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Modeling Mommies Special Friend


I graduated in the middle of my high school and college classes. I am the guy who sat in the middle of the room that everyone never saw. I didn't play sports, go to the homecoming dances or prom and the few girls that I dated were for pizza and a movie at best. The pretty girls ignored me or made fun of me behind my back. The slutty girls were interested and focused on the bad boys and jocks. And the normal girls were clueless. My hormones raged and I satisfied my overpowering sexual cravings by masturbating three or four times a day. Believe it or not after pulling on my erection for an hour or so a day for about ten years I did add a couple of inches to what was a thick stalk to begin with. Not that any girls ever discovered my secret or hidden natural talent.

I'm not a bad looking guy just the epitome of what normal is. I am white, stand five foot ten, weigh one hundred seventy pounds, have short brown hair and wear glasses. I'm relatively smart and have a quick sense of humor. But I'm not what they girls or corporate recruiters fall asleep thinking about.

I graduated from college with a meaningless degree in psychology and did all of the interviewing available to me through the university to no avail. I answered every ad I saw and outside of "opportunities" to sell cutlery door-to-door or insurance over the phone I had no offers to show for my extensive interviewing. On line I saw an ad for a model consultant and sent in my resume on a whim. I figured it didn't cost me anything and someday over a few beers I could say that I applied for everything including being a modeling consultant. Imagine my surprise when I received a phone call and invitation to interview. What was even more unbelievable was that I got the job. And that job turned out to be the world's greatest job. The job I have is a job that is every man's greatest wet dream.

The company that I work for is Stardom Modeling. It is a firm that specializes in identifying young girls and setting them on the career path for modeling, acting and eventual celebrity. That is what we say. In fact we are a huge rip-off and scam. My position was as the Senior Talent Coordinator for the four to eight year old division. The little girls, while precocious, were by and large sweet and quite darling. While very few had any talent or prospects for success in the entertainment field what most of them did have were Mommies that were driven to see their little girls become rich and famous. The kids were just kids and could pretty much care less about being famous. The mothers on the other hand were driven to extreme levels.

The scam of Stardom Marketing is that no kid can be a success unless they have pictures. My job was to travel around the country and supervise the team on site. The team consisted of local temps who did the sign up paper work at the location. We had a talent scout who would judge each of the little darlings on our stage. There were two talent counselors who would advise the parents about how they might pursue the little girl's dream and two photographers who would do the pictures for the layout that would run from two hundred to fifteen hundred dollars. We also had a fulltime security coordinator, a goon for lack of a better word, who would travel with us and threaten or provide muscle if any of the parents became too vocal or aggressive in their feelings about our service. Our travel team consisted of seven people. The Talent Scout and Counselors were older women. The two Talent Counselors were actually married to the photographers. Anyone smell something fishy there?

The pictures and portfolio were absolutely legitimate and would be sent to the girls in the weeks following the evaluation and shoot. The scam was that every single little sweetheart even the ones who looked like a dog and had the talent of a two fingered banjo player would be advised to have a layout done. That was in ninety-nine percent of the cases equivalent to throwing money down a sewer.

Actually over the years about a dozen of the girls who were in contact with our Stardom Modeling have had some modicum of success. That verifiable successes included a few appearances on TV shows like American Idol, parts in shows on cruise ships, places on the run for some smaller fashion houses and even a couple of bit appearances, mostly as extras, in motion pictures. It is doubtful that the layouts we did played anything but a very minimal role in their limited success but from the promotional information we use you would think that these girls were entertainment headliners and solely because they came to one of our talent exhibitions.

During the final stage of my interview the President took me out for dinner and drinks and told me that I would have the opportunity to make a lot of money in the job if I accepted their offer. My base salary was a pittance and I would be traveling and living in a hotel forty-eight weeks a year. My main income would be an override on all of the pictures and other networking information packages that we sold. The President said that my compensation would easily exceed a hundred grand. But there were no guarantees or benefits such as insurance. An upside was that my expenses would be covered while I traveled and I would have little in the way in out of pocket costs. Even having been out of school for more than four months living back with my parents and as badly as I needed a job it didn't sound like what I wanted to do. There was just no future or growth. That was when the President shared with me the fact that he had selected me from other applicants because I reminded him of himself when he was my age. He too was an underachiever and a guy whom women paid no attention to. He told me that what he could not put in the ad, could not tell me until then and would never admit having told me at all was that this position would provide me with more pussy than I ever dreamed of having. He felt it was a legacy that he wanted to share with another man who would appreciate the fringe benefits the way that he had. He said that I would need to be discriminating and selective or I would be fucking all day long. He had spent seven years on the road as he built his business and he spent the next two hours giving me insights as to how I might enjoy the hidden benefit in the most judicious manner while still doing the job that he would expect me to do.

I have now been in my position for more than five years and if anything he underestimated the opportunities that were out there for a man with an active libido. I thought it might be interesting for a reader of Literotica to know how a Senior Talent Coordinator spends his day in the modeling industry.

