Milky Maine Christmas


"I know Dani, I'm sorry Dad. God, it's just that I miss Johnnie so much, I miss his body next to mine, touching me, I'm sorry I shouldn't have said anything," she said, her voice tailing off into a whisper.

"Nonsense honey," I said, putting my hand over hers, "You'll always be able to talk to me about anything."

"But do you believe in sex without love Daddy? Just sleeping with somebody to relieve yourself? To just feel good for a while?"

"Oh Gross Jacqui!" her sister interjected.

"Honey," I started, "The only woman I've slept with in twenty-five years was your Mom and I loved her so much"

"What about before? Before you met Mom, I mean. You must have"

"Well, there were two girls in high school," I admitted, remembering. "But I did think at the time I was in love with each of them," I smiled.

"And when you were in the Marines?"

"Jacqui," was again hissed by her sister.

"Maybe," I admitted ruefully.

"It's so much easier for men," Jacqui complained. "Johnnie and I made love every day for almost a year and then poof, he's gone to Iraq and I'm all alone and now he's dead and," she continued as the tears started to flow down her cheeks.

As her sister rushed to her, tenderly holding her in her arms, caressing her, Jacqui went on, "Is it wrong Daddy to want a man, to want to have sex, so soon after Johnnies gone?"

"No sweetie, its natural, especially after you've lost someone, you need, you want comfort."

"You too Daddy?"

I nodded to her as I went on, "You'll find someone honey, someone to love. It won't mean you'll forget Johnnie, its just you'll have someone new."

"I don't want to fall in love Daddy; I don't think I can take it again. But how will I be able to have sex?" she lamented.

"Don't worry Jacqui," I started.

"It's so easy for men, for you." She cried. "You have all those women chasing you. Or you can go to Boston and find a prostitute and"

"Enough Jacqui," yelled her sister, clearly outraged by our conversation. "Daddy would never sleep with a prostitute, never. And what women? Who's chasing him?" she demanded.

"Didn't you see them all at the Christmas concert today? All trying to talk to Daddy. Miss Davis"

"The teacher? She's old, you idiot, way too old for Daddy."

"She's ten years younger than Dad silly. And then the Librarian, Miss Jones, and of course Mrs. Green, Jill's Mom, her husbands been dead for five years, and"

"But Jacqui," my dismayed daughter sputtered.

"Who do you think made the lasagna we're eating, or the apple pie we've got for dessert?"

"But that's just neighbors being nice Jacqui. Right Daddy?" she implored. "You'd never sleep with them would you, not if you didn't love them?"

"I'm not sleeping with anyone honey. Just the three of us are going to have as good as Christmas as possible, OK? Now let's have dessert."

"I'm not hungry," Dani refused. "I don't even think Mrs. Green knows how to bake a pie, it'll probably taste terrible. Tomorrow Daddy, I'm going to bake all the Christmas cookies Mommy used to make us, we shouldn't have to rely on others, not when I can cook so well," she finished.

"Don't tease your sister," I warned Jacqui after Dani had left the table.

"We've got to help Dani, Dad. And I'm still horny Daddy," she complained, but with an excited twinkle in her eyes.

Jacqui played the piano for us that night after the dishes were done, and together we sang all the old Christmas favorites, the songs their Mom had sung them every Christmas and somehow, what could have turned all maudlin and sad for us instead became a celebration, magically all of us were turning to the future. And although all of us had been brutally hurt in the preceding days and months, I think it was that night of singing that made us all realize there'd be happy days in the future, that Mom would have insisted on it.

I finally left the two girls giggling happily together, but just heard as I walked up the stairs Dani demand of her sister, 'Daddy wouldn't really sleep with a prostitute, would he?' and then Jacqui's confident reply, 'Of course he will, unless we do something.'

Dec 23rd

The next morning we tackled the job we'd been putting off for the last few days, our annual foray across the fields behind the farmhouse to the small copse of fir trees nestled next to the pond at the bottom of the ridge. It was sunny and cold as we walked on the thin layer of snow that lay everywhere, the light dustings each of the last three nights had delivered a perfect white New England Christmas to us.

The girls were singing as we walked, and 'Jingle Bells' rang across the fields until I hit Dani with a well placed snowball. From then on we ran and shrieked and giggled, drawn backward in time to the joyous feelings of our youth.

Finally we fell together, the three of us giggling as we lay entwined, even Jacqui with John Junior cradled next to her stomach. "That one Daddy," Dani ordered, pointing to the tree we had almost rolled against, a perfect, seven foot tall blue spruce, its white tipped branches sparkling in the sun.

