tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMistress Barbara Ch. 14

Mistress Barbara Ch. 14


Kurt had even organised the return flight so that we could spend more time at the lodge on Wednesday morning. The helicopter would drop the rest of us off at Maple Lake beside our property, well before 1pm. The crew were taking Ken back to the airport with them, to drop the convertible back to Lakeside or Rome. Now I understood why Kurt had been talking to Kent and Margaret. Kent had been pointing out all the possible landing areas for the larger Iroquois helicopter that Kurt had hired. On reflection, Graham hadn't seemed too surprised when he buckled us in. He must have noticed that we weren't wearing panties or bras. He had been a perfect gentleman, even advising us to hold our skirts as we approached the Iroquois and he had looked away as we sat in the seats. Cathy and Angela had both been much too excited to notice but I had thought it odd not to get the usual salacious look from men that I exposed myself to, accidentally or otherwise.

Before long the Iroquois descended, landing on a remote trig station with views that seemed to go on forever. Beside the machine there was a monument, built of natural stone. Kurt handed Des his camera and grabbed his own from the luggage rack while Graham opened the double door and folded down the steps, in readiness for us to get out of the chopper. Des nodded toward me with an eager smile. I hoped that I had read the situation correctly as I got out of my seat.

Removing my toga, I placed it on the seat before stepping out of the chopper. I was totally naked apart from my waist chain when I walked down the steps. Graham let out a low whistle of approval as the girls both followed suit behind me.

Without telling our men, Kurt had obviously chosen locations before we arrived at the airport. Des placed us with the pilots, the chopper and the views in the background, for his shots.

"We've still some more locations to visit." Kurt explained with a smile. "I told the pilots that we're doing a calendar for next year and I made sure that the crew were willing to accept nudity when I booked the flight." He confided as we got back in.

"You might have told us." I chided him with a warm smile.

We put away our dresses after the first location. It seemed silly to put them on during the flights when we were airborne for only short periods of time. We reached the third location and we were friendly enough with the crew to discuss future uses for the Iroquois. Graham suggested an attraction at Maple lake to rival my Naked Mile events for publicity and daring.

"The Iroquois is suitable for parachute or bungie cord jumping, you realise?" He gave me his card when we got back into the chopper.

The fourth location was at a lake above our destination, which held the water for the rapids which flowed past the Lodge. It was remote countryside with horseback access only. This could be clearly seen as we circled the area before landing. The helicopter landed in a small clearing on the far side of the lake.

Neville shut down the motors for the first time since takeoff and brought out some refreshments in a picnic hamper.

"We use this spot as a stopping point for other charters." He pointed out a trail which led to a waterfall that ran down the rocky slopes to feed the lake. The rock formations were multi-coloured and there were several ideal locations to suit a photographic shoot.

While the crew laid out the picnic, Des posed us by the rocky shores of the lake. He removed his clothing and waded into the lake to take a background shot of the helicopter. The altitude caused the water temperature to be much lower than Maple Lake. Cat made fun of Des's shrunken state and before long we were all laughing and joking about it. We discussed the perils of obtaining the perfect photograph with our friendly crew over hot drinks and sandwiches. The tea break was welcome and the crew joined into our conversation. It was a novel experience to be nude and talking business at the same time, with two recent strangers. When our discussion centred on our activities in Maple lake it became apparent that Graham had attended the water-ski event. Angela told him all about the restaurant and the changes that she had achieved. Neville came up with several new ideas which could involve his skills. He mentioned that they were quite amenable to providing cheaper rates in order to get regular work. There was real possibility of basing his operation at Maple Lake if his ideas became popular. They continued the discussion with us and escorted us around the locations at the lake while we posed and Des shot the photos. Whilst they obviously enjoyed our nudity, they remained professional in their dealings with us.

Graham surrendered his seat to me for the next flight so I sat next to Neville while he explained the controls and start-up procedure, even letting me follow through with him on the controls. Once we had lifted off and gained altitude he let me take over the controls while we flew to the next location. The thrill of flying the machine as I sat next to him, completely naked, was one I will always treasure.

