tagNonHumanMistress of the Night

Mistress of the Night


It all began in a park in England where I worked as a prostitute. It was how I made my living, plus I was an average Nympho, I could not get enough. That night was different; the moon was not in the skies making it so much darker then usual. Business was slow and I was ready to call it quits when a man who looked to be in his 30's approached me. I smiled my usual teasing smile and sauntered over to him my hips swaying with each step. His eyes shone brightly in the night as his gaze traveled down my body. He smiled in appreciation and his gaze met mine. I felt the pull of his eyes immediately and found I had lost my ability to speak. He was incredibly handsome, almost 6'2 with black hair and eyes the color of midnight. He held out his hand and without a moments hesitation I placed my hand in his. His eyes continued to pull me in until I felt as if I was drowning in a pool of sensation. When I finally managed to look away, we were standing in a hotel room about 10 miles from where we had stood seconds before. Or maybe it just seemed like seconds. What was happening to me?

He motioned me to sit down on the bed. I did as he asked unable to control my actions. I looked up at him avoiding his mesmerizing eyes. He chuckled and with his thumb and forefinger lifted my gaze to his. "What is your name?" he asked softly his voice like a velvet tongue stroking my most intimate places. "Illynya" I murmured my voice foreign to me. "Well Illynya I am Darius, it is a pleasure to meet you. I hope this encounter will be enjoyable for you" his voice held an underlying note but I could not seem to resist him, I realized then that I didn't want to. I wanted this man like I have never before wanted anyone. It was not just physical; a deeper side of me a darker side of me wanted him forever. It all was happening to fast, I could almost feel him entering my mind reading the dark thoughts there but for some reason I didn't care, I didn't care what happened as long, as I had him as my lover.

He gently pushed me down on the bed, I gazed up at him with fear, and yet a profound lust filled my every sense. Instead of climbing on top of me however he laid down next to me on his side. His hand deftly removed the buttons of my dress then my corset. Soon my breasts were bare and before his gaze. My nipples tightened as his gaze found one then the other. His finger traveled slowly from my lips down to my chest leaving a trail of fire in its path and causing my back to arch as my blood began to heat from just one touch. His finger began tracing circles around my nipples slowly closing in making my anticipation and heat rise. However, his finger stopped before it could reach the peak and began the same process on my other breast. Again, he stopped this time his gaze met mine "Illynya I want you to strip then I want you to touch yourself. For me"

Without a word, I stood up standing next to the bed. I began to slowly slide my dress down my hips taking my undergarments with it. Then both my hands cupped my breasts my thumb and forefinger pinching each nipple. My eyes closed of their own accord as sparks of pleasure shot throughout my body. One hand began traveling downwards while the other continued to pinch and massage my nipple. The hand reached wetness and began to explore. Finding my button of pleasure, I began to press and release. As silly, as this may sound I felt as if it was Darius doing all this not me, that it were his hands not mine. I felt my knees give out but some unseen force held me up as I continued to pleasure myself. My hand that had previously been playing with my breast moved down and I entered two fingers inside of me moaning at the pleasure it caused. My thighs parted farther as I began thrusting those two fingers in and out of me. I was having trouble concentrating. The pleasure was so intense unlike anything I had ever felt. Then I lost it, my will, my control. It all left me, my two fingers soon turned into three then four, I was thrusting hard, and faster my head thrown back my mouth open in a silent scream of ecstasy.

Suddenly it hit me, a tidal wave of pure sensation. Wave after wave of pleasure so intense that I blacked out. When I came to, I was lying once more on the bed Darius above me a smile on his face. "That was a very nice show you just put on for me Illynya, Now it is my turn to give you the joy I promised you" he traced my lips slowly with his tongue teasing me unbearably until finally his lips pressed firmly against mine. His kisses at first were soft but they soon turned into long drugging kisses that left me without the ability to think. His tongue traced the seam of my lips silently begging me to open, which I did. My lips parted with a will of their own and his tongue filled my mouth. I greedily accepted his offer and gave back my fingers threading themselves into his hair. The taste of him filled my senses and my breathing once more deepened. He seemed content just to kiss me to the point where if he didn't touch me I felt as if I would burn to a crisp.

