tagBDSMMistress Gail, Master Thomas and Me

Mistress Gail, Master Thomas and Me


Let me start from the beginning. My name is Daniel. I am 25 year old white guy living here in Seattle. My interest in BDSM started before puberty. I didn't know what is was but whenever I saw someone tied up in a movie or TV I pretended it was me. It didn't matter if it was a man or woman. I usually imagined I was naked or dressed in woman's clothes. It didn't matter either if it was a man or woman doing the topping. It was all good. I once saw a kids show about some younger brother spying on his sister's sleepover and getting caught. The show ended with him being tied to a chair while the three girls (one white, one black and one Asian. Yummy!) applying make up to his face. I jerked off over that one for a week.

Between the age of 16 and 21 I became quite an expert on the BDSM world. Well as much as I could from my computer anyway. I knew all the terms, the toys, the best BDSM studios. And of course I knew a lot of the women. When I say I knew them I mean I knew of them. I visited their sites and read their stories. Studied their pictures and masturbated to fantasies about them.

When I turned 21 I started seeing professionals. I was pretty sure that was going to be my only opportunity. I am pretty average in most things. I am not very big at 5'5" and somewhat of a social train wreck. Most people thought I was younger than I was, gayer than I was or probably both. But I had a good job and could afford trips to visit Dommes every few weeks. So that is what I did. My life consisted of work, planning my next session and jerking off over my last one. I was content.

One day I decided to try my luck on a BDSM social network site. No delusions that I was going to find my soul mate or to become a member of beautiful but cold woman's sex slave harem. But you never know. The problem is that most of the women on these sites receive hundreds of e-mails and it is hard to get noticed. My search parameters were pretty wide. Female, dominant or switch, any age, race or size. Lot's of choices; few responses. Considering my failure I decided to make one more change in my search parameters. I went from searching for female dominants to searching for dominant couples.

I had never submitted to a male Dom before. There had been a couple of woman I suspected of not being what they said they were but I am not really sure. They idea of just "dating" men had never been something I had considered. I just wasn't interested. And then on the other hand I have had a couple of cocks in my mouth. Being young and

so submissive several Mistresses used me when they needed a body for a "forced bi" scene with other clients. Sometimes I was the sucker and sometimes I was the suckee. I was OK with that. After all she made me do it.

A lot of the couples were really male dominant couples looking for another female, but there was one local pair who said they were looking for males or females. There names were Mistress Gail and Master Thomas. Their page said that they were both tops who were looking for a female or a select male to be submissive to them Their page had several pictures of their play space and a picture of them with a heavily bound woman but there back was to the camera and I couldn't see their faces. I wrote to them, told them as much about me as I thought they needed. And then went OCD on my e-mail.

It had been over a week and I hadn't heard back and started to think nothing was going to happen until one day I got a response. The message was short. They said they would consider me and that I would have to answer some questions first. And they repeated what they said in their ad. I was expected to be as submissive to both equally. And they required me to send them a picture. Which I did. The next day I received via email, a questionnaire with 150 sexual activities, mostly kink but not all. Next to each question were 7 boxes to be marked. The first two were I have done this or I have not done this. The other boxes were for "Hate", "Dislike" "No Opinion", "Like" and "Love." I immediately filled it out and sent it back. No response for another week. But then a simple message. "We will meet you." This was followed by a time and place. The time was the following Saturday morning, the place was a specific picnic bench at Lake Union Park.

I dressed as I was instructed. Jeans, white t-shirt and a pair of sandals. No belt, no underwear.

I arrived early and drove around a little trying to see if I could spot them eventually making my way over to the bench and waited. It was about 15 minutes past the designated meeting time when I saw them approaching the bench from where they were sitting near the fountain. I guess they got there early to check me out first. Fair enough.

Sir Thomas was a average size guy, meaning bigger then me. He was in his early forties, short blond hair blue eyes. No facial hair, bit heavy. Probably was a joke in the day. Mistress Gail was a few years younger and thin. Okay she was kind of boney. Lots of sharp angles. She had curly red hair, wore black frame glasses and just a little makeup. Both wore jeans and black tees.

I stood as they approached. She spoke first.

"Daniel. We are Gail and Thomas." Neither offered their hand.

"I am very pleased to meet you. I appreciate the time you giving me." I said. I had worked on what to say. I wanted to sound submissive but not pathetic.

"Sit down." He said. He sat next to me; she across the table. What followed was a 45 minute conversation. It was mostly about my vanilla world. What kind of work did I do? Where did I go to school? That kind of thing. During this time they also told me about themselves. This give and take was good and I grew comfortable with them.

I notice them passing a significant look between each other and then Mistress Gail said;

"We would like you to come home with us now."

Well that came as a surprise. I thought it might me a quick look over, probably ending with "Don't call us, we'll call you." They didn't really wait for an answer. It seemed to be a foregone conclusion that I would. They just got up and headed towards their car with me tailing behind.

"We'll leave your car here. We will bring you back this afternoon." Not a question.

