tagLoving WivesMistaken Identity at the Beach

Mistaken Identity at the Beach


Disclaimer: If you hate wife sharing fantasies don't read this story; instead click on the "romance" tag for some great stories of hot one on one monogamous sex.



We were vacationing in Hawaii. My wife Emily and I are in our mid 30's and have been married for 10 faithful and wonderful years. My wife is a tall blonde with thin blonde hair over her beautiful pussy, large generous breasts, slim, with a small butt, and long well shaped muscular legs that she locks around me sometimes during lovemaking. Emily had only a few serious boyfriends before we got married so my 6 1/2 inch cock was the largest she'd ever seen. Even though she's a knockout, she's kind of shy and so it was unusual that she agreed to spend the day at the nude beach. I was proud that Emily collected more than a few appreciative stares as we walked down the beach. Finally we chose a spot in a secluded inlet with only a few people there. After sunning and playing in the water we had a picnic lunch. After noon, one by one the other beach goers left and we had our little patch of beach all to ourselves. Emily lay back on our blanket with her big hat covering her face for shade to take a little nap. I went back in the water, moving a bit back up the beach where the surf broke better for body surfing.


I must have napped a little in our idyllic spot after Steve went to the water, and awakened as I heard him returning. I had been in the sun quite a while for my pale skin, but I did not feel like moving. So I asked Steve if he would be a dear and rub some more sunscreen on me. Without a word he complied, starting on my shoulders and then my arms. He dripped lotion onto my breasts and spread it around with just his fingertips, teasing me. I would have been mortified if anyone had seen us, but since we had this inlet all to ourselves I just lay back purring and enjoying his gentle touch. The hat covering my face added to my erotic pleasure, since without sight I was focused all the more intensely on the sensual pleasure my husband was giving me. He rubbed lotion on my breasts for a long time, fondling them as he went, before finally moving down across my tummy and sides. My nipples were erect and my pussy was starting to become moist with arousal.

Stece paid the same slow sensuous attention to my tummy and hips before moving down the tops and outsides of my thighs, and not forgetting the tops of my feet. I was in heaven. Steve moved my left leg up, bent at the knee to give him access to rub lotion all around my lower leg, knee, and then up to my inner thighs. I knew that in this position he had a clear view of my pussy and must have noticed my labia beginning to swell in arousal, my clitoris begin to emerge from its sheath, and my juices beginning to collect at the entrance to my cunt. His cock would feel so good in me at this moment, I thought about fucking him right then and there. But although we were alone at the moment, there was no telling when someone else might show up. So I'd just have to content myself with ravaging his body later at the hotel. For the time I'd just enjoy his teasing touch.

His hands came tantalizingly close to my pussy as he massaged lotion into my left thigh, but never quite touching. Steve always enjoys teasing me. He moved my left leg down and started on my right, repeating the sequence until he was again caressing my thigh maddeningly close to my pussy which felt as though it were on fire. Then his fingers grazed my labia and the feeling was electric. I wanted to kiss him, but even more I wanted to just lay back passively and let Steve continue his erotic ministrations, so that's what I did. I lifted my hips slightly to press my crotch against his hand, and my husband responded by flicking his finger lightly across my clitoris. Oh yes, my clit was fully engorged now and out of its sheath. I get so very sensitive. I was so hot; I needed release. I wondered if Steve was going to get me off fingering me right here on the beach. So wicked to enjoy sex out in public like this! Later at the hotel I promised myself I would pay my dear husband back, taking lavish care of his beautiful cock.


The water was warm and the waves were great. I guess I stayed out longer than I had intended. I looked back up the beach towards our inlet and couldn't see anyone. I guessed Emily must have taken a nap after all. Well, no need to hurry, only to wake her up. Let her rest. I had plans for her that night back at our hotel and she might need her strength. I went back into the surf.


When we came around the point we saw this gorgeous blonde laying out on a blanket with a hat over her face. She had nice big boobs and wide areola. She was naturally blonde too, as you could tell from her soft downy blonde pubic hair. I went closer to get a better look. Then to my surprise and delight she asked me to rub sunscreen on her. She didn't stir, just kept lying there on her back, so it was clear she wanted the sunscreen all across her front. Well she wouldn't have to ask me twice. I didn't say a word, and just began to give the lady her wish.


