tagIncest/TabooMistress Ana

Mistress Ana


My little Ana is my pride and joy, she is my little Princess and since her mother died, we have become very close, I sometimes worry that we have become too close! Not only is she my daughter, she is now my lover...

I know that some of you reading this will think that it is wrong but love has no bounds and bereavement made us both closer and stronger and we seem to be getting stronger each day.

As a family we have always been quite liberal and nudity around the house was a normal course of events, after my wife died I continued to be naked as much as I could and I also encouraged Ana to be naked whenever possible and it became the norm in our house and we both enjoyed the freedom of not being restricted by clothes, although it did present it's own problems in the beginning, I felt terribly embarrassed when I had an erection in front of Ana but now she encourages me to get an erection and even helps me to make me feel better... Ana is such a good girl.

Ana is 18 years old, it was her that seduced me and encouraged me to teach her everything about sex, she was a temptress and new exactly how to twist me around her little finger and she always gets her own way, not only with me but all men seem to bend to her ways.

Ana knows all about my kinks and fetishes and helps me and encourages me to fulfill them, before my wife died I was her submissive cuckold husband and I really missed being cuckolded after her death, one day Ana asked me what a cuckold was and I explained how my life was when her mother was alive and how much I miss it now.

I was telling her that I might have to look for a new woman who will feed me sperm from her freshly fucked pussy to satisfy my addiction for sperm & humiliation, as I was talking to Ana, she was stroking my cock and she sensed that I was harder than normal reliving my past life, her hand was pumping my cock really fast and she sensed that I was going to blow my load, she reached around for a wine glass and pumped my cock until I emptied the contents of my balls into the glass, she opened my mouth and poured the contents of the glass into my mouth telling me to be a good daddy and drink it all up, then she made me lick the glass clean. I thanked her and told her how much I had missed that and how much I need it, what she said next made me instantly hard...

"Daddy, you don't need another woman to take mums place, I am all you need daddy, I will bring you lots of fresh sperm and feed it to you and from now on you are my cuckold, I will never ever call you daddy anymore from now on you are "cucky," And that's what I will always call you, even if we are out with friends and family, do you understand me cucky?"

"Yes Ana, I do understand and thank you so much."

"Don't call me Ana anymore, from now on you will always referee to me as Mistress, always, regardless of the company we are in, is that clear cucky?"

"Yes Mistress, very clear."

"Good little cucky," She said, how did she become like this? My mind started to wonder and I was starting to reminisce about the past, how it all started...

The earliest recollection I had was when I was giving her a bath about a couple of years ago, I told her to stand up so I could wash her and not only did she stand up, she put one leg on the side of the bath and opened her pussy wide and said, "Daddy, will you clean the inside of me?" She had a little smirk on her face and I could see her looking at my cock, that was the time that I realized that she was a little temptress!

I picked up the sponge and the soap and as I was about to clean her she smiled and said,

"No daddy, use your fingers, not the sponge."

I did as she told me too and I am sure she was moaning with pleasure or was that just my mind reading too much into it? I was getting very excited but was not quite sure how to deal with it, all I knew was that I had to fuck her! I had a plan... After her bath, she dried herself off and I made her a nice big mug of hot chocolate, I placed two sleeping tablets in her drink, I really wanted her to be sound asleep for what I had in mind and she watched a little TV while she drank her drink, about twenty minutes later I could see she was drifting off, so I told her to go to bed, I went up to her bedroom with her, gave her a little kiss on her head and said,

"Night, night Princess."

"Night, night daddy." She said with a little smirk on her face.

I left it for half an hour to make sure the sleeping tablets were working, then I put my plan in practice, god, I was so excited!

I walked upstairs to her bedroom; my cock was throbbing and leaking pre-cum in anticipation of what was about to come, when I saw her lying in her bed, she looked so sexy; I could not believe that someone so young could turn me on so much, I called her name a couple of times to see if she was asleep, there was no response so I knew that the sleeping tablets had done there job.