Their car was a big SUV. Master Thomas opened a back door for me to get in and then followed me in. Mistress Gail got in the front and started the engine, while Master Thomas put a cloth hood over my head making it impossible to see where we were going and then pushed my face down into his crotch and held it there. Mistress Gail pulled out of the parking lot and headed who knows where.

When we arrived at their home I was helped out of the car and taken inside. Once inside my blindfold was removed. We stood in a small but very nice kitchen. All granite and stainless with dark wood cabinets. Mistress Gail took my arm and led me to the stairs to the basement. The basement was finished with several large pieces of BDSM furniture. A X shaped cross was on one wall and a 3 ft high pillory was on the other with a leather sofa in between them. There was also a leather bench in front of the sofa. A good place to put your feet up or to tie someone down.

But we weren't stopping here. She guided me across the room to a door. This led into the unfinished part of the basement. The doom was dominated by three pieces of equipment. A wooded crate about 30" wide and 30" deep and about 6'6" high. The front was a door made of metal bars. The second piece was a twin size bed with a leather sheet covering it/ The third was a a heavy duty wooden table with lots of tie down places. She led me over to the table and turned me around to face them.

"Okay. Take off your clothes and put everything in that basket." She said.

When I was naked she came over to me and tugged on my pubic hair,

"Going to have to do something about this." She said smiling. "Ok I am going to let you boys get acquainted." With that she picked up the basket of clothes and left.

I stood naked and alone with Master Thomas. He picked up a couple of coils of rope and approached me.

"Open your mouth," He said. I complied and he put his index finger in my mouth.

"Suck on that." I did. I used my tongue and lips as if it were a small cock.

After a minute he withdrew and told me to get down on my knees. He spent the next fifteen minutes putting me into bondage. When he was done my upper arms were held tight against my sides, My wrist were crossed and tied then tied to several loops around my neck. There were other pieces but that was the basic setup.

"Get on the table." A little difficult without the use of my arms. He offered no help. More rope was produced.

When he was finished with me I was on my back tied down on the table with my ass on the edge. My legs were pulled up by ropes hanging from the ceiling exposing my bottom completely. He also had easy access to my cock and balls and well just about everything. I was helpless and totally vulnerable to whatever he wanted to do to me.

"We have lots of toys but I like some basic stuff. Like these." He said picking up a pair of pantyhose. "These are Gail's. She wore them for a couple of days just for you. "

He picked up a scissor and cut one of the legs off, tied a knot in the middle, slid a small rubber ball unto the stocking and then tied another knot. He then pushed the ball portion in my mouth and tied the ends tightly behind my head. A perfect ball gag. So now I was helpless and couldn't call for help.

"Can you taste her sweat?"

I could. It was salty and made my mouth water a little. Knowing it was her sweat made me a little hard. I was hoping he would touch my dick. It needed attention. But it didn't get any. He had taken the remainder of the pantyhose and put it over my face. The moist crotch right over my nose. If the taste of her sweat excited me the smell of her pussy made me want to explode right then and there. His final trick was to wrap the other leg around my head a couple of times covering my eyes. There I was tied down; legs in the air, ass and cock easily reachable; gagged and blindfolded breathing in a powerful woman's scent; with a man I barely knew with whom I had told he could do most anything to me. things. About that time I started to have a few doubts bout my sanity. I didn't know what was going to happen next, but I didn't have long to wait.

I felt something cold on my asshole. He had a large tube of lube and he was smearing it on me. After a minute I felt his finger probing me. He started pushing against me slowly increasing the pressure. After a moment he penetrated it. He slowly went in and out, going a little further each time. When he went as far as he could he pulled out and started again this time he was using two fingers. He repeated the process until he pushed both fingers as deep as he could. My cock cried out for a touch, or slap or a bite or anything but it didn't come.

He rotated his fingers inside of me a few times. Then withdrew and left me there for a minute. Then I felt something hard pushing against me. It slid in easily. It was a long narrow probe that went 3 times as deep as his fingers had. It wasn't perfectly smooth, but had little nodules. Which stimulated as they went in. When it was all the way in, it felt OK. It kind of felt good. And then he turned it on. At low it got my insides vibrating. On medium it was started feeling pretty sexy. At full my whole body started vibrate. I think if not for the ball gag my teeth would have been chattering.

He left it in me for awhile, moving it around stimulating different areas. Eventually removing it and then right away replacing it with a short medium wide butt plug. Pushing it ungently in. I took a deep breath as it entered. My body automatically tried to reject but Master Thomas held it in and then I felt it expanding and I realized he was pumping it up and locking it in place.

And then with my bottom totally exposed he began spanking me. The first ten were to the same cheek. Hard but not too hard. He stopped and look at me and said.

"Are you OK?" he said softly.

I responded as best as I could gagged as I was that I was OK. When I did he gave me ten more on the other cheek. Then he started going back and forth between each side, After a few minutes of this I realized that Mistress Gail had returned. She came up to where my head was and removed the pantyhose from head. She was wearing just a short black slip. She climbed up on the table and brought her crotch down on my face and began rubbing herself against me. She got very wet very quick. She paused for a second and then lifted herself up and removed my ball gag.

