tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMistress Barbara Ch. 16

Mistress Barbara Ch. 16


Kurt wanted to put a proposal that seemed to excite him to Kent, so he came with us, partly to watch the new format and to talk business with his old friend. He was mysterious about the exact nature of his proposal. It was frustrating but because we were running late and there wasn't time to press him further. My natural curiosity was heightened when I saw a map spread out over their table during the show. When I had a chance to talk to Angela, during a costume change, it appeared that she was equally in the dark about the purpose of the map. Kurt had spent a lot of time discussing business with his friend Steve, over the same map, while Angela was caught up in conversation with Steve's wife Veronica. I sensed that Kurt must have an idea to increase sales in Australia. When the show finished the rest of us became privy to the full extent of Kurt's plan.

Essentially Steve and Kurt had been discussing the range of swimwear and casual wear, after our visit with Kurt in Australia. Before Kurt's next visit to Maple Lake, the two men had decided to form a company to distribute our gear right around Australia by mail order.

They would do this using catalogues produced by Kent's Creations in outdoor locations. This partly explained the helicopter charter which he had organised on his intended holiday with us.

Meeting Angela, falling in love with her and his gradual realisation that he wanted to be part of our family, had led him toward a slightly different path. He had discussed the idea with Steve and had done a deal which would see Steve take over all his shops eventually. Kurt would get a fifty-percent share in the newly formed company.

The projections were exciting and Kurt's only involvement would be to produce the catalogues and to continue to do the company's buying. Since Kurt had been buying exclusively from our company, both Steve and Kurt's shops had substantially increased their turnover with many inquiries coming from other states in Australia. Kurt touched on the possibilities for a world wide franchise operation, once the range became popular and the time was right.

At this point we all had input toward Kurt's original plan and between all of us, as the evening drew on, the plan was refined and modified to produce the best results. The market potential was huge in Queensland alone. Australia wide, there was an enormous market for the entire range that we now produced. The pricing had to be competitive and remain profitable. It was because of this factor that Kurt knew that he needed to speak to Kent before getting our hopes raised.

Kent was enthusiastic and mentioned that he was already manufacturing in third world countries, in order to stay competitive and keep costs minimal. He pointed out that many other much larger firms already did this. Angela, who had no idea of the vast scale of Kurt's plan was in awe of the whole idea. We all celebrated the decisions made at the conclusion of the meeting by adjourning to Kent's home with Margaret.

Apparently the notion of producing a catalogue had been debated long before. Now, with Kurt seeking a worthwhile involvement with us and wishing to join our family, Kent realised the potential for Kurt's proposal immediately. Although Kurt had only been living with us a number of weeks Margaret had formed a strong bond with him, trusting Kurt's integrity and his business acumen. Moving to Maple Lake had improved their overall financial position and helped grow turnover of the company far beyond Kent's expectations. The added bonus was the unexpected formation of her and Kent's lifetime dream, a true working model of a multi-generational community.

The deal was settled when Kurt agreed to take the older couple on the next visit in three weeks time, or as soon as a draft catalogue could be compiled. I was glad that I had convinced Kent to cut our workload with the BDSM showings. He now had the time to make this possible.

I sensed an opportunity to test the fantasy that Angela had once confided to me. Naked and vulnerable, Angela would be discovered by a group of strangers and subjected to humiliation and indignities as they took their pleasure with her. Angela's fantasy was too dangerous to attempt to live out in real life, for obvious reasons.

The two German clients were harmless enough, under our supervision, and my instincts told me that they may enjoy cooperating with me if their own special needs were met at the same time.

I had given the matter some really serious thought, prior to Kurt's proposal to do a catalogue. I had wondered how to justify tying Angela up, alone in the woods, away from the rest of us. Suddenly it was clear to me, that with everybody's cooperation we could all have a bit of harmless fun. Angela would come as close to living her dark fantasy as safely possible, without harming her in any way. As a new Mistress in training, I realised that the experience would be good for Angela too, as a fellow submissive.

I had found my first experience of administering corporal punishment repulsive. The revenge motivation allowed me to take some pleasure in gratifying the two men, in their compulsive need to be whipped by a dominatrix.

I had difficulty recognising Fritz and his son as they sat at a table near the rear wall of the auditorium. The room was crowded when the four of us put on the BDSM showing. Kent, without giving away the reason, had instructed Rick to change their appearance as much as possible with skilful makeup technique. I told Angela and Caroline that they were new clients, to explain the amount of time that I was spending at their table. I gave clear instructions to the other girls not to speak to the men or encourage touching, until they had proved their worth as buyers of the special range.

They had a very distinctive accent and I didn't want Angela to hear them speak while we were showing the gear to them. She was highly intelligent and would soon tumble on to the surprise that I had planned for her the next day, if she heard their accent.

Kent had already told the two men that we had a special reward in mind for them but tantalised their minds by not being too specific, only telling them what they really needed to know when he met them at the airport.

