tagNovels and NovellasMisery Rides Again Ch. 01

Misery Rides Again Ch. 01

byBill Smith©

Chapter 1: Confusion

"George we need to talk," Justine says as she steps in front of me, eyes lowered and almost trembling.

Looking at my wife, I smile at her while thinking, what a lucky man I am to have a wife like Justine; beautiful, intelligent, and my best friend. But she has successfully blocked my path. "Baby can we talk after I return from my ride?"

"No George this is important and I have put it off for far too long."

Leaning my bike up again the hallway wall I turn and looking at Justine say, "Sure Babe," and walk into the living room where I sit on the couch and wait for her to sit down with me.

Instead I watch as she paces back and forth in front of the couch, biting her lower lip. Suddenly she stops, looks at the floor and says, "Oh shit George there is no easy way for me to say this other then to just blurt it out.

"Two weeks ago when I went out of town to that business conference, it was not a business conference. I went out of town with a man and I slept with him, and..., and other men and women too. I did sexual things that I never know existed, and George I did it because..., because I'm getting old.

"I'm over a half a century old and three weeks ago I had only had sex with 2 men in all of that time. George I had to know, what I had missed if anything. We grew up in the era of free love and peace, but all I did was study and work.

"George we missed out on an awful lot to things on our way to the top of the corporate ladder. If I had to do it all over again, I think that I would have done things differently. I think that our relationships with others is more important then work and more work to get to positions of so called 'importance' and money. All of the hours of hard work to just make money, George money is just paper. And the things that money buys are just things. I'm tired of 'things.' George I'm tired, I want a different life. I want to love others and be loved by them."

I just look at her, not believing my ears. I can feel the blood as it leaves my head, it is like a elevator going down. I feel light headed, light bodied, I want to float away.

"George... George are you okay? Baby?"

I start shaking my head from left to right and right to left, over and over again, all the while just looking at Justine. Until my head just stops and becomes just too heavy to hold up. My chin is resting on my chest. "Oh Justine...," the name just seems to fall to the floor and just lay there, dead, not moving.

"Justine, what have you done?"

"Did it ever occur to you to talk with me about this before you..., before you took off with this man? You are not an idiot Justine, yet your actions of two weeks ago were the acts of an idiot! Damn you! Damn you to hell!

"The top executive Justine makes a decision, a snap of her fingers and she pushes forward. You are not the CEO of our marriage! Our marriage is an equal joint venture, equal partnership, the feedback from one helps the other. It is a process of give and take. What the hell were you thinking?"

"George this is not like you, " Justine interject in a very surprised tone of voice.

"SHUT THE FUCK UP JUSTINE," I scream at the top of my voice as I jump up. The sudden movement of standing up forces my blood pressure down that elevator again.

"How dare you question anything I say after what..., after what you did. Who do you think you are? No, don't answer that I don't want to hear what you think you are." I turn and walk away.

"George. George where are you going," a very frightened Justine asks.

"Out. I'm taking my bike out and I'm going to ride." Looking back at Justine I speak softly, "Justine if I don't get away from you right now..." My voice trails off. Grabbing my bike I almost run out the front door.

"Thanks God, like I really needed this shit," I speak out loud, almost expecting God to reply. I straddle my bike, clips into the clipless pedals and starts to ride. "Did I just clip into clipless pedals, how in the fuck do you clip into clipless pedals? The world is just not what you think it is anymore, is it Gerogie boy?

"Shit now I'm talking to myself. Shut the fuck up George and ride!"

I ride like I have never ridden before. I push so hard that my legs start to hurt like my soul, and at last my body and spirit are tuned to the same frequency: PAIN! The questions, oh lord the questions fly, Why? What did I do? What if I had done this or that differently? Did I not love Justine enough or did I love her too much? Is this a mid-life crisis for her, now a mid-life crisis for me? The questions just continue, when I think they are no more, more rear their ugly head and it just goes on and on.

The miles fly past as I ride, and after 30 or so miles my anger and hurt start to ebb, and even the questions stop. Each additional mile I ride is like a layer of pain being removed, one layer at a time. Bur dear God there are so many layers yet to go. Will the pain ever go away?

Up ahead I see another rider. As I get closer I see a woman with a long black pony tail flying out behind her as she rides. She is riding at a good clip, but she does not have a tormented soul feeding her legs and the distance starts to shorten.

As I get closer I start checking her out. Nice riding form. Nice ass. Nice legs. Nice hair. "What the fuck George," I speak out loud to myself, "what do you have to loose?" Thinking about Justine, I think, two can play this game."

As I pull up beside her I speak, "Hello."

She turns her head and says, "Hello."

Her voice is low and sultry. She is pretty. Middle eastern. Small breasts. Young, early 20's. Nice bike. The things we learn in a quick glance, amazing.

"Where are you headed," I ask.

"Lake Ray Hubbard."

"Do you mind if I ride with you?"


And we ride together. We both agree that it is very hot and a dip into the lake is something we are both looking forward to. I tell her about a secluded cove I found on one of my trips out to Ray Hubbard that lends itself to skinny dipping.