"They'd think we were crazy, wouldn't they?" Jacqui suddenly asked.

"Who sweetie?"

"Our neighbors, the people in town, busybodies, I don't know, anybody. They'd say to themselves 'why are those three smiling, having fun with all their problems'. You and Mom never cared did you Dad? About what others thought, I mean."

"I only worried about what your Mom thought, about what you little girls thought," I confessed, suddenly serious. "Your happiness is all that counts to me now," I said, and saw with a sudden, intense inner clarity that it was true, that there was nothing I wanted for myself that could remotely approach the joy Dani and Jacqui gave me.

"I'm not leaving here again Daddy," Jacqui suddenly promised. "I want little John to grow up here, to play and work on the farm, to be with his grandfather, to have you teach him like you did me."

"I'd love it sweetie, but you'll want to get out, do things, meet people.."

"I've been thinking Daddy, every night this week, and I've decided, I'm staying, staying here with you. I can study at the community college, I'll become a nurse and get a job at the hospital when I graduate, but I'm living here, on this land, with you"

"What about me? I don't want to go either."

"Of course with you Dani, my perfect little sister. With you, and your artificially inseminated baby and Johnnie and Daddy," she laughed.

"You girls are nuts," I said grinning, but also saw the look that passed between the two, a look that expressed their total commitment to this newly hatched plan.

"Cut the tree Daddy," Jacqui finally ordered, smiling happily.

We decorated the tree that afternoon, and even though John Jr. was too young to appreciate the show, we took our time, allowing him to see and feel every bulb and light before we put it on. Finally only the two angels were left, the angels we called Danielle and Jacqueline, always the last ornaments to go on and almost always put on by me.

Turning I saw Jacqui crying silently, her angel hanging from her fingers, her little sister hugging her, trying to offer solace.

"Honey?" I whispered.

"Johnnie was so happy last year Daddy," Jacqui sobbed, "When you let him put my angel up. I had warned him before, 'only Daddy can put my angel on the tree Johnnie', and then you gave it to him and told him it was his job from now on. He was so happy Daddy, so proud that you trusted him with the job. I think he was happier with that than the fact you let him marry me," she admitted, a wide smile lighting her tear filled face.

"You'll always have a Daddy to take care of you, my little angel," I promised as I pulled both my daughters into my arms.

The girls cooked a roast beef dinner with all the trimmings that night, and accompanied by a rich Bordeaux, it was a perfect meal after a day spent active and outdoors. Dani had baked all afternoon and proudly presented us with a plate of brightly colored Christmas coolies for dessert.

"Certainly better than Mrs. Green's pie honey," I confidently asserted, licking my lips in a silent praise to my suddenly shy daughter's effort.

"Daddy," Dani started, later, as we all sat on the sofa in the den, I between Jacqui at one end feeding little John, and Dani nestled comfortably against me on the other side. "I don't want you to do it."

"Don't you sweetie," I answered as I pulled her closer to my body and tickled her side.

"I'm serious!"

"About what my little princess?" I asked as I continued to tickle her.

"Dadddddy Pleassssse!" she insisted, as both Jacqui and I smiled at each other. "I don't want you to sleep with prostitutes Daddy, or women you don't love. It's wrong! Promise me you won't Daddy."

"Dani, I'm not sleeping with any prostitutes. Stop listening to your big sister, she's putting stupid ideas in your head."

"Not Mrs. Green either Daddy," she went on, clearly not willing to leave this subject alone.

"I'll never sleep with Mrs. Green honey, I promise, besides her pie was terrible."

"You love me Daddy don't you? And I love you..... So well, I was thinking last night, after I talked to Jacqui"

"I going to get back at you for this Jacqui," I warned my elder daughter, smirking quietly beside me, clearly struggling to keep from laughing.

"Daddy! Anyway Daddy I was thinking that if you have to have sex with someone, and Jacqui told me you would, well maybe............ I mean I'm not going to have any boyfriends and.............. well maybe, if you needed someone once every month or two......... maybe I could......... you know....... you could sleep with me. Then you wouldn't have to go to Boston or Mrs. Green or Miss Davis."

"Once a month," shrieked Jacqui, "Daddy will need more than that, you nincompoop."

"Why? What do you mean?"

"And anyway, I thought you told me you'd never sleep with a man again."