I had already set the scene for a catalogue shoot the next day and Angela was looking forward to starring as the feature model on Thursday morning. We had arranged to go to the bushy area by the small waterfall on the far side of the lake. We would shoot an outdoor bondage theme for a special section of the catalogue devoted to BDSM gear. The tranquil area had special significance for Angela and she had frequently enjoyed sunbathing on the grassy area beside the waterfall, listening to the birdcalls and the water as it cascaded over the rocks. She had even suggested the location while we were discussing a suitable area for the leading photo. Of course, Des agreed immediately because he had outlined his requirements in the hope that Angela would suggest that very place.

Thursday morning we set off as planned, with all the photographic gear, costumes and accessories in one of the ski boats. Angela and I followed Des and Cat on one of the Jet Skis. Cat and I helped Angela into a suitable costume.

The costume featured an open bra and small G string panties, with collar, cuffs and ankle restraints. We applied makeup, once the costume was ready. Des set up his tripod and camera to focus on a fallen log with trees nearby to serve as posts for the restraints.

We spent time positioning Angela and tying her securely in an embarrassingly vulnerable position, across a fallen log.

We all stepped back while Des tested the natural lighting with his meter. Des took several shots, shifting the tripod in an effort to take the perfect shot. He complained that the lighting wasn't quite right for the photo, announcing that he needed his other camera with the flash equipment.

Angela was quite comfortable by then with her gag in place, nodding her head when Des asked her to wait for ten minutes or so.

Des said that he needed to take the ski-boat to get it. Cat wanted to accompany Des and, at the last minute, I ran to join them. This left Angela totally alone, helplessly bound and gagged in position. She knew that the area was deserted at this time of the year and accepted that we would not be long, but from her position in the woods she couldn't actually see the ski boat leave.

I doubled back so that I had a vantage point to see Angela, without her being able to see me. Kent waited beside the boat, out of sight, while the two men started walking through the wooded area.

They were talking to each other in German and they pretended to be exploring the area. I heard the ski boat leave and the men's voices gradually become clearer. Angela's relaxed expression gradually changed as she realised that the voices were coming toward her.

She fidgeted, tugging at her restraints to test whether she could escape. When she realised they were totally secure a more agitated look clouded her beautiful face, as it dawned on her that the men were heading in her direction now and they would be sure to see her. When she saw the men emerge from the trees, she frantically tried to indicate to them to remove her gag and untie her.

The men stood looking at her and the other photographic equipment that Des had left behind. Fritz Jnr. went toward her but instead of helping her, ripped off the panties and bra from her costume. He stepped back to admire her naked breasts and totally hairless genital area.

Poor Angela went pale as she contemplated what may lay ahead, in her vulnerable position. The two men talked and gestured in her general direction, never taking their eyes off her. Finally Fritz Snr handed the younger man a pair of latex gloves from his pocket. While young Fritz put them on, flexing his fingers, the older man began to take his clothing off. He slowly folded his jacket and shirt and carefully placed them beside a tree.

I couldn't help being very impressed by Angela's quiet acceptance of the inevitable. Gagged as she was, she had very little choice but she seemed to be cooperating a little more than she had been initially.

Earlier on she had been struggling with her bonds as the young man ripped her panties off and exposed her moist open vagina.

Now, when his erotic ministrations and practised fingers stimulated her clitoris, she opened her vaginal lips fully to their lecherous gaze. Angela was shuddering with pleasure as his left hand index finger plunged deep into her exposed bottom. Her urge to orgasm overcame her earlier tension at this point. At least young Fritz must have learned a thing or two about giving a girl some pleasure since his last visit. I congratulated myself with a quiet smile.

Now that the older man was totally naked and fully tumescent, he was rolling a condom onto his quivering penis and approaching Angela's body with a broad smile on his face.

I believe that Angela now suspected that this whole episode had been carefully set up. She pointed to her gag again, indicating her willingness to give the older man oral pleasure or at least negotiate an acceptable outcome to her predicament. Kurt put his forefinger to his lips and gently removed her gag, ready to replace it quickly if she screamed, making soothing small talk in his native tongue.

"Do you people speak English at all?" Angela enquired cautiously. She must have been nearly out of breath from her last shattering orgasm whilst gagged, her breasts heaving as she filled her lungs to speak again. "I can't believe that you've come to the forest so well prepared for sex, if you don't know my friends?" She posed rhetorically, hoping for the answer in English.

At this point, both men stood there silent, desperately trying to think of what to tell her. Kent and I had given them fairly explicit instructions to take full advantage of the situation, bearing in mind our prime directive for safe sex.

Although I was disappointed that the entire scenario appeared to be unravelling, I was proud of Angela's confidence in her family and her quick wittedness in dealing with the situation so adroitly. After a full minute of silence from the two men, during which she scanned their bewildered faces, she assumed a stern look.

"Well, don't stand around looking like idiots! Hurry up and get on with it or let me out of these ropes, NOW!" She said with rapidly increasing authority.