She laughs out loud. Her laugh is almost musical. "Sounds good."

I almost feel ashamed of my thoughts but then I remember my conversation with Justine that morning. I pedal faster and my new friend laughs her musical laugh once again and matches my pace.

Then we are at the lake. We stop. I dismount, pick up my bike and place it over my shoulder and off to the woods I walk. There is really no trail, but I know my way. If you have ever ridden a bike in Texas in the summer, the idea of a dip into a lake is like a dying man in the desert finding an oasis. Heavenly. And the idea of having a young and naked girl going into that lake with you is..., well too good to be true.

Out of the woods we come, there is the cove. No one is around, it is almost like being on a different planet. The seclusion is perfect. I lay my bike down, turn to watch my new friend do the same. I smile, remove my helmet and pull my jersey over my head. My little friend does the same.

As my head is freed from the jersey I look with excitement to my new friend and see no breasts. I mean no swells at all. I just don't know. I mean she could just have really small breasts... you know just nipples. But her nipples are no larger then mine. What the fuck, I remove my shoes, socks, and then my bike shorts and so does she.

She is not a she. What stands in front of me is a man, but oh lord, if he was a she, she would be... almost too pretty to look at. Perhaps if Scheherazade was telling this tale and her life depended upon it she could tell you what I was seeing and feeling. I could only laugh, run into the lake and dive under the surface. What a long, strange fucking day this has been.

As I break the surface I don't see her, I mean him. Then just in front of me up he comes. He looks at me and that musical laugh fills my ears with music. Looking at him I see only his head and long hair floating on the surface. I see a most incredibly beautiful woman before me who is not a woman at all. My heart skips a beat. I reach out with my arms, grab him to me and take him underwater. Underwater we look at each other and both of us smile. I'm so confused.

I kick at the bottom of the lake and we shoot upwards like missiles launched from a submarine. Then with sadness I push him away from me. My new friend interprets it as horse play and once again we are tangled arms and legs as we roll around above and below the water. He is the same size as Justine and his compact size fits so well in my arms.

Then I realize I have an erection. My God so does he! What is happening here? I pick him up so easily and take him to the beach and lay him down gently with me atop of him. Then I roll off and lay beside him and feel the heat of the sun on my skin. The heat inside of me makes the sun rays feel like snow flakes falling on my flesh.

My new friend has his eyes closed and is enjoying the sun rays. I look at him and I am amazed at just how beautiful he is, from the top of his head to the tips of his toes. And his penis, well it is like a flag pole without the flag, standing tall and proud.

I reach out with my left hand and grasp his manhood. His eyes flutter open at the contact. I tell him, "It is okay, just close your eyes." And he does with just a hint of a smile on his lips.

I have never touched another's man dick before. It is hard to describe, no pun intended. It is hard, yet so soft and warm. I gently squeeze and release it, and I can feel the pulse of his heart when I squeeze. It is not like holding onto my own dick, but yet it is. I'm so confused.

I do all of the things that I enjoy doing to my own dick to his, and his breathing increases. It is a heady thing to give pleasure to another. I mean it is a power kind of thing, to know that you are giving pleasure and can stop at any time, to take that pleasure away. But I don't want to take pleasure away from my new friend, I want to give him more.

I remove my eyes from his dick and look at him. Golden brown skin, dark black hair on the top of his head and around his proud dick. No hair on his chest, just two little nipples trying to stand as tall and proud as his dick. I bend my head and flick my tongue across the nipple closest to me, which brings an audible sigh from my little friend and a jerk from his dick. It is almost like making love to a woman, except the clitoris is so much larger.

And it feels dirty. Well I have been told that sex is dirty if you do it right. I am next to all of those taboos that have been drilled into my head and I am excited. And if being excited is feeling dirty, then have the soap handy when I am through, cause I like it. I'm so confused, but I don't care anymore.

I move to my little friend's other nipple and do the same tongue dance that I did on the one closest to me. I did have to adjust my body to do this and now my erection is lying on top of his left leg. I place my left leg over my dick and it is trapped between our legs, and this contact is exciting. We are in a closed loop, as he gets excited I get excited too. I release his nipple and use my tongue to draw circles upwards to his neck, and once there I just use all of the little things I learned to do to women and he responds just the same. As I move from his neck to his lower jaw I move forward until our lips meet. The thought of kissing a man before this would have repulsed me but we are locked into a feedback loop that no power on earth could break. Lips part and tongues dance just like a boy and girl, but this is boy and boy and the taboos make this more exciting.

Then I feel a wetness on my hand that has been holding onto his dick. I'm familiar with this wetness as I have felt it when playing with mine. I release my grip and using my fingers I move the wetness around the head of his dick. All of this causes his tongue to fight more fiercely with mine, which makes my dick leak precum as well. Shit we are both getting wet. I'm so confused, but oh so incredibly horny as well.

With a sigh I release his lips and start a spiraling tongue dance with my tongue down his torso, while at the same time I release his dick and let my fingers move between his ass cheeks. With the wetness from his dick still on my fingers I find his asshole, first one finger then another find their way into him. He sucks in air into his lungs while at the same time his ass sucks my fingers into his ass. I swear he starts to hum and vibrate. Then I am eyeball to eyeball, so to speak, with his dick.

