tagGroup SexMissy Ch. 02

Missy Ch. 02


Chapter 2: Sharing

Missy didn't wear pants as we walked over to Julie's apartment.

Missy was a petite lady with long blonde hair. She was quite a sight wearing nothing but a white t-shirt. By holding it down she had managed to mostly cover herself. In the front the t-shirt came just low enough to hide her pretty blonde bush. This came at the cost of it being higher in back, revealing the curves of her well rounded ass, still red from the spanking I had just given her. It also pulled the white fabric tight against her perky little breasts, making her hard nipples very visible.

It had been my idea for Missy to leave her sweat-pants back at her place rather than put them back on after her spanking. She went along with it. Missy and Julie, my fiancée, lived in the same apartment building, which was entirely populated by young artists and college students upset that they had missed the '60s by a generation. It was a short walk and there was no one there to be particularly offended by the sight of Missy pants-less.

We made it to Julie's door without any trouble, though the urge to bend Missy over the balcony railing and bang the hell out of her had been almost irresistible. I managed mostly by thinking about how disappointed Julie would be if she missed any more of the fun.

Needless to say, my fiancée and I had a non-traditional relationship. At the time, we hadn't really defined exactly what that meant, but it definitely meant she didn't mind if I messed around a little, as long as I came home to her. She had known all along that I had a thing for Missy, who I had dated in college. As it happened, Julie had a thing for Missy too. That was why I didn't want Julie to feel left out. Still, if Julie hadn't been home I don't think I would have been able to hold back. Fortunately, she had just gotten back. She was just setting her stuff down when we got there.

"Hi," Julie said without really looking at us. "What have you guys been up to?"

"Your boyfriend just gave me a good hard spanking," Missy answered huskily.

"What?" Julie turned to look us, obviously caught a little off guard.

"A good hard spanking," Missy repeated. "He made me cum. Now I want him inside me."

Julie's jaw dropped and her eyes grew wide. Missy had released her hold on the bottom of her t-shirt, causing it to rise up around her waist. I watched as Julie's eyes traveled along Missy's bare legs and stopped at her lovely blonde bush.

"I didn't want you to be left out," I told Julie with a smile.

Julie stepped closer, her eyes still wide, and asked Missy, "You're ok with this?"

"Are you?" Missy said.

In retrospect, I know some kind of serious and important conversation was going here. At the time, I was oblivious to anything except the sight of Julie and Missy standing so close their bodies were almost touching. Julie was taller and Missy was looking up at her innocently. Missy is the only person I've ever known who could stand there, wearing only a t-shirt, her ass red from a spanking, and look up at someone innocently.

The silent communication between the two women lasted a long moment, then Julie leaned down and kissed Missy hungrily on the lips. I watched them kiss, their bodies pressed against each other, their mouths locked together. Then Julie reached over and pulled me into the circle of their embrace. Everything became very clumsy and confusing. I was kissing Julie, then Missy. They were kissing each other or we were all trying to kiss each other at once.

Later we would find Julie's skirt and my shirt on the kitchen floor. Missy's t-shirt would be found on the kitchen table, tossed there by three sets of hands. Julie's top made it as far as the doorway to the living room/ bed room of her tiny apartment. I managed to disentangle myself long enough to struggle with the buttons of my jeans. The ladies tumbled together onto Julie's bed, laughing.

Missy was completely naked; her long blonde hair was tousled around her pretty face. Julie had a hand on one of Missy's perky breasts, her thumb brushing the little, bud-like nipple. Julie's other hand rested on Missy's waist, just above her lovely round ass. Julie's hair was a darker blonde than Missy's, cut shorter and spread across the mattress where she had fallen. Missy, with deft movements that spoke of experience, had undone Julie's bra. She tossed it aside, releasing Julie's full breasts. Missy lowered her head and started to lick and suck on Julie's nipples, while her hands moved to push Julie's panties down off her hips.

With what one friend had once described as a shit-eating grin on my face, I hastily pulled off my clothes and climbed into the bed beside them. As I did, I noticed that the blinds over Julie's windows were still up. Julie, not known for her sense of modesty, had placed her bed directly in front of a set of big bay windows that overlooked one of the town's main thoroughfares. Cars were zipping steadily by not ten feet from all this crazy nakedness. I hope they enjoyed the view.

