tagBDSMMinx Ch. 01

Minx Ch. 01


You there, boy.

Yes, you with the big green eyes and floppy black hair.

Yes, I'm talking to you, in the red tee shirt. I see you touching your hair, it's floppy. Like Hugh Grant perhaps. Floppy. I don't mean it in a bad way, I just mean...oh forget it. Come here.

Boy! I said: Come here!

Oh no, this will not do. You WILL listen to me when I make a demand, and yes, that's another demand.

Let's try this again. Boy -- come here!

There you go, that wasn't so hard. Now, turn around.

I said...ah, yes, you heard me. Good boy.

Very nice, very nice. I like those little buns of yours, you like being spanked boy? It doesn't matter what you like, Mistress Briane will do what Mistress Briane wants.

Now, fetch me some water.

No, I don't want to hear that it costs too much or you don't have a cup, you do what I say. You understand this, right boy?

What's your name? No, nevermind, don't tell me. I'm going to call you...Minx.

Did you just ask me why? Oh no no no no, you never question Mistress Briane, Mistress Briane will do what Mistress Briane wants. Mistress Briane wants to call you Minx.

Where's my water, Minx?

Ah, thank you. I'm simply parched. You're a sweet boy, Minx. Very sweet.

Next, I want you to take off your pants.

Don't give me that look, we've been over this. You do what I say, and I say take off your god damn pants.

And the boxers.

Eh, that red tee shirt too. Boys look weird in just shirts. Ok, now, let me get a good look at you. Not very aroused by this are you, Minx? Ah well, all the better. Boys tend to get all fuzzy headed when they're aroused by this point. I need one who can think clearly. But you've got a good looking piece. And nice balls. Nice and hairy. You ever shave your balls, Minx? You will when I tell you to.

Now, bend over so I can see your asshole clearly.

Oh don't grimace, I'm not about to shove anything in it. I just want to see how clean you keep yourself. We can work around anything, but Mistress Briane likes a clean butthole. No nuggets.

Yes, you're doing well, Minx. You bent over when I said and your asshole is clean enough.

Clean enough for what? Oh, you'll find out.

Now, come with me.

Don't scoff, scoffing is not becoming on a boy, Minx. Mistress Briane likes it best when boys do not scoff. Scoffing is a turn-off. I don't care if you were on your way to meet the POPE, you're mine now.

Oh, Minx, it's useless, you can't leave now. You see that, right? I've claimed you and your naked ass. Now, come along.

Minx, do you always walk so slowly? Step it up boy or I'll have to use this crop on you.

Oh, oh I see...you're trying to play games with me. You want me to use the crop? Oh no. You just THINK you want me to use the crop. Mistress Briane is not nice, young man. Mistress Briane means business.

There. A yelper, eh? That won't do either. I like to see the pain in your eyes, not hear it in your voice. I like my boys to be silent.

This time, don't make a noise. Not so much as a peep.

Ah, better, Minx, much better. Oh yes, that is going to welt. Mistress Briane means business, Minx, don't you forget it.

This is it, this is where I live.

Was that a judgemental glare, Minx? Don't give me that, boy! Mistress Briane lives where Mistress Briane wants to live. This dingy, dank basement apartment is perfect. Perfect for all my...needs.

Hmm...now what else do I need? Looks like my last end table broke, see the magazines on the floor? Pick those up, Minx.

Oh, and while you're down there, kiss my feet.

Use some tongue.

Ah, not bad, Minx, not bad.

What the hell are you doing? You do not touch any part of me that I have not given you explicit permission to touch. I suppose I hadn't told you that, so I'll only whip you three times. Next time it's ten.

And keep quiet.

Well done, Minx, you're starting to take those whippings like a man. There's hope for you yet, boy.

Ok, now, go into my bedroom and lay, face up on my bed. By the time I get in there, I want to see your cock at full attention. It's time for some further inspection.

I don't care if laying in a strange, demanding woman's dark apartment doesn't turn you on, think about whatever it is that does.

Minx! Look at you! You're big! Oh good. Sometimes I pick small boys, those usually disappoint. Oh Minx, as long as you're good at following my instructions, we're going to get along just fine.

First, I'm going to kneel here next to you. I like to taste a cock before moving forward. Some cocks just taste foul and with my...preferences...foul cocks will not do.

Oh, you like that, don't you Minx? I felt you grow even harder in my mouth. Was it warm and wet? Have you had a lot of mouths on your cock, boy? Don't answer that.

Now it's your turn. I'm going to sit on your face. Hard. I'm going to squirm my hips and rock back and forth. You may not be able to breath. I don't care. You just eat my pussy like it's the only thing in the world, you hear me, Minx?

Don't look scared, it's just a pussy. A hairy, wet, pussy.

Oh, oh Minx...you've...you've done this before...I can tell...mmm...oh...Minx...oh....mmm...yes...that's the way...right there...oh god....oh Minx. Yes! Yes! Oh...uh oh...

Minx, you were a little too good at that. I picked a winner this time. Ah, but I stopped myself. I prefer to cum while riding a fat cock. Yours will do nicely.

I'm going to lower myself down onto you. Keep your eyes locked with mine, no matter what, you hear me, Minx?

Mmm...fuuuuck me...yes....you're so...big...god...Minx...no, keep your eyes on mine. Yes, yes, there you go, there you go...come on, Minx, rock those hips with mine. Mmm...oh Minx. Mistress Briane likes this...up and down up and down...oh oh oh no Minx, I know that look....Minx, you'd better not, you'd better not fucking come or I'm going to have to whip you so fucking hard. Mistress Briane ALWAYS comes first, you hear me?


Damn it, Minx. Damn it. You should be ashamed of yourself. At a minimum, you need to let me know when you're coming. No ands, ifs or buts. I don't care if you're embarrassed or you tried to stop it, I want to fucking know when you're goddamn coming. You hear me, boy? You will tell me every single fucking time from here on out when you are coming.

Now, what to do about poor, unsatisfied Mistress? Get back between my legs, clean up that mess you made and finish what you started.

Now, Minx! NOW!

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