tagErotic HorrorModern Day Princess Ch. 03

Modern Day Princess Ch. 03


She caught her breath after a few seconds but he had scared her so bad she was shaking. He rushed over to her and took hold of her waist in his arm.

"I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to scare you." He said, brushing the hair from her face.

"It's ok." She replied, gasping still.

She pulled away from him reluctantly and took his hand, leading him back toward the balcony door and down the steps. She stopped by the chair to lay her towel down. She stood looking at him expectantly.

When he realized what she was waiting for, he began to undress. He took off the t-shirt he was wearing, leaving his skin bare and smooth. He slid his dark jeans off of his hips and down his legs. He was in a pair of black trunks and Amira had to take a moment to admire the perfection of his body.

His chest was broad and sculpted, the muscles showing in the moonlight. There was a light dusting of light brown hair across his chest. He had six pack abs that were rippled and his happy trail started right at the waist of his trunks.

She smiled at him in awe and he just looked away. She noticed that he didn't blush though, even in the dark night. His skin shone brightly in the dim light, the paleness more visible now. She didn't care if he had a tan or not, he was beautiful, his skin like porcelain.

He took hold of her hand and led her to the stone steps of the pool, helping her into the shallow water. He followed in after her, moving through the water with grace and ease. He leaned up against the side of the pool, his elbows resting on the patio. She moved in front of him so that her body was almost touching his.

He smiled at her and brushed one of his hands across her shoulder, moving it down her arm, letting it rest just above her elbow. She took that as permission to move closer and she did, leaning her body against his. Even in the heat of the pool, his body was chilled and she felt the hardness of his body underneath hers. God he was perfect.

"So, Amira, do I have your permission to do anything?" He asked, smiling.

"Of cou-course you do." She said, stammering.

"Good." He replied, placing his hands on her waist and pulling her as close as he could.

He kissed her lips roughly and Amira was taken by surprise. He lips traveled from hers, down her chin and to her neck. He licked her slightly salty skin and she tasted so sweet. He had to have her. She was expecting him to keep kissing her but she was about to be in for a little more than kissing.

He kissed his way to the top of her breasts and nibbled lightly on the skin, making her giggle. He sucked and kissed more before finally untying her bikini top. He tossed it onto the patio and turned his attention back to her body.

Her nipples were hard and he sucked them into his mouth, biting a little harder. She gasped and her hands went into his hair. He raised himself up and switched places with her, grabbing her waist. He hoisted her up onto the side of the pool. She was glowing with sex.

He grabbed the hem of her bottoms and pulled them off, tossing them with her top. He spread her legs wide open, propping them up on his shoulders. He got closer and could smell the sweet juice between her pussy lips.

He took his fingers and spread her lips. Her pussy was pink and swollen, the wetness shining in the moonlight. Fast and hard, he jammed three fingers into her cunt and pumped them in and out. While his hand worked on her, he used his tongue to suck on her clit.

She began to moan loudly, saying his name over and over again. Her back was arching and her pussy juice was dripping down his arm. He sucked up as much as he could. He shoved his hand deeper and deeper each time.

She began to come as her pussy muscles contracted and juice poured from her lips. He removed his hand and leaned down to smell her cunt. He nibbled her lips and sucked up her sweet juices. She was breathing heavily and laid back onto the patio.

He didn't let her relax long. He lifted her back into the water with him. His back was against the pool side and her body was against him. He went back to gently kissing her neck.

Aiden leaned toward his right and brought his lips close to her skin. Amira cried out into the darkness, with nobody to hear her, when Aiden bit into her, puncturing her skin. Blood began to run down his chin, at least what he couldn't hold in his mouth. Her body collapsed onto him and he released his teeth grip. She passed out. He held her tight.....

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