflection, but was only moments, she continued her floating, hip swinging sexy advance. Before I could say anything else she reached and attached her hand to my shaft.

There are many fantastic words in our language but none could describe accurately how this sensation felt. It was the highest high, with fluid vibrations. I was going to explode in her hand in moments.

I forgot my question and everything but the sensation of my cock singing opera in er hand.

I barely registered standing up and being led. My steps felt like Charlie Chaplin as I was led across the barn.

The light was very bright as we exited. I could barely register anything other than the miracle massage I was receiving but I did notice this. Her ass begged to be touched. She was, after all holding my cock and leading me on a merry walk.

Again, in a state of blessed delirium I managed to wonder, "where was I and what was going on?" The sun was warm upon my back but this I barely registered.

My nameless beauty led me out into the strange new environment. And I mean really strange. This outdoor world was a sexual stimulant extravaganza. A purple path wound its way through rolling green countryside. There were sand dunes and groomed grassy mounds. Bushy outcrops of vegetation dotted the landscape. There were unfamiliar but vibrant trees and shrubs comprising every bright color imaginable. Around us on the dunes and hills were more beautiful women. They all seemed to be in some form of aroused state. All were clothed, most in bikinis made from the shimmering watery type fabric that the cock latching ladies were wearing. There were smiling women everywhere. Every body type and skin color was represented. It was a casual viewing area of self-propelling self-stimulated observation. They all seemed to be looking on to those of us on the purple path and they enjoyed what they saw. Single females and clusters of women were clothed to varying levels but made varying degrees of effort to grind themselves to more pleasure by hand and hip thrust. Some clutched nipples and threw their heads back while others grazed their groins with fingers or knuckles. The techniques were varied and many, but the perceived outcome from my point of view was, pleasure! They were all seeking it and somehow mine, and the other guys display was providing it.

It goes without saying that the display from them was not quieting my arousal. My cock ached.... However, no matter how I tried to walk or thrust into the goddess's hand, I couldn't get over the edge. The pleasure and frustration were at maximum. Or so I thought.

The path extended well ahead and I could see other men being led away in the same tethered manner. I was constantly at maximum arousal. My guide must have sensed my increasing level of lust as she turned to me and smiled before releasing the standard calming "ssshhhhhh".

Then she began the pumping gesture that only the very best hand job girls can manage, the one that can only perhaps be matched by guys on themselves. Her hand felt warm soft and lubricated somehow. I hadn't seen her apply any lube.

I was in a physical state of confusion and was so primed. Being hand pumped and yet I could not release. I wanted to lean back, scream and cum, but the desire for more attention was making me an easy lead. I followed my goddess meekly and willingly.

I saw ahead the men entering a different building. It had an industrial look to it, which slightly concerned me. My mind being owned mostly by a warm gentle tug and the gentle "sssshhhh" of the most beautiful woman I had ever seen.

We entered the building and I had been right. The building served an obvious purpose.


Rows of men were kneeling

The bands around their waist had evolved or morphed into a type of sleeve or tube around their cocks and balls. Only the tip of each mans cock cold be seen as the pleasure sleeves did their thing.

Each mans hands were placed on the ground while what looked like a stainless steel pipe was behind their knees to lock them in place. They all knelt on the ground in a straight row.

In front of each of the men were curved benches which looked similar to the platform I had regained consciousness on in the other place. All were covered by a soft looking velvety red fabric. These benches extended along as rows like massive wide pool lounge chairs. Each of the men was locked in place by the knee bar and the hands were replaced by their waist restraint. The women, upon releasing their respective manhood were responsible for would take a place on the bench in front of the men - kneeling before them.

Suddenly I had mixed feelings. I resisted the pleasure I was feeling, as hard as it was and stalled. I was lured forward again by a beautiful reassuring face, some increased and delicate hand movement and the comforting "ssssshhhhh" sound my goddess like hand maiden was making.

I could see that the women were masturbating. Their vaginas exposed for their men. Puffed labia and little buds being rubbed while the guys heads were held up, straining to look, only two feet away.

The room, or factory floor began to fill with a musky sent of female excitement and the increasing cries and moans of a large group of people about to orgasm on mass.

I failed to notice we had come to a halt and was startled as behind my knees a cool steel type bar gently pushed. Simultaneously my cock holding beauty tugged in a downward motion to encourage me to lower myself. I resisted to a degree but my little mind was no match for the sexual delights and encouragements I was receiving. In seconds I was locked in place with the bar behind my knees holding me down on firm but comfortable pad beneath my knees. I could not escape if I wanted. Upon the 'click' lock of the bar my maiden released her hand. For a couple of seconds it was almost painful, as my cock received no friction delights. In no time at all however my waistband had extracted itself from there and encircled my cock and balls. I had little time to contemplate what wondrous material or machinery the manipulative band was, as it began its massage. My god!

What a majestic pumper. It was all I could do to lower my hands to the floor and grind myself into the soft, wet fabric that was milking me. Only briefly did I consider the ability of the substance to change its characteristics. From a restrictive firm bind to a soft fluid fleshy feel. Amazing.

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