Mindy Gets Africanized


The leader said something and all of the natives approached Mindy. They cut her bindings, the remainder of her blouse and sports bra were pulled off. The leader grabbed Mindy and tossed her over his shoulder.

Laid down and laid

About 50 yards from the encampment was a pool created by a small stream. Following the leader has he carried Mindy, the group made its way to water.

Once there, the leader waded into the pool until the water reached his waist. He then shrugged off his burden into the water.

Mindy landed with a splash and her head briefly went under water. She came up sputtering and shivering slightly in the cool water. But after her sweaty session that had included a cum bath, she felt good as the water cleansed her skin. Her pussy, which was still stimulated and on alert, tingled from the cool sensation.

Some of the natives had brought animal skins from the camp and they spread those out on the mossy ground near the pool's edge. Two of the natives waded into the pool, grabbed Mindy by the arms and dragged her out to the "bed."

Mindy's skin glistened from the water, her proud breasts were still capped by hard nipples. She was pulled to the animal skins and pulled down. A native grabbed her hands and pulled her arms above her head, two others grabbed her ankles and spread her legs.

Two natives laid down next to her and started with breast play. Their strong hands kneaded, flattened and molded her mounds before they attached their mouths to her nipples.

Another native crawled between her legs. His long, pointed tongue reached for her mound, licking around the top of her pussy slit and teasing her clit. Mindy's hips jerked and she thrust her mound toward his mouth. The combination of mouths on her breasts and pussy was too much for her to rationally handle. She had stopped thinking and was simply letting her body react.

The native eating her pussy slipped his strong tongue inside her slippery tunnel. It burrowed like a small animal. From deep in Mindy's throat came the sound that was either a groan or a growl.

His face covered with Mindy's pussy oil, the native stopped eating her cunt and got on his knees between his legs. He reached under her hips and lifted her off the ground. His cock was sticking straight out from his crotch. He leaned forward, lodging the swollen head of his road in the entrance to Mindy's slit.

Her labia peeled back, exposing her dark pink inner walls. His cock flexed and slowly began to gain entrance. Slowly he inched the puffy purple head of his cock into Mindy's pussy.

"AAAAAHHHH ... MMMMMM ... GAAAAWWWD." Mindy's hips bucked as the cock slowly slipped inside her clenching pussy walls. When his cock was halfway inserted, he lost patience and thrust his hips forward, burying his rigid cock deep in her cunt.


Mindy felt like a telephone pole had been driven between her legs. Her pussy walls were slick and accommodated his fleshy rod but they also gripped it tightly.

The native liked the feeling of her pussy around his cock and he left it there for a few moments. Mindy could feel his shaft throbbing inside her cunt.

The two natives who had been toying with her breasts stopped to witness their fellow tribesman's conquest - his black hips against the white woman's thighs, his black pubic hair mashed against her pussy mound.

Then the native started to stroke his cock in and out of Mindy's slit, sawing it back and forth. He varied his thrusts - withdrawing halfway and then back for several strokes, then pulling his cock nearly all the way out until just his prick's swollen head was all that remained inside her tunnel. His strong hands gripped her hips. The tribesmen holding her ankles helped by keeping Mindy's lower body lifted off the ground.

The native continued to plow her pussy with his long, thick tool. The slick clinging walls of her cunt soon proved too much for him to take. With a low, guttural growl, he thrusted deep and his cock began to spurt his jizz deep in Mindy's body. She groaned as she felt his sperm splashing inside of her.

The native withdrew his semi-hard cock. It made an audible plop as it disengaged from Mindy's cum-filled pussy. The withdrawal left her cunt with an empty feeling but that was soon rectified.

Another well-hung native slipped in and his cock easily slid inside Mindy's cunt. She moaned, partly in surprise and partly in pressure. This native pinned her ass down on the animal skins; the two natives holding her legs lifted them up and back toward her shoulders. This exposed her pussy completely and her new partner took full advantage by pile driving his cock deep in her opening.

