tagIncest/TabooMistress Diabolique Ch. 05

Mistress Diabolique Ch. 05


Mistress Diabolique lay back and relished the work her well-built, well-hung, young nephew Caleb was performing at her richly-aromatic and sopping wet pussy.

The 18-year-old seemed to never tire of working his lips and tongue over her lush minge, its hair trimmed well back, its lips well-defined.

As he worked her towards her first climax of this sunny Saturday, the 40-year-old domina thought ahead to what she would be teaching her lovely young slave later in her basement torture chamber.

It involved spraying cool urine from a large soda siphon onto various parts of her body – only a soda siphon spray would be far to generous for such an operation, so this siphon had been fitted with a spray apparatus from an expensive container, Joy by Jean Patou, Mistress Diabolique's favourite perfume.

The 40-year-old was well aware that such a technique was not approved of by what she called the "Queen Victorias" of the domination business.

There was still an old-fashioned theory that body worship had no place in domination, but Debbie, her real name, did not subscribe to it. For a 40-year-old, she had a stunningly statuesque body, and she saw no reason why she should not bring it into play during a femdom session.

That her clients could afford to pay the high charges and that they adored worshipping her lovely firm breasts, pert buttocks and musky but hugely tasty quim settled the matter for Debbie.

The feel of a slave's tongue working on her "naughty bits" was part and parcel of the femdom mystique, she thought, and the "Queen Victorias" of the business could go fuck themselves, or at least find something else which did not "amuse" them.

Gradually, her 18-year-old nephew's mouth worked her to the stage where she relaxed and let the floodgates of her orgasm crash over his panting face, and she let herself down the other side of the waterfall until she had calmed herself.

After showering, alongside a naked and, of course, stiff-pricked nephew, mistress and slave dressed, then had a lovely, leisurely breakfast, the domme reading The Times, her nephew perving on the lovely natural breasts of some Sun Page 3 tottie, before drinking in the "This Year's Sexiest Lingerie" special, a few pages past the tabloid's more "serious" pages.

It was just before 10am, when Debbie came downstairs wearing only her high-heeled Christian Louboutin black stilettos. She ordered Caleb to get naked and answer the ring at the door. Soon, the erect-cocked young stud returned with the 25-year-old black bondage expert and cock-teaser, Tammy.

"Fuck, I see you're ready to go," said the flashing-eyed beauty, as she looked at Mistress D's erect-nippled breasts and freshly shaved minge, and the black beauty quickly pulled off her T-shirt and jeans to reveal that she was minus bra and panties. That left Caleb with two dominas wearing nothing but high heels and big smiles.

"Shall we?" asked his aunt, taking him by the hand and escorting him down to the torture chamber, a short walk but long enough for the professional domme to notice that her nephew's cock was drooling pre-cum in anticipation of his next step in his journey to become a "golden" slave.

Inside, Debbie went to the refrigerator and produced the large soda siphon, with its distinctly un-soda-like contents. This she handed to Tammy, who stood by with an evil smile on her face as her mistress explained the process that was to be employed in the next stage of his urine education.

"Now, Cal, you like my body, don't you?" asked the boy's aunt, standing provocatively before him, hands bunched into fists on her lovely firm hips.

"Of course I do, aunty," stuttered the 18-year-old, drinking in his aunt's nude beauty. "You're such a stunner."

Debbie smiled. "That's good, because you're now going to learn another way of worshipping me, you're eager to learn that, aren't you, sweetie?" she asked, coquettishly.

"Golly, yes, aunty," said Caleb, his gaze still firmly fixed on her firm melons and her gleaming sex snatch.

"Right, then we'll start with you and me, while Tammy directs the spray. Then, if you're a good boy, she can pose for you, while I spray – oh, by the way, since we pose for our slaves we call this little game 'Perfume Posing' – alliteration, it's something I'm really fond of, darling," said the dominatrix.

"Alliteration, aunty?" asked Caleb.

"Fuck, Cal," said the 40-year-old nude, "sometimes you can be so pig-ignorant. Don't they teach you anything at school these days? Yes, 'alliteration' – words in succession starting with the same letter."

Tammy interrupted: "Mercy mistress, my mouth makes me mumble."

"Very good, although a trifle obscure," smiled Debbie. "Now, to the rules of engagement, as it were. We do this game by the numbers – 1, is my left breast, 2 my right breast. 3 is my left buttock, 4, my right. Now, can you guess where 5 is?"

Caleb gulped, then answered quickly: "Fuck, aunty, I do hope it's your pussy!"

His domina-aunt laughed. "Well done, Cal, got it in one – ready to play?"

The boy swiftly nodded his head, his eagerly nodding making his stiff, shaved staff sway in front of him.

"OK, then we'll start – just for your initiation, we'll go from 1 to 5, then we'll probably roll dice for the target to be sprayed," his aunt informed him.

"Right, Tammy," get to work.

Then, as the nude black beauty stepped alongside the 40-year-old's statuesque figure, the domina lifted both arms above her hand and clasped her hands together. This shift in stance, Debbie knew, allowed her breasts to lift into even more delicious, mouth-watering peaks.

Then she felt the crisp coldness of urine being jetted onto her left breast by Tammy's squeezing of the rubber balloon from her former perfume container.

When Tammy had finished, the lush, 34-inch siliconed breast was a lovely round lump of glistening flesh.

"Now, Cal," said Debbie, her voice a husky whisper, excited as she was by this first foray with her young nephew into "Perfume Posing", "lick me."

The jutting-penised boy-slave stepped forward, his moist cock-tip brushing against his aunt's left hip as he stepped to her. Then, placing his hands around her waist, he lowered his mouth to lick and lave the piss away from her breast.