I removed the duvet and saw the most perfect Goddess, she was laying face down, her legs slightly apart and I had a perfect view of her puckered little rosebud, I bent forward, held a cheek in each hand and parted her cheeks, her rosebud was begging me to lick it, which I did with great vigor, when I tasted her for the first time, my cock went very hard, I knew I would become addicted to her taste and I wanted so much more of her.

I gently turned her over onto her back and stared at the sight that was in front of me, she had the most beautiful pussy that I had ever seen, it was so smooth and delicious looking, her lips looked a little red & puffy as if she had been playing with herself and I knew exactly what I needed to do and I had to do it now. I pulled her to the edge of the bed so that her legs were hanging over the end; my cock is only small but it was rock hard, I reached around for the lube and put plenty on my little cock then placed the tip of my cock in the entrance too her pussy, my heart was beating fast and my cock was throbbing like I had never known it before.

I was really expecting some resistance and thought it would be tight but my cock slipped in, like a hot knife going through butter; I knew that I had a small cock but surly I would have felt her hymen!

I wasn't going to worry to much about that at this time, I had far more important things to do, I started to fuck her, slowly at first, it felt so nice, I speeded up my pace and was now fucking her really hard, I could feel the build up in my balls and knew I would not last much longer, I didn't want to cum inside her so I started to pull out but before I could get all the way out, I was pumping my cum deep inside of her, the rest landed on her beautiful smooth mound and I knew that I had to get her cleaned up before she woke.

I hooked my hands under her legs and lifted her pussy close to my mouth and licked all my cum from her beautiful delicious pussy, I then stuck my tongue deep inside her and sucked all the remaining cum out of her, I was sucking as if my life depended on it and my cock was getting very hard again. When I was satisfied that she was really clean, I moved her back up the bed, put the duvet back on her and kissed her on her head, saying "Good night," As I was leaving.

"Night night daddy." I heard her say just as I got to the door, I looked around in shock and noticed that she had a smirk on her face, I went to my bedroom, got in bed and wanked my cock, reliving the past half hour, it was the best wank I have had in a long time.

In the morning I was in the kitchen making breakfast, I was naked as usual, still with thoughts of what had happened last night and feeling a little embarrassed about what I had done.

"Morning daddy," I heard coming from the kitchen door "what's for breakfast Daddy, I am starving?"

I looked at my Princess, walking towards me, naked, she was so beautiful and I started to feel very ashamed with myself, then she did something that changed our relationship forever.

As she got to where I was standing, she saw that my cock was erect, she grabbed hold of it, bent over and gave it a kiss, while she was still pumping my cock, she said,

"Daddy, you really don't need to drug me when you want to fuck me, I have been fucked many times and I just love big fat cocks, daddy, it is such a shame that you only have a tiny little cock."

At which point she pumped all my cum onto her beautiful pert breasts and as she kept pumping she said,

"Daddy, I hope you will find me some real men that will fuck me and keep me happy"

"Of course I will Princess, I always want to make you happy."

"In that case, lick your mess up, like you did last night, then get my breakfast." She said while giving my balls a playful slap.

That was the point things changed for us, after that incident, we became lovers and always slept together at night, she was very highly sexed and it was usually her that initiated sex between us and I noticed that she was getting very bossy and assertive, always wanting and getting her own way, just like her mother used to be, was she turning into a carbon copy of her mother? God I hope so!

Over the next few weeks she became more demanding and open about her feelings and she didn't care about hurting my feelings, in fact, I am sure she got a buzz from humiliating me in some way, like the time we were watching the TV, she was sat on my lap and slipped my cock into her pussy and bouncing up & down as if she was riding a horse, she was trying really hard to get herself off but it was not working for her.

"Daddy, your cock is so fucking pathetic, some of the boys at school have got bigger cocks than you, make the most of this fuck because it is the last time that tiny little pathetic cock goes inside me."

Hearing her say that and the tone that she said it in made me shoot my load deep inside of her, she got off me, looked into my eyes and told me to lie on the floor, she had a sly smile on her face she told me to lick her clean then said,

"Tomorrow daddy, I want you to go to the shop and buy a big strap-on dildo because from now on, that's the only thing that you will ever fuck me with."

