tagFetishMinnie and the Newlyweds Ch. 07

Minnie and the Newlyweds Ch. 07


Not surprisingly Angie slept very well the night after she was spanked and had oral sex with her landlady, Minnie, and her niece, Alice. By the time she awoke, her husband, Peter, had departed for work. It was Angie's rostered day off at the cafe so she was grateful for the opportunity to sleep in. However her slumber was rudely interrupted when her bedroom door swung open.

"Come on sleepy head, it's time to get," chirped Alice, dressed only in her bra and skimpy panties.

"But it's my day off," Angie pleaded.

"Oh, come on, I'm taking you shopping." With that Alice flung back the sheets revealing a pyjama clad Angie.

Angie was in two minds. She was deeply embarrassed by the way she had acted last night and allowed Alice to dominate her. However the thought of going shopping with the beautiful, vivacious 18 year old was appealing.

Despite her reservations she smiled and informed Alice she would come shopping and was just going to quickly dive through the shower. As she swung her legs out of bed, Alice took hold of her hand and led her through to the bathroom. Awkwardly Angie allowed herself to be led into the bathroom.

Once in there Alice began to unbutton the pyjama top of Angie. When Angie put her hands up to undo her own buttons Alice smacked them away as if Angie was a misbehaving child.

"Keep your hands at your side," Alice demanded.

Angie opened her mouth to protest, but then thought better of it. She had visions of having her bottom smacked while leaning over the side of the bath.

Deftly Alice unbuttoned the pyjama top and slipped it off Angie's shoulders, once again revealing her deliciously small breasts.

For a moment Alice's eyes focused on the breasts. "You have pretty little boobs," Alice smiled, sounding sincere.

Angie blushed at the compliment.

Alice unbutton the chord of Angie's pyjama bottoms and lowered them so that she could step out, leaving her totally naked. Alice reached into the shower cubicle and turned the water on.

"Shower time, little one," Alice cooed while holding her hand under the water to feel the temperature.

"But I need to pee," Angie pleaded.

"Well then, pee," Alice pointed to the toilet that was in the bathroom, "but hurry up as we have not got all day."

"Can you please go out while I pee?" Angie pleaded.

"No, I can't go outside while you pee," Alice mimed in a voice like a whining child, "and if you don't hurry up you will get a damn good spanking for wasting our time."

Despite her intense embarrassment Angie lowered herself onto the toilet, but in front of an audience she could not relax enough to allow her urine to flow.

Alice tapped her foot impatiently. Angie tried desperately to relax and finally, to her great relief, she began to pee, her urine splashing noisily into the toilet bowl. When she had finally finished she went to take some toilet paper to wipe herself, but again Alice spanked her hand away.

"I'll do that, little one. Now stand up and open your legs." Alice was standing in front of Angie, toilet paper in hand.

Humiliated beyond belief, Angie stood up and opened her legs slightly.

"Wider, darling. We want to make sure I wipe you properly."

Angie slid her legs wider, and she gasped when she felt Alice's hand rub the toilet paper between her legs. Alice wiped several times, in long exaggerated sweeps up and down Angie's slit, causing her to emit a low groan.

"Is my little darling enjoying that?" a smiling Alice asked.

Angie pouted, "Yes, Mummy, I mean.... Alice." Angie cringed at her mistake.

Alice tapped her playfully on the bottom. "Enough playtime. Now into that shower."

Once in the shower Angie began to soap herself. All the while Alice stood at the shower entrance, watching her every move, and reminding her to make sure she washed herself well around her private parts.

When Angie had finished her shower she stepped out to a waiting Alice who immediately begun to dry her with the towel she was holding. Alice made sure she was well and truly dry, especially between her legs which Angie had to keep open. To Angie's relief she was finally able to disappear back to her bedroom to dress in a tee shirt and jeans in preparation for their shopping. However Alice stood at the door and casually observed her as she dressed. Angie felt as if Alice didn't even trust her enough to be able to dress herself properly. Being treated like a little child was doing her head in. She could not rationalize why, as a mature adult, she was allowing Alice to treat her in such a manner. Why didn't she simply say 'no'?