Lucky James walked up to her first so he's the one she asked to rub sunscreen on her. All I could do was watch. I would have loved to help with the sunscreen but didn't want to break the spell. So watching was still great. This was one hot woman!


I gave this beautiful stranger a slow sensuous massage while I applied the sunscreen, not moving quickly to her erogenous zones in case she might take offense. But as I slowly dared more and more the beauty just sighed. Far from objecting she definitely wanted me to touch her - everywhere. When I finally moved up to her pussy she was very turned on, her pussy just dripping with passion. As was I. My 8 inch cock was pointing at the sky and quivering with excitement at my every heartbeat. When I slipped a finger into her cunt she just moaned softly and whispered "yes," the only word she had spoken since asking me to apply her sunscreen. She had a great clit, really big, and standing out proudly begging to be touched. So of course I touched it and touched it again. The blonde stranger was bucking her hips upward trying to get more contact but I didn't give it. Because I knew what she really needed. And what I needed.


The waves were exceptional and I was having a great time. I kind of lost track of how long I'd been gone. I wondered if Emily was still napping on the blanket or had awakened. I hoped she was enjoying herself.


One of the parts I enjoy most about lovemaking is the time when Steve's penis is poised just at the entrance to my cunt, his cock head nestled against my labia, the delicious anticipation of incredible pleasure to come. I'd make that moment last forever, except that I also have a burning need to have my cunt filled with hot man meat. I no longer worried about someone coming up the beach and seeing us. I no longer thought about the outside world at all. I couldn't think of anything but my husband's penis so hot where it pressed against my pussy. I could feel it pulsing. He wanted me as much as I wanted him.

So as Steve's penis rested at my entrance I savored the moment as though it lasted forever, while fervently wishing for him to end it with a thrust of his hips. My husband was nibbling on my breasts, sucking my nipples more roughly than he normally does. I didn't object. It didn't really hurt, and it felt exciting knowing the he was also being carried away by passion. As much as I had enjoyed the moment before his entry I enjoyed even more the spreading fullness inside me as his cock finally thrust into me, a fraction of an inch, an inch, two inches, slowly, deeper and deeper into my yielding body came my husband's cock. Deeper. He must be so very turned on, Steve's penis felt bigger than ever. Ever deeper he pressed into me.

Something was wrong. Too deep. My husband had never felt like this before. I threw off my hat and looked up into the face of a stranger with short dark hair. He was kind of handsome really, though I scolded myself immediately for thinking such a thing in this situation. The stranger's eyes were closed in ecstasy as he fucked me, his long penis sliding in and out of my cunt in a steadily increasing rhythm. Steve had always told me that I was a very desirable woman and that any man would love to have me. For a moment I watched the stranger's bliss and thought Steve must be right.

I realized what must have happened, and this stranger was the one who had so expertly pleasured my skin as I mistook him for my husband. Despite the pleasure coursing through my body my reverie was over in a minute as I forced myself back to reality. This was all a big mistake. This was a stranger, and I was a married woman who loved my husband. I tried to push the stranger off of me, but my body betrayed me as a climax approached. I tried to avoid the onrushing orgasm but could not. As the stranger drove his cock in me to the hilt again all I could think about was how his cock was reaching depths of my cunt that Steve's cock has never touched, and I began a powerful orgasm. Forgetting my intention to push him off of me I grabbed the stranger's butt and pulled him into me as my vagina pulsed and squeezed his long member. That set him off. He took a few more short fast strokes, gave a cry, and began ejaculating into my cunt. Deep into my cunt. It felt fantastic. I held him close as I slowly came down from my orgasmic high.

Finally my brain started to work again. I thought, I've just fucked a stranger. But it wasn't really cheating. It was just a mistake. Steve will understand. Or does Steve have to even know? Finally the dark haired stranger rolled off of me, his penis still long but rapidly softening, sliding out of my hole with a wet squishing sound and flopping onto the blanket.


When James finally finished with the blonde I was mad with lust. This wasn't any time for slow sweet seduction. This woman was in her fucking zone and I was more than ready to do my part. As James moved off I moved in, and slid my ravenous cock into her hot pussy in one stroke. Her pussy was so hot! I'd never felt such rapture. Even though James has a long dick and mine is an average 5 1/2 inches, mine is actually thicker than his. So the blonde's cunt squeezed tightly around my cock.


