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Mist & Moonlight


It didn't matter that the same emerald hillside view had been rolling pass her car windows for the past half hour, Sierra O'Connor was in heaven watching the sheep dotting the green Irish countryside. She'd landed in Munster this afternoon, procured a rental car, grabbed a map and headed out for Connacht and the quaint bed and breakfast Inn she'd made reservations at, with a smile on her face and a song in her heart. Every since she'd been a little girl she'd dreamed of the day she'd step upon Ireland's sacred soil and put at ease her ancestor's restless souls once and for all. Patting the large urn sitting beside her in the passenger seat she spoke to it like she had thousands of times before.

"It's so beautiful Gran, just like you always told me it was. Gramps, I promised I'd get you back here some day, we're almost there, won't be long now and you can finally be at peace."

Being raised by her grandparents after her mother's tragic death at her birthing, Sierra had grown up listening to their many wonderful fanciful tales of Ireland. Gran especially had a way of bringing the mystical stories to life as she spoke of the beauty of Ireland and the joy in her heart for her beloved homeland.

Getting used to driving on the opposite side of the road had presented something of a challenge at first. But now hours later, Sierra felt right at home on the narrow two lane weather-beaten asphalt. Estimating that she only had another ten kilometers or so to go till she got to her destination Sierra couldn't help but feel happy and saddened. She'd promised Gramps she'd take his and Grans ashes to their homeland and sprinkle them back into Irish dirt. It had always been his dream to come back someday. And on his deathbed he'd asked this last thing of her and she hadn't been able to refuse. Gran had just died several months before him, but knowing how important her roots were to her Sierra knew it would make her soul very happy. Glancing out the window at the endless rocky vista, and grazing sheep, Sierra frowned as out of nowhere a heavy mist just seemed to appear and envelope the car.


Flipping on the headlights she slowed the car to a crawl, the mist got thicker, putting the high beams on didn't help at all. Sierra still couldn't see a thing. Deciding she'd better pull over until this dissipated or lightened enough to see, Sierra slowly guided the car onto the bumpy grass hoping she was off the road. Incredibly the mist got even thicker, swirling all around the car entrapping her in a world of nothing but glistening white.

Entranced Sierra rolled her window down, the cool mist flowed into the car, slithering in all around her. Looking closely she noticed tiny little crystal lights glimmering within the white, the colors were mesmerizing, pinks, light blues, greens, and purple, so small yet clearly seen if concentrated upon. Sierra just sat there for minutes on end, watching the patterns of colors change, blinking, shimmering within her slit -eyed view.

It was the hair on the back of her neck, and the goose bumps on her arms that finally penetrated her hypnotized inspection. Eyes were on her she could feel them! Glancing up, her breath caught, standing right outside the car was a man, she looked right into blazing purple eyes, mist seemed to flow out of him, away from him instead of around him. He didn't say a word, just watched her intently. Sierra sat frozen, he was beautiful, like a marble statue, his jet black hair flowed down, long, over his shoulders, high cheekbones gave away his Irish descent, dressed all in black he looked formidable. Reaching in he touched her face. His fingers cool, yet firm against her, Sierra felt dizzy, unable to move, she sat there as he traced her features, his eyes boring into hers.

A blast from a car horn broke the spell, jumping Sierra blinked, then stared in disbelief as the mist, the man, everything was gone. In front of her about a quarter of a mile down the road an old truck loaded down with what looked like chicken coops, filled with squawking fowl, sat smack dab in the road, she watched as a man leaned out the window waving his arms. A few seconds later a sheep wandered casually from in front of the truck, back to the grass at the side of the road. The truck moved on.

Feeling out of kilter and decidedly confused Sierra looked around. The sky was blue with hardly a cloud in sight, she could see the sun sitting in the sky, gearing up, for its daily descent. It would be dark in a few hours. She just sat there for a moment. God, what the hell had just happened? Looking back over at the Urn Sierra wished it could talk back, she knew what she'd just experienced had been real, it had to have been, she wasn't the type for incessant daydreaming or wandering mind.

