tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMisadventures of Suzy McIntyre Ch. 01

Misadventures of Suzy McIntyre Ch. 01


When Suzy McIntyre awoke that Sunday morning, she knew she had made a big mistake the night before. She knew it from the pounding headache and queasy stomach from her hangover, and she knew it from the burning pain in her vagina and her rectum. As she lay in her bed and slowly became fully awake, the events of the night came back to her.

She had been out with her boyfriend, Rob Hunter. After warming up in a few bars, hitting a fraternity kegger, and a couple of clubs, they had gone back to his place. Rob had given her something, she wasn't sure what, but she was flying high by the time they started to make out. When Rob got out his digital recorder and had her strip for the camera, she was all too willing. It didn't really register at the time, but now she remembered him setting the camera on a tripod as they began making love on his bed. As if in a fog, she had vague recognition of his roommates, John and Fred coming into the room.

Lying in her bed the next day, Suzy conjured up what she could remember from the night before. She realized that there had been non-stop sex for hours. That meant that surely she had engaged in sex with one or both of the other men. She could tell by the pain in her asshole that she had anal sex with somebody, maybe with two of them, maybe all three. Rob had cajoled her into anal sex a couple of times, but she really didn't like it at all, and had told him she would never do it again. Obviously, last night she was not able to hold him off.

Suzy did not consider herself a slut or even highly promiscuous. She had had sex with fifteen guys, but for a 22 year old senior at her university, that seemed like a low number. She had never had sex with more than one guy at a time, and was not turned on by the idea. She had dated Rob exclusively for three months now, so she hadn't been with another guy for a while.

Rising slowly from the bed, Suzy pulled her camisole over her head and moved toward the bathroom. She wanted a long, hot shower. She stopped to look at herself in the mirror as she usually did, and let out an audible gasp as she saw her reflection. Her eyes were bloodshot, there were bags under them. But what shocked her was dried semen matted in her bangs.

Suzy's gaze continued down her body her breasts. They had red welts and bruises forming from an obvious mauling.

As she entered the shower and adjusted the temperature of the water, Suzy sobbed a few times. She wasn't sure whether they were tears of anger, fear, humiliation, or a mixture of all, but she managed to stifle them as the warm water began to cascade over her body.

After she finished her shower, Suzy mopped around the apartment all afternoon. By early evening, she had made a decision. She had to break up with Rob. She just couldn't trust him anymore.

While she was in the midst of trying to develop a strategy of how to handle the breakup, the phone rang. It was Rob.

"Hey babe, how ya doing," he asked cheeringly. "You recovered from last night? You got pretty wild."

Suzy thought over her response before replying. "No, Rob, I haven't really recovered. We need to talk about what happened," she said in an even voice.

"Oh really," Rob replied with an edge to his voice. "Well, ok, if that's what you want, meet me at Starbucks in an hour."

Suzy really preferred to do this over the telephone, but she decided it would be decent to do it in person, and in a public place should be secure. She was unsure about how Rob would react.

She agreed to meet with Rob, and got dressed and headed to Starbucks. Rob was already there when she arrived, so Suzy got her coffee and joined him in a secluded corner.

"So, what do we need to talk about, Suzy baby," Rob asked.

Suzy was bothered by his tone and body language. His demeanor reinforced the decision she had already made. Mustering her composure, she told Rob "I am really bothered by what happened last night. I don't really want to go into to all that, but I have decided that this relationship is not good for me." She paused, and the continued, "so I don't want to go out with you any more."

"Oh is that right?" Rob sneered. "You didn't seem bothered last night, at least not as long as you had plenty of cock."

His explicit language caused Suzy's head to jerk around to see if anyone was near enough to hear. Relived that no one was, Suzy answered. "listen, Rob, I don't know if you put something in my drink or what, but that wasn't me. I don't do things like that."

"Really?" Rob said in an even more condescending tone. "That's not how it looked last night."

Suzy met Rob's steely glare in silence, not knowing what to say. After a few moments, Rob broke the tense standoff, reaching to the floor beside him and handing Suzy a bag.

"You might want to watch this little record of your performance last night before you make any rash decisions," Rob said. With that, he arose from the table and walked toward the door without another comment.