I caught just one sight of the short brown haired man before he shoved his cock into me. He was hairy all over. The penis I saw before it disappeared between my legs was kind of short with lots of veins standing out all over it. What was I doing? What was happening to me? Here I was fucking a second stranger, and with no more intention to do so than the first. I had no thought of rolling this guy off of me though. I'd already fucked one stranger, so would two really be so much worse? This new cock felt good in my hungry cunt. It was short but wonderfully thick. He felt so good moving inside of me that I resolved just to go with the flow and enjoy it. I'd had one delightful orgasm from my first strange lover and now I looked forward to another with the second.

The hairy guy didn't last very long, but I was so turned on that was enough for me. As he climaxed and shot his semen into me, I had another orgasm too. As I'd done with the first stranger I held him close, keeping his penis inside my vagina while it slowly shrank and while my orgasmic high passed. I looked over and saw that the first stranger had recovered his erection and was stroking his penis as he watched me fucking his friend. Hmm, I thought, maybe I'd even get more than two orgasms. Men always last longer the second time, if they can manage a second time. This was my first good look at the penis that had been inside me, the first penis other than my husband's that had ever been in me in our 10 years of marriage. If I had to break my marriage vows it was a good one to break them for. It had to be at least 8 inches long, beautiful smooth and straight, with a perfectly shaped glans. I reached for it and took it into my mouth.

I had given Steve blow jobs before. But I had never before had one cock in my mouth while another was in my cunt. It felt deliciously sinful and wonderful, even if the one in my cunt was slowly shrinking away. I wondered how it would feel to have two hard cocks inside me together. I squeezed my vagina around the hairy man's cock but it had softened and I just squeezed it out of me. I needed that space filled again, so I pushed the dark stranger back onto the blanket and mounted him supine. Reaching back I guided that long beautiful pole into my cunt again, and began riding him.


Having already cum, this time I knew I'd be able to last a long time and I did, giving the gorgeous stranger another orgasm. She was by far the hottest woman I had ever been with. But then I noticed that in a way she wasn't entirely nude. She was wearing one thing - a wedding band. Wow, this vixen was married. I wondered where her husband was and if he knew what his wife was up to. As if on cue, and before I was able to cum a man arrived who appeared to be the missing husband. I had no idea what to expect, but my cock wasn't about to let me pull out now. So I just continued to let the woman ride me as the man approached.


As I approached our blanket I saw there were other people there. Then as I drew nearer I saw to my shock that my wife was fucking one of them. Her back turned to me she was slowly bouncing up and down riding a very long cock. I had no idea what to do as I drew closer. There was another man there too, and from his wet dick and semen matted in his pubic hair he must have been fucking my wife as well. Emily continued to ride her strange lover. I could see my wife's pussy lips clinging to the stranger's cock on each upstroke. My dick had its own idea of what to do, and sprang to full attention high against my belly. Just then Emily turned around and saw me. I don't know what I expected, crying, some kind of apology. What I didn't expect was that she asked me if she could suck my cock. Well, whatever was happening here my cock definitely wanted to be sucked, and we could sort out the rest later. So I gave it to her.


I was scared when Steve called my name. What did he think of me? I'd turned into a slut. What would he do? The dark stranger must have realized it was my husband and also been scared because for a minute he stopped thrusting into me and just stared at Steve's approach. But then even with my husband standing there the stranger started moving his hips again and grasped my hips to move me up and down again on his rigid cock. Steve wasn't hitting or shouting. He just watched, his penis erect and quivering in the air. He was enjoying watching me fuck this man. So I turned my attention back to sliding up and down the stranger's pole.

It was so fortunate that Steve wasn't mad at me because it meant I could get my wish of having two hard dicks in me at once. I called Steve to me and he responded at once The stranger's big penis felt as good as before stretching my vagina, and Steve's familiar cock felt like heaven in my mouth. I attacked it with relish. We must have fucked like that for half an hour. I kept pacing my attention to Steve's cock so that he would not climax, because I was determined that he would provide my third cock of the day.