No. 2 liked to work fast. His fucking was one speed and he pounded Mindy like a machine. She was gasping as his cock pistoned her pussy. With her legs folded back and his fuck position, she was like a bug pinned to a display board. Mindy had trouble breathing as the native's hips rocked back and forth, driving his cock deep with a steady rhythm.

With her body pinned, the two natives released her wrists from their grips. Instead, each guided one of her hands to their throbbing, erect cocks. They closed her hands around their shafts and guided her fingers up and down their pricks.

Mindy was beyond rational thought. Her body, her nervous system, was overwhelmed with sexual content. Her situation – somewhere in an African jungle, stripped naked, the play toy of 10 well-hung and horny natives – had pushed into a tiny corner of her mind. Her hands gripped the hot rods of the two natives who had held her down and she willingly jacked them off. As her hands moved over their purple, swollen cock heads, she squeezed and was rewarded with their moans and two copious squirts of precum. She used that fluid to further slicken her hands' journey up and down their shafts.

The native plowing her pussy clenched his teeth, drove his rod as deep as it would go and he delivered his load in Mindy's pussy. His hot goo mixed with the previous cum load and Mindy's juices; his fucking had produced a combined lather that ringed her fuck hole like a white beard.

He pulled out and laid his cock against her mound. A few last spasms ejected his remaining sperm against Mindy's scrunched stomach. The sight of their fellow man's sexual success started a one-two cumming of the two cocks Mindy was stroking.

The cock in her left hand, which was curved upward like a scimitar, jerked first. His jizz trajectory tracked in an arc before plopping across Mindy's face and air. Her eyes and been closed but they popped open in surprise as the warm, salty cum splattered across her face. One gob landed on her lips. Her altered state was evident as she didn't hesitate to lick the salty jizz into her mouth. Her body shuddered at the taste.

Mr. Right Hand benefitted from his buddy's cum. Mindy's hand had tightened around the still-loaded shaft when the other cock had spewed its contents. On an up stroke, her thumb rubbed over the slickened head of his road and that sensation had pushed him over the edge. He closed his eyes, stiffened his body and for a few seconds clenched his groin to hold off his orgrasm for as long as possible.

When he relaxed and let go, his prick erupted like a fire hose. His piss hole was wide open and his jizz fired out in thick streams with almost no pause between the spurts. Instead of an arc like the previous prick's trajectory, this time the sperm took a straight line and spattered over her upper body. His jizz was thick and hot and splotched her neck, chest and her upturned breasts capped by her rock hard and throbbing nipples.

Mindy's reaction again was out of character but to her seemed appropriate. Her hands left the drained pricks and started to rub the goo into her breasts like it was the finest body cream. Her thumbs flicked over her slickened nipples, stimulating those pleasure buds and making her hips lurch.

It was evident to the natives that Mindy was deep inside a sexual pleasure zone and she was theirs to enjoy.

Mindy felt their hands on her arms and legs. They flipped her on her stomach and pushed her on her hands and knees. Her head was forced down on the animal skin so that her ass was sticking up.

Another native, this one with a cock that was fatter and not as long, kneeled behind Mindy. Her pussy lips were a dark pink from arousal and the mixture of cum and her juices was smeared from her mound to her asshole. The native took his hand and wiped over her mound, collecting a handful of goo. He rubbed it on both of her firm ass cheeks, massaging their firm mounds and then loudly slapping each cheek. The natives chuckled as Mindy's ass slapped.

He then fisted his rod and held it against her pussy. He rubbed it up and down her slit, from her ass bud to her clit, the thick swollen head leaving a trail of fresh precum like a snail's trail.

Satisfied with his preparations, he wedged his wide prick bulb inside Mindy's labia. Her pussy walls started to throb and grasp in anticipation of a new partner.

Mindy had never done doggy and when his cock slipped inside her cunt walls, the different sensation caused her to gasp. His thrusts rocked against her ass, his hips slapping against her butt cheeks and his loaded ball slack slapped against her soggy crotch.

This native seemed content to take his time. He was fucking her hard and insistently but his strokes were long and deep and measured.