As if reading my mind his hand slid from where it had been resting on my hip to cup my breast. My back arched immediately and I moaned as heat radiated from where he touched me. His kisses became more passionate as he began pinching my nipples as I had done. My hands tightened in his hair as I moaned softly into his mouth completely lost in his touch. His mouth left mine and I felt a sense of disappointment that was soon dispelled as his mouth found my breast. His tongue traced circles around my nipples as his other hand proceeded to massage my other breast. I arched upwards into the heat of his mouth holding his head to me. Just when I thought the pleasure and heat couldn't climb anymore his hand left my breast to travel downwards. My thighs parted on their own as his hand moved between them, his fingers parting the folds of skin finding the sweet nectar hidden in between.

If I couldn't breathe before I was suffocating now. His fingers had found my button of pleasure and were circling it teasingly making me hips arch and small sounds of pleading escape my lips. His dark gaze came up off my breast and met my gaze as he slip one then two fingers inside of me. A moan escaped my lips but he continued to hold my gaze not allowing me to close my eyes against the incredible sensations his hand caused. He inserted another finger inside of me as he began thrusting his fingers in and out of me slowly at first. My hips moved against his hand as his thrusting became faster and harder. I bit my lip to stop from screaming as fire rushed through my veins. My breathing was now coming in gasps and finally I reached the peak. He stopped before I could go over the edge leaving me hanging between ecstasy and nothing.

His eyes darkened as he added one last finger and thrust them inside of me, my scream echoed throughout the night as my hips arched violently off the bed wave after wave of pure ecstasy rushing through every part inside of me. His gaze then finally relinquished mine and his mouth traced a trail of fire down to my inner thigh pressing kisses along each thigh close but never where I wanted him. I writhed beneath him my hands kneading the bed. He lifted my leg placed it on his shoulder so he would have better access. He then leaned down his lips and tongue finally finding the place that longed for his kiss. My hips arched once more off the bed my mouth open my eyes wide as a new level of pleasure began escalating. His tongue found my hard nub of desire and began flicking it as his fingers once more entered me.

My body clenched with need as this torment continued. He would bring me to the brink then let me come down before doing it repeatedly. My nails dug into the bed and I knew I could not take much more of this "Please" I said not recognizing my own voice "Please" I pleaded again my hips arching vainly needing completion. "Your wish is my command” I distantly heard him say. Then without warning, he enters me. A scream erupts as I finally tumble over the edge into bliss. I open my eyes what seems like hours later and my gaze met his. I could have sworn I saw them turn red for a moment but I must have been mistaken. Red eyes? They were now their usual dark bottomless pits. My legs crept on their own around his waist pulling him deeper inside of me. My neck arched my mouth opening as fire raced through my blood stream.

I felt as if he was tearing me apart but I didn’t care. I wanted all of him now or I would die. My hands gripped his shoulders my nails puncturing his skin. This just seemed to excite him further for his thrusts became fiercer. Then he slowed withdrawing slowly until just the tip of him remained inside me then plunging back in, his strokes slow and steady. He was driving me wild. I couldn’t breath I couldn’t think. My body was a mass of sensations. Noises escaped my throats that I had never heard before. They were somewhere between a whimper and a growl. His thrusts gradually became harder and faster and my hips arched meeting him each time.

I could hear myself begging him for completion from outside of my body. “Please” my voice again. Why couldn’t I control it? It was as if I wasn’t even in control of myself anymore. I was completely his. His thrusts suddenly became wild. In and out repeatedly until he was thrusting like an animal. My whimpers had turned into a continuous wail. “Yes” again it was my voice but now it was a scream. I felt it then, nothing like I had ever felt before. It was fire pure and simple. I was on fire; it rushed through every pore in my body. My eyes closed and my world exploded. I saw lights, fireworks, and all the stars in the sky at once.

I was finally able to breathe when I felt his teeth. He was rubbing them against my neck slowly making my blood heat all over again. I was about to pull him into a kiss when his teeth pierced my skin. A slow slide into darkness, don’t get me wrong this wasn’t painful in any way. It was so erotic; the pleasure from the bite seemed to flood my every sense. I could hear my blood pumping. I could hear his heartbeat. All my senses heightened. My eyes opened wide and I felt the world slowly fade from me but all I could do was moan. When he pulled away, I felt a moment of loss before I was to numb to care. He then brought his wrist to my mouth and I felt a warm liquid slide down my throat. Realizing it was his blood I struggled briefly but in the end, I held his wrist to my mouth. He pulled away a small chuckle coming from deep in his throat. Then I heard his voice deep as an ocean “Sleep my dear when you awaken I shall show you the beauty of the night and you shall be, my mistress”.

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