So when the stranger thrust deep and ejaculated in me for the second time I was ready. I didn't wait for him to soften this time but slid off him while his cock was still squirting cum. It was a long way up before that long pole was finally free of my cunt. God, he was big. Without a pause I rolled over and pulled my husband on top of me. His wonderful familiar cock was fully in me in a single stroke. Steve fucked me with abandon as though he needed to match or surpass the performance of his rivals. But of course he didn't need to. He had no rivals. My husband knew my body and my responses so well everything he did was just right, his tempo perfectly matching the waves of my passion. He pressed his pubis against my clit, his cock probing my depths while he gently nibbled on my neck and ear. I drew a sharp breath as I felt another orgasm approaching.

"Oh Steve I love you!" I gasped. "I'm going to cum. Oh you're so good. It feels so good. Yes, do it Fuck me like that. I'm going to cum. I want you to cum. Cum in me Steve. I want your semen in me. Ahhh." My orgasm just kept on and on and Steve kept stroking in me until finally I felt his cock swelling even larger and his cum squirting out in me. I pulled him to my embrace and relished our climax together.


I still didn't know how this happened, how my shy and faithful wife had come to fuck two strangers. Emily and I definitely had some talking to do. But that was for later. For right now my cock was happy and I was happy. I also felt proud of my wife. I had never doubted that Emily was a beautiful and desirable woman, but now I had living proof of it. And powerful. By herself she had overcome three virile men and drained our cocks. And after all that she was still all mine.

I looked over at the two strangers who had been watching Emily and me fucking. The tall guy with the long cock looked exhausted sitting there with his shriveled penis. The short guy had a full erection and looked ready to go again. Why not, I thought. It seemed like a point of pride that all of us would be vanquished by Emily's powerful cunt, and none of us would leave this beach except with a limp dick hanging between our legs. I rolled off of my wife and motioned the guy over, looking at Emily questioningly silently asking if she could go once more. She could.


It's been a few years since I used to regularly get hard for a second round of fucking. James is a young guy and he was ready to fuck her again as soon as I was done, and I watched. Then before he finished this guy came up and it looked like he must have been her husband. But she just called his name, blew him a kiss, and went back to bouncing on James' cock. The guy just stood there and watched James fuck his wife, with his own dick sticking up in the air and hard as anything. This was as good as any porno. Better, since I had sampled myself how great the blonde's pussy felt. Her tits bounced up and down as she rode James. I was starting to get hard again watching her. She had a fabulous body, just made for fucking, and that was sure what she was getting today. After James finished the husband took a turn at his wife's cunt. It must have been really sloppy after three load of cum but he didn't seem to mind and fucked her like crazy. She had another big loud orgasm.

By the time the husband finished my cock was stiff again. He noticed and to my surprise he motioned me over to have another turn at her. He must really like seeing his wife get fucked. Well if that's what he liked I was sure ready to help him out. The blonde got on her hands and knees and had me enter her doggy style. I stuck my cock in her, and she was a little looser than before but still felt fantastic. I pulled back out and watched in fascination as my big mushroom cock head scooped out great gobs of semen from her cunt. If ever a cunt were filled with semen it was hers. Well, though I had taken out some of her semen I was sure going to replace it with some more. And after a while that's exactly what I did. My balls felt like they were flat. This woman had taken every drop I had to give. Every drop all of us had. After I finished James and I figured the husband and wife probably would like some time alone. We thanked them both for a great time and left without even telling each other our names.


After Steve was finished I was ready to stop - more than ready. But the hairy guy was hard again and Steve wanted to give him another turn with me. It didn't seem fair to leave him as the only one not completely satisfied so I let him fuck me again. I didn't cum but it still felt very pleasant to have a hard cock in me again, and I liked feeling the power I had over this man - over all three of these men. I fucked him doggy style and because I wanted to get it over with before too long I did what I knew set men off. I talked to him about how good his cock felt, and about all the semen in my vagina from all the different men. Predictably that made him start thinking about getting more of his own semen into my vagina. And once he started thinking about that it was inevitable. I started rocking faster and moaning as though I were approaching an orgasm even though I wasn't even close. That was all he could take. He was fighting it but his climax was coming. I reached back, grabbed his balls, and squeezed firmly. He gave a cry and the last drops of his semen squirted out in me.

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