tagErotic HorrorModern Day Princess Ch. 02

Modern Day Princess Ch. 02


They paid for their meals and took off down the street, toward the nearby lake. The sun was high in the sky and it beat down on both of them but it seemed to bother Aiden more. He walked as much under the shade as he could and his sunglasses covered his gorgeous eyes.

Amira didn't know what to think of him. She had just met him today but suddenly felt her heart reaching out to him. She wanted to just listen to him talk for hours.

They got to the lake where hundreds of trees lined every walkway, making it shaded and cool. This seemed to relax Aiden a bit and he began to finally talk again.

"So, Amira, what do you like to do?" He asked her, a calm smile on his face.

"Oh, you know, the usual for someone my age. Shop, party, that kind of thing." She answered, chuckling softly.

"Ah, any unique hobbies?" He said, raising an eyebrow.

"I like to go swimming at night, relax in the hot tub and just stare at the stars until about 2 in the morning." She said, blushing.

"Really? You like the darkness?"

"I love it, so much." She admitted.

"Well then, you may be perfect." He said with a huge smile.

She blushed and looked down at the sidewalk. Nobody had ever told her that before, other than her pa of course. But this was different. Here was this gorgeous man walking beside her, and what was she supposed to do now? She didn't have much time to decide.

Aiden stopped suddenly beside her, in the dark shade of an Oak tree. He took hold of her and turned to her with a serious look on his face. He kissed the palm of her hand and smiled. He let her hand go and brought his up to her cheek. He stroked it gently and smiled.

She suddenly got butterflies as she waited patiently. He leaned closer and watched her eyes flutter shut, her lashes hitting the apples of her cheeks. He kissed her lips gently, making sure not to nip her skin with his teeth. She was warm and so sweet tasting. He pulled away.

She opened her eyes with a look of abandon and he laughed at her. She blushed and giggled in response.

"Well, that was nice." She said.

"Yes, it was." He replied genuinely.

"Would you like to meet me at my house tonight, for a swim in the moonlight?" She suddenly asked, before she could even think about what she was saying.

"Well, I would love to."

She gave him the address and was sad when he said he had to go. They walked back to the restaurant hand in hand and Aiden kissed her gently on the lips before getting in his car and driving away. She was dumbstruck and felt like she couldn't move.

Finally she got into her car and drove toward her favorite bookstore. She needed some therapy.


Amira arrived home at about 7 pm and went quickly upstairs to shower. She didn't know what time he would be there, but she knew it was almost dark already and she needed to be waiting when he came.

She got under the steaming spray of the shower, letting it hit the sore muscles she had from being out all day. She immediately felt ten times better. Her mind drifted to Aiden as she pictured his gorgeousness. What would he look like in his bathing suit?

The thought alone made her wet. She drug her fingers across her skin, down to her breasts, pinching her nipples. One hand played with her nipples while the other touched every inch of her body. She let it rest between her legs, softly touching the slit of her pussy and caressing her lips.

She knew she couldn't keep standing without risking falling. She turned the water off and went straight to her bed without even drying off. The water dripped off of her body. She kept pinching her nipples as she searched for her dildo in her bedside table.

Her buds were erect and the cool air made them even harder. She laid down on her bed, spread her legs and began messaging her lips again. One finger played with her clit, the button hard and swollen. She pictured Aiden's hand right between her legs, his tongue tasting her.

She couldn't stand it any longer. She poured a little bit of KY lotion onto her pussy, messaging it in and making it slick. Using her right hand, she jammed the 9 inch dildo inside her sopping pussy, hard and fast. She had to bite her lip to keep from screaming.

As she pumped her pussy hard, she kneaded her breasts and toyed with her nipples. She moved her hand down to her clit and rubbed it furiously as the dildo tore into her. Her body was shaking badly and her back began to arch.

She pumped it harder and harder, faster and faster, her fingers soaked from all of her pussy juice. She couldn't last any longer and she couldn't hold back. She screamed loudly as she came all over her comforter and pulled the dildo out, laying there breathless.


After a few minutes, Amira got the strength to get back into the shower. She quickly washed and slipped into her swimsuit. She came back into her room to get her towel and to head down the balcony steps to the pool.

Suddenly...........Amira screamed at the top of her lungs.

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