tagChain StoriesMirror Mirror Ch. 09

Mirror Mirror Ch. 09

byJoseki Ko©

I had returned to my room with the firm idea of calling out the name of my murderer to the very next person who showed up. It turned out to be a long wait. I slept several times only to wake up to an empty room.

After what seemed like weeks but was probably only days I heard a key in the lock. I quickly moved to the mirror and pressed my face against it. Sure enough, in with the bellhop came a very intense looking couple. She seemed to be an amazon about six feet tall with very long legs and wide succulent hips, a tight abdomen and B cup breasts. He was even taller with a lean look about him. They didn’t seem like your average honeymooners. There was no touching, no kissing and they didn’t even look at each other very much. They tipped the bellhop 50 cents and he cast them a sour look and left.

Suddenly it hit me. I’d seen these two before, they worked for Allen! I’d never known quite what they did for him, but at the very least they were very competent bodyguards. I’d seen more than one would be attacker turned away by them. Allen had a very abrasive personality and his mouth was always getting him into trouble.

They were both ex-Olympians he was on the boxing team and she was a fencer. A real pair of hard cases. There was nothing they wouldn’t do for money. And they enjoyed being cruel.

I found myself reflexively moving a step back from the mirror and taking up a fighting stance. I realized the idiocy of that in just a second or two, but I know it’s just the reaction I felt towards them. I know these two to be dangerous people.

With barely a glance at each other they began tossing the room, not like Allen, and Sandra had done it but with more of a professional touch. They took pains to disassemble everything. It was looking to be a very serious search. They took apart the dresser looking under all the drawer and even prying the back off to look behind it.

As Donna (the amazon) headed into the bathroom I watched Bill (the guy) start in on the writing desk. He took no shortcuts looking in every nook and cranny and testing each spot to make sure there was nothing hidden. I was getting interested in this search myself when a panel on the desk opened up. I was shocked. It suddenly hit me that these two were after my money. I had a book of accounts in that desk that would lead them to significant amounts of money. They would have to travel to Belize to get it, but it would be a trip well worth their while. I watched as Bill pulled out the book and looked it over. His eye’s got real big as he realized what he had. I was even more surprised when he set the book down and continued to search the desk. If they weren’t after my money what were they looking for?

Donna came back into the room and Bill shook his head but continued to search the desk. Donna started in on the bed. Throwing the mattress off and examining each part of the bed. Testing each rod in the bed and each corner post for hidden compartments.

I was getting more interested despite myself. What could they possibly be looking for that was worth more than my bank accounts. I sat down and began to think but I just couldn’t come up with anything.

Another hour and the search was completed. Whatever it was they were looking for they didn’t find. They hadn’t said a word the entire time they were searching. They began slowly putting the room back together. Not taking any pains to make it look neat. They only put back major things that looked like they’d been moved. I knew that any good housekeeper could tell what had transpired, but I don’t think these two would understand that.

I was startled when Bill broke the silence. “What now? How do we find it?”

“We attempt the same thing Allen and Sandra did.” She stated calmly “We search the entire hotel room by room.”

Bill kind of hung his head but nodded his acceptance. “This may take some time”

Donna nodded “Yeah I know but what choice do we have. Let’s get some dinner and talk it over.”

They headed out the door each taking a last glance at the room.


They’d been gone several hours when the door flew open and in walked Bill with a woman in his arms. Donna was right behind him, apparently looking around to see if anyone had followed them to the bungalow. As Donna shut the door I could see that she was upset. Bill dumped the woman on the bed and Donna came to stand beside him.

“Why’d you have to hit her?” Donna raged.

Bill looked a little guilty but shrugged. “You know that last job I did for Allen?”

Donna nodded.

“Well she saw me pull the trigger and she’s the only one that can identify me.”

I looked over at the woman, I couldn’t see much of her. When Bill had dumped her on the bed she had flopped over on her left side so that all I could see was back.. She had on a very nice evening dress cut all the way down to her very shapely bottom. I could tell she had a classic hourglass figure and her light skin combined with her red hair led me to believe she was Irish. I really couldn’t tell anymore.

