tagIncest/TabooMilky Maids All In A Row Ch. 02

Milky Maids All In A Row Ch. 02


They were having tea in the balcony of their bedroom when there was a knock on the door.

“May I come in?” It was Nimmi who entered the room.

She was wearing a housedress, a one-piece affair that had a deep ‘V’ in front and barely reached to the middle of her thighs. Dev felt his face flush when the image of her yelling to her son to fuck her flashed through his mind.

It was quite apparent that she was not wearing a bra; they could clearly see her tits swinging inside the dress. The ‘V’ exposed nearly half of the top of her heavy tits.

She pulled a chair to the balcony and sat down, facing them.

“Enjoying the view?” she asked.

He nodded dumbly and glanced at Riya who was flushing too.

“Yes,” his wife answered. “Its so peaceful and quiet here.”

Nimmi looked steadily into Riya’s eyes. “But it wasn’t that quiet and peaceful yesterday night, was it?” she asked brusquely.

They gasped in unison. How could she have known? Dev was baffled because he was sure that his wife and he had been pretty inconspicuous. He was aware that like him, his wife too was flustered at the direct question that his aunt had asked them.

“W-what d-do you mean?” Riya’s voice was shaky.

Nimmi laughed quietly and when she did that Dev could see her breasts shaking inside the dress.

“Oh, come on, now. The two of you were outside that door yesterday and we know it.”

“W-we are s-sorry,” he stammered. “But we heard…”

Nimmi didn’t allow him to finish the sentence. “It was inevitable, I guess. Were you shocked?”

It was incredible how casual she was about it, he thought. It was as if she was having a normal conversation about the weather or something.

“Look,” Nimmi continued earnestly, “I might as well explain. I don’t want to justify myself or speak for the others. It all began when Sheena and Mina came down a few months ago. Like Riya here, they had too much of milk and one day, both the pumps broke down. One thing led to another and pretty soon, we were all in it. I know that incest is not socially acceptable, but who the hell is asking? And, why the hell should we care?”

They were dumb struck and neither of them could find anything that they could say. They merely stared at Nimmi. She had leaned forward on the chair and from where he sat Dev could clearly see the enticing view of the top of her tits.

It felt incredible to him; it was as if he was looking at his own mother; the resemblance was startling. In spite of himself, he began to erect inside his pajama. He glanced at Riya and noticed that she was breathing heavily, trying hard not to stare at his aunt.

The couple twisted their heads simultaneously when they heard the door open again. The flush on Riya’s face deepened when her husband’s uncle walked in. He too dragged a chair as he joined them in the balcony.

“Hello!” he greeted them jovially. “And how are we today morning?”

“Darling,” Nimmi said, her eyes still on Riya, “I was telling them about how we were aware of them standing outside our room yesterday night.”

His body shook as he laughed. “I hope we didn’t shock or disgust you,” he said in a formal tone. “But we like each other too much not to involve with each other so deeply. Did you enjoy the scene?”

Dev was speechless and so was Riya. Here was his uncle and aunt talking so freely and casually about a relation that was supposed to be a taboo.

Dev was also aware of his dick throbbing inside his pajamas and he noticed that his wife was breathing heavily. As for Riya, she just couldn’t forget the sight of Ajit’s massive cock spurting come when Mina had jacked him off.

“Tits turn me on, especially milky ones,” Ajit said conversationally.

“Same here,” Nimmi smiled, looking at her husband.

“When Nimmi gave birth to the kids, I was the one who drank almost all of her milk,” he laughed. “It was around that time we got hooked on to milky tits and fucking.”

Riya felt a chill run up her spine when she heard Ajit utter the word so casually. The way he said it, was turning her on. She stole a glance at her husband. Dev was equally astonished, but she could see something else in his eyes as he stared at his aunt. Quickly, she glanced down and sure enough, she could detect the bulge in his pajamas. Her husband was getting turned on!

“Well, Riya, are you still shocked?” Ajit was saying and she quickly looked at him. A faint flush crept to her face as she noticed him eying her tits. She suddenly became conscious of the near transparent gown she was wearing and the fact that she was braless. Also, she had not worn her panties.

“I don’t know about shock,” Nimmi said huskily, “But Dev definitely has a hard on!”

Dev blushed and crouched forward in his chair trying to hide his erection.

“It’s a pity you can’t tell if a woman is horny,” Ajit laughed.

