tagBDSMMistress Loves Me

Mistress Loves Me


It's the weekend, I've slept late. I woke up feeling rested, relaxed. My hands absently wandered over my body, rubbing scratching. My skin welcomes each warm glide of my fingers. My nipples tighten as the tips of my fingers glide over them. One hand moves down, over my stomach and lower. It sifts through wiry pubic hair until it makes contact with my cock. I'm hard. My cock is standing tall, thick and hot. I wrap my fingers around it and begin to pump. My eyes close, my head falls back on the pillows. Mouth opening, breath speeding, a small moan of pleasure escapes my throat.

I've worked so hard all week, I've barely had time to breathe let alone pleasure myself in any way. My hand tightens on my cock, the pleasure builds. Precum leaks from the slit of the heavy, throbbing head, my thumb slides over it, spreading the wet, electrifying every nerve it touches. Another moan is drawn from deep inside. My hand moves faster, stroking, stroking. My hips undulate against the bed, back bowing, my cock erupts. Spurt after spurt of thick hot cum explodes and arcs across my body, draping my chest and belly in warm white rivulets.

Breathing hard, I begin to relax, my body easing down on the bed. I feel wonderful, until a voice brings me back to reality.

"Who gave you permission to jack off slave?"

Joyous tension fills my body, fear and anticipation shiver down my spine. Mistress has arrived. She has caught me. I turn my head on the pillow and there she stands. Tall and proud, a big beautiful woman dressed in skin tight brown leather. Brown is Mistress's color. It compliments her alabaster skin, her hazel eyes and her long blonde hair.

Her nipples are exposed by the cut-outs in her bustier. They are high, richly red, and pinched hard and tight. Her leather pants are crotchless, open, exposing her plump smooth pussy lips. Mistress got excited watching me play, her pussy is swollen and wet. I can see the moisture shine on her skin. She walks to the bed, her boots making an ominous thumping sound, that sends another shiver down my spine. Mistress is holding her paddle. I am in trouble.

"I asked you a question, slave. Who gave you permission to jack off?" Mistress's voice is stern as she demands an answer.

"No one Mistress." I answer, my throat is tight, my eyes are drawn to the paddle that gently sways in Mistress's hand. My ass tightens, I know what's coming.

"And so you've been bad. Again. You must be punished, my slave. Assume the position."

I scramble out of bed, eager to do as Mistress orders. Quick compliance pleases Mistress and will make my punishment less severe. I face the bed, leaning over, my hands palms down on the mattress, presenting my ass to Mistress.

Mistress is pleased, "Very good slave." her hand slides over the flesh of my ass, so softly, so gently, "Such a beautiful ass, so smooth and lily white. It need color slave. Shall we give it color?"

"Yes Mistress, please." I'm panting with excitement, my cock has risen, renewed, growing hard, leaking.

"How shall we give it color, slave?" Mistress asks.

"Spank me." I reply. I am so eager for the paddle I forget my training.

Mistress reaches out and grabs a handful of my hair, pulling my head back tightly. "I don't believe I heard you correctly, little slave." Mistress demands, her voice deadly serious.

I'm breathing hard, Mistress's grip on my hair brings tears to my eyes, "Please Mistress, spank me. I've been bad, please spank me."

"Very good slave. Ask and you shall receive."

Mistress releases my hair, I shake my head and stare down at the mattress, waiting for the first blow. It hits, surprising a gasp from my lips. A stripe of stinging heat burns across my ass. And then another. Another. Another. At five I begin to whimper and squirm. By ten my ass is on fire, tingling and stinging. By fifteen I am crying out with each blow, silently begging Mistress to stop.

Tears of relief run down my cheeks. As though reading my mind, Mistress has stopped at fifteen.

"Will you jack off again without my permission, slave?"

I swallow hard, wiping away my tears, "Never Mistress, never."

"Good boy, my slave. For taking your punishment so well you deserve a reward. As do I." Mistress sits down on the edge of the bed. "On your knees slave. Eat my pussy."

Mistress lays back and spreads her thighs. I eagerly scramble between them. What a beautiful sight is Mistress's pussy. Naked, warm and wet. I pull Mistress's legs to rest over my shoulders and lean in, ready for the feast. Mistress reaches down running her fingers over my cheek.

"Do a good job and I shall give you a further reward, my slave."

Reward! Excitement runs through me at the thought of what that might mean and yet this time, I remember my training. "Pleasuring you is my reward Mistress."