With that I shot my load again, all over my belly, she just laughed at me, scooped up the cum and fed it to me, saying, "You really get off on me being mean to you, don't you daddy?"

All I could say was, "Yes Princess." I felt so disgusted with myself, I could feel her taking control and deep down that's what I really craved but was scared as to how low she would take me.

"Your life is going to be so different from now on daddy, I have lots of plans for you, you really should be carful what you wish for."

Anyway, back to today....

"Mistress, don't forget you have a doctors appointment after school today."

"Yes I have cucky, I am glad you have reminded me, meet me at school later and you can take me and come in with me this time."

"Yes Mistress." Was all I could say, I had noticed that Mistress has been going to see the doctor quite a lot lately but she never appeared to be ill, I hope she is OK!

When we parked in the doctor's car park, Mistress reached for my balls, squeezed them really hard, much harder than usual and kept squeezing, harder & harder until I was begging her to stop and I had tears in my eyes.

"Cucky, when we go inside, you will do everything and I do mean everything that you are told, do not hesitate, always thank me and do not disappoint me, if the doctor speaks to you, remember that he is a "Real man," So give him the respect that he deserves and always call him "Sir," Do I make myself perfectly clear cucky?"

"Yes Mistress, I understand and will not let you down."

"Good little cucky," She said, as she let go of my very sore balls and she noticed that there was a very large stain on the front of my trousers, which made her smile.

"Come on," She said "Or we will be late," With that we got out of the car and went into the surgery.

Mistress was wearing a pair of flat black shoes with two thin straps across the front, white ankle socks and her legs were bare, on her top half, she was wearing a beautiful Lime-Green coat, it was very short and was more like an "opera cloak," Than a coat because there were no sleeves, just a couple of slits where she could put her arms through, there were four brass buttons going down the front and a thick brass chain just below her neckline connected to two more brass buttons, she looked very regal and such a powerful young Mistress and I would imagine that she would be naked beneath her coat.

Dr. Windsor was a tall well-defined gentleman, very smartly dressed, as you would expect a doctor to be and spoke with a very posh English accent and I guess that he was about 65 years old.

When we entered the consultation room, Dr. Windsor was seated at his desk; he looked up at us with a huge smile on his face and stood to greet us, he complimented Mistress on how sexy she looked; which I thought was a strange thing to say!

"And this must be your daddy?" Said the doctor while looking at me.

"He was my daddy, but now he is my cuckold slave and I have brought him here today so he can learn about his new life, I hope you will teach him well Dr. Windsor, he will answer to the name "cucky," And I have told him to show you the respect that a "Real Man," Like you deserves."

The doctor went to the door and locked it then he picked Mistress up and she wrapped her legs around him, they kissed and his hand went up her coat and I could see him caress her beautiful bottom, which always reminded me of a delicious ripe peach. He placed her on to the examination couch and removed her coat; like I suspected she was naked beneath the coat, her shoes and socks were left on, she sat on the couch with her legs spread wide apart and I could see that her pussy was already wet and glistening in anticipation of what was about to happen.

"Doctor, I have missed you so much, please get your cock out and fuck me, I dream about your big fat cock, I need it so much please fuck me, please, doctor fuck me hard like the "Real Man," That you are."

"Not just yet Ana, we need to talk about our future and the training of "cucky," I need to know that this is exactly what you want, because when we start, there will be no going back."

"Dr. Windsor, I think you know that I want to turn "cucky," Into my fulltime slave, I want to treat him like a pet, I want him to become addicted to drinking cum and I want him to learn to suck cock better than most girls do, I want him to be fucked up the arse and for him to beg me to fuck him and in time the only pleasure he will get is when he is being fucked, I want you to give him hormone tablets so he will grow breasts and to stop him getting erections, I want to turn him into my sissy slave and I will control every single aspect of his life, that's what I want Doctor Windsor, can you help me?"

"And what about "cucky," Does he want the same?" Asked the Dr.

"I don't give a fuck what he wants, he is nothing more than a pathetic, worthless piece of shit and he will do everything and anything that I tell him to do, he loves being humiliated and degraded, the more I do it to him the more he likes it, I bet that his pathetic little dick is already hard and is leaking cum, right now, even as we speak."

