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It started all started out in art class when I was 16. I found that I had an art for art; sketching in particular. Then over the next couple of year, I drew everything from fruit (boring!) to landscapes (at least it moved) to anime (that was cool) to humans.

I found sketching people so much more interesting that other life forms. The details and nuances varied so greatly from person to person.

I used my Mom's fashion mags to sketch models and used colour pencils on some. My Mom told me, "You have a real talent there, Robert. I can barely tell the difference from your sketch and the photo."

I even did a couple of my Mom from photos and proudly include them in my portfolio (she was very impressed with those). I think she looks hotter than some of the models I've drawn.

Mom stands about 5' 10" with dark brown hair. Her pretty face is perfectly symmetrical with green eyes, full lips and a wide smile.

She keeps her body in excellent shape. Her breasts are large but don't sag; her tummy is flat (I've seen her in tight sweaters); her butt is tight and her legs are long and toned.

Then I also discovered porn; adult magazines to be exact. This opened a whole new world for me. I sketched naked women in classic poses; in spread eagle; using toys and being fuck by big cocks. I would become rock hard knowing I was detailing some of the most intimate parts of a woman.

Soon after, I had started sketching Mom's head on some of the naked women from the porno mag. Some were wide legged and spreading their pussy lip with their hands; others were being fucked doggie style. All were in sexy lingerie. It would always get me hard. I wouldn't do anything until I was finished. Then later I would jerk off spewing my hot cum all over the place.

One day after returning from playing some b-ball with some friends, I walked into my room to find my Mom sitting on my bed and looking a little disturbed. But she looked like she was getting ready to go out on a date. Her hair was done nicely. Her make up was a little heavier than normal. She painted her lip red with a darker red outline. But she was wearing her long satin dressing gown.

"Robert, first let me say I have always respected your privacy."

This sounded ominous.

Mom continued. "That said, I was putting some of your laundry away for you and knocked over your portfolio."

"Uh-oh!" I thought to myself.

"Some of your new sketches fell out. I didn't think you would mind me looking since you've shown me your work before, but this?" Mom held up a sketch I did of her dressed in a peek-a-boo bra and crotchless panties. It included exacting details of her pussy lips, well the model I drew it from.

She let that one fall to the floor and showed me the next one. It displayed Mom on all fours showing her ass. Her head was turned back in obvious ecstasy while fucking herself with a large dildo. Then finally the one where Mom was sucking a cock while being fucked by another. Each one of them was explicitly detailed.

I stood there not knowing what to say, but Mom did.

"Well now I know where your talent lies. You obviously enjoy making your mother a sex object."

"No Mom." I tried to defend myself. "I just wanted to see if I could do it."

"It seems to be more than that." She nodded towards my pants.

My loose shorts had a defined large bump showing. I didn't even realize I was sporting my huge boner (8 thick, long inches; I measured it one day after sketching that last one of Mom and the two cocks before I jerked off and blasted my cum everywhere).

Mom stood up. "That's okay, Robert. I know some sons have sexual feeling towards their mother." Then she chuckled. "It's called Eat-a-Pussy Complex."

Then Mom let her dressing gown fall amongst my drawings. She was wearing a black lace bra with her hard nipples poking through the split in the cups. She also was wear black lace panties, garters and sheer black stockings. On her feet, she had on bright red, high heel slippers with fur trim across the top.

My cock strained even harder in my shorts.

"Let's see how talented you are with a live model." Mom said as she climbed on my bed. She laid her head on the blanket and turned her face to me. "Well, get you sketch pad! Models get a lot of money to pose you know."

I grabbed my pad and pencils from my desk and flipped to a clean page.

"Let try this pose, shall we?" Mom asked. She arched her back and stuck her ass in the air towards me. Then she spread her knees. Her panties were crotchless and were open from her pussy all the way to the back of her ass. She reached between with her right hand, ran her fingers through her cunt lips and spread them open.

I stared at Mom's soaked, open gash. Her fingers glistened from the wetness. I swear I could see droplets of her sex juices form and roll down her slit.

I brought my pencil to the pad but my hands shook so much, I couldn't start to draw.

"Hmmmm. Maybe we should try a different position." Mom asked. She rolled onto her back and made a wide Vee with her legs in the air. She used her left hand to spread her cunt open and used her right middle finger to masturbate her clit.

