tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMiss Spencer and Dr Watson

Miss Spencer and Dr Watson


"Hello there, Miss Spencer. I'm Dr. Watson and I'll be seeing to your physical examination today."

Miss Spencer nodded her head in greeting, her lips forming a polite smile that didn't quite reach her anxious eyes. The nurse had already prepared her for the exam and she sat on the examination table in only a thin cloth robe.

Dr. Watson glanced down at his clipboard, "I understand this is your first full medical examination?"

"Yes, that's right Doctor."

"You must be quite nervous but there's absolutely no cause for concern. I'm an experienced physician and have performed these procedures countless times before." He gave the young woman a reassuring smile. "Just a few questions before we begin. You're almost 24 years old, is that correct?"


"Is there a reason you haven't had yourself checked out before today?"

"Ah... I realise I'm quite old but I've only recently had... ah... I mean I've only just become sexually active."

She looked down at her toes to hide her sudden blush. Dr. Watson was surprised that such a beautiful, petite woman had been left untouched for so long. Most of the inexperienced females he'd examined were teenagers, and their bodies hadn't quite reached their full potential yet, development wise. But Miss Emily Watson's body was definitely in its prime. Even through the robe he could see that her delicate frame supported a delightfully curvaceous figure. Dr. Watson hadn't felt such a strong urge to take advantage of a patient's naivety since his internship ten years ago.

"That's nothing to be ashamed of at all. In fact, it's my personal opinion that you did well in waiting. So many women rush into these things for all the wrong reasons and often regret their haste."

This seemed to comfort Ms. Watson somewhat, and she lifted her gaze, an appreciative smile gracing her lips.

He returned her smile, "And how many times have you engaged in sexual intercourse thus far?"

"Just the once."

"And did you use protection?"

"I think so doctor. That's what drove me to make this appointment actually. It's quite embarrassing but I was at this party last month on Halloween and, well I don't usually go to parties and I was quite drunk and I..."


"Well, I don't remember much about the umm... the actual sex part."

"I see," said Dr. Watson, secretly pleased at her memory loss; she was practically a virgin. "Well, you certainly did the right thing by coming here. Lets get started shall we?"

By the time Dr. Watson had tested her eyesight, hearing, reflexes and blood pressure, Miss Spencer's nerves had died down considerably. He was so very confident and friendly in his manner that she couldn't see any possible reason why she should distrust or fear him. He was a professional after all, and clearly knew how to do his job.

"That all looks great Miss Spencer. Now if you'll lower your robe to your waist, ill begin the breast exam."

She hesitated only slightly before following his instructions.

"That's it; now put your hands behind your head... perfect." He commended himself on keeping a passive expression as he reached out excitedly to grasp one of the large, yet amazingly firm globes before him. He began to gently massage her left breast, starting at the edges and working his way to the centre. He gently flicked her sensitive nipple, eliciting a surprised gasp from his patient before rolling the hardened nub between his thumb and forefinger, occasionally pulling the nipple outward before letting it spring back into shape. Miss Spencer's fists clenched at her sides as she fought the confusing arousal the doctor's actions were causing her.

"Just checking for any irregular responses." He commented and repeated the process on her right breast. "You're doing very well, I have just one more sensitivity test to perform in this area and then we can move on."

She nodded for him to continue and he reached for a cupboard handle to his right before turning back to her with a considering gaze as if struck by a sudden thought.

"Say, I've been working on a theory to increase the validity of physical examination results and I've hypothesised that by restricting the sense of sight, the body's responses are accentuated and thereby more accurately recorded. Would you mind terribly if I blindfolded you for the rest of the exam?"

Miss Spencer's expression went from genuinely startled to slightly apprehensive.

"Of course, I'd give you a full account of my progress so you'd know what I was doing at all times." The doctor continued. "Such a small inconvenience could very well lead to the early detection of an abnormality that might otherwise be overlooked."

"Well, if you think it best I suppose being blindfolded wouldn't be so bad." She replied slowly, thinking it would have the additional benefit of reducing her embarrassment at being so vulnerably exposed.

"A good decision, Miss Spencer." Dr. Watson reached into a nearby drawer for his spare work tie and used it to cover his patient's eyes, securing a double knot behind her head to ensure the blindfold would stay in place for the remainder of the examination.

"Okay Miss Spencer, first I'm going to help you lye back on the examination table... that's it," he encouraged as she leaned backwards with his guidance until she lay flat on her back. "Now, it's important that your arms remain by your sides and you keep your body as still as possible throughout the examination so as to refrain from interfering with any of the tests."

Miss Spencer nodded her understanding.