Another native was less impatient. He kneeled in front of Mindy, grabbed her head on each side of her ears and pulled her up so that her lips were in line with his cock.

Mindy was face to face with a menacing 10-inch cock. She had sucked a few partners but always in the dark. She had never seen an erect prick up close like this. She could see the veins in his black shaft. His bulbous cock head was a dark purple and to Mindy looked huge. She knew he wanted her to suck his cock but she wasn't all that sure she could fit it in her mouth.

He thrust his hips forward and his cock smeared its precum over Mindy's full, soft lips. The sensation of his prick head against something that felt so soft and smooth made him shiver. With one hand gripping the back of her head, the other grabbed his rod and rubbed his prick back and forth over Mindy's lower face, his precum seeping out as he went.

He aimed his cock head at her mouth and pushed against her lips. Mindy knew what he wanted. Again, her sexual feelings canceled out anything else. After tasting the native's cum earlier, she realized she liked the taste and wanted more. Her pink tongue slipped between her lips and started licking the natives bulging cock heads.

Looking down, seeing the white woman's tongue lapping at his prick head, the native groaned at the color contrast of her lips and tongue against his black shaft.

The native drilling her behind had a decent view as his fellow tribesman's cock was serviced. He continued his languid pace, sawing his thick prick in and out of Mindy's clinging fuck tunnel.

The native wanted more than just a lick job. Again, he fisted his prick and started to push against Mindy's mouth. One of the fuck strokes from behind her hit a sensitive spot in her pussy and Mindy gasped. The prick at her mouth slipped in to the back of her throat and Mindy had to fight the gag reflex.

"NGAAANNNNGGGGHHHH" she gurgled as the man meat filled her mouth. Mindy tried to maneuver her tongue around the head and shaft. Her soft lips were o-ringed around his prick and her perfect teeth were barely touching his cock flesh. The native began to slowly pull his cock out until just the thick head was inside her mouth. A small squirt of precum filled Mindy's mouth with its salty fluid. She gulped it down and her tongue began to swath what was still in her mouth. She was rewarded with more precum.

For support, Mindy placed one of her hands on the native's muscular thighs. That slightly changed the angle of the attack for the native doggy fucking her. He groaned in pleasure and slightly increased his stroke speed.

Her free hand, almost of its own will, came up and started stroking the shaft in her mouth. With just the head in her mouth, Mindy's hand had plenty to stroke. Her smooth skin rubbed up and down the rock-hard shaft. She could feel its bumps and the swollen veins. Her mouth started sucking on the prick head and her tongue was bathing the head with a combination of saliva and precum. Her full breasts jutted from her chest; they were still gleaming from their sperm bath.

The slurping sounds of the Mindy's blow job and the squishing sounds of her cunt being fucked from behind seemed excessively loud in the quiet of the jungle clearing. Her two partners were grunting as they enjoyed opposite ends of their white captive.

The native behind her watched as her white hand stroked the long shaft that was fucking her mouth. He started to pick up the pace as he felt his ball sack tense for its upload. With a growl, he slammed deep inside Mindy. That caused her to groan around the prick in her mouth, a sensation that increased the pleasure for that native.

The cock in Mindy's pussy was so wide she felt as though a telephone pole had been driven between her legs. Lodged deep inside her clingy fuck tube, the native's cock began to lurch and fire its seed. He kept his prick in place as the jizz started to spurt, then he continued to stroke Mindy's pussy as his balls were emptied. Again, Mindy's cunt was unable to handle it all and globs of cum seeped out from her labia, dribbling down her thighs and plopping on the animal skin.

Mindy's support hand moved up to caress the native's wrinkled ball sack. It felt like he had two Titleists concealed inside his scrotum. Mindy hefted them in wonder as her other hand stroked his rod and her mouth serviced what was left.

The white woman's smooth hand and gentle caressing of his sack was too much. Grabbing Mindy's head with both hands, he thrust his prick as far as it would go, mashing Mindy's nose and mouth against his sweaty crotch and his curly back pubic hair.