It was an orgasmic feeling. The vibrations of the controls brought a flush to my body and my fully engorged nipples ached with the most delicious sensitivity. I vowed to take flying lessons over the winter and obtain a licence to fly helicopters, as we put the machine down gently at the next location.

When Des looked at me, as I stepped out of the chopper, I knew that my excited state was painfully obvious to all the others. Fortunately there was a small meandering stream nearby and I had the opportunity to compose myself, out of sight. I surrendered to the most delicious orgasm that I had experienced for ages before rejoining the rest of my family.

We posed for photos at the new location and I had a chance to talk to Graham about the idea of having lessons at some later time. After the photo shoot the ladies put their dresses back on in preparation for landing at the Lodge helipad, now only a two minute flight away.

Kurt took my place beside Neville after I excused myself from the privilege. I didn't trust myself to maintain composure and arrive at the Lodge in ladylike condition but promised to repeat the experience very soon.

The owners and a few guests assembled to greet us when we landed. We modestly held down our dresses as we emerged from the Iroquois and ran out of the reach of the downdraft. The men helped Graham to carry the luggage off the machine while Neville idled prior to take-off. We waved goodbye to the crew as they hovered above the pad before setting course for their return flight.

There were only three other guests at the lodge, which surprised me until I realised that the lodge was very exclusive and expensive to stay at. There were never many guests here, mid-week in late autumn. We were shown to the Honeymoon Cottage, a separate building from the main lodge surrounded by trees with it's own heated indoor pool.

It was well appointed and the furnishings were modern with light cooking facilities and a well stocked bar. Original local landscape paintings decorated the wall. Angela and Cat toured around inspecting the sleeping facilities and outside grounds. I remained in the lounge room with the men while the owner explained the leisure activities available. He apologised for the lack of other guests at this time of the year but hoped that we would have fun amusing ourselves. If he only knew, this suited our purpose admirably. It gave us the chance to explore the parklike grounds without worrying about other curious guests. It was just after 4pm by the time he finish explaining the things we needed to know and left us alone to our privacy.

The moment Albert, the owner, left I took off my toga and led all three men into the nearest bedroom. They quickly disrobed and began to satisfy my aching needs, before Cat and Angela joined us in an extremely satisfying sexual encounter. As we lay afterward, talking among ourselves and planning our short holiday to maximise the enjoyment for all of us, Kurt looked completely happy. As he spoke he took Angela in his arms. Kurt asked her to marry him, much to our surprise. Angela sat there next to him, with astonishment giving way to the most loving expression. She accepted his proposal, searching my eyes for approval. I nodded and wished them every happiness.

Des was the first to recover his wits and went to pour everybody drinks from the bar to celebrate. I knew that Kurt had considered all factors in proposing marriage to Angela and I was equally sure that Angela had thought out her reply. There were difficulties in making a conventional marriage work within our large family but then none of us were exactly conventional anyway. Kurt explained that he wanted to join our family and wouldn't dream of trying to alter our lifestyle in any way. His only concern was Kate and Lance's reaction to the news, if Angela accepted. When Kurt admitted to Angela that he didn't have to be back in Australia right away, her happiness was complete.

My first reaction was to ring Kent, but I restrained myself. We had been talking for two hours and it was nearly dinnertime. I rang the lodge and spoke to Albert, asking him to bring dinner for six down to us, outlining our various preferences from what he was offering. I asked for more Champagne to celebrate an upcoming event between two of our party. I was still in a euphoric daze when I rang Kent and told him the news.

Albert and his wife arrived with a trolley containing all the food that we had ordered and an ice bucket with three more bottles of champagne. He didn't appear to be surprised that there were only four of us in the room, or to his credit, ask any awkward questions about the reason for the celebration. Dinner was consumed over a longer period of time than usual as we all planned the upcoming marriage. Angela was keen for the wedding to coincide with the redevelopment of the restaurant. Kurt wanted to invite a small group of close friends from Australia. He felt that the wedding could be used to publicise the new reception lounge business and was prepared to wait until the renovations were complete.