Noticing for the first time that all the red lights on the dashboard were on, and the engine was quiet, Sierra shrugged, feeling very uncomfortable, deciding she must just be tired and letting this important mission get to her she turned the key off, then back on, nothing happened. Absolutely nothing, no response at all. Trying again, Sierra got her first taste of disquiet. The engine was dead. Looking around at the emptiness around her, with nothing but the sheep for miles, and night coming soon, Sierra contemplated on what to do. Looking at the map again, she determined it was going to be a long walk to the Inn, but that was better then sitting in a car all night. The chicken truck had been the only vehicle she'd seen in hours.

Thanking god she was in jeans, sweat-shirt, and sneakers she grabbed her keys, purse and of course the Urn, she couldn't leave Gran, and Gramps in here, she'd worry like crazy, the window was down, and it was electrical, so down it would stay. Getting out of the car Sierra took a big breath and began to walk.

She'd only been walking for about ten minutes when once again her skin began to tingle, and the tiny hairs on the back of her neck rose sending shivers cascading down her spine. Wheeling around Sierra gasped, behind her off to her left about four feet, stood a magnificent black stallion, he stood still watching her. With head and tail held high, he looked proud, majestic, easily one of the most beautiful creatures she'd seen in some time. Without saddle or bridle he looked untamed, wild, a free spirit.

Cautiously she took a step toward him, he didn't move, just watched her intently through intelligent purple eyes. Their intensity and brilliant color gave her pause. Horses didn't have purple eyes did they? They made her think of the strange man outside her car window earlier, the weird fog, and the whole unrealistic event. This frightened and confused her, turning back around Sierra began walking away from the beast, feeling his stare on her back, she picked up her pace until she was practically running. Seconds turned to minutes and finally she had to slow her pace.

Still she walked, the sun shone into her face as she continued along the road, her thoughts returned to her surroundings and she soon regained the feeling of awe, and contentment she'd felt with the first touch of her feet upon the tarmac earlier in the day. This was turning into an adventure, and she loved it. Raised to be independent Sierra never worried about any predicament she found herself in, she had a confidence that had been instilled within her since early childhood. As long as she depended on herself she knew she'd be all right.

Feeling silly now about her reaction to the horse Sierra laughed aloud, then almost shrieked in surprise as a whinny right behind her caused her to turn and stare incredulously at the stallion standing less than a foot from her in the road. Looking down at his unshod feet her eyes traveled the length of him till her neck craned back and she met his eyes. She could swear he was almost laughing at her. Now how the hell had he followed her so quietly? And, why would a wild horse do that anyway?

They stood still looking at each other, the look in the horses eyes seemed to change, getting almost... haughty... they seemed so damned... human... Shaking her head and feeling more ridiculous then ever Sierra grinned and hesitantly ventured a hand forth. He didn't move, she patted his nose, then ran her palm up between his eyes in a caressing movement, his eyes closed, and she could have sworn he shuddered. Perplexed but fascinated by this beautiful creature Sierra continued to stroke him, cooing insensible words under her breath without even realizing it. He moved forth a bit pressing his nose into her hand then surprised her by coming around in front of her blocking her path in the road. Looking up into the descending sun Sierra knew she'd be stuck walking in the dark.

Clutching the now heavy urn to her chest she regretfully moved to go around him, she needed to get going, he moved with her keeping himself between her and forward progress. She tried again, again he moved with her, keeping his eyes glued to hers. Amused she tried for over ten minutes to get around him with no success. Finally laughing she sat down right in the middle of the road and just looked at him. This was too funny, who'd believe this back home? Looking back the way she'd came she contemplated heading back and taking her chances that someone would drive past. What the heck, she could spend the night in the car if she had to. Besides she hadn't noticed how tired her legs and feet were till now, and she knew she wasn't even near to being half way to the Inn yet. It would be closer to head back to the car.

Shrugging she good naturedly decided the exercise had been good for her, getting to her feet she turned to head back, she could get a decent nights sleep in the car and start out again in the morning. Maybe she'd get lucky and someone would come along. If not at least she'd have a full day of sunlight to find the Inn and send someone back for the car.

