tagLoving WivesMissy Entertains Clients

Missy Entertains Clients

byjay hanspard©

Simply put, Jay's career had been an incredible success. He was very fortunate to have stepped into a book of business that paid extremely well. However, he had added quite a bit to that book himself. He sold commercial insurance… a lot of commercial insurance. He was very good at figuring out quickly what people wanted. He was preparing to entertain some new clients, and he had figured out pretty quickly that one good prostitute would close this deal. He just happened to know one...

Jay's wife Missy had "entertained" clients before. New clients opening small accounts usually got a strip and lap dance. Of course, they never knew she was Jay's wife; just a stripper he had hired. Once, for a client opening a larger account, he had sent Missy over to his hotel room under the guise of a masseuse. What he got was a full body massage with her 38D tits followed by oral sex and a hand job. A couple of other times she had given hand jobs in the back of a limo or sucked a clients cock in a coat room, but the majority of the time she just danced and stripped.

Jay had been wooing a client for over a year, and they were finally close to closing. The client was from cargo airline, and their annual insurance premium was over $1,000,000. Jay's commission on the deal would be about ten percent of that, and he was going to do everything in his power to close the deal. Enter Missy.

The airlines financial and management team consisted of four guys. Alex was the senior manager and leader of the group. He was in his early fifties, quite tall and very polite. No doubt he was quite well off himself and seemed very confident. The other three guys, Dan, Dave, and Bill, were in their mid-twenties. Each had a different financial discipline, but each was basically following Alex around to try to learn how to be like him.

Jay brought the team to a local watering hole called Murphy's. It was a nice place, mostly filled with younger professionals. They tossed back a few and played some pool, waiting until it was late enough to the hotel for the grand finale. They played until about eight o'clock, and then Jay rounded them up into the limo and took them to the hotel suite. Jay knew that Missy was already there "primping". What that consisted of was fixing her hair and make-up, and probably masturbating once or twice to get her in the right mindset. Jay didn't know exactly what she was planning, but she was well aware of the huge payoff if he got the account, so he figured she would have something special ready.

All of them were dropped off at the front door of the hotel. Their room was on the 12th floor, and the guys in the management team laughed and joked all the way up. Alex had drunk in moderation, but he was still in a good mood. The younger three had drunk quite a bit, and they were feeling much less pain. Jay had not had any alcohol. He could only enjoy this if he was clear headed.

Jay knocked on the door. Missy opened the door wearing only a belly chain and spike heels. Jay had to admit, even he was surprised. She had covered her body in shiny oil and some light glitter. She smiled and welcomed them in. She was using her exaggerated stripper walk; swinging her ass and making sure her big boobs bobbed up and down with every step. Ten eyes were bulging out of their sockets as she showed everyone to their seat. The suite was beautifully furnished with a bar, couch, recliners, a huge four-poster bed in the bedroom, and a big screen TV in the living room. The couch and two recliners formed a half-circle in the living room in front of the TV. She sat Jay in a recliner to one side, she sat Alex in the recliner on the other side, and the three horny almost college students got the couch.

Missy would usually start with Jay in these types of situations. If there was just going to be dancing, then she would dance for him. If there would be hand jobs, then she would start with him. It was her way of telling him what she had in store. Jay was guessing there would be more than dancing, but it was dancing that she started with. Already nude, the dance couldn't be called a strip; it was purely sexual from the beginning. Missy swayed her hips back and forth while she rubbed her hands down her chest and across her nipples. She pulled each breast up away from her chest by tugging hard at her nipples. The effect was not lost on any of the guys, but the young guys really howled in appreciation. Missy pulled her left breast up to her mouth and ran her tongue across the nipple. After two or three circles around it she pulled it into her mouth and sucked it between her lips. The college guys were openly rubbing their cocks through their pants, wishing and hoping for some relief.

Missy's hands continued down her flat stomach to her shaved slit. She made just one pass across her clit with her finger, just to motivate her. She walked up closer to the three college guys and turned and bent at the waist. With her legs parted shoulder width apart, she spread her slit open and rubbed the clit with her middle finger. The college guys were whistling and hollering, still pulling at their stiff cocks. Jay sat in his recliner looking composed, but his heart was in his throat and he thought he might cum just by watching the display. Alex also looked calm with just a sly smile on his face, but the considerable tent in his dress slacks gave him away.

