tagMind ControlMind Frequency Ch. 03

Mind Frequency Ch. 03


My feedback so far has been encouraging, so please keep the feedback coming. I hope you're enjoying the story so far, because it's about to get REALLY interesting!

If Erin had learned one thing this past week, it was that, contrary to her image, she enjoyed being a dominatrix. Starting today, she was going to have a week to explore that power all she wanted. Needless to say, she was excited.

She began looking at people in ways she had never done before. She had never paid so much attention to the people around her at all, in fact. The concept of looking for potential sex slaves was new ground, especially for a school geek like her. At any rate, she decided not to stress about the decisions too much (at least not yet) and just focus on the joy of what was to come.

She met with Casey in a secluded spot during the first break to receive the gizmo. "Hope you’re not going to miss this too much," was all she could think of to say.

"Just be careful," he warned. "Finding a moment of privacy with your subject is not always as easy as you might think."

"Oh, really?"

Casey nodded. "Yeah. When I first used it on Sofia on Wednesday, her mom came home before I could get anywhere, and I had to postpone it. Boy, it’s lucky Sofia’s a fast dresser, cause if her mom had walked in any sooner—"

"She would’ve fallen under the frequency’s influence too," Erin interjected. "And then you could’ve enjoyed Sofia without her mom saying a word, and maybe, if you wanted, you could’ve enjoyed her mom too while you were at it!"

His eyes bulging, Casey slammed his hand against his temple. "Holy crap Batman, you’re right! I never thought of that before!"

"Come to think of it," Erin added, "when you accidentally switched off the machine while you were using it on me, why didn’t you just turn it back on right away?"

Casey looked at her incredulously. "Because it had to have its ten minutes or so to recharge." Erin looked confused. "Did I forget to mention that part?" Casey asked. "Whenever the frequency stops, it can’t be used again for about ten minutes while it recharges."

Erin nodded. "Yes, yes, you did forget that part I believe."

Casey grinned sheepishly and shrugged. "Huh, sorry!"

"Anyway, I think I’d better get going now," Erin said.

"Why, who are you planning to use it on?"

Erin shrugged. "Haven’t a clue. I just need some time to pick somebody. Just relax, I’ll improvise."

As Erin turned and walked away, Casey found the concept of relaxing to prove a little difficult. Something in him didn’t feel right about watching Erin wander off to find some random person to screw. But she’d allowed him to do the same, so he knew he had no grounds for argument. It still didn’t feel right, though. Maybe it was the fact that there was nothing slutty about the way she looked, with that dull, curly brown hair, rounded glasses and plaid school dress. She looked like a common nerd. Yeah, maybe that was… no, that wasn’t it. It was something, but it wasn’t that.

Erin continued her search through the whole day, ultimately coming up empty. She just couldn’t seem to pick any one definite candidate who she’d prefer above all. Some of them were completely out of the question of course, but the rest of them all seemed to have their ups and downs. Moreover, getting them into the appropriate situation to make use of them for a long enough period of time without screwing up the schedule was another issue.

The next day, however, just as she was about to give up looking for an opportunity, an opportunity happened to find her. In her art class, just before lunch, the teacher asked for a couple of volunteers to take some supplies down to storage during lunch. Not thinking anything of it at the time, Erin casually volunteered. She and the other volunteer, Kyle, piled some art supplies into a pair of boxes and wheeled them to the storage room and started putting things away on the shelves, just before Erin started thinking. She took a look at her surroundings. They were in a cozy, isolated room, just the two of them, during a perfectly free period. She looked over at the other person in the room with her. Kyle was a decent enough looking guy; she’d probably enjoy him. The machine was right in the bag on her back. When would there ever be a better moment?

Being careful not to arouse attention, Erin snuck around the shelves, slipped the machine out of her pack, fitted herself with a neutralizer, and… she could see through the shelves Kyle had turned around, didn’t see her and was starting to look for her. Any more hesitation would cost her, so she threw the switch. That broke off Kyle’s search in an instant. His hands clamped onto his ears, his eyes squeezed shut, and he gave a low roar of distress. Erin stepped out of hiding, not nearly as unsettled this time as she had been when she used it on Casey. She waited patiently for him to finish until he dropped his hands and stood up straight.

