Milking Mom


Pat was sitting in the kitchen one Saturday morning, drinking her coffee and enjoying a cigarette. Spring had finally arrived after a long and brutal winter. She was enjoying the spring breeze flowing through the windows when the phone rang. Pat got up from the kitchen table and picked up the phone.


"Hi Pat, its Deb."

"Good morning Deb, how are you this fine spring day."

Deb mustard up the courage to reply "Not bad, but I'm having a problem with Johnny and I though you could give me some advice. We are both single moms with teenage boys you know."

Pat took a drag of the smoke and replied "I know what you mean. Come on over, I have a fresh pot of coffee and we can discuss it."

"Thanks much Pat. You're the best." Deb said just before hanging up the phone. Deb grabbed her house keys, left through the front door, locked it and walked down the street in a few houses to Pat's place.

Deb walked up Pat's driveway to the back of the house and knocked on the screen door off the kitchen. Pat walked over and opened the door for Deb and greeted her with a big hug.

"Have a seat Deb while I'll get you a cup. Cream and lots of sugar, right?" asked Pat.

Deb replied "Yes." Taking a seat at the table.

Pat handed her the cup of coffee, took a seat across from Deb and asked "How can I help?"

Deb started to blush and her words started to trip of her tongue. "It's Johnny, he's being doing this thing a lot lately and I think it's started to consume him."

Pat looked at her and asked. "Is he doing drugs?"

"Oh heavens no, thank God." Deb replied with a firm voice.

"We'll that's a good thing these days."

"Yes it is," Deb added.

Deb started to get her composure and started to say "He's always playing with his thing."

Pat looked at her and said. "You mean his pecker?

Deb blushed and nodded a yes.

"I know what you're going through. I had the same problem with Billy. I would find his dried cum all over his bed and the final straw was finding a pair of my period panties in the laundry with his dried cum on them." Pat replied.

"You think Johnny is using my dirty panties to um...."

"Bet your ass he is Deb. I did some checking on line and found out the majority of eighteen year old boys play with their peckers three to four times a day and will sniff their mama's dirty panties to get off."

"Oh my God! He'sniffing my dirty panties and playing with his pecker?" Deb replied in a state of shock.

"What can I do about this?" Deb asked.

"I'll tell ya what I do. I milk Billy four times a day to keep his nasty pecker limp. He crossed the line using my dirty panties from my period to get off on." Pat told her.

Deb looked at her with a puzzled look and asked. "What do you mean milking him?"

Pat told her how she pushed two fingers up his ass and massages his prostrate to make him cum while his peck is limp.

"How did he take to you doing this?" Deb asked.

"Told him, either I was going to do it, or I'd take a strap to his ass anytime I noticed his pecker was hard."

"Oh my." Deb replied.

"Would you like to see how it's done?" Asked Pat.

"Um, sure,." Deb replied with a blush.

Pat yelled out for Billy to come to the kitchen.

Billy arrived in short and a t-shirt. "Yes Mom?"

"Billy, time for the bathroom, you get ready and Deb and I will be there in a few."

"Do you mean she's coming in?"

"Yes, young man. It seems her boy has the same filthy dirty habit of playing with his pecker too much and I'm going to show her how to fix it. Now get a move on, or I'll strap that worthless ass of yours for good."

"Yes Ma'am." Billy replied with a tremble in his voice.

Pat waited about five minutes just to make Billy squirm about this more. She looked at Deb and told her time it was time to milk the boy.

Deb followed Pat into the bathroom. She noticed Billy was only in his white boy briefs and saw a big crusty cum mark in the front of them. Pat reached into the cabinet and pulled out a disposable rubber glove and some lube.

"Ok boy, you know the drill. Pull them down in the back and lean over the toilet with your hands on the tank. Spread those legs nice and wide so mama can get into your ass really good. You give me any crap and I won't use the lube and your sorry ass will be sore for days to come. Understand?"

Billy nodded yes and he pulled the backside down below his ass and leaned over the toilet with his legs spread.

"Billy, tell the nice lady here when you last saw your pecker hard." Demanded Pat.

"Six months ago." Whimpered Billy.

"Tell her what is the most I've milked your worthless ass in a day?"

"That would be 8 times ma'am" Billy replied with a red face.

"Tell her why you have to wear boy undies when I milk you."

"To remind me how nasty and dirty my cum is to you."

Deb was watching this unfold in a somewhat surreal manner. She felt a damp spot forming in the crotch of her panties.

Pat put the glove on her right hand and spread some lube over Billy's tight brown hole.

She slid two fingers deep into him on one push. While her fingers were deep in his ass, Pat was telling Deb where the prostate is located and how to rub it to make his pecker spit out the vile boy cum inside. She also told her that as a reward for Billy, she sometimes puts her dirty period panties in his mouth and dry jacks him off standing in front of the toilet. Pat also informed her that she had Billy shave his boy pecker everyday.

As Deb was watching Pat milk him, she felt her nipples harden and her panties getting damper. "Poor Billy won't be able to get his pecker hard soon without something up his ass." Pat laughed out load.

"What will all the girls think of you Billy, with your limp pecker all the time? I bet some girl will eventually marry you so she can stay home and have men over who can get their peckers hard for her to play with. You'll come home someday and see your wife with a t-shirt on and trails of cum running down her legs. If she's really nice, I'll bet she'll open her legs so you can see the pounding she took all day and all the loads of real man cum. Then she'll have you kneel between her legs and have you lick the cum from her hole."

When Deb heard her describe that, she felt a gush in her panties. Pat looked at Deb and said. "I can smell you."

Deb blushed and Pat smiled at her.