Mistress's smile is like the sunshine. I live for her approval. "Very good little one, I am pleased. You may begin." I begin by licking Mistress's pussy lips. The skin is smooth and velvet soft. They are coated with her sweet liquid. I breathe in the potent musky aroma. With my fingers I gently part the swollen lips and expose the soft inner tissue. My tongue glides slowly from bottom to top, again and again as I lap Mistress's juice. I slide my tongue into Mistress's hole. Slowly I fuck her with my tongue and am rewarded with her moan of pleasure. I move my mouth up, finding her clit. Mistress gasps as my tongue caresses her clit. I take her clit into my mouth and gently, gently suck. Mistress cries out and I feel a spurt of precum shoot from my cock. I am pleasing Mistress.

I release Mistress's clit and return to her hole, tonguing her there, then moving down. I part the firm cheeks of Mistress's ass and find her pink rosebud. My tongue moves to it, rubbing, licking, making it slick and wet. Mistress is moaning, loving all I am doing to her. I place a finger in my mouth to wet it, then slide it deep into Mistress's ass. Again she cries out and I quickly find her clit, again sucking it into my mouth.

As my finger fucks Mistress's ass I slide two fingers of my other hand into her pussy. Her juices gush over my fingers and I hurry to lap each precious drop. Mistress is ready to come. I can hear it in her moans and feel it as her slick wet pussy milks my fingers and drenches my hand. Her hips move and I slide a third finger into her pussy. I continue to finger fuck Mistress's ass and pussy as I suck her clit until she explodes, screaming out her pleasure.

Mistress lays quietly as I gently lick her clean. I love Mistress's taste and swallow all of her sweet creamy cum. Finished, I wait patiently, on my knees. With a sigh, Mistress sits up. She smiles and pets me.

"You've earned your reward slave. Fetch my harness and your favorite dildo. I believe that sweet red ass of yours deserves a good fucking.

I grin and eagerly comply, bringing Mistress what she asks for. As she dons her harness she orders me to assume my position. On my hands and knees on the bed I wait for Mistress. The bed dips as she moves in behind me and I spread my legs to allow her close to my waiting hole. I hear the click of the cap as she opens the lube, then the cool squirt of liquid on my tight hole. Mistress slides a finger in and I grunt with the pleasure of it. She finds my prostate right away and works it beautifully. Slowly she opens my ass. First one finger, then two, then three. My cock is rock hard. I am panting and moaning.

"Please Mistress, please fuck me." I beg. I need to be fucked so badly. I need to come.

"Head and shoulders down slave." she orders. I comply and Mistress removes her fingers. I feel the thick mushroom shaped head of the dildo press against my hole. The pressure builds. "Bear down." Mistress orders. I do and the head pops past the ring of muscle, penetrating my ass. The pain is instant, excruciating, yet Mistress knows and doesn't move as I whimper and freeze under her.

"Easy my little slave, easy. I know it hurts, it will be better in a moment. You know it will." Mistress is kind and stokes my ass. The skin tingles still from my spanking and the feel of it distracts me from the pain of the thick dildo that splits my ass.

Mistress begins to push forward slowly The pain is almost gone. There is a dull burning as the dildo slides deeper. Mistress applies more lube to make it easier for me. She pulls back then moves forward again. Back and forward, back and forward. My ass feels full and stretched. The dildo hits my nut again and again making me moan and wiggle. My cock is aching to burst. Mistress moves forward again, all the way to the hilt.

Her body drapes mine. The moist heat between us is incredible. "Lets fuck." she whispers, and turns on the switch in the dildo that starts the vibrations.

We both moan as the vibrations tear through us. Mistress grabs my hips and begins to fuck me with a slow steady rhythm. My stretched chute is full of thick, hard, vibrating dildo. Mistress increases the pace. She is fucking me faster, riding me hard. The dildo spears deeper and deeper.

"Please Mistress, I need to come." It's all I can do to gasp the words and I groan with relief as Mistress give me permission.

"Come for me. Come for me little slave."

My cock erupts. Cum spews into the sheets under my body as I cry out with the pleasure of it. Mistress slows her thrusts and pulls out of my ass. The long slide of the dildo leaving my chute causes me to groan and shoot another thick spurt of cum. I collapse into the warm puddle, feeling so good and relaxed I don't care about the wet. Mistress has given me my reward. I have been well and truly fucked.

Mistress removes her harness and lays by my side, stroking my back. I sigh, basking in her approval and love. She playfully slaps my ass.

"Come slave, time for a shower. After you bathe us, you can change the sheets. You made quite a mess my pet."

I grin and rise from the bed. "Yes Mistress." I reply and follow my wife into the bathroom. I am ready and willing to continue our weekend game. Mistress makes my life complete. Mistress loves me.

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