Dr. Watson opened a drawer at random and loudly sifted through its contents. "In order to test the blood flow in your breasts, I'm now going to use a lubricated suction cup." He explained. "Don't be at all concerned if it feels strange. These newer editions are designed with a heating component and certain other unusual features in an effort to feel less clinical and more natural."

Barely able to contain his glee, Dr. Watson bent over his beautiful patient, drew her left breast into his mouth and proceeded to suckle enthusiastically.

"Uhhh..." Miss Spencer moaned as unexpected pleasure pulsed through her body. She was immediately overcome with embarrassment and bit her lip to contain any further exclamations. She could not, however, prevent her body from squirming as the sucking pressure increased and she unconsciously arched her back, pushing her breast further into the doctor's eager mouth. After several minutes the sucking ceased but, before she could properly catch her breath, she felt the same sensations on her right breast. Again, she arched her back as her pussy began to throb insistently. God, what was happening to her? Was in normal to feel so aroused by a mere suction cup?

"Very good, Miss Spencer. Everything seems to be in order so far." Dr Watson reassured after he'd had a satisfying taste of his patient's perfectly shaped breasts. Unable to help himself, he reached out and gave her now over-sensitive nipples another few pinches and twists, delighted at her uncontainable gasps of pleasure.

"Yes, everything's in perfect order." He repeated. "Now it's time for the genital examination. Don't worry; I've done this more times than I can count. You're in good hands."

"Yes, Doctor." Miss Spencer murmured, her nerves at the forefront, now not only afraid of feeling vulnerable but of the embarrassment of her own reactions to the examination.

"Okay, I'll be starting with an external tactile examination, so I'll need to remove the robe and strap your legs into the stirrups."

The doctor removed the thin robe from her waist and delighted in the sight of her widening pussy as he strapped in her ankles. Then, completely gloveless, he slowly ran his fingers up and down the length of her waxed slit. He felt the moisture there increase as he added pressure, then began circling her clit with his thumb.

"Doing alright there?" he asked, already knowing the answer by the uncontrollable twitching of her body.

"Y-Yes, Doctorrr."

"Great, don't be concerned if you feel a small amount of arousal during the proceedings. It is totally natural."

A small amount of arousal? She didn't know how much longer she could keep her responses in check, especially if he kept rubbing that one spot that was driving her towards insanity.

"Oh dear," muttered Dr Watson with a slightly disapproving edge to his tone. "You seem to be making quite a mess down here. Indeed, you are absolutely soaked! I must tell you this does make my work harder."

"I'm so sorry, Doctor. I- I didn't mean to... really I just... I mean it's just that..."

"Whether you meant to or not is not the issue, dear." He interrupted sternly. "I'll just have to clean it up with a wet wipe but do try to control yourself henceforth Ms Spencer!"

Her cheeks coloured and she remained silent, properly contrite.

Dr Watson grinned at his patient's increasing submissiveness and proceeded to lower his face to where her pussy lips glistened with juice, inhaling the wondrous scent before licking the entire length of her baby-smooth slit.

"Ahhh..." moaned Miss Spencer helplessly. It was an unbelievably torturous feeling to be so aroused whilst trying her very best not to be. But she could not prevent the twitching of her body, nor her pussy from overflowing with yet more liquid proof of her shameful predicament. Her girlfriends had always mentioned how much they dreaded the cold, calculated atmosphere at their regular check-ups but that was the furthest from how she was feeling now. What was wrong with her? Dr Watson must be disgusted with her and how could she blame him? Even a wet wipe turned her on!

"P-please... please I..." she babbled, unsure exactly what she was pleading for.

Dr Watson withdrew long enough to harshly admonish his patient once again. "You just can't help yourself, can you?! Perhaps if I apply the suction cup to your clitoris, I will be able to dry you out enough to continue my examination. That is the source after all and I do have other appointments to keep!!"

"N-no... n-not that again... please I can't..."

"That is enough from you Miss Spencer! As if you aren't enough trouble already, you now protest my methods? I am a professional and I will do what I see fit in this situation!"

"Forgive me Doctor. I won't say another word." Miss Spencer whispered, hoping to appease the angry Doctor. Oh, how she disliked confrontation! She'd been a people pleaser her whole life and had never been able to handle anyone being angry with her.

"You had better not! One more sound and I will cease the appointment and charge you triple for the inconvenience!" Wow. Thought Dr Watson. I can't believe she is falling for this bullshit. "I should just speed through the rest of the exam to recover the time you have wasted, but I am a kind man and I will continue to inform you of the proceedings as long as you keep that mouth shut! I will now apply the suction cup to your clitoris."