As Mistress was speaking the doctor went back to his desk and removed a few things from the drawer and placed them near Mistress.

"Doctor, I am so wet, please fuck me, I really need to feel that big fat cock of yours." It sounded like Mistress was begging the doctor to fuck her.

"Not just yet Ana, we have some training to do first with "cucky," After that we will have plenty of time to fuck. Now, if you are absolutely sure this is the life you want for "cucky," I need you to prove to me that you are serious. You know what you have to do Ana, let me see you making him yours."

With that Mistress started to get off the couch, I could see that her pussy was oozing girl juice, it looked so beautiful, she walked towards me and stood directly in front of me, placing her hand between her legs she scooped some of her juice on her fingers and put them into my mouth telling me to suck them clean, she is so delicious, I could drink her juice all day long...

"Cucky, you know I think you are a pathetic excuse for a man and I want to turn you into my slave and control every aspect of your life, I will humiliate you, degrade you, hurt you and punish you, just for my pleasure, I will turn you into a sissy, you will suck cock and you will be fucked regularly and learn to like it because it will become your only form of sexual relief, you will be kept in chastity permanently and the only milking you will get will be through your prostate while being fucked, you will always wear a dog collar and leash and all your meals will be eaten from a dog bowl. I will be getting you pierced and branded and the doctor will be giving you medication to lessen your sexual urges possibly leading to castration. "Cucky," I am being very serious about all of this and if you choose this as a life then you will be nothing to me except being my property you will be nothing more than chattel. If this is the life that you want, then remove all your clothes and kneel at my feet, this will be your only chance to back out."

I knew exactly what I wanted so I immediately removed my clothes and knelt by Mistresses feet, I could hear the doctor laughing when he saw my little cock. Mistress reached for the dog collar and placed it around my neck then she attached the leash, she walked me to the doctor and I knelt at his feet.

"You are going to watch a "Real Man," Fuck me and you are going to be helping, now get the doctors cock out and suck it so it is nice and hard for Mistress and do it now, you fucking little sissy cock sucker."

I unzipped the doctors trousers and removed his cock, I could not believe how big it was, it must have been 3 times the size of mine and very thick, seeing it close-up like that made be feel very inadequate, I was holding his cock, which felt very heavy, I opened my mouth and put the tip inside, tasting a cock for the first time, I knew that I had to please Mistress so I started sucking and soon got the hang of it, I realized that I was a born cock-sucker, I could feel the doctors hands on my head, pushing my head down on his cock and I could taste his pre-cum; I knew that would be a taste that I would be getting use to.

Mistress was on the couch with her legs wide open, playing with her pussy, I could hear that she was moaning with pleasure.

"Doctor, I really need your big cock, please fuck me," I heard my Mistress say.

"You heard your Mistress," Said the doctor as he slipped his cock out of my mouth, he walked me over to Mistress and told me to put the tip of his cock into her pussy.

"While I am fucking your Mistress, I want you to lick my arse and play with my balls, don't stop until you are told to, do you understand me?"

"Yes I do Sir."

He started to fuck my Mistress really hard, I could see and hear that she was really enjoying it, she was really in ecstasy and I was so pleased she was happy.

"Fuck me harder, please, please, fuck me until it hurts, show that piece of shit how a real man fucks, oh, god, you are making me cum, fuck, fuck, fuck, that's it, don't stop, keep going, harder, harder, oh fuck."

At the same time, I could feel Doctor Windsor's balls, tighten and knew he was about to cum, I was still licking his arse when he grunted and pushed a little harder, I knew that he had cum, he pulled out of Mistress and fed his cock into my mouth to clean, I did a good job of cleaning his cock and when he was satisfied he told me to clean Mistress.

I looked at my beautiful Mistress with her legs wide open, cum oozing out of her pussy and there was so much of it, I got between her legs and started licking and sucking all the cum, it tasted really nice and I knew that I was a born cum drinker and that I would be tasting a lot more of the doctors cum in the future, Mistress had her hands on my head pushing it into her cunt.

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