Mindy had a brief reuniting with reality. His cock was slipping into the top of her throat and she seriously thought she would choke. She fought the gag reflex but the clenching of those muscles only enhanced the native's experience. His butt muscles clenched and he came.

His load splashed against the back of Mindy's throat and she tried to swallow. The thick, salty cum slowly slid down her gullet. As the next waves hit, she was better able to gulp down his man juice.

The native's prick and balls were jerking and twitching. He pulled back until about half of his cock was in her mouth as the jizz continued to spew. Mindy was now able to taste and swallow his cum as she continued to suck while one hand stroked his lower shaft and her hands felt his balls convulsing to eject their contents.

He dropped his grip from her head and pulled back, his cock exiting her hot mouth with a plopping sound. Her hand continued to stroke his still hard prick and a few final shots splattered across her face and lips. Her tongue eagerly licked what it could reach. Her fingers scooped up what they could find and she licked those clean.

Ten ever-hard pricks and one woman made for a long afternoon. The natives were insatiable and never tired of Mindy's lithe body. She was fucked several times in the familiar positions but also was made to straddle a native who was on his back and suck another native as she rode that prick. She couldn't keep track of who had fucked her, who she had sucked and who she had jerked off.

By early afternoon, the orgy was over. Mindy's body was cum splattered, her hair matted with sweat and jizz. Her pussy was pleasantly sore and worn out from the stretching and the pounding.

The last native to satisfy himself had doggy fucked her. When he came and deposited his load, he pulled out. Mindy collapsed in a heap on the animal skins, half on her belly, half on her side. Her legs were split and her pussy was pulsating. A steady trickle of jizz and her cunt juices were exiting her slit and wetting a spot on the animal skins.

She heard splashing and realized the natives were in the nearby pool of water. The native put his hands under her arm pits and dragged her to and into the water.

Mindy's body was so hot and sweaty that she thought there might be a hissing sound when she encountered the cool water. She dunked herself for a few seconds and felt the water cleansing her skin. All her nerve endings felt raw and hyper sensitive.

She stood up and ran her hands through her wet hair. The motion caused her full breasts to pull up in a provocative manner. When she opened her eyes, 10 pairs of eyes were staring at her.

Even after what she had been through, Mindy felt self-conscious. These men had captured her stripped her, raped her, turned her into their play thing.

She stood there, droplets of water running from her hair, over her face and over her upthrust breasts. She looked down at herself. Her nipples seemed to be in a perpetual state of arousal, jutting from her areolas.

Ignoring the 10 natives who were sharing her bath, Mindy started to rub her hands over her body, making sure that any jizz remaining was washed away. Her hands moved over her breasts, gently kneading them and flicking her hard buds. She shuddered at the sensation and felt naughty to be putting herself on display.

She reached down between her legs, which were underwater, and massaged her pussy mound. Even in the cool water, her cunt felt ... warm. "What I have become?" her mind wondered. "I seem to be turned on and wanting even more."

The naked natives began leaving the pool; their pricks were mostly soft but a few had erections after watching Mindy bathe herself. The leader motioned for her to get out.

When she stepped out, she felt a squishy sensation. She looked down in surprise; she was still wearing her running shoes.

"Maybe I should make a break for it," she wondered. Her next thought: "But where? And naked and lost, even if I get away, how will I survive?"

The leader grabbed her arm. Two of the natives gathered up the animal skins that had served as the epicenter of the orgy. The group headed back to the camp. The natives started to pack up. The leader handed Mindy her torn blouse. She was surprised when he wrapped her ripped skirt around her hips and secured it around her waist with a cord. It was ripped from hem to top and was little more than a large loin cloth but she was thankful to be covered. She put on her now-sleeveless blouse. No buttons, so she tied it under her breasts.

The tribesman started off down a narrow path with Mindy in the middle of the single file. "Were they taking me back?" she wondered. She had no way of knowing that instead of back to civilization, they were heading deeper into the African jungle.


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