tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMirandas Shopping Trip

Mirandas Shopping Trip


An amusing little idea that I got while reading a readers letter in a woman's magazine.

Miranda was harassed as usual. It was Monday morning. Jim, her husband, was as usual eating his breakfast standing up, and the twins, Michael and Jane, were at the breakfast bar tucking into large plates of cereal. They were already late for school.

"Hope the traffic's not too bad this morning. I've got an important ten o-clock appointment," Jim said between mouthfuls of toast. "You two got anything on today?" he asked, glancing over at the twins.

"Football practice this afternoon," Michael said. "By the way, is my kit clean?" he asked, glancing over at his mother.

She smiled and nodded. "It's already cleaned and ironed and in your bag."

Jane looked up from her breakfast and informed them that she would probably be home late tonight as she was rehearsing for the school pageant. "They are doing a medieval theme this year and our group is doing Lady Godiva."

Michael looked up interested, a spoonful of cereal raised to his mouth. "You're not playing Lady Godiva, are you sis?" he said with a smirk.

Jane shook her head. "No, that's Andria Franklyn, and before you ask, she won't be naked. She will be wearing a body stocking." Michael looked a little disappointed.

"Could just see you riding down the street naked," he said with a cheeky grin. Jane slapped him lightly and laughed.

"Have you got anything on today dear?" Jim inquired.

Miranda shrugged. "No, nothing more exciting than a bit of baking. I promised I would make a cake for little Harry next door. It's his birthday tomorrow."

The three of them looked at her. "You do have an exciting life, mom," Jane said. Miranda thought to herself, yes, really exciting, sometimes, but boring most of the time.

"You need to do something exciting, mum," Michael said.

Miranda looked at him. "What exciting things are there to do around here?" Then a thought flashed across her mind about what Jane had just said. "I suppose I could ride down the street naked like Lady Godiva did. That might cause a stir."

The three of them looked at her, shocked. "No way," Michael exclaimed. "Anyway, we haven't got a horse," he said, with a cheeky grin. "But I suppose you could always use my bike." Jane looked amused and Jim just shook his head and smiled.

After the three of them had left, Miranda cleared away the breakfast things and tidied up the kitchen. She made herself a cup of coffee, selected three of her favorites from her hidden store of chocolate biscuits, and sat and watched one of the morning shows. Truth or Dare was where contestants had to either reveal embarrassing moments from their past or do a dare. She switched the show off half way through and made her way upstairs for a shower.

She slipped out of her wrap and nightdress and made her way naked to the bathroom. She caught sight of her body in the long mirror, and turned and examined her body. The thought, not bad for a woman of thirty eight who has produced two children, ran through her mind. Her breasts were still reasonably firm and her stomach flat from her regular workouts at the gym and her swimming.

As she soaped her body in the shower, a germ of an idea crept into her mind. She shook her head.

It was silly and audacious, she could never do it, but the more she thought about it, the more she felt the urge. What would it feel like to actually walk down the street naked?

She stepped out of the shower and dried herself. She walked to the bedroom and was about to get dressed when she stopped. It was a long time since she had allowed herself to walk about the house naked. Two sixteen year old children were one of the problems. She smiled. It really felt nice to be free and naked. So she didn't bother to dress, but made her way over to the twin's rooms and tided them up. She cleaned the bathroom and then decided to go downstairs. She had to pass the large landing window, but she didn't feel concerned, maybe just a little excited.

She continued with her housework. It felt strange and somewhat exciting to be naked and she was beginning to enjoy the experience. She was a little concerned when the refuse collectors came, but she kept out of the way of the windows until they had gone.

With the house work done, she got out the ingredients to make little Harry's birthday cake, a nice chocolate sponge with lots of smarty on top. She prepared the mixture, greased the tin, set the oven, filled the cake tin, placing it in the oven, and set the timer for thirty five minutes.

She mixed up the icing sugar and looked in the cupboard for the Smarty. It was no where to be seen. Obviously, one of the twins had been there before her.

I'll have to go down to the corner shop and get some, she thought to herself. She looked at the oven timer. Twenty minutes left, plenty of time to nip to the shop as it was only a few houses away at the end of the road.

Miranda washed her hands and brushed her hair.