Suzy looked in the bag well enough to see that it contained a DVD. She could guess what was on it. She managed to spend a few minutes trying to calmly drink her coffee before rushing home to view the DVD.

Suzy hurried home in great anticipation and anxiety. Although she still had her hangover from last night, she thought she needed a good, stiff drink to watch the DVD. She was glad she still had a bottle of vodka around, and poured a full glass of vodka over ice. She normally didn't drink hard liquor straight, but this was no ordinary occasion.

She put the DVD into her player and settled down into her love seat to watch. She paused before pressing the play button, dreading what she was about to see. But she knew she had to watch it, had to know, so she plunged ahead.

The video began as she remembered with her dong a sexy strip tease for Rob while he held the camera in his hand. When Suzy got down to her matching, lacy bra and thong panties, she could tell that Rob had put the recorder onto a tripod, and he moved into the field of vision.

She watched the screen as Rob began kissing her neck and caressing her breasts through her bra. The sensuous attention was exciting her all over again. She watched with growing arousal as Rob undid her bra and let it fall to the floor. He pushed her to a reclining position on the couch, and moved his head to her crotch. He pushed her panties to the side, and began licking her slit.

Suzy watching in real time was getting a tingly feeling as she watched herself getting her pussy eaten the night before. She could feel her pussy starting to lubricate as she watched.

After a few minutes, Suzy on the screen had an intense orgasm that left Suzy in real time touching her pussy. She had slipped off her slacks, and was rubbing her clit through her panties.

After bringing his girlfriend off, Rob stood and quickly shed his pants. He moved to the side of the couch, looking back to the camera to verify that he was in the viewfinder. Most of his body was not visible on the screen, but his rock hard cock was in the frame as he offered it to Suzy's mouth.

"Come on baby, suck that cock," Rob said softly, pushing his member toward the girl's face.

Suzy reached out hungrily, and took his cock in her mouth. She began sucking on the head in earnest, jerking the portion that was not in her mouth with her right hand, and cupped his balls in her left hand.

After a few moments, Rob pulled back a bit so that his cock popped out of her mouth.

"Do you want my cock back, slut?," Rob asked.

Suzy just nodded as she reached out for his manhood.

"Tell me you want it, slut," Rob demanded. "Beg me to let you suck my cock."

"Please let me suck your cock," Suzy pleaded.

"Ask me to let you lick my balls," Rob responded.

"Please, let me suck your cock and lick your balls," Suzy said, her voice flush with passion. "I want your cock and balls in my mouth."

Rob pushed his crotch back into the girl's face, and she eagerly licked and fondled his balls while jerking his cock.

Suzy in real time was still turned on viewing the actions of herself on the screen, but the arousal was fading. The action had advanced beyond what she remembered happening, and she was embarrassed by her submissiveness. She was not like that, and did not like being ordered around.

As real time Suzy watched Suzy on the screen turn from working on Rob's balls to cocksucking, she was suddenly aware that someone was now operating the camera; it was no longer in a fixed position on the tripod.

Suzy watched in disbelief as she deep throated Rob's 8-inch cock. He had tried to force her to do it in the past, but she had always gagged with about two-thirds in her throat and refused to go further. But she watched as Suzy on the screen fought through the gagging, and eventually took all 8 inches with her nose in Rob's pubic hair. The gagging and moaning of the woman on the screen was animalistic, and Suzy could not even fathom that it was she.

After a few minutes of gently fucking her throat, Rob pulled all the way out. "I want to cum on your pretty face," he said. "Do you want my cum on your face, slut"?

"Yes, yes, cum all over my face," Suzy on the screen begged. "I want your cum all over me."

Suzy in real time was shocked to hear herself begging to have her face cummed on. The few times Rob had done that, she had been repulsed; she considered it very demeaning. But now she was watching herself enthusiastically taking Rob's cumshot on her face as he jerked himself off.

As she watched Suzy on the screen rub the cum into her face and scoop some into her mouth, another cock appeared on the screen and was thrust at her face.

"Here's another dick for you, my little cocksucking slut," she heard Rob say.

She watched as Suzy on the screen fervently began licking and sucking the new cock. She couldn't tell whom it belonged to; the face that went with it was out of the picture.