"All right," she said to her new slave, already starting to unzip her dress, "we only have until the end of lunch, so we’re just going to have some quick sex, okay? You like that, right?"

The sudden bulge in his pants said all as her dress dropped to the floor, leaving her in lingerie and panty hose. "Come here, you," she said, crooking a finger.

She grabbed his head as he approached and kissed him fervently, and took hold of one of his hands and slid it down her panties. She moved his hand up and down, and began giggling with pleasure through her teeth which where holding onto his lower lip. She began undoing his pants, then slid her own panties down, and turned around and put her hands on the shelves. She thrust her ass out at him, enticing him, and said, "Now get in here, you naughty boy you! And warn me when you’re about to fire off."

Her eyes fluttered as she felt Kyle filling her. He began to hammer her, and she began to move with him. "That’s it, baby," she moaned. She rolled her head to the side and started gasping, eyes shut. "Come on, give it to me. Faster! Yeah!" He started to pick up the pace. She gritted her teeth and grunted.

She was just about to say another naughty thing when she heard the door open. For an instant she started to panic, but then realized she was in no danger of being discovered. Whoever had entered the room was just about to fall under the frequency’s influence also, and wouldn’t see anything they would remember. Besides, it my be another good looking guy! Let them come!

"Hold on a moment," she commanded, and Kyle pulled out and waited. As soon as the cries of agony stopped she commanded whoever had just come inside to approach them. Wow! Now this was her lucky day! He must have been one of those guys on the football team or something, because he had the broadest shoulders she’d ever seen! She had no idea who he was though, so she asked him, "What’s your name?"


"Come here, Jason."

As soon as he was in arm’s reach, she dropped to her knees and yanked his pants down, and, without a word, engulfed his manhood in her mouth. As the thing in her mouth turned to hard rock she held onto the base with one hand, and reached around with the other and took hold of the still-hard rod behind her. After sucking on one for a minute or two, she turned her head around and started sucking on the other, and continued to alternate periodically. When she began to feel the need for a cock in her main orifice again, she positioned herself on her hands and knees and commanded Jason to give her some doggy-stile while she continued to service Kyle. One muffled moan after another echoed in her mouth, having some trouble getting past the huge thing in it.

As per instructions, Kyle finally announced that his load was about to be blown. She pulled him out, removed her glasses and rolled out her tongue, and actually began to climax just Kyle released a milky shower on her face. Two seconds later, Jason pulled out and covered her ass with his cream.

For a moment, she merely laid on the floor, panting. Then she commanded both boys to pull their pants back on and took a tissue out of her purse to clean herself off. She first wiped the goo off her butt, then went to her face. She put her glasses back on and took out her mirror to make sure she’d gotten it all. She looked in the mirror. She looked. There didn’t seem to be any cum left on her face, but she looked. Something about the image she saw didn’t seem right. Of course, it was the same face she saw in the mirror every day, but something in the back of her mind seemed to have expected to see a different face, like the face of a hooker or a porn star or something. Not some geeky-looking schoolgirl.

She finished cleaning up and getting dressed, then released the boys and let them off, neither of them aware that anything had transpired. Once they were gone she took another look in that mirror. It just didn’t look right! Maybe it was right for her a week ago, when she was little more than a bookworm, but it just didn’t fit the person she’d become since the machine entered her life. Maybe it was time to change that look.


If Casey was going to continue with this, he was going to need a way to get close to his victims on a regular basis, and he couldn't count on the convenience of always having a school project to work on. His grades were in the high range, so he came up with the idea of signing up as a tutor. It was safe, convenient, and there were plenty of girls who received tutoring for no other reason than to get cute guys in their houses. When Friday rolled around, he became notified of the first person he was to tutor on Monday—and his jaw nearly hit the floor. Katie. The sweet, baby-faced, innocent-looking little girl who was still at the top of his to-screw list. His luck was just too good to be true! He suddenly found himself wondering how fate was going to drop Joyce right into his lap.