“Who says so?” Nimmi questioned her husband, her eyes staring at her nephew’s bulge even as he unsuccessfully tried to hide it. She glanced at Riya, or rather at Riya’s chest. “That gown of hers does not hide the erect nipples.”

Riya was in a state of agitation and she blushed a deep red.

“I – I think I will go inside,” she stammered.

Nimmi quickly rose and walked to where Dev was seated. She bent down over his chair and suddenly grabbed his pajama-covered crotch.

“Should you?” she murmured, glancing at her and squeezing Dev’s crotch, making him squirm.

“Aunt, I – I think…” Dev’s voice was cut off when Nimmi bent down further and kissed him squarely on his mouth.

Riya stared, quite speechless. At the same time she couldn’t help but feel the wetness gush out of her pussy. It was almost as if Dev was being kissed by his own mother!

Ajit rose from his chair and quickly walked up to Riya. Before she could make any move, he grabbed her hands and pulled her out of the chair. She opened her mouth to protest, but with startling swiftness, he leaned down (he was so tall, he towered above her) and mashed his open mouth over hers.

Nimmi, still kissing Dev, took his hands and guided them to her breasts. Instinctively, he squeezed her mounds, groaning. Her hands went back, this time fumbling with his pajamas. He found himself raising his buttocks to help her slide off the garment. Under it, he was naked and he almost came when he felt her hand wrap around his cock.

Ajit bent his head down and opened his mouth over Riya’s breast, still encased inside the gown. She flushed when she felt the milk seeping out, wetting the front of her gown.

On their own volition, her arms went around his shoulders and she arched up against his face, pressing her tit harder into him.

Dev was by now emboldened enough to dip his hands inside his aunt’s gown to fondle her large tits.

“Wait,” she gasped, drawing back and in one swift movement, pulling her gown over her head, emerging naked. His cock jerked when he saw her; she had the body of a thirty-year old woman, still firm and god, she was voluptuous! Incredible tits, narrow waist, long legs with strong thighs.

He pulled his aunt to him so that she was sprawled over him on the chair. She giggled, grabbing his cock again and beginning to jerk on it as he buried his face between her tits.

“Look, they are naked already,” Ajit said and began to pull out Riya’s gown. She raised her hands over her head to allow him to lift the gown off her. “My god, you are not wearing panties either!” he muttered.

She blushed, feeling more naked than ever and aware that Nimmi was openly staring at her. She saw the woman fondle Dev’s engorged cock and he was licking his aunt’s tits, slathering them with his saliva.

“It’s only fair that you undress me,” Ajit told her.

Tentatively, she reached out to unbutton his shirt. He stood patiently and allowed her to take out the thin shirt and drop it to the floor. She had to bend down to pull the zip of his trousers and as she was doing this, he reached down to take her dangling tits in his hands.

“God, these are extra heavy,” he murmured, gently tracing little circles around the areola with his fingers.

She shuddered spasmodically when at last she pulled down his pants and gasped when his large throbbing cock sprang out.

“See? I don’t wear underwear too,” he chuckled, now beginning to squeeze her tits and rub the milk over the flesh.

She straightened and this time raised her face up to his, opening her mouth. He kissed her again, his tongue darting inside her mouth, making her to instinctively suck on it.

Hardly a few feet away, Dev groaned when his aunt slid down to her knees and leaned forward to run the tip of her tongue over his cock. He grasped her tits, squeezing them as she finally opened her mouth and took him in. He looked down with eyes filled with lust and watched her face beginning to move to and fro. She was looking up at him as she sucked him and that turned him on even more.

He glanced at his uncle who was now kissing Riya passionately, occasionally pulling back his head and licking her lips with his tongue. He was surprised that he felt no anger, no jealousy. He almost laughed when he realized that if his uncle were going to fuck his wife, then he would be fucking his.

Their reverie was suddenly interrupted, by sounds of gasps and giggles coming from the door; and while both Dev and Riya froze, Nimmi and Ajit just continued as if nothing had happened.

Standing at the door were the rest of the players from yesterday’s scene. They were all there: Sheena, Sunil, Mina and Hari. The men were dressed in knee length shorts and nothing else to cover their chests while the two women wore similar short gowns that were low in length and low around their chests. It looked like they were in some kind of a dress parade.

Dev still had his hands on his aunt’s tits though he had stopped all movements. Riya had just wrapped her hands around Ajit’s enormous and pulsating shaft; her hands froze even as he nonchalantly bent his head down to capture one swollen tit in his mouth.