The girls had switched places so that Julie was now on top. Her panties were gone and her firm, muscular ass was up in the air as she lowered her face toward Missy's chest. Tentatively at first, this being the first time for her, Julie licked and nuzzled Missy's breasts.

I ran my hands along Julie's ass, then I lowered myself next to her. Our heads touching, I sucked Missy's left breast while Julie licked her right. Missy moaned and writhed under us, her hands caressing our bodies, tangling in our hair.

A hand stroked my hip and wrapped itself around my dick. I groaned and looked up from Missy's breast. Julie looked at me and smiled. It was her hand around my shaft.

"She wants this," Julie said, tugging on my dick.

I looked at Missy. "Is that what you want?" I asked, teasingly.

"Yes," Missy whispered softly, "Yes, I want that."

With a grin, I told Julie to lay down on the bed. I lifted Missy up and had her get on her hands and knees, her head level with Julie's dark blonde bush. Missy leaned forward, wrapping her hands around my fiancée's ass, and lowered her face between Julie's legs. Julie gasped as, for the first time, another woman licked her pussy.

Missy's round ass was raised up in the air. I positioned myself behind her, running my fingers along her inner thighs and across her ass. Taking my shaft in my hand, I leaned forward and started to rub the head of my dick across Missy's pussy. She was very wet.

As my dick started to push against her, Missy lifted her head from Julie's pussy. I backed away. Missy whimpered, wiggling her ass, but I just shook my head. She clearly understood my intent, as she buried her face once more between Julie's thighs. Julie groaned as Missy's tongue renewed its assault on her clit.

I lean forward again and this time allowed the tip of my dick to slide smoothly into Missy's wet pussy. I heard Missy's moan, muffled by Julie's pussy, and she pushed back against me. Slowly, I pushed forward, sliding my dick into her inch by inch. Missy felt amazingly tight around my shaft. Her hips bucked slowly back against me, drawing me deeper in. When I was as deep as I could go, I started to slowly pull back until I was completely out again. I paused and then drove into her again, more quickly this time. I built the pace slowly but steadily, until I was pounding into Missy's pussy from behind.

As I did, I watched Julie twisting her hands in Missy's hair, holding the petite blonde's face firmly against her pussy. One of Missy's hands was squeezing Julie's breasts while the other clutched her ass. Julie's hips started to buck. Her tight abs tensed and then Julie's whole body quivered as she came. Missy's face remained buried between Julie's bucking thighs.

The sight of Missy eating my fiancée to orgasm was too much for me. I felt the familiar tightening in my balls and, with a groan, made one last, punishingly hard thrust. Gasping, I unloaded spurt after spurt of cum deep inside Missy's pussy. With a final moan, I pulled myself out of her and dropped onto the bed.

Missy rolled over to lay between Julie and me. Her face was sticky with Julie's juices and her little nipples were rock hard. Her breath was coming in deep wet gasps. Julie, relaxed and smiling, rolled onto her side and ran her hands along Missy's taut belly.

"We can't just leave her like this," Julie chided me.

"No," I smiled, "we can't."

I leaned over and put my hand over Julie's. Holding her firmly, I guided her hand down Missy's belly to the wet tangle of her pussy. Julie looked, almost in awe, at Missy's swollen labia and at the little stream of cum that had started to leak between them. I pushed Julie's fingers down between those wet lips. Missy sighed and moved her hips in response. I guided Julie's touch to Missy's clit. The petite blonde gasped as two sets of fingers rubbed her sensitive bud.

I pulled my hand away, using my fingers to hold Missy's pussy open and allowing Julie to explore it on her own. Missy gasped and sighed as Julie teased and stroked her. After a while, Julie started to rub firmly on Missy's clit, smiling as her touch brought out Missy's soft cries. Missy's hips shook and she gave a deep moan as she came.

I put one arm around Missy, enjoying the feeling of her soft body against mine. Julie climbed over to my other side and I embraced her too. Holding both women in my arms, I lay back and smiled.

"It's fun to share," Julie said, laying her head against my chest.

It certainly had been, but Missy later admitted she didn't really want to share. She wanted someone for herself, which when you get right down to it, is a very reasonable thing to want. Fortunately, soon after, she found someone. Unfortunately, Missy and her new girlfriend moved away. We kept in touch as best we could.

Julie and I got married. Our relationship remains non-traditional, but that's a whole other set of stories...

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