Angela smiled wryly, as the two men reverted to English and begged Angela's forgiveness. They both began to untie her legs and arms.

As soon as they freed her, Cat turned the tables, tying the men's hands together with the ropes that had bound her in position. She pulled the younger man's pants down around his ankles.

I started to clap as I emerged from my hiding place and Kent walked up the path toward the group, holding a cane in his hand. Des and Cat were right behind Kent, empty handed of course, having already taken perfect shots of Angela previously. Des picked up the rest of his gear, with Cat's help and started to carry the gear back to the boat.

Once they returned to Rome, Cat would bring the boat back to pick Kent and the two men up. We hoped that they would be satisfied with our outdoor bondage and subsequent punishment scene that we had created by then. Their gratification was extremely important to us.

Kent and I looked on admiringly as Angela admonished the two German men, cane waving in the air. Fritz senior accepted that they had been extremely naughty and negotiated the number of strokes that he and his son thought that they both richly deserved. Two strokes.

Kent held up the appropriate number of fingers to signal to Angela the extent of punishment that he knew the men expected. Four strokes.

She nodded and walked around in front of them again. She stood with her legs apart and her arms folded under her breasts.

"Master Kent and Mistress Barbara tell me that this is not the first time you have been disrespectful to vulnerable young ladies."

She paused as she watched their reactions. "Have you ever considered giving a lady oral pleasure?" She moved her naked pubic area down to eye level with them. She was wet and engorged, her breasts firm and hard. "After that treatment, when you ripped of my panties and bra, I believe my body needs some gentle oral attention, now. Don't you!!"

The men looked at each other, dumbfounded.

"Let me put it another way." Angela smiled sadistically. "At the present time, I think that the cane is too mild to convey the anger that I'm feeling at the moment." She looked over at Kent. "Did you bring my bullwhip, by any chance?"

"I'll kiss you all over." The older man offered uncertainly. "So will my son." He licked his lips nervously. "Please--only the cane?"

The younger man smiled and nodded his head enthusiastically.

"You'll have to behave yourselves." Angela warned. "If you make me orgasm, without any penetration I might add, I might just give you say---Four strokes each." She decided. "And perhaps with the cane, after all." She smiled.

Angela had taken charge. She lay on the soft grass and beckoned the men forward. "Now remember, no unsafe practices." She reiterated.

As the men kissed and nibbled at her most sensitive places, Angela squirmed and wriggled on the soft grass. She deliberately held herself back from showing her appreciation, as she normally did with us. After several minutes her body trembled and convulsed in what must have been one of the most erotic experiences of her life. She lay gasping for breath as she looked at the two men.

"I'll be kinder to you now." She rewarded their efforts as she recovered her breath. "That was a better way to treat a defenceless young girl, wasn't it?"

"Yes Mistress Angela." The older man smiled. "Over here? Fritz Snr nudged his son and indicated a fallen log close to the water.

"Now you've got the right idea." Angela acknowledged, rising to her feet. "Just kneel down facing the waterfall." She instructed as she picked up her cane.

There were no showers but the waterfall appeared to refresh Angela first, then the two men. They appeared to enjoy the cooling waters that cascaded over the rocks in this outdoor setting. Their well reddened posteriors were held close to the coldest rocks under the flowing water. Angela had a glowing smile as she left the two men with Kent and walked away back to the boat with me. Her skin was vibrant.

"Did I do well, Mistress?" She smiled, once we were out of earshot. "I hope I wasn't too hard on them."

"You did, Darling, but tell me---?"

I was still curious. She had realised that it had not been authentic and that she was actually being tested.

"Lance never takes a photo unless the lighting is perfect. Des is too good a photographer, to waste that much film, if the lighting conditions weren't suitable." She paused with a wide smile. "Besides, how many tourists go into the woods wearing expensive suits, carrying latex gloves and condoms and with no compass or maps?"

I proudly realised that Angela was gifted with a more analytical mind that I had given her credit for. She had been growing suspicious of the events very early in the piece, but trusted us to make sure that she came to no harm. She was adventurous, bright, popular and above all she was loyal and trusting. A natural leader, in every way, who had all the right qualities and keen insight to make her the clear and undisputed leader of all our families if that situation arose. Margaret, it seemed, had always known this since the first day that she hosted Angela at Kent's house.

The last submission of my Novel, 'ADDICTED TO ATTENTION.'

* * * * *

AUTHOR'S NOTE: It is worthwhile to mention that I have severely edited the last twenty chapters of my novel to make it more suitable for this site. I hope you still enjoyed reading it. The full story deals in greater depth with the business and political ramifications of changing conventional thinking to achieve a more caring and just society. Greater writers than I have done likewise. E.G. 'Animal Farm' was written by George Orwell to point out, in a fun way, the rising evils of communism. It is very widely read today.

Perhaps there is some hope for me yet. What do you think?

Barbara Anne Adams.{NZ novelist}

P.S. Please vote. {Laurel might let me come back soon.}

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