Suzy on the screen continued to work on the cock at her face. The camera panned down, and Suzy in real time saw that there was a guy furiously licking her pussy. She recognized the back of the head as that of Fred, one of the roommates. So that must be John whose dick was in her mouth.

Then, while she was still sucking the cock and being eaten by Fred, Rob came into the picture to fondle her breasts. But the camera was not stationary; someone was operating it. Suzy came to the realization that was at least a fourth person on hand.

Suzy needed a break from the action. Her arousal had long since morphed to fear and apprehension, but she knew she had to watch the whole thing. She realized her drink was finished, and she walked to the kitchen to replenish it on unsteady legs.

Fortified with another drink in her hand, Suzy returned to the living room and picked up the remote. She pressed play, and the screen came back alive.

Suzy was mesmerized as she watched herself alternate between sucking and being fucked by Rob, his two roommates, and a fourth guy she didn't recognize. She was obviously enjoying the sex, and was urging them on with a constant stream chants of "fuck me" and "cum on my face." And cum on her face they did, as she watched herself open her mouth luridly to accept their semen.

At one point Suzy was put on her hands and knees, with a man she recognized as Fred fucking her face. Rob came in behind her and the camera zoomed in to show him inserting a finger in her asshole. He slid juice from her sopping wet pussy to lubricate her hole, and slowly worked his cock into her butt hole. Suzy in real life squirmed on the couch as Suzy on the screen screamed in pain at the invasion of her most private area, and she could feel her still sore sphincter tighten at the sight. Before long, however, the screams of pain turned to screams of pleasure, as she encouraged Rob to "fuck my ass, yes baby, fuck my shithole hard!"

Suzy was again shocked at her behavior. She couldn't bear to watch, and hit the fast forward key on the remote, and watched as a series of encounters rolled by on the screen. At one point, four more guys came into the room. She slowed the program to normal speed to see who these guys were. She recognized two from Rob's fraternity, one she had not seen before, and the fourth she recognized as Gene, a member of the football team. He was a large black man, and as she found out later in the video, lived up to the legend of black men being well endowed.

Suzy put the player back to fast forward as the four newcomers mingled in with the guys already there. There was a series of guys fucking her pussy, asshole, and mouth, and cumming all over her. Some of the guys were on their second or third time cumming. At one point she slowed the speed down to make sure she was seeing things right; she had guys simultaneously in her pussy and ass, and another in her mouth. She found that arousing, but hearing her voice screaming lewdly on the DVD shocked her, and she quickly speeded up the player again.

She did slow things down again when Gene came into the picture. She marveled as she watched herself lick the head of his massive cock and try to get it into her mouth. It was as big around as a drink can!

After slobbering over his cock and getting about half of it into her mouth, she could hear Gene saying, "You want this black dick in you? You want me to fuck you with it"?

Suzy in real time sat stunned as Suzy on the screen screamed out, "yes, fuck me with your big black dick! I want it in me now!"

The football player moved around and thrust into Suzy to the hilt in one movement. Suzy screamed out and began fucking back in earnest, all the while making guttural, animalistic sounds and interspersed with demands to "fuck me harder, deeper."

Suzy watched transfixed as Gene pounded her for what seemed like an eternity. Eventually, she heard Rob say, "fuck her ass, man!"

As he fucked her pussy, Gene grunted out, "do you want this dick in your ass?"

"No...oo, too big," Suzy managed to get out in her passion.

"Come on, Gene, get in that ass," Rob said. Several other guys shouted out encouragement.

Gene pulled out of her with a plop. He quickly rolled Suzy over onto her stomach, and pulled her hips into the air. He began working the head of his dick into her already lubricated anus. Suzy screamed in pain at the invasion of his girth, but soon grew silent and pushed back to meet him. Suzy in real time watched with a mixture of awe and horror as more and more black meat disappeared into Suzy on the screen's rectum. No wonder her butt was so sore!

By the time Gene had settled into a steady rhythm of ass fucking and Suzy had deteriorated into a mantra of "fuck my ass with that big black dick," Suzy in real time had sped on in fast forward mode.

Finally, the action on screen was winding down. Suzy was totally used up, and looked it, and most of the guys looked worn out as well. After some close shots of a cum smeared Suzy, Rob came on the screen.