I'll have to dress, she thought. Then she thought, maybe she could slip on just a coat. It was only a few yards. As she reached for the coat, an exciting thought struck her. Why shouldn't she go as she was? Dare she? She looked in the mirror. She had nothing she was ashamed of. Her breasts were firm and she had bikini waxed only the other day.

She was suddenly feeling this tremendous urge to do something out of the normal routine. Maybe this was a little extreme. She smiled to herself as she picked up her purse and gripped the door handle. She opened the door and stepped out and the warm sun bathed her naked body. The thrill and exhilaration of standing naked outside her house was now overwhelming.

She stepped briskly down the short path to the road. She took hold of the gate and looked down the road. At the moment, there was no one in sight. Her excitement at what she was about to do was already tinged with some nervousness.

What if a police car came by, or someone reported her? She knew she could probably be arrested.

She could see the shop at the end of the road as she stepped out onto the footpath and began to stride purposely down the road. She suddenly heard a car approaching from behind her. There was a tooting on the horn and the car went past with the driver leaning out of the window, waving at her.

Her next encounter was with the postman. Tom had been delivering in the area for several years, but as he stepped out from number 42, he was confronted by the delightful sight of Miranda, the lady from 52, walking towards him completely naked.

He stepped back and watched Miranda, her breasts swinging slightly with the movement of her body. She smiled as she passed him, and then treated him to the sight of her perfect rear.

Old Mr. Gardener was tending his roses. He was a little short sighted, and tipped his hat as Miranda walked past. Then he blinked, and rubbed his eyes. I will have to get my eyes tested, he told himself. It almost looked as if she weren't wearing any clothes.

She reached the shop without any more encounters. Mrs. Parsons, the vicar's wife, was just coming out. She looked at Miranda and her hand went to her mouth. "My God, woman," she gasped, "you're not wearing any clothes!"

Miranda smiled at her. "It was such a beautiful day; I couldn't bear to hide from the sun." Then she slipped past her into the shop.

Mr. Clarke, the shopkeeper, looked up from the copy of Playboy he had hidden beneath the counter. He blinked and rubbed his eyes. It was Miranda, that attractive woman from 52, and she was totally and completely naked. Mr. Clarke couldn't believe what he was seeing as Miranda casually browsed the sweet selection, picking up the two packets of Smarty she required for young Harry's birthday cake.

Then she smiled at him as she made her way to the counter, but Mr. Clarke's eyes were on her breasts, her erect nipples, and the neatly trimmed pubes. He felt an arousal in his pants. Miranda placed the Smarty on the counter. "Is there anything else you require?" he blurted out.

Miranda smiled and shook her head. "No, these are all I require at the moment." She held out a £5 note. He could never remember what change he gave her as he was too interested in looking at what she was displaying.

Miranda took the change and made her way out of the shop. Outside, an old guy was just propping his bike up before going into the shop. He stared at the naked Miranda, shook his head, and stepped into the shop. "Did you see her," Mr. Clarke inquired.

The guy looked at him, still a little dazed. "Who?" he inquired.

"The woman with no clothes on," Mr. Clarke went on.

The guy looked at the door. "You're right, she was bloody naked."

Then the two of them made a rush for the door. By the time they got outside, Miranda was almost back at her house. A couple more cars had tooted her as she made her way back up the street. She smiled and waved at them. Tom, the postman, had just delivered to her house and he held the gate open for her. "Have you enjoyed your little stroll?" he inquired.

Miranda smiled. "Just had to pop out for these," she said, holding up the Smarty. "Seemed such a pity to dress on such a nice day."

Tom looked at her attractive naked body. "You certainly know how to cause a little excitement," he said with a grin. Down the road, he could still see Mr. Clarke and his customer staring up the street in his direction.

Miranda was quite disappointed to be back inside her home again. It had been an exciting interlude. Maybe she would go a little further next time.

At dinner that evening, Miranda served out the food, and as everybody tucked in, Jim looked up. "Interesting day, darling?" he inquired.

Miranda smiled. "Didn't do a lot. Made Harry a cake and walked down to the shop naked."

The three of them looked at each other. "Yeah, sure you did," Michael said with a wide grin.

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