"Tongue." She said.

I pushed my tongue up inside her. She was shaved and lad long lips which seemed to grab my face. If I thought I was enveloped before with just her pantyhose on my face...

She reached down and began twisting my nipples. I had noticed her nails had not been very long (and that they were painted blood red) but she used them like pincers, pulling and twisting my flesh. She would let one go for a minute so the blood would flow back in and then twist it anew.

After what seemed to be an hour but probably only 5 minutes Master Thomas stopped spanking me and Mistress climbed off my face. They quickly undid the binding that held me on the table and grabbing me by my arms they pretty much threw me on the small bed next to the table. My head was at the very end of the bed and Mistress climbed over my face again. I was once again hoping someone, anyone would touch my cock. I thought she was going to want me to lick her more but just as I was about to Master came up behind her and pushed his cock into her. And it was a pretty big one. Circumcised, purple veins and lots of brown hairs. And it looked as hard as oak. I figured they put me there for a reason so I lifted my head up and started licking whatever I could reach. Pussy, cock or balls. It was all pretty much tasted the same.

This was a pair who had their fucking down to a science. Five seconds after he was in her they were in perfect rhythm. He pounded her hard and she started to make noises. He went in harder. With a deep animal sound she released. Her juices covered my face, It went in my eyes, and nose and mouth. He did not stop he kept pumping as she came. After a minute she was back into it. Her breathing got shallow, she started grunting, she started screaming and then she started another series of shutters and spasm. I think she was having a whole series of orgasms. Master Thomas for his part never stopped his fucking. It was towards the end of that second orgasm when he let go. He just went in as deep as he could and stopped letting his balls empty into her. They collapsed on me. At this point, while I really would have like to have had my own orgasm, I was just trying to survive.

When Mistress Gail rolled off me, his cock came out and fell across my face. It oozed fluid from the last few spasms. We all pretty much laid where we were. Even if I wanted to run away I couldn't. My arms and hands were still tied, I had no idea where I was or even where my clothes were. So I just laid there. Gail was the first to move. She sat up next to me and said.

"Open your mouth."

I did as she said and she put Masters dick in it. I knew what was expected of me and started running my tongue around it. After a minute he started responding by moving up and down, sliding it in and out between my lips. And it started to grow. It soon filled my mouth trapping me in the limited space I had. Suddenly Mistress yelled for me to;

"Get the fuck off the bed!"

Which I did gratefully. Sliding down and sitting beside it. Master lay on it, on his back. Mistress Gail mounted him and impaled herself on his now once again fully erect staff. Their fucking wasn't quite as dramatic as the first time and apparently I wasn't needed. She collapsed on him after her final orgasm and neither stirred for some time. And although I was uncomfortable and cold and smelt real bad I was drifting off into that semi sleeping zone when she said to me;

"Do you want to cum?"

"Oh God yes." I replied

"Then you will have to do it my way." She said. She came to me with a long very sharp looking knife. I was too crazy at the moment to fear anything. She used the knife to make a couple of critical cuts in the rope and I was free. Blood rushed in, needle and pins attacked my whole upper body. I didn't care. I wanted to cum. She had me climb back on the table then she climbed back on too. This time she positioned her ass directly over my mouth, It was wet and smelly. I still didn't care. I felt something bite down on the top of my dick, and then another, then a third and a fourth. I realized she had put clothespins around the head. She just left them there for a minute then said.

"Are you going to lick my asshole or are we going to sit here all day."

It finally dawned on me what she wanted. I stretched my tongue into that hole and did the best I could with the little energy I had left. When I did she started moving her hand up and down on my shaft. Each upward thrust caused the pegs to bite down harder. It hurt so bad. It felt so good. As you might imagine I didn't last long. But she had one last trick. She must have had some string tied around each clothespin, because soon as I started to spurt she yank them all off at once. I don't think I ever had such an intense orgasm before or since.

After that we were done. She showed me to a shower. There were a wide variety of soaps and shampoos from hotels to choose from. When I came out there was a big towel to dry myself with and my clothes where sitting on the toilet. I dressed and went downstairs, I found them sitting in their dining room. Eating cold chicken and pasta salad. A third plate was set for me. I sat and ate a little but I didn't have much of an appetite although I did consume 2 bottles of water.

They were very nice to me at that point. Asking me if I was OK with everything we did. I said I was. They asked if I would come back. I said I would. They told me they would be in touch. They blindfolded me again and took me out to their SUV and drove me back to my car.

That was two weeks ago. I hadn't heard anything and started to get nervous that I wouldn't see them again. And then today I got this email.

"Daniel, Saturday we will pick you up same place at noon. We are having a dinner party for about a dozen people and look forward to seeing you there."

Cool I thought I am invited to dinner party. And then I noticed the email had an attached picture. I opened it to see a photograph of a very frilly pink maids outfit with apron, hat, fishnet stockings and patent leather shoes. So I guess I won't be sitting at the table when dinner is served.

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