That was the good news. On the other hand, Erin had been unusually quiet since she started her turn with the machine. He had been seeing her less often, and their conversations were briefer than usual. He had asked her once what, or who, she had done with the machine, and her only answer was to give him a wicked grin and say "Wouldn’t you like to know!" He began to get the impression that Erin was up to something, and that simply asking her about it wouldn’t get him any nearer to finding out what.

Casey came to school on Monday ready to receive the machine back. Erin showed up with a very uncharacteristic aura of mystery around her. Her clothing was notably more feminine than usual, and her face wore a grin of confidence and anticipation that seemed very unlike her. At last, after receiving back the machine, Casey could bear it no longer.

"Erin, what the hell are you up to?"

The smile she gave him was so wicked and seductive it almost scared him. "You’ll find out very soon, darling," she cooed as she began walking off past him. Just before going off she gave him a quick kiss on the cheek with a loud "Mmmwaah!" Casey turned and stared at her wide-eyed as she walked away, thrusting a hip out with each step. Who the hell was this, and what had she done with Erin?

As it had to, the critical moment came. Casey packed up his bags with books, paper, writing implements, and of course the machine. This was going to be a fun afternoon! When he knocked on her door, Katie answered it with her typical uncertain look, followed by the uncertain smile. She gingerly ushered him in and they began studying. As they worked, their constantly seemed to be a slightly faraway look in Katie’s sweet blue eyes, and most of her sentences were starting out with stutters, like there was something on her mind that she was afraid to bring up. Wasn’t she just adorable!

While still searching for his right moment, he couldn’t help but feel a touch of sympathy for this seemingly tortured little thing. There was something she wanted to get out so badly, she just needed a little help. "Is there something on your mind, Katie?"

She seemed to have a bit of trouble meeting his gaze. "Wh-wh-what do you mean?"

Casey chuckled. "Come on, Katie, it’s written all over your face! It’s okay, you can tell me. What’s bothering you?"

"Uh, w-well there, there is …something."

Casey nodded his head, opening his eyes wider, waiting for her to get it out. "Uh-huh?"

She cringed and said, "No, n-never mind, it’s nothing."

"Oh, come on."

"I, I shouldn’t, really."

"Don’t worry about it!" Casey’s patience was wearing a little thin. "Whatever it is, you can tell me. I’ll understand, no matter what it is!"

She looked at him hopefully. "Whatever it is?"


"Okay…" She began to tense up. She closed her eyes and bit her lip, and tensed up some more, and finally blurted out… "Do you want to have sex with me no strings attached?"

Casey turned stone still. He stared at her. There was no way he had heard that right. He twisted his head around and said, "Could you please say that again, in my good ear this time?"

"No, I mean it," she said, starting to blush slightly. "I…I really want to have sex, no strings attached. That’s why I signed up for the tutoring in the first place."

For a moment, Casey said nothing, then said, "I was under the impression you didn’t like sex, that you were afraid of it or something."

"Well, that first time I had sex, the guy just sort of… stopped calling me, so I thought I didn’t do well, so I haven’t done it again since. But I want to get a little more experienced before I get into college, so I signed up for the tutoring thing to get someone I could, you know, practice with. When I saw my tutor was you, I figured… you know, you’re always hanging out with Erin, so I talked to her about this to see if you were the right guy, and she said she couldn’t think of anyone better."

Suddenly Casey was impressed. Erin knew what Katie was planning, and hadn’t said a word. She’d deliberately kept it from him. She’d kept it as a surprise. She wanted to make sure Katie caught him off guard. Subsequently, another thought came to him: the Erin he knew two weeks ago would never have done something like that.

Not that he was in a position to complain, of course.

"Well, who am I to say no?" The irony of this situation was just incredible. He’d come planning to brainwash this girl into screwing him, and it turned out he didn’t even need the machine, or much of anything for that matter, to get her to do that!

