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So July rolled around, and I must say I was ahead of the game, our Christmas decorations had been down for a whole month. All except for one lonely sprig of cheap plastic mistletoe between the kitchen and the living room, which still hung from a tiny cup-hook. I had forgotten it and wasn't gonna' drag out the Christmas boxes again, so I just left it. If I had known the uproar it was going to cause I may have reconsidered, of course I'm not sure about that either.

I invited a few friends over for a friendly Friday night game. I'd like to be cool and say it was cards, but it was actually a role playing game. They showed up and we ordered pizza, and my wife retired to the living room to watch TV. Anyway she was wearing a little sundress, as it was close to eighty degrees even at night. She's a cutey, 5'4" slim waist round behind, perky small c-cup breasts, and short bouncy light blond hair.

One of my four buddies noticed the mistletoe and began giving me a ration of crap for it. It had actually been irking my wife for a couple of days too. She wasn't tall enough to reach the boxes or would've put it away herself. The slam-fest continued and I was getting all kinds of crap, I told them I liked having mistletoe up hoping to quiet them a little.

"What good is mistletoe with a bunch of guys?" One of my friends asked.

"We're not all guys!" Another said. My wife started to giggle. She set her wine cooler on the coffee table. I had everything set up for the game and was halfway through my second beer, I was ready to get playing.

"They're right hon." My wife chimed in. "There ARE rules to mistletoe, and I AM the only woman here, you'd better take it down." She was giggling, but the guys although laughing picked up on the flirtatious vibe VERY quickly.

"I'll take it down first thing in the morning." I said. "I promise, the food will be here soon, is everyone set to play?"

"Suit yourself." My wife said and went back to sit down. The food came and the beer flowed. My wife refreshed her wine cooler without incident. Then Roger one of my friends headed for the bathroom. On the way out he passed my wife.

"Hey." He said stopping and looking down at the couch where she sat sipping and flipping through the channels, her sun dress draped almost to her knees which were bent with her feet under her. "I'm about to walk under the mistletoe for the second time. No kiss!" He said sarcastically. My wife giggled quite a bit, and he kept walking, but as he got to the mistletoe she called after him and got up still giggling. He stopped directly under it.

"You wouldn't dare!" I said laughing in spite of myself. My wife sauntered up and gave him a quick flirty peck on the cheek.

"Hey I walked through it twice!" Roger said. My wife stepped back up, but as she headed for his cheek he turned and she pecked him instead dryly on the mouth. She blushed and giggled and gushed before heading back to the couch.

Needless to say my next friend was heading for the bathroom before Roger even sat down.

"Uh oh." My wife said. "Well rules are rules." She giggled and came back to meet him at the threshold. She had to stand on her tiptoes to kiss him, and this time she met his lips, for another simple peck although this time I had seen her lick her lips first.

I was a little angry, but mostly just knew I should've taken the mistletoe down. When she had stood on her tiptoes everyone seated at the table had caught a healthy glimpse of her thighs, as the sundress wasn't particularly long. I would've gotten up to take the mistletoe down right then, but I actually had a slight erection and didn't want to be embarrassed. Gabe came out of the bathroom and my wife waited dutifully by the mistletoe. Gabe sauntered up to her and as she stood on her tiptoes to kiss him he leaned back putting his arms on her hips. She leaned with him pressing her breasts against his chest and mashing her lips to his. A second or two passed and Gabe leaned forward again letting her settle back to the floor. If she had been wearing stocking we all would've seen the tops with that maneuver. My cock was now hard and I didn't know what to do.

Quickly Dan another friend headed to the doorway where my wife quickly took a large swig of cooler and licked her lips.

"This is fun, your right babe, the mistletoe can stay." She giggled.

Dan walked up and held out his arms smiling. She let him embrace her! Now with his arms wrapped tightly around her he kissed my wife! A second passed as he continued my wife closed her eyes and all the guys let out a breath. Maybe five seconds went by and finally the embrace broke. Dan went to the bathroom and came out. My wife had downed her cooler and grabbed another.

"Alright." I said. "Really it was all fun and games, c'mon."

"If we really have to stop, you'll have to take down the mistletoe." My wife cooed, slurring ever so slightly. Everyone laughed. I couldn't get up if I wanted to, I could feel the erection started to moisten, in a minute there would be pre-come showing through my crotch! We all watched enraptured as Dan sauntered up to my wife. I couldn't bear to watch, but couldn't not. Again Dan embraced her, and began to passionately kiss her. My wife closed her eyes and ran a bare heel up one of Dan's legs. We all get another really good thigh shot and Dan took it as a Cue. I noticed Dan's mouth open, and my wife's open to accept the gentle probing of his tongue. I had to put a stop to this! Finally Dan slowly slid his hand down my wife's back and over her buttocks releasing her from the embrace. As he let go of her he looked out into the living room and saw our digital cable box. He picked up the remote and turned to the soft music channel.

"Care to dance?" Dan asked, and extended a hand. My wife giggled and squirmed up to him. He put one hand on her hip and the other around her waist and pulled her close. The music played and he danced with her. Finally leading back to the mistletoe for another long open-mouthed kiss. He sat back at the table and the only guy who hadn't pissed yet pounced on the doorway.