As excited as they were, both Kurt and Angela wanted to use the time to sort out Kurt's affairs in Australia. He intended to keep his home on Bribie Island as a holiday base for trips to Australia by any of our family that wished to use it. He said that he would sell almost everything else. Angela and Kurt joined us for our normal combined sexual interaction after their short interlude alone. They preferred to sleep with the rest of us, proving commitment to our lifestyle.

The surprises changed many of our plans the following day. We woke up somewhat later than usual and decided to explore the property, taking advantage of the horse trekking trails, once we found that we could hire the horses from the lodge. We wanted to go out and explore the surroundings on our own. We followed the trail upstream on the river bank and had lunch at a lovely spot where the water was suitable for swimming. It was an ideal opportunity to bond further with Kurt. Now that he was becoming a permanent member of our family, there were so many more things that we wanted to know about him. The more Angela found out about Kurt the more it served to convince her that she had found her soul mate. The two of them grew closer together than ever during the course of the day.

When Kurt and I found ourselves alone together we discussed my plan to bring Angela's involvement in Kent's Creations to the point where she would become a shareholder. He agreed that she was strong on leadership qualities and capable of taking charge of the family when the time was right. Kurt was prouder of Angela than ever by the time we finished our private conversation. We returned in time for dinner at the main house. Although we hadn't done much out of the ordinary, the trek had produced a far clearer understanding between Kurt and I. The path ahead, from this point, was clear and unequivocal in both our personal and professional lives.

We all discussed the plans for the next day, before we got back to the cottage, and Kurt rang Neville at his home number. Between them they arranged for us to be picked up by 10am and flown to the other locations that Graham had mentioned. Des had brought plenty of film and was more than happy with the outcome. Since Lance had joined us, Des had taken a renewed interest in photography. Kurt was serious about the calendar idea. He had realised the potential that it had for combining fun with a real economic benefit. He had a friend that did similar shoots on deserted islands on the Barrier Reef. Kurt was very much like Angela and I, taking pride in not allowing a good business opportunity to pass by, even when on holiday.

We just finished having breakfast together when I heard the familiar sound of the Iroquois approaching the helipad, fifty yards away from the cottage. The crew shut down the engines before coming up the path to the cottage upon our invitation to have coffees with us. It gave us the chance to plan without engine noise interrupting our thoughts. I used the time to discuss some of Neville's ideas for new adventure attractions around Maple Lake. Both Neville and Graham were qualified instructors and owned two other machines that they chartered out.

"Would you guys be interested in advising us if we were to buy a smaller helicopter for our personal use?" I decided.

By now, both Neville and Graham knew that I was well enough qualified financially and readily agreed to teach me to fly.

"We'll even arrange maintenance for any machine that you choose to buy." Graham added enthusiastically. "They're all very versatile."

Kurt's eyes lit up at my suggestion and enquired the possibility of he and Angela taking lessons too.

Kurt refused any contribution from us. He settled up with the owners of the lodge while the rest of us carried our gear to the helicopter and filled the crew's thermos bottles with boiling water for a cup of tea on the way around. Neville was well equipped with biscuits and sandwiches. He even carried a small gas stove on board.

By the time Kurt finished dealing with the owners of the lodge we were all seated and ready to lift off as soon as he arrived. Angela was eager to travel in the pilots compartment and readily accepted Graham's offer to swap places for the first leg. Kurt sat next to Graham and I could see him looking at where we were going on the map in front of them. As per Kurt's wishes, we slowly circled the area for a few minutes to view the overall property before heading toward the coast in the distance. We passed the reservoir at Angel Falls and I could see Angela pointing out the tearooms, notable because of it's coral red roof. From the air it seemed like a short distance from the town but I knew the journey from the turnoff was a good twenty minute drive.