Missy spent a couple of minutes fingering herself before moving on to the next act. She walked over to the television cabinet and pulled out a box. She sat the box on the coffee table beside the television before pulling the table out in the middle of the semicircle of chairs. She stood by the table and opened the box and pulled out a massive dildo. It was around nine inches long and quite thick. At the base of the long beige toy was a suction cup. She discarded the box and suctioned the toy at the edge of the table opposite the chairs. She took a bottle of lubricant from the cabinet and squeezed some out onto the head of the fake cock. Turning her back to the table and guys, she squatted down over the toy until the head made contact with her cunt. She slid the tip of the dildo head in and let her cunt get used to its size. The head slid in and out, opening her up, until she was able to slide the head inside. The big toy hit every nerve in her sensitive opening, and she rhythmically began to ride up and down. More disappeared with each trip up and down until the whole nine inches was buried. She took long exaggerated strokes up and down for the delight of the boys. Missy was not the type to orgasm from using a dildo, but the added thrill from the exhibitionism caused her to have a small orgasm. Everyone in the room heard the stifled moan and rapid breathing as it passed through her.

Jay could tell the guys were getting cramped in their slacks so he decided to lead by example. He unzipped his slacks. He wore no underwear underneath so his cock sprang out at hard attention. Missy watched him jerk himself off and stroke the sensitive spot under the head of his dick. Pre-cum flowed all over his hand. She stood up, pulling the dildo off the table as she went. Keeping it inside her, she crawled in between Jay's legs and licked the head of his cock. She pushed the dildo in and out while she sucked on the sensitive spot of his dick. The three college guys followed Jay's lead and pulled their cocks out. Missy watched them jerk off while she sucked her husband. She left Jay and crawled over to the couch. She wanted to get a better look at what they were packing. She helped the three of them to their feet and knelt down in front of them. She wrapped her left hand around Bill's cock, and her right hand around Dan's. She slid Dave's dick in her mouth and tried her best to pleasure three cocks at once. They were all close to average in size, but they were very eager. She could tell they were close to cumming before she even touched them. She moved from one cock to another with her mouth, and jerked off the other two. It was a study in balance and concentration, but she performed well. When the three were pumped up as hard as she could get them, she laid back on the coffee table and squeezed her tits together.

"OK boys, here's your target!"

Dan and Dave stood on each side of her, and Bill stood above her head. They had been teased for so long that it took them only seconds to cum. Dan and Bill came simultaneously, and Dave shot only a couple of seconds after that. Three spurts of cum hit the top of her breasts and started running down toward her neck. More continued to drip out of their spent cocks as Melissa tickled her clit. She was still stuffed with the dildo, and all the sensations together pushed her into a deep orgasm. The orgasm was her second, but she was far from satisfied.

Missy stood up and faced Alex. Now it was time to close the deal. She turned away from Alex and pulled the thick dildo from inside her. She moved it out slowly to make the show that much better. When she got to the head of the dildo, she pushed it in and out a couple of times before removing it completely. The thin smile had never left Alex's face but the grin was getting wider. Missy tossed the toy on the coffee table and faced Alex. She pulled him to his feet. She unbuckled and unzipped him and slid her hand down his pants. Jay could see the surprise on her face when she felt his cock. Evidently his wallet wasn't the only sizeable thing he had.

She knelt down at his feet and pulled his pants down to his knees. His cock, no shorter than eight inches, sprang out. While its length was impressive, the girth was amazing. When Missy put her hand around it, her fingers didn't touch. It was large enough she knew she couldn't do much with it orally, so she decided to grab some lubricant and warm him up manually. She grabbed the bottle of lube and took Alex by the hand and led him to the bedroom. She smiled a wicked smile at Jay and closed the door behind her. As the door closed, she shot a quick glance at the corner of the room where the bathroom was.

