tagBDSMMistress' Displeasure

Mistress' Displeasure


"It is hump day again and you are late!"

I am angry with you, but you will learn not to disappointment me again. You walk into the room and I am dressed in a sexy black halter dress and strappy black 4" heels. I have my head thrown back in the throws of passion because 3 of my harem slaves are pleasuring both my breasts and my pussy with their mouths. I see that you are naked and standing in the corner with you head down waiting for instruction.

"What happens when we are late for our pleasure dates?"

"I don't get to please you and I have to take care of everyone in the harem."

"Secretly you desire this and I know it! However, Slut I have something of a surprise for you. Well you'll have a different type of punishment today. You'll have to service Goliath."

There is a loud gasp from the 3 slaves pleasuring me and a wail escapes your lips.


The slaves immediately go back to pleasuring me because they don't want that punishment. You remember that Goliath is just like his namesake. His cock is huge. It is 14" long and a good 2 1/2" around. Servicing him means having all of the harem's biggest cocks (9" and up) work you up to even get his monster inside your ass.

I snap my fingers and two stocky built men grab you by your arms and drag you crying from my presence. You are taken to the whipping boy and strapped down into fucking position. Your legs are tethered into place and are cuffed with strong fabric cuffs. Your dick is hanging down in the special indentation of the bench and you feel the covering being removed and a hot hungry mouth starts sucking you. You can feel the bearded chin scrape down on your hairless pubes making your cock hard.

This is part of the punishment. That mouth is only making you hard in order to trap your erection in a restraint. You try humping the mouth and you get two hard smacks across the ass from one of the muscled men. The other has slipped on the restraint and left you hanging in the breeze.

Across the room lounging on a chaise is Goliath stroking his massive cock looking at your preparation. A large drop of pre-cum oozes from the tip of his dick and you feel your mouth water. He laughs.

"You want to taste this slut? Look at you. You really are a slut you're drooling and so is my dick. Here have a taste."

With that your punishment begins. He rubs cum across your lips and you begin to lick it up. Ever since the black ball when you were the cum slut you can't seem to get enough of the taste of cum in your mouth. You lick and suck at his pee hole drawing more cum out. He grabs you by your hair. Mistress has made you grow it long so she can style it as she chooses. You open your mouth as wide as you can as he starts pushing the head between your lips. It can barely enter your mouth. You whimper because you know that it is going to go into your ass soon.

You feel hands on your ass and a nozzle slides into your asshole. You are being filled with lubed to help with the 5 cocks that are going to open you up. You feel a really thick sausage of a finger going in and out of your slickened asshole and after a couple of minutes another is added. You moan and whimper around the inch and half of cock in your mouth.

The fingers are replaced with a big black cock 9" in length and very thick. There is no other foreplay. The intruder slides in and hammers away to orgasm filling you with his cum. He is immediately replaced by an even thicker 10", 11" and 12" cocks in succession, and all leave your asshole spilling over with cum.

Your mouth is sore and you were only able to get 3 inches of Goliath's cock into your mouth and spit and cum are dripping off your lips and chin. Goliath releases your head and goes around to mount you.

You feel his hands on your ass cheeks pulling them far apart and you feel the head of him press against your opening sliding up and down against your wet hole. You hear him squirting lube on his cock and you feel him press into you inch by agonizing inch.

You are screaming.

"Oh fuck! Oh fuck!"

You have never been so full in your life as you feel him bottom out in your ass but it feels more like your gut. The only person who handles Goliath on a regular basis is Mistress and no knows how she does it.

You feel dizzy. He starts to fuck you slow. He is gentle. Adding squirts of lube to his cock three times as he pulled out to just the head being in your ass. You are lubed well and deep. Your ass is loose and he starts fucking you in earnest. You can't believe how good it feels now that he has gotten a rhythm going and he is gentler than you had expected. He feels himself nearing orgasm and he releases your cock restraint and jerks your cock and you both start to cum.

You cum ferociously. And your cock starts shooting cum three to four times and a good six feet across the floor. Goliath pulls out of your ass before he cums and pulls your head back and jerks off into your open mouth. You think that your are going to drown with the load he delivers. You swallow as fast as you can but cum spills out of your mouth and down your chin.

Goliath leans down and licks his cum from your lips and chin. Then he kisses you fucking your mouth with his tongue. You greedily suck on his fat tongue sucking the flavor of him and his cum into your mouth.

I've watched the entire thing behind you where you can not see me. I am impressed that you have handled your punishment so well. I can see that your gaping asshole is contracting back into shape and cum and lube is on the floor beneath you.

I order your release and that you be bathed by the harem boys that tied you down. You are then tied between the large column posts of my footboard. There you have to watch me with various lovers for the remainder of the night.

You cry softly because you can not touch me and I have not touched you nor acknowledged you in my presence. When I am done and I have sent everyone away. I speak to you.

"Have you learned your lesson slut?"

"Yes Mistress."

"You won't be late again for our meetings will you?

"No, Mistress. Never again."

I come over to you and release you.

"Go home and when I call for you. If....I call on you again. You better not be late. Otherwise, there may not be a next time for you with me and my harem."

I bend over and give you my ass. You lick and kiss it clean and you leave hoping that you will be called again.

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