“Crap!” Donna stated with real feeling. “Do we need to dump her body or is this salvageable?”

Bill looked thoughtful for a few seconds and then shook his head. “No, no I don’t think it’s salvageable. If we could just leave and not look back I’d do it, but Allen says we need to finish this job or else.”

“Yeah,” Donna reflected, “I’m not sure who he’d get to do the or else part I thought we usually did the dirty work, and come to think of it I really don’t want to find out.”

Bill just nodded and looked down at the woman on the bed. His fingers went to his sleeve and out came a wicked looking knife. He was just starting to bend over the prone figure on the bed when Donna stopped him.

“What’s the rush Bill, can’t a girl have a little fun first?”

“You always were a kinky bitch Donna, go ahead and get your rocks off.. I’ll wait.”

Donna cast Bill a wry look and kicking off her shoes climbed onto the bed kneeling over the woman. She began to undo the woman’s clothing, obviously taking her time and enjoying it. As the woman became more and more nude I found myself really looking at her. She had a really fine body.

I was almost surprised when Donna planted her mouth on the woman’s breast. I couldn’t really tell what she was doing until she rolled the woman over onto her back. She seemed to alternately be sucking, licking and biting her nipple.

The woman began to come to and groggily started trying to push Donna off. Donna’s smile was pure hunger as she pulled off her belt and tied the woman’s hands to the headboard. As Donna moved down to do something with her ankles I got my first good look at her.

It was Sarahhh! She was the daughter of my housekeeper. Katie had been my housekeeper for as long as I could remember. My father originally hired her when she was about twenty. She’d worked for us all her life and married Ralph the Chauffeur. They’d had two kids, a boy and a girl. I hadn’t seen her brother Art since the day he joined the Marines. Sarahhh had slowly taken over most of her mothers duties. We’d grown up together and I had first talked my dad into putting her on the payroll when she was thirteen. He had, and she had become an excellent housekeeper. I had kind of wondered what had happened to her when I died. No why was she here nosing about the hotel. What was going on here what piece of the puzzle was I missing?

Sarahhh was awake enough now to be looking seriously at Donna. When it was clear that the world was in focus for her, she began to smile.

“Please don’t do just one nipple, they are both lonely.” Sarahhh said in a lust filled voice.

Donna visibly started and even Bill came back over when he heard this.

“You do understand that we are going to have our way with you.” Donna was kneeling across Sarahhh and she leaned back sitting on Sarahhh’s hips when she said this.

“You can’t rape the willing.” Sarahhh cooed “Now get back down here and start tonguing my nipples.”

Donna was so shocked she actually bent down and resumed working on Sarahhh’s nipples. Bill was really starting to enjoy the show, he’d pulled out his dick and was stroking it. Donna really tried to reassert her authority by being extremely rough on Sarahh. Sarahhh just seemed to get hotter and hotter and ordered Donna to get her talented tongue onto Sarahhh’s sex. It was high time she earned her keep.

Donna moved her mouth and really seemed to start working her over. Sarahhh became even more vocal and her skin started to get that flush you always associate with aerobic activity. She finally let out an ear piercing scream and came all over Donna’s face. I’ve seen women do that before but I don’t think Donna had. She literally jumped off the bed and stood there holding her face letting Sarahhh’s juices drip off her. Bill could hold himself no longer and came as well. His eyes riveted to Sarahhh’s face.

“Kill her, kill the bitch now!” Donna screamed

Bill finished putting his dick away and reaching under his shirt pulled out a .45 and took aim at Sarhhh’s head. Sarahhh was so spent she was mewling and trying to rub her thighs together. She never saw the gun.

“NO!” I screamed at the top of my voice.

Bill spun around and his eyes seemed to lock onto mine. There was a belch of smoke and flame as the gun he had pointed at me fired.

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