This past week we arrived in Greenville, South Carolina on Monday night from three weeks in Charlotte. Typically we select a Holiday Inn type of property. We looked for upscale locations with facilities that are not too expensive. I took a large executive suite while the rest of the team would share three other rooms. The two married couples each grabbed a room while our female Talent Scout and male goon shared a room. It didn't seem to bother them and I didn't know or care if they slept in one bed or two. We always had a large banquet conference room set up with a stage for our evaluations with plenty of chairs for those that were waiting to watch their competition. This was important for a couple of reasons. The main one being that the aspirants always saw themselves as being better that the other girls and our talent counselors would use that fact with them and their parents when they were suggesting the talent packages. Tuesday morning was for training the four local temps and at noon the girls and their parents began to arrive. We normally do three weeks of ads in a town before we arrive. Our staff at the home office would begin setting up appointments so that we could spread out the talent and have ample opportunity to sell our packages. Each girl was sent a packet to fill out and bring with her when she came for her free evaluation. We knew that we would get at least a thousand respondents from a town the size of Greenville. If we could close the fifty per cent picture layout goal that we set for ourselves then the take would be enormous.

The girls and parents would arrive with their competed packet and be processed through the local temps. They would then get their five minutes of fame on our stage for our talent scout before being led to the talent counselors for their free talent evaluations and professional suggestions. That meeting could take no more than ten minutes. The girls were then immediately sent to the photographers if they selected to accept our assistance with their professional development. The photo buys took fifteen to twenty minutes to get the pictures they needed.

My job was to make sure everything ran smoothly. My second job was to pay attention to the Mommies bringing in their little girls and calculating which ones I might want to invite to my suite for the Senior Talent Coordinator's personal in-depth evaluation. The information they had received talked about this occasional selection and special benefit program. What it didn't say is that it was mostly for my benefit.

I looked for a number of things in my scouting. First the woman must be married and in attendance without her spouse. Second she must be attractive and dressed in a undeniable almost provocative manner. I had found that the mothers who dressed a little suggestively were sending a not so subtle message. I looked for women who were overly involved in the preparation of their little darlings for the stage and finally I sought someone who had an inconsolable aura about them. I can't explain it, you'd know it if you saw it. They were almost desperate for their kids to succeed.

You have to understand that these women are living vicariously through their young daughters. They will do anything that they need to do to give their little girls a leg up and an opportunity to make it in the modeling, acting and fashion industries. Absolutely no price is too great. That is the dynamics of the talent modeling agency scam. My company provides them a venue in their own city to take a taste, no matter how small, of the big show. In return we take their money and I enjoy a few of them at random in my own manner.

I always wore a very nice suit with an impressive nametag. I would walk up to the mother and daughter, professionally introduce myself and request their packet and review it while standing very close. I would watch and see how the mother would react. If she flirted with me and especially if her body language was suggestive I would consider her for an invitation to my suite.

For each session I would have at least two mothers and daughters selected. I did so by placing a gold star on their packet. After their stage time, moment with the talent counselor and photo shoot they would be directed to my suite by one of the staff. I made sure the hotel always placed six chairs in the hallway outside of my door where they could sit while waiting.

When I arrived at my suite there were two women and their daughters that I had selected during the early afternoon session waiting patiently for me. Both of the mothers were quite pretty. They were around thirty with nice round figures and similar brown highlighted hair to their shoulders. They were dressed in well-designed dresses, sheer hose and high-heeled shoes. They sat nervously waiting for me and both smiled widely when I came off the elevator.

I invited one of the two and her daughter in. My suite consisted of a sitting room with couch, two chairs, coffee table, TV and kitchenette. Around the room divider was a queen size bed and doorway to the bathroom. I had them sit on the couch while I took one of the wing-backed chairs and began to again review the information packet for Sandra and her daughter Sasha.

I spent more time looking at Sandra than the packet and saw that when she caught me looking she did not look away but smiled. I went into my spiel about how Sasha had stood out in the evaluations and we were always looking for the superstar in the group. There were potentially many additional benefits available to her including scholarships to different performing arts schools and, if she was accepted to be represented by our agency, subsidized travel for modeling and acting tryouts. While I was talking Sandra saw me glancing at her legs and spread her knees gradually further and further apart. I was able to get a wonderful glimpse of her soft thighs and the white panties covering her crotch. The packet had a place for parent information and I noted that Sandra had been a cheerleader in high school. Just perfect. My favorite mother's, as we traveled around, were former cheerleaders. They were normally the most conceited and stuck-up girls in high school and certainly the least likely girls to have ever paid me any attention. It always brought me an additional sense of accomplishment, retribution and excitement to control them and fuck them at the talent exhibitions on my terms.

I rose and asked Sandra to stay for a minute to discuss some adult business matters and led Sasha back out into the hall to take a seat with the other mother and daughter. That was why I had to always have two mother/daughter teams, as a mother would not be comfortable to let her daughter sit alone in a hotel hallway for long.