The latest development was the most intense sexual feeling Jay had ever felt. He had never been this horny before. One of his favorite things was for Missy to call him up at work and tell him she was masturbating, or to videotape a sex episode while Jay was gone to a conference. He loved to not exactly know what was going on, but to be told about it later. The quick glance that Missy gave him as the door closed got him curious. He walked over to the bathroom and looked in the corner. The case that held the video camera…was empty. He could feel precum ooze out of his cock when he saw the empty case.

Alex never saw the camera buried under some towels in the corner of the room. He wasn't interested in anything like that at the moment. Missy strategically laid him down in the center of the bed, which was also the center of the camera shot. Alex pulled his shirt off and slid his pants off and tossed them on a chair. When he laid back flat on the bed it made his cock stand up straight. Missy sat beside him on the bed, but on the opposite side of the camera so Jay could see it all. She squeezed out some lube on the head of his cock and began stroking up and down. She massaged the head of his cock, squeezing precum out onto her hand. She stroked his equally large balls with the lube. She noticed his balls for the first time. They filled up her other hand. He groaned when she stroked up and down the shaft while fondling his balls. Her cunt was soaked at the sight in front of her. Her hands had never been this full before. Fully erect, Alex took control and wanted satisfaction.

He pulled her up onto the bed and arranged her on her hands and knees. She instinctively moved to the middle of the bed to accommodate the camera. Alex pushed his cock up to Missy's wet entrance. She was glad she was warmed up with the large dildo; it prepared her for his huge cock. His cock slid in the first couple of inches with little resistance. He stroked the first two inches in and out to let her get adjusted. He pushed in farther and Missy thought she might faint. Her cunt stretched around his meat, and her clit was rubbing against every inch as it went farther in. She thought she felt the tip of his huge cock hit her cervix when he was all the way in, but she wasn't sure. One thing surprised her; this felt nothing like the dildo. This was real. When Alex stroked in and out, every pleasurable spot was hit. Her sensitive opening, her clit, she wasn't even sure she had a G-spot but she thought that was getting hit also. Every stroke produced a minor orgasm. The tightness of Missy's cunt was getting to him, also. His balls tightened and they both hit amazing orgasms. Missy buried her face in a pillow so that the people on the other floors of the hotel wouldn't think someone was being murdered. She was moaning so loud her throat was getting hoarse. Alex gritted his teeth and let out a last big grunt. He buried his cock deep inside Missy and for a second Missy thought that he brushed her cervix again. Deep inside, she could feel the cum spurt from his cock. In fact she could still feel it spurting when it started to run out from inside her. Alex pulled his cock out. Cum ran out from inside Missy with nothing there to hold it in. She collapsed on her side; all her energy spent. Alex picked up his clothes and went into the adjoining bathroom to clean up. He put himself back together quickly and left the room.

He met Jay by the front door. The three college guys were standing in the hall waiting on Alex. Alex shook Jays hand and told him he looked forward to dealing with his new insurance broker in the future. Jay thanked him and told him he would be in touch.

Jay walked into the bedroom where Missy was still laying on the bed catching her breath. They smiled at each other and Jay gave her a kiss. She hadn't kissed anyone else that night, only Jay got that. They smiled and put their heads together. They were a good team, and they had just pocketed $100,000 and had a blast doing it. Jay's erection came back in a fierce way when he saw his wife's stretched cunt with cum rolling out. He went over to the camera buried under the towels and removed the tape. Missy cleaned herself up and poured a drink while Jay stripped down and put the tape in the VCR in the living room. The big screen was filled with images of his wife doing things he'd only dreamed of seeing. He was stroking his cock fast and furious while he watched Alex fuck his wife just as fast. Missy sat at the bar and enjoyed watching Jay pleasure himself. He couldn't take much, and when he saw Missy and Alex orgasm on the tape, he let go himself. He squeezed his cock at the base and squeezed the head of his deck as cum shot out on his chest. Three streams shot out and left white drops all over his chest.

Missy was suddenly very interested in playing with her husband. She was ready for more cum. She wanted to enjoy this huge suite.

Because it's not like they couldn't afford it.

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