Billy's breathing started to increase and Pat felt his ass tighten around her fingers.

"Is my boy ready to drip his nasty boy cum in his undies for mommy?" Pat aksed.

Before Billy could respond, he uttered a shallow grunt and Pat and Deb could see the cum leaking into his undies soaking the white cotton material.

"My what a big nasty load you had for mommy. As a reward, I'm going to have Deb watch me dry jack your worthless pecker for more cum boy. Bet your nasty lil pecker will get nice and hard for Deb."

Pat pulled out her fingers and notices the brown stains on the glove. She told Billy to pull his undies back up and to turn around.

Deb saw his soft lil pecker in the undies and the whole front was stained with cum.

Pat showed Billy the dirty glove and said " You know what mamma has to do today, don't you."

Billy nodded yes.

Pat looked at Billy and told him to tell Deb what was going to happen next.

Billy was beat red and was taking too long to respond. Pat slapped him across his face and told him to get it out or she was going to get the strap out and wail on his worthless ass.

Billy stuttered out "Mama is going to douche my boy pussy cause it's dirty."

Deb's pussy squirted again upon hearing this.

Deb replied. "Well a boy with a limp useless pecker, should keep his boy pussy clean."

Pat looked at Deb and said. "We're done for now. Come with me."

Pat took Deb by the hand and they both left Billy in the bathroom totally humiliated. Pat led her into her bedroom and closed the door.

"I know you got off on that Deb. I can smell your stink and your nipples are hard. When was the last time you had a good orgasm?"

Deb blushed and replied "It's been too long."

Pat walked up to Deb and kissed her on the lips and slid her hand down her shorts feeling the soaked panties over her wet hole. She whispered in Deb's ear to strip and get on all fours on the bed. Deb could not resist and as she stripped, Pat saw her 34B tits and then noticed her thick bush as she pulled down her white cotton panties.

Pat then undressed and Deb saw her firm 34C tits with rock hard nipples and also noticed Pat had a lot more pubic hair over her hole.

Pat looked at Deb and asked her how big of pecker her ex had. Deb smiled and said something to the effect of not much and she wondered how he was ever able to knock her up.

Pat went over to her dresser and opened up the top right hand drawer and pulled out a strap on with a thick eight inch dildo attached.

"Get that wet hole up for me Deb. I don't think you need lube since your dripping wet. I'm going to open that tight hole of yours really good and make you cum like you never have before."

As Deb got on the bed with her hole up high, Pat slid on the strappy and knelt behind her. She slowly slid the tip of the thick dildo between her wet lips. Pat slowly pushed forward and Deb groaned as Pat slowly buried the entire dildo into her hole.

"Of fuck that feels soooo good." Moaned Deb.

"I bet it does." Pat replied as she slowly began to slid it in and out.

"Feels better that a real pecker don't it."

"God yes, I can feel it splitting my hole open."

"I'm glad you like having that hole opened up. Next time, I'm going to open your other hole and reach around and finger your fuck hole and feel your squirt your girl cum all over my fingers then I'm going to make you suck them clean."

"Oh fuck Pat, use me like a whore. This feels soooooo good. Give it to me and make it hurt good. I got so wet watching you milk his cum from his dirty little pecker and knowing that soon I'll be doing that to Johnny and making his pecker useless. I bet Billy would love to have a real man's pecker up his boy pussy. I bet his limp pecker would leak cum all over while getting fucked in his boy hole."

Pat's hole was leaking all over after thinking about Billy taking a man's pecker up his hole.

Pat leaned over and grabbed Deb by the hair and began to violently fucker her hole hard and feeling the dildo bottom out deep inside her. With the other free hand, she reached down and pinched and pulled Deb's hard nipples.

"OH FUCK" Ded yelled as she squirted all over and came. Deb's breathing was more of a pant.

"Damn girl, it's has been a long time." Pat said with a laugh.

Deb felt the dildo slid out and could feel her pussy gaping.

"God I hope I don't have to wait that long again." Deb replied.

"Not at all, you can come over any old time your hole needs a working on. Next time, I'll lick that wet fuck hole first then I'm going to turn you over and open that shit hole with a nice nigger dildo." Pat told her.

"Oh Pat, I've never been this dirty with a girl before. When I was a teen, I did the usually experiments with other girls, but nothing this dirty and nasty."

"Good, cause the more you bring that cute hole over here, the nastier I'm going to get with you. I will take your mind and body places you could never imagine. You'll never want a real pecker ever again."

Deb was flat out on the bed and replied "I hope so."

As Pat rubbed Deb's tender ass, she told her to get dressed go home and bring her boy back to be milked.

Pat then added. "I think it's time we made our boy to be sissy's and all. Maybe they need to know they are nothing but useless boys to women and all they are good for is to get married so the wife can stay home all day and get all the pounding she wants and for her hubby to come home seeing his wifey all fucked out, leaking real man cum. He'll I bet we can get them both to suck peckers and offer their boy pussies to their wife's men while they lick out the holes clean."

"Oh Fuck that's hot. Will you milk Johnny the first time, maybe give him a strapping so I can learn? Asked Deb.

"Why sure. Nothing more fun then strapping a boy with a useless pecker so he begins to learn his place. Tell ya what. Bring over a pair of tight panties for him to be milked in."

Deb got up and hugged Pat, whispered in her ear. "You're the greatest."

Deb quickly put on her clothes and told Pat she'll be back in thirty minutes.

Pat smiled and said. "Can't wait to break in another boy."

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by Anonymous11/25/17

that story was awsome!! Any chance for a second chapter? I know it's Johnny's turn but can you have Pat fuck her son with the strapon? that would be so hot

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