"Well I thought, ....... Maybe with Daddy I could," Dani started, blushing furiously, "I like sleeping in his bed Jacqui. And then maybe I wouldn't have to get artificially inseminated"

"You're crazy Danielle. And besides Daddy needs a woman at least five nights a week."

"No he wouldn't. Would you Daddy?" asked Dani, a look of disbelief on her face.

"Girls its Christmas. Why don't you worry about all the beautiful gifts you're going to buy me and the wonderful turkey you're going to prepare for me – not sex!"

After seconds of silence, Dani still not willing to let the matter rest added, "Well Jacqui, you could help me. You could sleep with Daddy some days, you're used to it anyway, and at least you like men."

Lifting her finally sated infant down into his bassinet, Jacqui turned to me and winking lasciviously said, "Maybe I'll will Dani! But first," she said as she straddled my legs and sat facing me, "I'm going to let Daddy drink from me tonight."

"But Jacqui, can't I have"

"So you did like it after all?" she crowed. "Well tonight you're going to have to wait until after your Daddy's finished."

"But honey," I protested as Jacqui's hand cupped the back of my head and drew me towards her breast.

"Shut up Daddy. Consider it an early present from your" were the last words I heard before the first thick stream of luscious, mother's milk bathed my mouth.

"Ohhhhh Daddy," I heard moaned as I sucked greedily, my free hand cupping and kneading her other breast.

"Oh sweetie," I growled when I finally switched teats, lost in the taste of my daughter even as my penis grew long and throbbed under her, the weight of her thighs spread atop him perfectly.

"Thank you Jacqui," I whispered when I finally released her nipple, "I'd almost forgotten what it was like."

"Maybe next Christmas you'll be able to drink from me Daddy," Dani said excitedly, as she watched her sister's heavy tits impatiently.

"Oh all right Miss Greedy, you can have some too," Jacqui finally offered, slipping off my lap and next to Dani. But while Dani's hungry lips sucked eagerly from her sister, Jacqui's slipped her hand into my lap and gently stroked me.

I lay awake for hours that night, my mind a mishmash of emotions – desire and love and sorrow and shame and lust. I touched myself, finally inducing that incredible release, that explosion of ejaculate up my stiff shaft while my brain was bathed in an avalanche of home grown opiates.

Lying in bed, covered in my seed, I could still hear my two girls whispering together in their shared room and my last thought as I fell asleep was to wonder just what plot Jacqui was hatching now to her innocent sister.

Dec 24th

"Morning Daddy," I heard giggled in my ear the next morning, and as I slowly roused could feel Dani's firm breasts poking into my bare back, and feel her arm softly draped around me.

"Hi Daddy," another voice chimed in, and finally opening my eyes saw Jacqui's face just inches from mine and realized a hand was gently caressing my elongated shaft.

"Jesus girls, what the heck are you doing here? What time is it anyway," I sputtered as I pulled Jacqui's fingers from my now rampant cock.

"It's just nine a.m. Daddy," Dani whispered from behind. "Jacqui and I woke early, around five and we were so cold Daddy, so we decided"

"If it was so cold sweetie, how come you and your sister have no clothes on?" I demanded.

"It's an old Eskimo discovery Daddy," Jacqui said grinning, each light breath caressing me, "If two or more people sleep together in cold weather, you're always warmer if you sleep naked."

"I bet honey," I muttered.

"Do you always have hard-ons in the morning Daddy," the little vixen asked slyly.

"What?" shrieked Dani.

"He's had two Dani, just in the last hour. I was trying to sleep and Daddy kept poking me."

"Why didn't you tell me? Let me see," Dani ordered, and then threw off the covers and proceeded to climb over me, her hair lined slit open to my view as she lay spread atop me.

"OUT!" I ordered as the two scrambled to inspect me, and as they ran out giggling couldn't help but hear Dani's urgent question to her sister, "Are they all that big Jacqui?"

We spent the day shopping and visiting, finally ending up around two at Jacqui's in-laws who lived in the next small town from ours. It had snowed lightly all morning but as we sat at the Browns it really started to come down hard and we rushed to get home before the roads were closed.

We ate, but soon after we lost power, and so spent the evening quietly huddled together in the den, talking and reminiscing in front of the brightly burning fireplace. I shooed them both off to bed around eleven, wanting to wrap their presents without their prying eyes.

When I retired to my bedroom, soon after midnight I found Dani huddled smiling under the covers.

"Jacqui didn't want me to sleep with her tonight Daddy, and it was sooooo cold"

"So you just thought you'd come and sleep with your Daddy," I finished for her, as I lifted the covers back. "And you believed Jacqui's story about the Eskimos I see," I added when I saw Dani's naked body flickering in the dim light provided by the dying flames.