She put all her study materials down—and stopped, apparently waiting for him to make the first move. He took the hint and obliged her, putting a hand on her face and engulfing her mouth. He began to realize that using the machine on her would have pretty much been a moot point, as she was proving to be a total submissive anyway. She was hanging back, letting him to all the work. By the time he had gotten her down to her lingerie, she had barely touched him. "Hey, don’t be afraid to move a little," he instructed as he pulled his shirt off. "I want to be giving and receiving here." She nodded, and carefully took the offensive on his lips, while her fingers began to work his pants. "That’s better," he said between kisses as he reached around to unfasten her bra. His mouth traveled down her neck to in between her petite globes.

She pulled his boxers off of him, then turned and reached down into her pencil pouch, and came up with a blue square-shaped wrapper. She ripped it open with her teeth and rolled the round piece of rubber inside down onto the stick on his lap that pointed to the ceiling. Then she stood up, dropped her panties to the floor, and positioned herself with her knees on the couch on either side of him. Her mouth hung open as she slid down, absorbing him. She threw her arms around his neck and started slowly, gently rising and falling. Her eyes fluttered shut and her lips curled back over her teeth and sealed tightly. A series of muffled moans came form her, then she licked her top lip, and let her mouth drop open slightly as her head bounced backward and she let out an audible gasp. Then she went back to the sealed lips and continued a general pattern. The pattern was beautiful, but gradually she began to pick up some speed, and the pattern became even better, until at last her eyes snapped tight shut and her jaw came unhinged, and an incredible scream came out of her gaping maw. Her slick pussy squeezed tighter, pushing him over the edge at last, pouring jism into the condom.

Katie collapsed against his chest, her breathing coming hard next to his ear. "How was I?" she whispered at last.

Casey smiled. "You were wonderful."


After leaving Katie’s house, Casey stopped at home briefly to drop off the machine and left for work for a few hours, then finally came home that evening. The absence of his parents’ car was to be expected, since they were away for a few more days. The presence, however, of Erin’s car was not entirely expected.

The porch light was on, as were a number of lights in the house, as he could see from the windows. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that she had let herself in using the secret key hidden inside the fake rock on the porch and was waiting for him inside. But what exactly was she waiting for him for? Well, of course he could guess…

As soon as he stepped inside the house, even though Erin was not present in the living room, her general intentions instantly became clear. He realized there weren’t as many lights on in the house as he originally thought; much of the light he’d seen from the window was coming from the dozens of candles that stood everywhere he looked, riddled all around with flower petals. On the coffee table was a tiny cardboard box with a little piece of paper taped to it that read "important." Inside it was a neutralizer accompanied by a message: "Put this on and come up to your room." Casey smiled with anticipation and, putting the neutralizer in his ear, headed upstairs.

His curiosity mounting, he took another step towards his door. Every floorboard in the house seemed to creak with a loud echo. God only knew what he’d find on the other side of that door. He cautiously extended a hand and rotated the smooth round thing of brass, and gave a little push. With the door partly open, he poked his head in and looked around. Erin was still nowhere to be seen, but a large dressing screen that had never been there before was situated in the room. Plenty more candles and flower petals lay about, and a little disco ball hung from the light fixture, throwing the candlelight all about the room. Casey cautiously stepped inside and shut the door. "Hello?"

In response, a slow music track started up, and a gorgeous feminine shape twirled out from behind the dressing screen. All of a sudden the most beautiful girl he had ever seen, one he hardly recognized, was standing before him seductively, putting one hand on the top of the screen and the other on her hip, and one leg bent at the knee and standing on the ball of her foot. She had a shimmering waterfall of wavy brown hair, and a pair of glittering green eyes with no glasses in front of them. She wore a fancy silken robe, and a smile like none he’d ever seen before. That was about it. Oh, except for the neutralizer in her ear.

When he was able to find his voice, Casey sputtered out, "Erin? Is that you?"

"You better believe it is, sugar lips," she said the sexiest voice that had ever come out of her mouth.

Casey sputtered some more, but not in the form of words this time. Erin began striding over to him in a slower variation of the walk she had used this morning. "Don’t be so shy. After all, it’s your party." She began twirling one of the straps of her robe. "And I think it’s time you unwrapped your present."

Then came the inevitable question: "Erin, could you explain to me why we’re both wearing neutralizers?"

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