"That was cum slut Suzy McIntyre, folks, doing what she likes to do best," Rob said. "Lets give her a hand."

There was applause from the guys assembled, and the picture on the screen faded away from the smiling and leering face of Rob Hunter.

With the video finally over, Suzy broke down sobbing as the full impact of what she had seen, and what she done, swept over her. Eventually, she literally cried herself to sleep.

Suzy was awakened from a tortured, deep sleep by the ringing of the telephone. Groggy from being woken, she answered without even checking caller ID.

"How's my little fuck slut?" asked Rob. "Did you watch your porno?"

Rob's words jolted Suzy fully awake. She was trying to decide whether to respond or just hang up when Rob continued.

"I bet you did," he chuckled. "I'll bet you masturbated while you watched. Maybe I'll come over and we can watch it together."

Suzy lashed out without thinking. "I don't know what you did to me, but that wasn't me. I'm not like that!," she exclaimed. "And if you think I'm ever going to see you again, you're crazy!"

"Oh, not you, huh?," Rob sneered. "I think anybody can see that was you."

"You know what I mean," Suzy hissed. "That's wasn't the real me. You must have drugged me or something."

"Well, the camera doesn't lie," Rob retorted. "You know there isn't any evidence of you being anything other than an enthusiastic participant. Anyway, it'd be your word against mine, and your words were 'fuck me', 'cum on my face' and all like that, so if you want to go there, lets go."

Suzy fought back tears as she listened to him. She realized he was right; she did look like a wanton slut in the video, overcome with lust, but in full command of her faculties. She fell silent, not being able to think of anything to say.

"So you can just forget about breaking off with me," Rob said. "You're my slut, on my terms forever now. Unless you want your video on the internet sent to your parents, all over campus, and sent to your job interviews."

Suzy couldn't hold back the tears. The video would kill her parents, and she was three months away from graduation. She already had job interviews scheduled starting in two weeks.

Rob listened to the sobbing girl for a full two minutes. Then he said, "I'll be in touch," and hung up.

After Rob's call, sleep was impossible for Suzy. She fretted the rest of the pre-dawn hours, and couldn't face going to classes or her part-time job at the campus bookstore.

Suzy was finally able to think logically about her circumstances. She quickly eliminated any thought of going to the police, or pursuing rape charges. She knew that would be a grueling process at best, and she just couldn't have the video become part of a public record. She was very worried about sexually transmitted diseases; she had not noticed any of the guys using a condom. Suzy knew risk of unprotected sex for such routine STDs as garnorroah and syphilis, and knew the risk was greater for AIDS from unprotected anal sex. She figured the inside of her anus probably was torn, and she tried to keep the horror of those dangers at bay. She also knew that some of the guys had gone straight from her asshole to her mouth, and she knew the high risk of hepatitis in that case.

While she was terrified about the disease risks, Suzy determined that she would just have to get testing and any preventative medical treatment. It became clear to her that the most important thing was to deal with Rob quickly, before he could make demands of her or spread the DVD around.

Suzy tried to come up with a strategy to deal with her situation. She had always depended on her mom and dad in tough situations, and she knew her dad would have solution to this, but she couldn't go to him on this.

Suzy's thoughts kept coming back to one option; her cousin Johnny Esposito. Suzy's mother was Italian, and Johnny was her sister's son. He had an Italian father, too, so he was Italian through and through. The family joke was that he was "connected," as in the mob, and was an "enforcer," but Johnny always maintained that he was just a businessman. Johnny seemed nice enough around family, but Suzy knew that his business interests included a partnership that owned a couple of strip clubs and a commercial cleaning service. Johnny was ten years older than Suzy, and had been a Navy Seal. He never talked about his military service, but Suzy knew enough about the Seals to know that they were a very tough lot, and he likely could have done anything while part of that group.

The only hesitation Suzy had about calling Johnny was that he hit on her often. Not too aggressively, but consistently and regularly. Not only were they first cousins, which Suzy thought made it wrong for them to have a relationship, but Johnny was married, and Suzy didn't believe in messing with married men. To top it all off, Suzy really liked Carlotta, Johnny's wife.

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