Sierra didn't notice the mist swirling about her ankles until she'd already taken a couple of steps; darkness had decided to come in full force as well. She was surprised at how fast the transformation from day to night had occurred, spooked as well, but she wouldn't even admit that to herself. Looking back to see what the horse was up to she went numb in disbelief. Where the stallion had been now stood a man, naked, facing her, the mist flowing outward from him towards her. She could see him clearly in the glowing white opaque cloud with its tiny brilliant colors sparkling, barely discernible, yet reaching out to grab her attention. He stepped towards her, purple eyes ablaze with an unearthly glow that seemed to strip her of her will, she couldn't move, or even make a sound from her constricted throat.

Mist swallowed her, leaving them in a void, a place where only they and the mist existed. The Urn, and her purse tumbled from her useless grasp, all she could do was stand still and watch him approach. He seemed to glide, his long black hair blowing back from his face in an invisible wind, his eyes so compelling became her world. Finally standing before her, towering several inches above her she succumbed to the magnetism of his gaze, and raising her hands to his firm strong shoulders she lifted her face up to his descending lips. The moment they joined, soft skin to firm, a blue light suffixed them.

Sierra felt herself lose purchase of the ground beneath her feet, the road underneath them disappearing to plunge them down, down into a blinding light. Strong arms enveloped her, wind buffeted them both, but still their lips remained connected. A roar of thunder, and a soft jolt and she could once again feel solid earth touching the soles of her bare feet. The wind stopped, the roaring in her ears ceased, and shadowy darkness replaced the blinding light, slowly his lips withdrew from hers.

Eyes still wide open Sierra could only stare in confusion up into his face, he smiled stepping back looking at her fully. It was only then that she could began to take note of her surroundings, and get some semblance of thought back into her short circuited brain. She was in a glade of some sort, trees surrounded them on three sides and water glistened on the other. Looking up she couldn't help but gasp in wonder, a huge full moon hung in the sky above them, it looked so big and bright that she felt like she could reach out and touch it if she but stretched. Around the glowing orb thousands of stars peppered the sky, so effulgent, that her eyes dilated at the blinking dazzling canopy above her.

Amazed, wondering at the resplendent beauty all around her Sierra looked back to her captor, his nudity seemed so natural here in this sitting. Knowing she should have a million questions to demand answers to she could only look her fill. She felt no threat, only a sense of surrealism. This was all just too unreal to even start to try and reason out. Feeling a soft breeze against her skin she looked down at herself to discover that she too was naked, not really surprised she let the dreamlike quality of the moment seize her.

She looked back at the beautiful presence his nakedness created and drown in the pulchritude he represented. He was simply perfect. From his silken hair to the sculptured planes of his face, her eyes moved on, invisibly stroking his strong neck and wide muscled chest. Greedily she devoured his flat stomach and slim hips, only to almost swoon at the power manifesting between his legs, she watched him become aroused under her close perusal, his immense proportions growing, hardening to rest up against his stomach. She couldn't take her eyes from him, only a knowing chuckle had her dragging her eyes back to his amused countenance. Instead of feeling embarrassed she smiled back. Nothing mattered, not where, how, why, ... nothing. All she knew was that she had stepped into some sort of Fairytale, here in this far-away land of myths and legends.

Remembered tales of sprites, witches and magical folk whipped with the speed of light through her memories, Granny sitting with her in front of the fireplace spinning her tales of wonder while her little girl eyes sparkled with awe and belief. Now here she was in this realm of many dreams and she felt comfortable. Yes that was it. Comfortable, like she'd really come home, and this man before her was somehow meant to be. Shaking her head, ridding her mind of all but his essence Sierra walked forward into his arms that had opened to embrace her. Wrapping her arms around his waist she snuggled right into his chest, cheek to heart, closing her eyes she felt right, for the first time in the three years since her grandparents deaths she felt right.

Gentle hands stroked her shoulders, entwined in her long reddish hair and pulled carefully, bending her head back, leveling her bright green eyes up to his purple stare. He studied her, from her gaze to her small upturned pixieish nose to the freckles glowing in the moonlight across her cheeks. Releasing her hair his hands returned to her slight shoulders to move down the satin skin to caress her ribcage before settling in the small of her back right above the dimples prominently displayed over her nicely rounded buttocks. She shivered, her skin felt so sensitive, so receptive to his every diminutive move. He inhaled. Eyes closing, head back he held his breath then released it, opening his eyes again to glance at her with such an inner glow of excitement in his look that she couldn't help but lose her breath.

