tagMatureMillie, From The Office Ch. 03

Millie, From The Office Ch. 03


I didn't get in as early as I wanted to the next morning; my wife had kept me up late arguing about this and that. She never missed an opportunity to yell at me.

When I arrived there was a weird buzz in the air, the entire office was acting strangely.

Tim, our top sales guy, motioned me frantically into his office. Some other guys were already in with him – it was standing room only, in fact. They were all snickering like teenagers.

"What's up?" I asked, a nervous feeling creeping over me.

"This," he said shoving his cellphone in front of me. I looked at the small display and my blood went cold. It was a photograph, grainy and small, of Millie sitting in her chair just as I had left her last night. Her naked, sagging breasts were stretched across her brown belly, her skirt was still tied around her waist and her legs were bare and spread wide. The wet puddle between her legs was clearly visible.

"I got in early today," Tim was explaining between snickers, "And I found her like that."

I took the phone from him and stared at the tiny display,

"Good 'ole Millie," one of the younger guys was saying, "Who'da thunk it?"

"She musta been doing herself and got carried away," added another.

"What did she do when she saw you?" a third guy asked Tim.

"She started hooping and hollering," Tim told us, "So I just got outta there fast. It was more than my eyes could take."

"How 'bout her hooters?" the guy pressed on, "Big as shit, huh?"

"They're pretty big," Tim admitted, "But they're old – she's old. She's gotta be 60 or something!"

"Then what?"

"She took off," Tim continued, "She wasn't mad or anything. I didn't say nothing to her. She doesn't know I took the picture, though."

My finger pressed the delete button and the picture was gone. I handed the phone back to him.

"What the-" he groaned, "Why did you do that?"

I walked out of Tim's office, my thoughts were swirling and I didn't know which way to go or what to do. I dropped heavily into my chair and reached for the company directory. I found Millie's home number and dialed it.

"It's me," I said the moment she answered, "Are you okay?"

"Sure, baby boy," she told me, but I wasn't convinced, "A little embarrassed, but I'm fine. I probably made his day. I bet he ain't never seen boobs like mine before."

I had to agree with her, her tits were incredible. They were an uneven brown with dark nipples that stuck out like thumbs. Huge and heavy, but narrowing closer to her chest, they were smoother than you would expect. Strapped into her bra, they hung low but firm on her chest, but when released they sagged and flopped crazily to the sides of her round belly.

"I need to see you," I told her, "Today."

Millie gave me directions to her apartment and I hung up the phone. I gave my boss a lame excuse and strolled toward the door. As I passed Tim's office I could see the guys were still in there yucking it up.

"Would you do her?" I heard one ask.

"Hell, no," said another, "That old pussy hasn't had fresh dick in a long time!"

"Yeah," laughed another, "But those sure are some big tits."

It took me about twenty minutes to get to her complex. Millie lived in a pretty nice area. I guess she was getting paid decently enough. She should be; she had been with the company forever.

I found her door, apartment 304, and knocked softly. Millie answered almost immediately and greeted me warmly. Without another word she ushered me in.

She was wearing a large, very large, white cotton shirt. It was untucked and fell almost to her knees. The top four or five buttons were undone, but even without the impressive view of her long cleavage, it was obvious she wasn't wearing a bra.

Her breasts were in constant motion as we walked through the apartment. They hung almost to her navel and her black nipples were visible through the white cotton.

Tight, pale green leggings and an old pair of slippers completed her outfit. It occurred to me that, other than naked, I had only ever seen her in a sweater and skirt.

We came to a stop in the kitchen and she turned to face me. Before she could say a word I was on her. I kissed her passionately and she returned the heat. My hands were exploring her and I pushed her back against the countertop. Our tongues were wrestling and her hands dug into my hair and scalp. I rubbed her heavy tits through the soft material and she moaned.

Still kissing, my hands fumbled with the buttons on her shirt. In moments I had pulled it open revealing her dancing breasts. I fell on them hungrily, taking them in my hands and mouth like a man possessed.

With some effort, Millie pulled me from her chest and guided me by the hand to her bedroom. I'd like to say it was an incredible, sexy and feminine room, but it wasn't. It was a mess. There were magazines and dirty clothes strewn about the floor and the furniture, even at first glance, was a mixed-matched lot.