Do or die? Why is this so taboo? Who made it taboo? Fuck it, my mouth engulfs the head of my new friends dick. It is not what I expected, but then again I never knew what I expected. It is so soft, yet so hard, and so warm. The taste is so different from sucking on his nipples or tongue, it is different and being different it is exciting. I know not what I do but I enjoy it, and the power of giving pleasure is heady. My lips and tongue play his dick like a master flutist and my little friend starts to dance to a tune only he can hear but before he can reach his crescendo I remove my mouth and fingers.

With a deft movement I am between his legs, with almost a practiced movement I have his legs uplifted and my dick is ready for its' entrance. With some minor adjustment my slick dick meets his asshole and gently glides in. Inch by inch my dick moves forward until it is buried. Then with gentle movements I move out and then back again until my dick is like a well oiled piston moving in and out. I look into his eyes and I see pleasure. I see his mouth move into little oh's and ah's as I move inside of him. Faster we move together, then I feel his wetness as it spurts between our bellies, then I follow him and flood his insides with my cum. Then I move my head down towards his and kiss him long and hard.

Then I roll off him and gaze into the sky. What has happened here? My little friend rolls into my body and holds me, and I hold him back. What a strange fucking day this has been.

Looking at the clouds passing by I speak to my new friend, "I don't know your name."

"I am called Amir."

"Amir," it just kinda rolls off my lips and floats along with the clouds in the sky. "I like that name. The sound of your name feels good on the tip of my tongue and lips."

"I too felt good on the tip of your tongue and lips. I never knew, this thing we did together would be so good." Reaching out his hand he gently plays with my dick

"I have never done this before..., I mean with another male. This is all so new and different for me. I.., hmmm.., never in my wildest dream did I ever think this would happen. I mean, I am over 50 years old! I'm so confused."

"I too have never done this before, with man or woman. It is new and different. I like it. Can we do it again?"

"You mean you are a virgin, I mean you were a virgin," I ask my new little friend.

He looks up at me and nods his head, yes. Then he asks, "Do it again?"

"Amir, I am a old man and it takes a little while for me to recover..."

" I don't think so. It feels ready now."

My God he was right, his manipulations or the novelty of this adventure or both, my dick is still hard. Not as hard as it was before, but a decent hard if I do say so myself. "Amir, give me a minute to think this over, I.., this is new to me too."

"Okay, I give you time. Perhaps pleasure too." With that said, he lifts his head off my shoulder and bending at his waist places his head on my abdomen.

Then I feel a warm wetness engulf the head of my dick. Then there is movement dancing on my dick as well, his tongue has started a rhythm that I respond to. Amir my little friend, you learn fast.

After a few minutes Amir raises his head and looks sheepishly at me, lick his lips then says, "Now I think?"

"Yes, now." Who am I to argue.

He straddles my body, facing my feet, and tries to impale himself on my dick. Well he still has things to learn. I grab my dick with one hand and his ass with the other, and make the necessary corrections. Once again we are joined. I am passive and watch to see what he does. He moves slowly but inch by inch my dick disappears into his ass, until it is buried. Amir just sits for a minute then he starts to rock back and forth, slowly at first but the tempo increases. I look at his back and his ass. If I didn't know he had a dick I would think this is a woman who likes anal sex. Do all men look like this from behind? After thinking about the men I know I come to the conclusion that nope, it is just Amir.

My body starts to move with Amir's dance of new found passion. My new found passion too? I'm so confused.

I reach out and pull Amir to me until he is laying with his back on top of me, and I start driving my dick in and out of his ass. With one hand I grab his dick, and with the other I pinch a nipple. I think I am hammering his ass so hard we are beginning to move across the ground. Somehow my mouth finds his shoulder and I bite it.

Amir cums first, then I follow a close second. I swear that if I didn't have a decent cardiovascular system from all of my bike riding I would have died. I wrap both my arms around him and gently squeeze.

"The pleasure is very intense. I like it. Do it again?"

I laugh out loud, it is almost hysterical., "No Amir we can't do it again right now. I need to take you home to my wife and perhaps she can wear you out."

With the agility that only the young have, he has twisted his body around till we are now belly to belly. He looks at me in bewilderment, "You're married? You would share your wife with me? Is she pretty?"

I laugh, "Yes, maybe, yes." And laugh some more. "But first thing first we need to get cleaned up."

"Ok." he jumps up, extends a hand and with a strength the belies his small stature he pulls me up. Holding hands we run to the lake. Using just hands and water we do the best that we can and clean each other. With all of this action Amir has another erection and placing one of my hands on it, he looks at me and ask, "Do it again?"

I grab one of his hands and place it on my non erect dick and tell him, "No."

We both laugh.

Amir then takes one hand and strokes my face, "I don't know your name. Big man who makes me feel so good."

"My name is George."

"George, it is a good name. Yes? George, sounds strong. Now you take me home to pretty wife. Yes? America, I love it!"

To Be Continued...

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