"Is this what my artist son wants to see?" Mom asked. "Does Robbie like watch his mother masturbate for him?"

Her fingers went faster and harder. The droplets formed a stream flowing between her ass and collecting in her back door pucker hole. Mom's head started thrashing left and right as she moaned. "Oh yes! Fuck! I need to come!"

I stood there staring, unable to move. The tip of my pencil drifted an aimless line on the manila page.

"I'm cuming! I'm cu.m.m.m.ing!" Mom shouted. Her pussy spurted out clear liquid and landed on my head, my shirt and my pad. Mom's body was jerking like a child shaking a rag doll.

"Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oh fuck!" was the only thing she could say.

She let her feet drop to the floor as she continued to slowly finger her engorged clit. She looked at me and asked "Did you get that on paper?"

I showed her the squiggle on my pad.

"Maybe my Robbie needs to relax more." Said Mom as she crawled off the bed and knelt in front of me. "You need to be more relaxed."

She placed her right hand on my left knee and slowly slid it upward under the leg hole of my shorts. She took hold of my cock.

"M.m.m.m! Commando!" Mom moaned. She started moving her hand slowly. "I knew my Robbie had a nice, big one."

Mom moved her head closer; she opened her mouth and started sucking me off through the silken material of my shorts. For my part, I could only stand there and watch.

Mom moved her head back and forth only being able to take in the knob. She sucked me this way for about a minute before pulling off. Her lipstick left a red smeared circle.

"I need it all!" Mom said. She grabbed both leg holes and yanked my shorts down to my ankles. My cock slapped her in the face.

She spit on the head then opened her mouth and took it in. She swirled her tongue around my piss hole.

Mom looked up at me with wild eyes. She grabbed both my buttocks and forced her face into my groin. My entire length went down her throat. She held me there for a number of seconds before she started jerking her head back and forth. The head of my cock was jabbing at her uvula like a boxer jabs a punching bag.

"Oh fuck Mom. That feels great!" I grunted. "Don't stop! I need to cum!"

She stopped suddenly. "Uh-uh! No cuming yet. Not unless you don't want to do this any more!" Mom warned me before she went back to her cock sucking.

I wanted to cum so badly but my Mom's words kept me from exploding....for a while. Now I didn't care. I had to cum. I started thrusting my hips into her face.

She relented. "No! Not yet!" as she sensed my impending climax.

She stood up and french kissed me. I could taste myself on her lips and tongue. She flopped on the bed and spread her legs again. "Fuck me, Robbie!" She ordered. "Fuck me with that huge cock of yours!"

I knelt between her legs and aimed my dick at her hole. With one thrust, I was balls deep inside my Mom's well lubricated pussy.

Her hot cunt squeezed me as I started to pump in and out. I was fucking her at warp speed; ready to cum again.

"Wait! Pull out!" Mom shouted.

"Mom, I need to cum!" I shouted back as I reluctantly pulled out. "What's wrong? Are you hurt?"

"Fuck me doggie style like in some of your drawings." Mom instructed. She rolled onto her hands and knees. I re-entered her slick hole and started slamming my hips into her ass.

"Fuck! Yes Robbie! Fuck me hard! Harder!" Mom screamed. "Give it to me. Give me your seed now!"

"Ya..u.u.g.h!" I shot my first giant wad of cream. "Fuck! Fuck! Jesus Christ!" with every subsequent load I creamed Mom with.

"Yes, Robbie, yes!" Mom beckoned. "Give it to me. I'm coming again! Aaaah!"

Finally I had no more to give her and collapsed to the floor. I looked at Mom. Her body position didn't move, but her ass was shaking like jello and her cunt was twitching open and close. I watched as my excess sperm started to spill out of her.

I grabbed my pad and pencil and started sketching the most beautiful site I had ever seen.

Mom fell over onto her side. "Robert, that was incredible. YOU are a great fuck. What a wonderful cock you have."

I really wasn't listening as I finished up the quick sketch.

"Robbie?" Mom asked. "Are you okay?" She lifted her head to look at me. I held up the sketch and showed it to her.

"That's beautiful Robbie." Mom praised me. "Your best work yet I think."

"I was inspired, Mom"

"Well I hope I can inspire you some more."

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