Nevertheless she willingly took Alice's hand as the two of them walked from Minnie's apartment on the lake to the Taupo shopping centre. The two of them had a great time walking around the shops, and stopped in to have a coffee at the Replete Café where Peter was working.

Afterwards Alice insisted they go into some of the fashion clothing shops, which Angie was reluctant to do as she was on a strict budget and had no spare cash for new clothing. However she did not need too much persuasion and was soon happily sorting through the racks of tempting clothing.

Eventually Alice led them to a department store that had a large selection of clothing from tiny tots to adults. Angie was surprised to notice that Alice was searching through racks that contained the clothing that was clearly more suitable for girls in the 12 to 14 age group. Even more surprising was the fact she was selecting some items of clothing and placing them over her arm. Once happy with what she had selected, Alice walked over to the changing cubicles, at the same time beckoning Angie to join her. Angie strolled over, curious as to why Alice would be trying on such clothing.

Alice selected a cubicle and hung the clothing on the hook inside. But then she stepped out of the cubicle, took Angie's hand and ushered her in. Angie frowned at Alice in total bewilderment.

"I don't understand," Angie protested, "what are you doing?"

"I have selected some lovely clothes for you to put on. So come on, darling, get undressed."

"By I haven't selected these. Why should I be trying them on? They are far too young for me," Angie continued to protest. "They are for little girls and won't fit me."

"I have selected big sizes, and you have such little boobies I am sure you will squeeze into them."

Alice was speaking quite loudly and Angie was acutely embarrassed about the reference to her breasts.

"I won't," Angie stomped her foot, "and you can't make me. I am an adult."

Angie was determined to stand her ground. This was going too far.

"Do you want Mummy to spank your bottom.....again?" Alice's comment reverberated through the changing rooms. Several people glanced her way in astonishment.

Angie's mouth dropped open in shock and embarrassment. "Stop it," she pleaded, then added more defiantly, "you wouldn't dare spank me in here, anyway."

"Oh, believe me I will, young lady, and on your bare bottom as well."

People kept glancing at them, fascinated at the verbal exchange that was taking place. Angie cowered back further into the cubicle so she could not be seen so clearly. Her mind was in turmoil. From the glint in Alice's eyes she could tell that she was enjoying putting Angie in this predicament, and Angie suspected she would probably have the audacity to spank her right in front of all those people. Angie also knew she could just walk straight out of those changing rooms. But she choose not to. Instead she let her shoulders drop in defeat.

"All right then," Angie whispered, "but I am just going to try them on quickly."

With that, Angie reached up to close the curtain of the cubicle, but noisily Alice slapped her hand.

"Leave the curtain open so Mummy can get a good look at how the clothes fit," Alice demanded.

"But people will see me," Angie pleaded, "can't you come into the cubicle with me and close the curtain. I don't mind you being in here, Mummy."

Angie hoped that by referring to the 18 year old Alice as 'Mummy' that she would relent on her demands, but to no avail.

"Hurry up my girl, I am not going to wait all day," Alice had her hand on her hip, looking as if she had run out of patience.

It was, of course, one big charade, and Alice could not believe how compliant the 19 year was being. Alice thought that Minnie described her correctly when she described her as a 'delightfully sexy submissive like nothing she had seen before'. When Minnie had first told Alice of her American tenants and their incredibly submissive behaviour Alice had been immediately excited. The thought of dominating someone totally had been something she had fantasized about when masturbating herself in bed. To now get the opportunity was something she was not about to pass up. She was determined to see how far she could push Angie and her husband.

Reticently Angie kicked off her sandals and removed her jeans. She was about to remove her tee shirt when to her horror she realized she had been in such a hurry to get dressed that she had not bothered to put on a bra.

"I can't take my tee shirt off, Mummy," she whispered quietly in the hope no one would hear, "as I am not wearing a bra."

"That's all right, my darling. Little girls don't need bras anyway. Now quickly off with that tee shirt." With that Alice stepped forward and gripped the bottom of the tee shirt.

"Arms up."

Almost without thinking Angie raised her arms, allowing Alice to roughly pull the tee shirt up over her head and off. At that moment a woman with a teenage girl walked pass the cubicle and both peered in. Angie realized she was dressed only in her brief lacy knickers, and quickly tried to cover herself up with her hands. The woman scowled in disapproval, while the teenager smirked.