“Welcome to the club!” exclaimed Sheena advancing into the balcony, the rest of the gang trailing behind her. Already, she was pulling down the thin straps of her flimsy gown, letting her large tits tumble out of the sheer garment.

“Enjoying?” Hari questioned, fumbling with the drawstring that held his shorts around his waist.

Mina didn’t push down the straps of her gown; in stead, she whipped out the entire dress over her head to emerge stark naked. Dev had to admit that she was gorgeous - a perfect 10. Her rather narrow shoulders tapered to a tiny waist and further below, swelled out at her hips.

Her husband had already pushed down his shorts to the floor and had wrapped one hand around his bulbous cock.

“You set it up!” Riya said accusingly.

“Hey, what else did you expect?” Sheena answered, walking with Mina in tow to where her mother was positioned on her knees, sucking on Dev’s cock, bobbing her head faster and faster.

“Don’t tell us that the two of you were not turned on yesterday,” grinned Sunil, as he walked up to where Riya was standing.

“Yeah,” Hari added, following his brother-in-law and also jerking on his shaft. “The two of you had a rollicking time in your room yesterday night after taking in the show we put out.”

Dev looked astonished. Riya gasped, partly from what Hari told them and partly because of Ajit’s mouth around her tit, sucking out the milk from it.

“I know I locked the door,” Dev said feeling stupid. He drew his hands back from his aunt’s tits, but she grabbed them and guided them back.

Sheena chuckled, now standing on one side of Dev. Mina stood on the other and Dev was suddenly surrounded by three exceptionally sexy and horny ladies, one crouched between his legs and on her knees already sucking his cock and the other two getting down on their knees on either side of the chair onto which he was sprawled out.

“We have ways and means,” Sheena gave him a meaningful look and leaned down to press one swollen tit against his face. She used one hand to squeeze it and he felt a jet of her warm milk splattering his cheek. Not to be left out, Mina, on the other side did the same and soon, he felt the liquid dripping down his cheeks.

Nimmi looked up and pulled his cock out of her mouth. “Don’t waste it, girls. It would be a better idea if the two of you use it to get this horny cock well lubricated. Not that it is as if it isn’t wet already. There’s enough of my saliva and his juice over it. It will be better if there is a lot of milk on it.”

Dev thought he would faint when he watched his aunt draw away from between his thighs and the two women sliding close to each other. His erect organ stood up between the two pairs of enormous tit flesh and he shuddered when he watched their nipples rub against each other.

The two women now mashed their breasts against each other and suddenly his cock was between the four domes. The milk was squirting pretty freely and copiously now and he shivered when he felt the rivulets running all over his shaft. It was a heavenly feeling, he thought. More intense than the wet titty fucking he had given to Riya yesterday night.

Thinking of Riya, he looked up to glance at the foursome across the balcony and what he saw almost caused him to loose his load.

Somebody, and he didn’t know who for he had been too busy, had fetched a narrow and small rectangular padded stool. Riya was lying on her back on top of it. It was so small that her head was hanging down over one edge and her thighs down over the opposite edge. This meant that the stool was supporting her from the back of her shoulders to her buttocks. The stool was high enough so that Ajit, standing over one side didn’t have to bend to rub his cock head over her face. It was also narrow enough so that Sunil could stand over it, feet planted to the floor on either sides and facing Ajit. Sunil’s erection was nestled between Riya’s melons. Down below, Hari was standing between her wide-open thighs, rubbing his cock over her inflamed slit.

Oh god! Dev thought, his pretty little wife was getting a gangbang! He too was getting just that, he knew, extending his tongue to lick the huge flopping and wet tits of his aunt’s who was now bending over him. The other two sexy women shook their tits so that they flapped over his cock, as if slapping the hard member. Then, Mina was leaning further, trying to wrap her luscious tits around his cock; Sheena wasn’t too far behind: she too leaned over and he thought it so erotic watching the breasts strain against each other.

Riya, her head hanging down over the stool opened her mouth wide. She had abandoned all pretenses of trying to act as if she was put off. Simply because she wasn’t put off at all. The sight of those rock-hard cocks rubbing over her most erotic zones had ripped through her defenses and she was now feeling a kind of a new high she hadn’t ever experienced before.

Ajit shuffled forward, stuffing his cock into her mouth. She had almost half of its enormous length inside; and though she had developed the subtleties required to deep throat her husband, she wasn’t sure she could take Ajit’s cock all the way in. She felt the glans reaching her throat and she tried to relax the muscles there, sucking the hot flesh hard, her tongue lashing the throbbing length. He groaned, bending forward to take hold of her swollen tits and crush them together around Sunil’s rampant cock. At the same time, he thrust his hips forward, letting a bit of his cock enter her throat.