"I can smell your O'Connor blood, and your innocence. I've waited generations for your line to return to your rightful birthplace. I felt you the minute you stepped upon the soil. And I've come for you. I must have you, now, this night my Lady O'Connor."

Mesmerized all Sierra could do was look in wonder at him. Not understanding, but FEELING the truth in his masculine honey toned words, feeling the need to complete herself with him, complete, yes god yes,... That was the exact feeling. Still a virgin by choice Sierra had never felt right about giving her body to anyone. Twenty Four and still pure, she had elected to wait until her prince charming came along, knowing she knew who he'd be when she saw him. This was the feeling of right. It was time, she knew it with one hundred percent certainty.

She nodded her complacency. Swiftly his mouth swooped down on hers, this time parting her lips immediately with his firm seeking tongue. His hands sliding down to her ass pulled her in tightly against him. Sensations assaulted her senses, and she felt her legs go completely out from under her. Grabbing his arms she held on, feeling a morass of differing emotions flood through her.

Gracefully he dropped to his knees, holding her tight, dancing his tongue along the length of hers, devouring her. Visions swam behind eyelids now closed. Mist and Moonlight blended together, forming impressions. Another time, this same glade, this same lover yet another maiden, young with features that could almost be hers, laughter, and a coming together so passionate that the maiden is overcome with tears after.

A gathering of mist, and an ancient crone standing angrily, hands out fingers pointing accusingly. Winds began blowing, clouds to gather, rolling across each other in an angry azure sky. Thunder and lightening shaking the earth, a spell cast, thrown. The echo of a masculine scream as he holds the lifeless body of the maiden in his arms, blue eyes turning forever purple as mist gathers surrounding his essence only to sink within forever bound to a cursed soul. Eternity spent waiting, keeping vigil, watching for the bloodline, and reincarnated spirit, to return to break the bonds of his damned immortal existence. In the space of a heartbeat Sierra saw it all, felt the pain, anguish and damnation of a young warlock's spirit by his very powerful, jealous, rage stricken, tutor.

Feeling herself being gently laid back Sierra succumbed to the feeling the play of his sensuous tongue upon her own caused within her chaste body. Nipples tightened, skin flushed, breath quickened. Even the soft fragrant grass beneath her felt glorious against her now sensitive nerve endings. Tiny pinpricks of pleasure traveled the length of her body, running in little electrical currents making every touch of tongue on tongue, skin on skin breathtaking in its intensity.

Breaking the kiss soft gentle hands turned her onto her stomach, causing the blades of grass to tickle her nipples into even more erect points of fiery need. Lips found the center of her back, eliciting a moan of appreciation, hands caressed, kneaded. Looking over her shoulder she couldn't take her eyes off the strong slim fingers now encased in a glowing blue light. Mist darted in and out of sight, streaming this way and that, dancing it's own mystical ballet around the strong body of her beautiful lover; it was a mesmerizing sight.

His beauty took her, causing her body to quake with long repressed desire, lust, and plain old-fashioned passion. He looked up into her eyes, his should have scared her, their glowing depths shooting molten purple rays of heat to the very core of her being. But fear was not a part of this... only desire. Raising his hands she watched as two blinding white balls of light appeared, floating an inch or so above each of his outstretched palms. Words left his lips, the language so old that no mortal of this time could possibly know the meaning. Chanting, eyes holding her prisoner he inhaled then blew a stream of mist right into his hands, the blazing lights wobbled then settled upon the mist floating down to settle upon her back.

They just sat there a moment, Sierra could feel the heat, but it didn't burn. Eyes large and wondering she watched the balls of light explode into a huge glittering spray of sparkles. Hundreds, thousands of pinpoint partials drifted over her skin setting off pleasure like she'd never imagined everywhere they landed. She gasped and was caught up in the magic as she was once again turned allowing the beautiful curtain of shimmering lights to cover her body, reflecting back up to the stars, lighting up the forest around them in a magnificent display of beauty. Her body tingled from head to feet, vibrating with each flicker of the light upon her skin.

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