The large bed was unmade with the blankets and sheets piled near its foot. Millie pushed aside more dirty clothes and a plate or two before pulling me onto the creaking mattress.

She was on her back with me tight beside her. Her left tit was squashed awkwardly between us and my hand was on her other. Millie's large stomach rose firmly toward the ceiling and her legs hung off the edge of the bed. I noticed with some satisfaction a darker green patch between her legs – her leggings were getting wet.

"Are you sure you're okay?" I asked her finally taking a moment, my hand still rubbing a tit.

"I'm fine," she repeated, "Don't you worry."

"You are fine," I told her.

"Like wine?" she asked.

"Yes," I agreed, moving us more fully onto the bed, "Like a fine wine – better with age."

I pulled her leggings off and tossed them aside, but left her in her shirt – it was turning me on. I wriggled out of my clothes and climbed naked between her legs. My penis was fully erect and throbbing in anticipation.

I made love to Millie, not the crazy mad sex we had done the last two nights, but true wonderful lovemaking. We touched and explored and enjoyed each other. We kissed and rubbed and laughed together. We came again and again, delicious little diversions rather than the energy-draining explosions we had previously.

It was early afternoon when we finally slowed. I snuggled into her breasts and she gently rubbed my hair and forehead. We padded nude through her apartment and ate lunch in each other's arms.

Before long we found ourselves back on her bed. We were softly kissing and rubbing each other, totally content and relaxed.

"Baby boy," she whispered, "I told you no last night."

"What?" I asked, not remembering.

"I said no about my butt," she explained, "I said no because I've never done that."

"What?" I blurted out, sitting upright, "You've never?"

"Never," she confided, "But I want you to."

The thought of being her first – at sixty-something – was incredible. My cock leapt to full attention almost immediately.

"I want you to do it like you were going to last night," she continued, her hand now stroking my rigid penis.

"You're sure?" I asked.

"Baby boy," she smiled, tugging my prick, "I want this in my ass."

Not needing any additional encouragement, I rolled her over and helped her onto her knees. Her stomach and breasts pushed at the mattress and she buried her face in some pillows.

I marveled at her wide, dark butt and at its darker untouched hole. I pushed her firm cheeks apart and leaned closer. I let my tongue explore her puckered exit, leaving behind as much lubricating saliva as I could.

Millie rocked gently, "That feels nice."

"Hang on," I warned her, "Here it comes."

With that, I pressed the tip of my cock into her asshole. She groaned and hugged her pillows tighter. I left myself in her for a moment then retreated slightly, but not completely. She sighed. I pushed in again, a little deeper this time. She moaned louder. Again I stayed there for a bit before pulling out almost completely. She groaned with each forward advance and sighed with each retreat. I continued to work patiently and before long I was buried fully inside her tight rump.

I pushed in until my lower hair was against her ass and held her hips tight.

"Oh, baby boy," she mumbled from her pillows, "That feels so good."

I agreed with her. It felt fantastic and my cock was throbbing inside her snug tunnel.

"But that," she continued, "Is not how you were going to do it last night. I want it like last night."

I slowly, gently, and with much anticipation, pulled myself almost completely out of her ass. I glanced down and took a moment to enjoy the sight of my pale penis pressed into her black butthole. It was stretched tightly around my shaft and the sight made me even harder.

Suddenly, without warning, I rammed my cock into Millie's butt. She howled and the bed creaked loudly. Again and again I plunged into her, not slowing my pace but trying to increase it with every mad thrust. Millie rose up on her arms, locking her elbows, and pressed back into me, matching my rhythm.

Her pendulous tits danced insanely as I pounded her. I leaned into her and held onto her large hanging stomach as I felt my climax approaching. Millie's bed was screaming and so was she when I exploded inside her. Her orgasm followed almost immediately and her butt muscles clamped onto my dick mightily.

She collapsed forward as best she could; huge breasts and a stomach that large don't make laying facedown very easy. Her ass pushed my spent cock out and I dropped beside her gasping for breath.

We fell asleep together and I ended up getting home very late that evening, causing all sorts of trouble. If was worth it, though ... but things were about to take a strange twist.

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