tagBDSMMistress Milks My Prostate

Mistress Milks My Prostate


We arrived at dinner for some relaxation time. Mistress has enjoyed a good week and was looking forward to a nice glass of wine. I should explain that my mistress enjoys tease and deny, being her favorite games. She usually enjoys 10-12 hours of it and then finds great pleasure watching the huge load my cock releases for her, but this week she enjoyed the tease over and over, night after night for a full 5 days.

We ordered a bottle and sat there enjoy the warmth of the restaurant and lively conversation. It wasn't long before she decided to play with her toy. She reached over and through my pants began to massage my cock, which immediately sprang to life. Needless to say, the next hour was full of tease and denial, with my balls swelling with the force of an approaching orgasm. Finally, after the last drop of wine was consumed, Mistress bent over to my ear and whispered, "my little pet has enjoyed the play I see. It is time maybe we helped relieve that swell."

Well, I felt that this was only good news. I was always an obedient sub, and knew that I wasn't allowed to cum as often as I liked or desired, and the thought of my mistress promising me an orgasm made my cock throb with excited. I was totally excited at the prospect.

When we got home, I opened the door for her, stepped in and stripped naked (the rule in our household is that I am to be naked whenever in the house when we are alone). My cock, after being hard for nearly two hours, now strained at the thought of a long awaited release. My mistress disappears into the back room, and there I stood, just as every good sub should.

She returned after a few minutes, but in her hand was a long, strange wand; something I had never seen before. I stood there, wondering what adventure my mistress had in store for me.

"Come here my pet. I wish to try something new with you." So, I approached her, and there she took a hold of my cock and began to work it up to a frenzy. I felt that huge week-long load just building. It is there that I learned about my mistress' new play... prostate milking.

"Come and join me on the table, in my favorite doggy style on all fours." I obeyed, wondering what was in store. "My little cock slut, you are give the right to release your dirty cums, and often I enjoy them, but I have decided to own your orgasm more than ever tonight. I have been reading this week on a website describing a way of milking the cum from a sub without allowing him the joys of orgasm. That sounds so fun, so controling, so powerful that I have decided to steal it for myself tonight." I couldnt think about how she could steal my orgasm. To release would always feel good to me. I bent down on all fours and waiting for whatever to happen.

I saw her pull out the small wand, almost like a mini vibrator with a large tip, except it didn't vibrate. I saw that she was lubbing it up and I knew what that meant. Soon it was sliding deep into my ass. Initially, the tip started to penetrate my outer hole, when I suddenly opened up to it, and swallowed it deep into me. I felt its direction change as suddenly it was rubbing deep inside me, giving me the feeling of almost having to pee. She seemed to be aiming at the same spot, keeping the pressure on certain spots. As she rubbed the inside, my cock began to bet softer and softer withou the stimulation, so I sat taking a toy in my ass, pressing in an area that made me feel different. Then it started to happen, it truly was being stolen.

Mistress pulled out a small bowl and placed it below my cock as she forced her wand in and out of my ass. I felt strange feelings in my cock and in my ass. It wasn't urine, but it was a feeling of almost a drip starting at the inside base of my cock. And then it happened, a drop of liquid exited my cock. I watched as it came out. At first, I thought I had released just a little pee, but it wasn't pee. And as she continued the fucking, another droplet formed in side of me and suddenly came dripping out. It was almost like reflex, something I didn't have control of.

"Mmm, my little cock slut, I am stealing your cum." It hit me. That wasn't urine, it was my cum. She was milking my cum from inside of me. I was freaked out, not feeling the joys of the cum or the excitement in my cock. I had released two drops without even being hard. Was this all? No...

She continued to slide it deeper into me when suddenly i felt the dripping increase. Watching between my legs, I watched in horror as a third and fourth drop dripped from my cock, followed by a squirt. Yes, my cock squirted cum without me having an orgasm or even being hard. How could this be? She continued to pump and streams of cum continued to drip and shoot out of my soft cock , with out the feeling of a release, being collected in the bowl between my legs. Mistress seemed extremely happy, giggling happily.

After a time, the drips and spurts seem to subside, and mistresses removed the wand. She had me come and sit next to her. She showed me the bowl of cum she had taken from me and laughed. "I have stolen your cum, my little slut." With that, she started to stroke my cock. I wondered if, since I just came (or had cum milked out of me) that I would need some down time before I would be able to get a hard on for her again. To my surprise, my cock sprang to attention and I started to feel horny again. She stroked and stroked and I felt the desire to orgasm again, deep in my cock. I moaned, how could this be? My cock had just released a load into her bow. Now my cock swelled and started to approach an orgasm, when my mistress pulled off. Laughing at me, she said "my little cock slut, are you getting horny again? Is that little cock of yours desiring to cum again, even though it just came? It must be out of warm liquid. There must not be anything left inside of you." I wondered the same thing, but my mistress had other ideas. "Let us restock my pet, so you can cum again." With my cock bobbing in my lap, she raised the bowl to my lips. "Let's reload your cock my little slut. Drink." I felt my own orgasm sliding into my mouth. This wasn't something I had done often and the was something I felt was a bit disgusted at, but as the liquid dripped into my mouth, my mistress stroked my cock. The salty cum taste and the stroking was more than I could take, and released an orgasm; one that produced a single droplet of cum. She lowered the bowl and I saw it was empty, and glanced at my nearly dry orgasm.

"we will milk you again my pet." And she smiled and walked into the other room.

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