Gary lacked Dan's savoir Faire, but made up for it with horniness and gall. My wife let herself be embraced, and Gary immediately began to tongue her open mouth. Gary however also placed both hands firmly on her behind and gently squeezed and rubbed. My wife was clearly horny, and sometimes I'll caress her cheeks gently at night because she enjoys it and it arouses her. Gary had stumbled into the money pit. My wife moaned a little and melted into him. Gary left her mouth to gently kiss her neck sensing her inhibitions dropping he slid his hands down and under her sundress! For a moment the table saw a flash of red thong then the hem fell over Gary's hands, which continued to rub my wife's bare ass! My wife finally squirmed free as Gary began kissing his way down to her cleavage. He headed gaily to the bathroom while my wife on unsteady feet looked the room over with lustful eyes.

"Babe if you're going to stop this you'd better stop it now." My wife said. She was gyrating her hips ever so slightly at her arousal. "If you don't get up and take this down it's staying up." She said looking right at me. Now all eyes were on me. What would I do! I was so horny I wanted it to keep going, not to mention they'd all know I was enjoying it if I tried to stop it because there was no hiding a pup tent in Khaki's.

The bathroom door opened to my silence and Gary returned to put his arms around my wife. Again she began to kiss him. This time he wasted even less time. My moment to stop it had passed. Gary was running his hands up and down her dress. Kissing her hungrily greedily. He lifted the hem of her dress up showing all of us her ass, the bright red thong disappearing between the cheeks only to reappear over her crotch. He reached up and began slowly tugging the zipper down her back! She didn't stop him. Now her bra came into view, he paused to unclasp it, and that's when she backed away from his embrace.

We all watched Renee' turned to face us she was clearly intoxicated and flushed with arousal. We thought it was over.

"That's enough out of you." She said to Gary reaching behind her and slipping her bra of her arms and out her sleeve. Now her breasts were free in the dress. Her erect nipples strained at the light fabric. "You were first right?" She waggled a finger at Roger who came at her for seconds. Roger had lost time to make up for as I watched in Dismay and arousal as he began kissing her and massaging her breasts through the sundress, finally unzipping it and pulling the top down. My wife's breast flopped into the light and Roger's mouth fell on them licking and sucking her nipples! Renee' leaned her head back and shut her eyes and we watched as the dress slowly slid over her hips into a bunch on the floor around her ankles. She kicked it into the living room. She finally pushed Roger away and turned to face us, saliva glistening on both breasts.

Gabe came up and as she stood on tiptoe to kiss him he put both hands on her ass and lifter her up to him. Her legs quickly slipped around his waist. Using one hand to hold her while he sucked on her neck and ears the other hand found it's way to her crotch and began to trace her swollen pussy through her tiny red panties. Renee' moaned and writhed against him. Gabe walked over to the kitchen table and sat her down on the end where everyone but me was. She lay back and looked up at me as Gabe slid her panties off, and four sets of hands began to explore her.

Her legs were spread and Dan began to finger her as Gabe rubbed her clitoris. Roger went back to work sucking her breasts and Gary took out his cock and wandered up by her head. My eyes went wide as Renee placed her mouth onto Gary's cock and began to suck. From my vantage point I could see her lips wrapped around it as she gently sucked. Gary was in heaven, and then I looked back down to where her bush stood out starkly from her pale skin only to see Dan sliding his cock into my wife's pussy!

My wife Moaned and cooed as Gary and Dan worked her from either end. Suddenly Gary began to tense up and my wife pulled her head back just in time to get several big globs of semen sprayed onto her face. As Gary finished my wife wiped it off with the back of her hand and smeared it on her abdomen. My attention went to Dan who was now pumping furiously causing my wife's breasts to bounce too much for Roger to suck on. Then with a grunt Dan pushed himself in and stopped. I could tell by his expression he was cumming deep inside my wife's pussy. As Dan pulled out a thick glob of cum strung from his cock.

My wife cooed and squirmed. "Next." She said scintillatingly. Roger Fed his rock hard cock to her mouth as Gabe replaced Roger in her pussy. Tears welled in my eyes as the severity of the situation bulldozed me. I had just come in my pants. I must have been stroking myself absently through the fabric. As I came the arousing part of the situation washed away and I watched my four friends fuck my wife and said nothing. Shame became arousal again some time later. I watched Roger and Gabe also cum, Gabe again filling her pussy now to the point of pouring out of her. She invited them to our bedroom! I followed slowly they all climbed into our bed, a king size and with my Renee in the middle the just rubbed their hands all over her, they were all temporarily spent. I went back to the living room collapsed on the couch and slept.

I awoke to strange sounds in my bedroom. There in our bed my wife continued to frolic. She was sober now, and Roger was in the shower. Gabe was fucking her anally, while Dan again fucked her pussy. In one night she had become a seething sexpot. I walked away from the scene. Days passed and it seemed as though one of my friends was always at the house. My wife was insatiable. I took a permanent residence on the couch, her bed was never empty. We're divorced now, but I still live in the living room. Whenever I want to I can go and watch live porn and the rent is cheaper now that Roger practically lives here. Someday I'll probably move out, but Renee is a hot woman and I can always jerk off watching her fuck. For those of you waiting for the ten dates wrap-up I promise they're coming, I've been in a funk on that one, I need some fresh material.

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