She raised her legs up and spread them wider, wrapping them around Hari’s back, as if urging him to stop playing around and shove his cock in her cunt.

Hari obliged at about the same time that Sunil began to thrust his cock in and out of her milky tits. She gasped around Ajit’s cock when she felt the cock invade her pussy. It was huge, hard and felt engorged and pulsated inside her.

“Pour some milk on my tits, girls,” Nimmi squealed, now eager to get into the action.

Dev’s eyes bulged as he watched the girls hold down his aunt and squeeze their boobs, squirting Nimmi’s tits until they were wet and glistening.

“Ahhhhh…yes, like that, go ahead and soak them up so that I can fuck Dev’s cock with them, oh yes, more, Mina, more,” she begged.

He sat there, fondling his cock and watching Nimmi getting the loads of milk from her daughter’s and her daughter-in-law’s tits. When the liquid was positively streaming down her tits in torrents, his aunt pulled herself closer to him, pushing his hips apart and sliding between them.

“Now, Dev, slide that boner between these,” she giggled.

He didn’t hesitate. Holding her tits by the sides, he gripped them together and slid his cock between them from below. The girls leaned forward and began to lick at his shaft and his aunt’s nipples as he began to ram his cock to and fro in the heavenly valley of her tits. He wanted to throw his head back and shout with pleasure; to shoot out his load between the wet slick tunnel of warm and soft flesh, but he knew that prolonging the ultimate would only help to intensify his pleasure.

He raised his head and saw Hari’s glistening cock pound in and out of Riya’s cunt. He was holding her legs up and apart till her heels rested on his shoulders. In quite the opposite rhythm, Sunil was sliding his cock between her massive tits, rubbing the milk over the flesh that squirted out from Ajit squeezing them furiously.

His uncle’s amazing dick was fucking Riya’s mouth, disappearing to the hilt whenever he plunged it in. She had her hands behind her, holding Ajit’s buttocks, urging him on.

Dev could stand it no more. He pushed his aunt away and rasped out: “I want to fuck your cunt, aunt.”

The girls drew back as he bodily hauled Nimmi up to her feet and spun her around so that her back was facing him. Still sprawled out on the chair, he drew his aunt down over his erect cock. Mina reached out to take hold of his dick while Sheena used her fingers to spread her mother’s cunt-lips apart.

Slowly, ever so slowly, he lowered Nimmi onto him, gasping as his cock entered her hot and moist cunt.

“Ohhhhh God!” Nimmi sighed pausing when his cock was completely inside her cunt. “That’s so good, Dev, ah, you fill me up, oh god, that’s it, now. Fuck me, now, fuck me, Dev!”

“You do it,” he said, sliding his hands around her body to grab her tits. He saw Sheena kneel on the floor facing her mother and lean forward to lick the jiggling tits. He grabbed Mina by her hand and said,

“Come on, baby, suck my balls.”

Mina eagerly shoved her head down between Nimmi’s thighs and took one of his nuts in her mouth, cradling the sack with her hands.

Nimmi now began to bounce up and down over him, increasing the speed gradually. She was an expert, he realized, as she built up towards an inexorable rhythm, which she interrupted once in a while to prevent him from spilling his load quickly.

She drew her daughter closer to her breast, bending down to kiss the top of her head, in what he thought was a strange gesture considering the situation in hand. Sheena merely began to suck on her mother’s nipple, her hand groping to her side, till she had lodged a finger deep inside Mina’s pussy. Mina reciprocated; only, she did not put her finger inside, she rubbed Sheena’s clit in gentle circles.

“Oh shit, I’m going to come!” Sunil yelled from cross the balcony. Dev snapped his head up to watch Sunil making his final frantic movements, driving his cock between Riya’s tits, and then, pulling it out. He held the base and gasping with considerable effort, groaned as his semen shot out. He made sure that he directed his cock right over her tits so that finally, Dev couldn’t tell the juice from Sunil’s cock apart from his wife’s milk.

Hari paused, waiting for Sunil to finish rubbing his cock over Riya’s tits till he was sure that his balls were empty. After Sunil lifted one leg and got off the stool, Hari began to fuck her cunt in earnest, gripping her hips even as she contrived to pull him closer with the aid of her legs around his shoulder.

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