Returning to the suite I would always sit next to the mother on the couch. I had always found it a little surprising what would happen next. Believe it or not it was not infrequent that when I returned I would find the mother already naked in my bed. At least half the time they had unbuttoned part of their dresses or blouses to give me a better view of their bodies and almost every single time, if I had instinctively selected them correctly, they would be flushed and steadfast in their determination to do what they had to do to seduce me and gain an advantage for their little girl. And here is the key component of the system my friends. It had to always be their idea and seduction. I was the one being used. That way there were never recriminations. I did not use my position to get between their thighs or have their lips wrapped around my cock. They and they alone chose to impart on me their sexual favors in return for whatever advantage that may give them. They had no way of knowing that I had manipulated them into the position and that there was absolutely no advantage for them to gain. I wish I could tell you that the system was mine. It was the Presidents that I had simply tweaked a little over the years.

In her case Sandra had unbuttoned two of her top buttons revealing her creamy substantial bosom. Having worn a pushup brassiere to the talent exhibition it looked like her substantial tits were about to burst out. She quickly told me that she as a parent was committed and would do what she needed to do to make Sasha's dreams come true. It was that very important to her. Her eyes bored into mine while she talked and her voice took on that husky sexual tone. I let her move a few inches closer to me and place her left hand on my knee before I leaned over and kissed her full lips and slid my left hand into her bra. Her breast popped right out and filled my hand.

Not to be overly analytical but the problem now became one of time management. Most men would want to make the most of the opportunity and take the beautiful willing mother into the bedroom and fuck her senseless. In truth this opportunity came to me multiple times a day so it was not a matter of opportunity lost as much as making the best use of the occasion. Unfortunately schedules were schedules and there was just not enough time to do what I always wanted to. If ever there was a perfect definition of the old saying, there is just not enough time in the day, then I was the living proof. Between kisses I freed the woman's other beautiful perfect round breast from her dress and began to suck on her button shaped nipples. I asked her where her husband was. She said he was at work and would be home after five that afternoon. That was the wrong answer my dear. If she had said he was traveling I would have buttoned her back up and told her to go home and find a nice sleepover for Sasha that night and return after dinner. I rarely spent a night without an aspiring model's mother in my bed. Since Sandra was not going to be that person that night I had to decide whether I wanted a nice blowjob or a quick fuck. I decided on the latter.

Freeing her soft tit from my teeth I stood up and pulled her to a standing position with me. I spent a couple of minutes kissing her willing open lips and soft fragrant neck before turning her around and bending her over the side of the couch. She did not resist me as I threw her dress up and over her back before pulling her pantyhose and white panties down her legs. I had her step out of them and then spread her legs apart. As I unbuckled my belt and dropped my pants I leaned forward and kissed her already wet pussy. Sandra groaned as my tongue slipped between her folds and into her vagina. There is nothing quite as tasty nor aromatic as a ladies aroused that's been bound up inside of pantyhose. I licked her pussy and rubbed her hard clit as her juices readied her for my fucking. It did not take long before she was sopping wet. I think the realization of where she was and what she was doing was pushing her quickly over the edge. It is not every day that a young wife and mother placed herself willingly in that predicament. I knew having her tummy on the edge of the couch was probably very uncomfortable but I didn't care. Additionally she would not be as disheveled and it would make it much easier for her to leave when I was finished with her.

Time was quickly passing so without any further foreplay I placed the head of my cock at her opening and shoved it into her hot cunt. She commented on how big I was and how good it felt inside of her. She told me that no man had ever filled her that completely and begged me to fuck her. It didn't matter whether she was telling me the truth.

It was all about me so I didn't worry about what if any pleasure Sandra was getting from our fucking. I established a regular steady thrusting and enjoyed the feeling of her cunt. I never use a condom, as I loved the bareback feeling that rubbers took away. She had seduced me and I had to assume she was on the pill or would take care of any unfortunate consequences. She was, after all, married and had much more to lose than did I. I would reach down from time to time and rub her clit until an orgasm would take hold at which time I would stop and let her inner muscles massage and milk me. There is nothing as enjoyable as feeling a woman's cunt clasping and tightly grabbing your shaft. When you are busy thrusting you lose the total sensation and I have found it best to take a break and let those wonderful bands work their magic when orgasms take control of a female. I had not had any pussy in a few days and knew that I wouldn't last long. Sandra wiggled her lovely derriere seductively. It was an old whore's trick but I didn't care, as it felt very good indeed. I grabbed her by her soft broad hips and let my self-control go as I rutted into her very hard and sprayed my hot sperm into her cunt. When I was finished I unceremoniously pulled out of her. In retrospect her ass twisting trick pissed me off a little and when she stood up I pushed her down onto her knees and made her lick my cock clean of our juices.

When she finished it took a few moments for her to straighten her clothes back the way they had been and to brush her hair. I told her that I would be keeping her panties as a keepsake and knew that that would mean that my sperm would be leaking down her legs the rest of the afternoon. I always enjoyed leaving that legacy for the Mommies to remember me by. I told her that we would be in touch and Sandra gave me an open mouth kiss that promised more before opening the door, retrieving her daughter and heading for the elevator.

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