"Now 2, please Tammy," said the gloriously-globed domina, when she was satisfied that the boy had removed all traces of urine from her left breast.

Tammy stepped to her employer's right side and sent a liberal spray of urine into the other breast, and once more Caleb bent to his cleaning task.

As he bent to the second "sucking up" task in the "Perfume Posing" discipline, Tammy whispered in her mistress's ear: "He's still fuckin' erect, D!"

"You don't need to tell me," said the 40-year-old, "I can feel his cock pressing against me. I told you, Tammy, this young cunt's a fucking natural!"

Then Tammy was walking around behind her boss's bum and spraying a splotch of cold, urine until the left buttock was covered in a light sheen of the liquid.

"Now number 3, Cal," whispered his aunt and the pulsing-cocked youth knelt behind Debbie's lovely firm butt and started to run his tongue from the bottom of the cheek, all the way across her firmness there, to the top of the pert protruberance, until Tammy applied more liquid to the opposite cheek and his domina-aunt snapped: "Other buttock, hurry, I'm eager for number 5!"

Now it was the time for her minge to be sprayed – an action that always excited Debbie, because she thrilled at the sudden cold on her hot box and knew that her "golden" slaves always remarked on the stunning taste of sex juice intermingled with the tangy, briny, bitter taste of her urine.

For this final position in the five-pose series, Debbie placed her right foot up on the leather-cushioned stool she and Tammy had perched on the previous day to "feed" Caleb their urine-dipped breasts, and called out to her sprayer: "Five, please, Tammy!"

The lovely black beauty knelt in front of her mistress and aimed the nozzle of the spray at the woman's aromatic minge, covering it in a thin spray of piss, then she pulled away to allow an eager young slave to press his mouth against his aunt's pussy.

Tammy remained kneeling as the boy laved away at his aunt's erotically-exciting sex region, then called up to her: "Still as hard as a rock, Mistress D – as you said, we've got a right one here!"

Mistress Diabolique only vaguely heard her lush-bosomed assistant's words, she was more keen on thrusting her quim back and forth across Caleb's young mouth – it was quite apparent that he had, by now, completed his cleaning task at the lovely domina's snatch, but his mistress was in no mood to let him go.

However, Mistress D finally realised that it was time to move on and reluctantly, she pushed her nephew's panting young face from her quim and smiled down at him.

"Wonderful, darling, I think you're really into the swing of things – now, would you like to play 'Perfume Posing' with my sexy little assistant?"

Caleb's head nodded violently as he stood and planted a "Thank-you" kiss on his aunt's proffered cheek.

"That would be lovely, thank-you aunty, if I may," he said.

Lovely, thought Debbie, not only is he a natural at drinking and licking my piss, he's also so bloody polite about it!

Taking the soda siphon from Tammy, the dominatrix waited until the black beast had raised her arms above her head, thrusting her 36-inch beauties into staggering uplift, the nipples twin peaks of pulchritude, the areolae gleaming even before the application of cool piss.

Debbie sprayed the 25-year-old's left breast, and Caleb went to work. Then she applied the urine to the woman's other breast, and again her nephew applied his mouth to the sprayed area. Then it was on to her lush buttocks, and finally, her shaved, dark minge.

As she knelt to spray the piss, Debbie felt her nephew's stiff cock pressing into the side of her body as he, too, knelt prior to beginning his oral adoration and quim-cleansing task on the black woman's musky minge.

At last, just before Tammy started to get excited by his tongue at work between her thighs, Debbie announced: "And now for some random play, I think. Tammy, get the dice and we'll get Cal here to roll it. That way he gets to decide which area he gets to worship!"

"Right, we'll play the dice roll," said Debbie, informing her nephew of the "rules".

"The numbering is self-explanatory, although when a 6 shows on the dice, that's domina's choice," she informed the teenager.

A frown came across the boy's face.

"Don't worry," smiled his aunt, "I think you'll find that almost invariably when a 6 is rolled, Tammy and I will order you to lick our pussies!"

And with the phrase "lick our pussies" a broad grin broke out on his face.

And so, for the next 20 minutes, the long-haired, nude nephew played "Perfume Posing" with first his aunt, then her naked black assistant, until the soda siphon was totally drained of all traces of the domina's urine.

The "game" was not without its piquant moments. Once, during Debbie's turn as the domina, a 5 was thrown – pussy worship – followed by a 6 – pussy worship again – and another 5. More pussy worship.

In fact, after these three visits by Caleb's eager mouth to her musky minge, Debbie was almost on the verge of orgasm, but she fought it off.

At last the game ended, and throughout it all, to Debbie's utter satisfaction, Caleb's lovely young seven inches of manhood had maintained a wonderful erection. Fuck, she thought to herself, this young stud is going to become my most devout "golden" slave.

When Tammy had placed the siphon back in the refrigerator, she looked at her mistress with a sly smile.

"He's been such a good boy, Mistress D," said the black beast, "what say we play another 'numbers' game with him?"

Debbie looked archly at her assistant. "I don't know about that, Tammy," she said, carefully. "I've not given him fuck rights, yet. And anyway, he wouldn't last 10 minutes – well, 20 tops."

Tammy looked at her mistress, then at the older woman's slave, a stupid grin on his face, a stiffy jutting and swaying from his groin.

"Go on Mistress D, you know you're gonna play it with him at some stage, and I'm keen to play, too. Let's have some fun, for fuck's sake," said the 25-year-old.

Mistress Diabolique looked at her naked, stiff-pricked nephew. "All right, Tammy, you win, but if he can't hold out for more than 20 minutes, it's back down here for more training."

Tammy sniggered. "I thought it might be!"

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