He bent over to suckle at her still swollen clit, drinking the forthcoming pussy juice as if he was dying of thirst and this was the only way to quench it. He even nipped the bud with his teeth, knowing she was too distracted by controlling her own passion to notice change in the so called suction cup.

Miss Spencer was indeed overwhelmed by her efforts to remain unresponsive to the doctor's administrations. Her knuckled were white, nails biting into her palm as she kept her fist clenched tightly at her sides. Her entire form was covered with a sheen of sweat and her teeth drew blood as she bit her bottom lip to keep her promised silence. Suddenly the suction increased and she began to thrash uncontrollably, just barely able to stop the scream of pleasure form leaving her lips.

Dr Watson smiled as he watched her fight her orgasm to the end. Needless to say, he was now so unbelievably hard that he felt he would rip a hole through his trousers if he did not give his engorged member some breathing space. He unzipped and pulled his trousers and underwear down to his ankles before stepping out of them. He had been told by many lovers, including his wife, how his size and incredible stamina impressed them. Therefore, he arrogantly thought that any woman on the receiving end should be honoured and grateful to him for the opportunity to be properly 'filled'. His patient had come down from her orgasm and was now breathing heavily, her perfect breasts jiggling up and down as she did so. He knew he could get away with anything now that the oh so gullible and submissive Miss Spencer had been sworn to silence and practically unconditional co-operation. He reached out to rub her heaving mounds once more, giving the nipples a few satisfying pulls before releasing them.

"Well, I suppose that's as clean as I'll be able to get you." Dr Watson's voice still held that hint of admonishment to maintain his patient's embarrassment and eager-to-be-a-good-girl behaviour.

"It's important you remain as still as possible for this last part of the examination. I will now feel for abnormalities internally."

Without preamble, the Doctor slid a bare finger into her sopping cunt, thrusting it in and out before adding in a second, then third finger. He looked up at her, delighted at her attempts to control her 'bad behaviour'. Her hands had a death grip on the sides of the examination table and no audible speech passed her lips, but the arching of her back, her pointed nipples, flushed face and forever leaking pussy exposed her wanton passion. He added a forth digit to his finger fucking, stroking his weeping cock with his left hand.

He suddenly withdrew his fingers from her pussy, knowing he couldn't wait any longer.

"There's just one last test in your internal exam before I can let you go. It's a simultaneous rectal and vaginal temperature reading." He needn't have maintained his pseudo-medical explanations as Miss Spencer was beyond hearing or comprehending his words at this point.

He grabbed a thermometer from his tools bench, picking up the real first medical tool since the examination began. He slid it straight into the pussy before him, lubricating the instrument thoroughly before pushing it slowly into her asshole until the head of the thermometer disappeared completely. She gasped and moaned but her mind didn't even question the intrusion; she was so close to cumming, her body would welcome any stimulation that could get her there. She couldn't even recall why she had been resisting for so long, everything but the rising arousal did not exist to her anymore.

"Here comes the cunt thermometer, Miss Spencer." Forgetting to use the professional term in his haste, Dr Watson lined up his cock with its gorgeous target and thrust himself in. He barely registered his patient's screams of orgasmic pleasure as he grunted and groaned at the unbelievable tightness and suddenly throbbing walls of her pussy. He had been unable to push his huge, thick cock all the way in on that first thrust, she was that tight! In fact he was not even halfway inside, but he would rectify that right now. Miss Spencer screamed in pleasure-pain, her pussy stretching unbelievably wide to accommodate the doctor's cock as he pushed it further inside her. Finally he was balls deep and, tightening his grip on her hips for leverage, he began thrusting mercilessly in and out of her welcoming cunt. He pumped his cock hard and fast for almost half an hour before spilling his seed deep into her pussy. Exhausted, he looked up at his victim, only now noticing she'd lost consciousness.

Dr Watson tidied himself up and got dressed; his dick was at half-mast as he left the examination room.

"Be sure to book Miss Emily Spencer in for a follow-up appointment when she comes out" said Dr Watson to the women at the receptionist desk, his devilishly scheming smile barely concealed. "I think she'd benefit from a dual consult with Dr Mason and myself." Dr Watson glanced at his watch, "Time flies when you're working hard! If you'll excuse me ladies, I'm going to head out for my lunch break." He returned to the exam room to hang up his lab coat, grinning at the sight before him of Miss Spencer's unconscious form with her pussy still stretched to maximum capacity by the stirrups, his fresh cum dripping freely from down her slit and the head of the thermometer peeking out of that gorgeous asshole. "Perhaps even Dr Mason's young interns would jump at a chance to observe such an interesting case study." He smirked, getting hard again just imagining it.

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