"Yes Daddy," she whispered. "I know I'm not as attractive as Jacqui, that maybe you don't want me, that"

"Shhhh," I ordered as I dropped my towel and slipped next to her, suspended just beside her, drinking in her radiant beauty, her translucent skin. "You're so perfect Dani," I said, gently taking her lower lip between mine.

"I am?"

My only answer was to fold her in my arms, hugging her against me with a desperate intensity, a wonderful intensity I hadn't felt since her Mother had died.

"I'm scared Daddy."

"Me too honey, I'm terrified I'll hurt you, or make you sad or disappoint you."

"You couldn't Daddy, never," she protested, as she rolled on top of me, and grabbing my head, started to rain kisses on me. She could feel my cock between us, throbbing against her stomach, and when she finally sat up, sitting astride my thighs, it sprang angrily in the air, hovering between her legs.

"God, its so big Daddy," she said, a tremor in her voice, and struggling to put her small hand around his thick girth, asked, "But where will it all go. Jacqui didn't really explain this part."

"I think your big sister has done enough explaining," I growled, as I watched Dani lift her hips up and perch herself over me.

"He's so soft, yet hard Daddy," Dani whispered with awe in her voice, and then slowly lowered herself until my now dark red cockhead, covered in precum, was banging at her gate.

"Unnhhhhhhhh, Oh Dadddddddy," she grunted as she lowered herself fiercely, taking a thick six inches before she slowed. Squeezing my balls, she rose until just my prick's ringed head was left in her, and again dropped heavily onto me. "He's almost all in Daddy," she moaned as she again raised and lowered her sticky moist centre.

I lay still as she worked me, not wanting to frighten her the first time she made love, not wanting to awaken those ugly memories I knew must rest close to the surface of her mind. But as she built up a rhythm, a cadence, as her loud, gasping grunts filled the air I started to raise my hips to meet her and took her breasts in my fingers and urgently kneaded them as her cunt repeatedly clenched my throbbing cock.

She was grunting fiercely, small rapid grunts that matched her ever increasing pace, unhh...unhh....unhh...unhh....unnnnhhhhhhhhhhh, when I finally felt her explode around my hardness, bathing me in her juices as my first spurting string of seed sought out her center.

"Daddy," she cried as she lowered her mouth towards mine, "Oh Daddy........I didn't know, didn't think"

I was still hard inside her when our tongues danced together, my prick not allowing any of my cum to leak out from her fertile cunt. I then rolled her quickly onto her back, and proceeded to fuck her hard, all subtlety now gone, but watched her eyes and immediately saw her acceptance, her desire for my deep penetration, her lust for her Daddy's big prick.

We did it four times before we fell apart sated, panting and gasping, and fell asleep bathed in the juices of our love.

Dec 25th, Christmas Day

"MERRY CHRISTMAS!" blasted next to my ear woke me the next morning, and looking up I saw Jacqui's jubilant face smiling back.

"Merry Christmas to you sweetie," I mumbled as my eyes quickly took in the fact that my oldest was buck naked and not twelve inches from my face was a perfect triangle of black fur, a red Christmas bow attached to it's trimmed strands, positioned just above the pink slit that peeked seductively through.

"Do you like my present Daddy?" she asked as she moved her hips ever closer to my gaping mouth.

"JACQUI, Oh Jacqui," Dani yelled as she climbed over me and stood to embrace her grinning sister. "Oh, Jacqui, you were right, I do like it!"

"I know, you kept me up half the night with your squealing and grunting," she laughed. "It certainly sounded like Santa came last night," she giggled, "I can even see strands of his cumming on your body. But I hope you didn't wear out poor Daddy," she asked, as she winked at me over Dani's shoulder.

"The powers still out too. There's like three feet of snow around the house. The phones are out too," she told us.

We all rushed to the window, and stared arm in arm at the wonderful, white, winter wonderland that stretched as far as the eye could see. "I guess we won't have any visitors today then?" I asked.

"No Daddy," Dani agreed, "they'd never be able to get through."

Jacqui was already grinning happily when I went on, "We probably don't have to rush and get dressed then, do we?"

"No Daddy," broke in Jacqui wickedly, "If we wanted, we could probably stay naked all day Daddy. We could open our presents naked, eat breakfast naked, play cards naked, or..."

"Has John Jr. been fed yet this morning Jacqui?"

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