"Panties as well." Alice quickly gripped the waistband and jerked them down. "Lift your feet up."

Like a robot Angie lifted her feet so Alice could remove her panties, leaving her totally naked so that anyone in the dressing room that walked past the open cubicle would have a clear view of her whole body. The realization caused Alice to blush in acute embarrassment.

Quickly Angie reached for the clothing that was hanging in the cubicle, desperate to put on something that would hide her nakedness. The first item of clothing was a simple orange dress with short sleeves. It seemed much too small for Angie but Alice insisted she try it on. She got it part way over her head but then it would budge no further. To Angie's mortification she realized she was stuck with her arms above her head and totally exposed, with no way to protect her modesty. To make matters worse she could hear a couple of young girls giggling at her predicament. She pleaded with Alice to help her pull it off, but it was a good minute or so before she came to Angie's assistance, slowly pulling the garment back up over her head.

Angie glared at Alice. "I told you they would be too small for me. Now can I please get dressed back into my own clothes?"

"Not yet, young lady, the others I have selected are a larger fit. They are for big little girls," Alice smirked, while handing Angie another dress.

Petulantly Angie snatched the pink dress from Alice and threw it on the floor of the cubicle. "I don't want to try anything else on," she protested, "I don't want to play your stupid game anymore."

"Right young lady, you have earned yourself ten spanks," Alice was waving her finger and speaking louder than was necessary. "Now pick it up and put it on or you will get twice as many, and right here, now, where everyone can see what a naughty girl you are."

The chatter in the changing room ceased as everyone tuned into the very unusual conversation coming out of the cubicle. Angie was flushed with total embarrassment. Quickly she reached down, picked up the pink dress and pulled it over her head. Even though it was a tight fit, and made her small boobs even flatter, she did manage to get it on. But to her consternation the dress was so short it came down below her hips, just barely covering her pussy and buttocks.

Next Alice took a pair of childish panda bear cotton panties and held them open for Angie to step into. Once the panties were on Alice stepped back to admire the finished result.

"Perfect," Alice purred, and before Angie had time to protest she gathered up Angie's discarded clothing, bundled it into her bag, took hold of her hand and dragged the wide-eyed girl out of the dressing room, Angie was mortified to think that she was going to be seen in public in this ridiculous pink dress that was obviously designed for someone much younger than herself, and to make matters worse when she walked she knew that her panda cotton panties would be exposed.

Alice dragged Angie over to the male shop assistant so that she could pay for the items. Alice removed the label off the dress, and then further embarrassed Angie by lifting up the front of her dress so that she could take the label off the panties. The shop assistant looked on in amazement at the exposed panda panties.

Once the items had been paid for Alice took hold of Angie's hand again and almost had to drag her through the store to the Department store toilets. With her free hand Angie desperately tried to hold her skirt down as people stared. Most of the women frowned disapprovingly, while the males unabashedly stared at her as she passed by.

Once inside the ladies washroom Alice let go of her hand.

"Pull your panties down to your knees," Alice demanded.

Angie stood there shocked. Even though there was no one in washroom, a couple of the toilet doors were closed so they were obviously occupied.

"No, Mummy," Angie desperately pleaded.

"I promised you ten spanks, and you are going to get them now young lady. I suggest you get those panties down quickly while there is no one here, otherwise your spanking will be very public."

With genuine tears welling in her eyes, Angie reached under her ridiculously short and childish pink dress and quickly lowered her panties to her knees.

"Hold your skirt up." Alice was determined to maximize the humiliation.

With tear streaked cheeks Angie lifted her skirt exposing her bare buttocks. She gasped with shock as Alice gripped her by the arm to hold her steady, and then with the other hand began to spank her vigorously. Angie tried to be brave but by the time the tenth spank had landed she was openly begging 'Mummy' to stop.

When she realized the spanking was over she opened her eyes and was mortified to see that one of the toilet cubicle doors had opened and a woman was staring at her open mouthed. Angie quickly reached down and pulled up her panties.

Alice just smiled politely at the woman. "Children!" she said despairingly, rolling her eyes, "Sometimes only a damn good spanking will do." Alice then grabbed Angie firmly by the hand and led her out of the washroom.

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