We started to descend over an old logging camp, with some abandoned machinery littered around several derelict buildings, a few minutes later. Neville landed in a clearing in the middle. Des got his camera out and Cat and I were undressing as Angela emerged smiling from the cockpit. I could tell that the controls had produced a similar effect on her body as she quickly disrobed and joined us outside. Des posed us against the backdrop of an old bulldozer and took several photos around the area.

Kurt took Angela's place in the cockpit when we advanced to the next location. It was a monument to the early gold rush days, scattered quite liberally in the local ranges. This time the helicopter shut down and Neville joined us, exploring the mine shafts and an old stamping battery near a picture perfect river. We spent time looking around the area and posing before going swimming in the stony river. The men joined us for a swim as by now they were getting hot.

To my surprise, the crew stripped off all their clothes and joined us seconds later. Like the day before yesterday, we girls had remained naked from the first shoot. The men could have followed suite much earlier but like most times when we were out in public, they felt more comfortable with at least a pair of shorts on. I came to terms with those double standards a long time ago. I thoroughly enjoyed the attention of fully dressed men while I was naked. Now all three of us were feasting our eyes on the five naked men as they frolicked in the shallow water with us.

As there were no towels, we sat talking and drinking our refreshments at lunchtime while we discussed the next move. I suggested going to Maple Lake, challenging Neville and Graham to remain naked for the rest of the way. Neville agreed, on condition that I ride next to him until we arrived. I had to promise never to tell his wife what he had done. Graham seemed happy enough to take up the challenge so clearing the dishes, we boarded the helicopter. They knew that our land was private and all the residents within were likely to be naked as well.

I followed through on the start up of the motors and Neville pointed out the critical gauges that had to reach the right level before take-off. He explained what all the controls actually did before lifting off and hovering while he checked the gauges yet again.

He was giving me my first flying lesson on the way home. I tried to concentrate on what he was saying and ignore the delicious sensations between my legs when the vibrations increased. He let me experience the controls again once we had gained flight speed and I was amazed at the ease of operation. He told me to keep looking around and keep to the compass heading on the dashboard.

"Come and watch your wife at the controls." He invited Des.

It was an experience like no other when I realised that Neville's hands were no longer on the cyclic controls and I was flying the machine on my own. I knew that Des would be taking photos but I didn't dare look around. I just concentrated on the altimeter and the speed and attitude of the helicopter.

It seemed like hours had passed when I saw Maple Lake to the right of the freeway and could clearly see the township. Neville was talking to the control tower at the Airport, telling them where he was and where he was going to land. I hadn't realised that every movement is carefully logged with the nearest control tower in case another aircraft is in the vicinity and I realised that I had a lot to learn before I got a licence. Neville guided the helicopter so that he could see the empty paddock next to the house. He made his approach over the water until he was hovering right beside our house and I could see the grass shuddering under the helicopters blades. He landed in time for us to invite them in for a cup of tea before they took Ken back to the airport to pick up our car. I was still shaking as I unbuckled my belt and Neville shut down the motors.

"I've never flown naked before with a lady passenger." He sighed as the motor noise ceased. "You go ahead. I'll be there in a moment." He excused himself from standing. His face was red.

For the first time I noticed that he was holding a flight map over his lap. It was evident to me that the effect of the flight on his body, although not as startling as mine, had been sufficient to keep his penis at least semi-erect.

I joined the others in disembarking. Graham picked up his own, as well as Neville's clothing as we were leaving the craft.

"Can we use your shower before we get dressed." He grinned at me. He seemed aware of Neville's embarrassment. "My partner will be needing these." He laughed as he held up his shorts. "Perhaps I'll leave these behind." Graham left them beside the steps and walked me inside the house. He seemed carefree enough without his clothes on.

Cathy made tea and snacks for everybody. We talked and sipped tea around the table until I was relaxed enough to get back to my normal self. My first lesson had stiffened all my muscles with anxiety.

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