tagNonHumanModern Pantheon: Eris

Modern Pantheon: Eris


Mike looked at his watch. His shoulders slumped. It was worse than he thought. Two-and-a-half hours. After an hour, he'd realized that she was probably not going to show but he'd already paid the cover charge. Might as well stay and "enjoy the scene".

What that really meant was that he might as well hang around because he had nothing better to do. He'd nursed the same overpriced drink, only his second, for an hour now. The music was uninspired and consisted mostly of a pounding bass beat and the occasional sample loud enough to be heard over the otherwise monotonous rhythm.

The only potential highlight was the women. Unfortunately, that didn't mean much to Mike. Officially he was dating, even if this, fourth, incident pushed it over the edge to the point where she stood him up more than half the time. Besides, while the women in the impeccably short skirts and floss-thin tops were hot, they really weren't all that attractive to him. There were a few women around from subcultures but, in general, the bouncers kept them out with the other "undesirables".

"I can't believe she stood me up again." Mike mourned into his drink.

A snort of amusement pulled his attention. His head spun to glare at whoever had the nerve to find humor in his predicament. The fact that it was a young woman did little to cool his ire. That she was dressed in a black leather miniskirt, a fishnet top with nothing but a black bra beneath, and knee-high leather boots covered in buckles made a bit of a difference. The short, black hair, pale makeup, black lipstick and eyeliner further helped.

It was the look of absolute contrition and shyness that broke through Mike's fury. The way her head and shoulders slumped in and she could not meet his gaze spoke volumes of her self-worth. That was really too bad, since she was actually quite attractive. Sure, her breasts were a bit small for "conventional" beauty but that only played into her unconventional style.

"Sorry." The girl's mumble could only be heard above the heavy music because of a trick of acoustics. The corner he'd parked himself in contained a couple of the building's support beams that helped baffle the noise and allowed for conversations without the participants shouting themselves horse. The table and couple of chairs snugged into a nook only added to the effect. "I just noticed your button."

Confused, Mike looked down at the lapel of his trench coat. After a moment, a lopsided smirk settled on his lips. He'd completely forgotten about the thing. His best friend had pinned it to him in a fit of ironic humor.




The local BGLAD contained more than it's fair share of goths and had taken to the politically incorrect slogan. Then again, his best friend could call himself, and those like him, whatever he wanted.

Mike felt no need to explain the situation to the young woman. It had brought a small smile to her day, and that was enough. Particularly when he got the impression she wasn't used to such exercise of her facial muscles.

"It's okay. I think I just got stood up. Or maybe dumped." Mike shrugged. After a moment's thought, he slid his bag off of the seat next to him and waved in its direction. "You wanna sit?"

Shoulders still slumped forward, she glanced over at the offered seat. An uncertain smile crossed her face but she nodded slightly. It hadn't dawned on him, when he offered, but she'd have to slide between him and the table to get to it. He should have shifted himself over and offered the closer chair. He didn't think of it until she'd started past.

She turned towards him and their bodies pressed against one another as she slid past. The feel of her soft body, barely encased in her sparse outfit, sent a jolt of energy through Mike that he couldn't really explain. He wasn't generally the lust-at-first-sight type, but the fiery surge settled confidently between his legs and bore heavily in his loins.

"I'm Mike." He held out a hand to shake when she finally settled herself on the inside of the half-booth. Meekly, she took the offered hand and shook. She veritably radiated skittishness and he wished he could settle her nerves some.

"Lilly." She replied.

Of course! It finally dawned on him that the seat he'd offered left her trapped fully within the nook. The only way out remained through him. Given the acoustics, someone would have to already be practically on top of them to hear if she tried to scream for help. The low ambient light and shadows of the booth meant his body would naturally block any sight of her.

Mike felt like a complete dick.

It was only by some miracle that she didn't think he was a creep and a dangerous perv. Of course, she'd accepted the seat so either she had a truly self-destructive streak of danger-seeking or she thought he looked trustworthy. He liked to think he was and he vowed to be extra careful so as not to confirm contrary appearances.

"I'll be honest," Lilly muttered, "I saw you hanging out over here and thought you were kinda cute. I figured I'd come say hi. But you looked like you were waiting for someone. So, you got stood up?"

The whole thing came out in a rush. He found her nervousness kind of cute. He suspected she might have used a little liquid encouragement to build up her courage to talk to him. He recognized the concoction in her glass by the neon colors. It was pretty potent stuff.

Mike shrugged. "Yeah. Supposed to be my girlfriend, but I dunno. Not like this is the first time. No call, no nothing."

"That's not how you should treat someone." Lilly grunted. "But it leaves hope for the rest of us."

Mike was acutely aware of the way those small breasts hugged his arm when she leaned forward. He had to remind himself that the drink, not to mention the club's meticulous policing of the age limit, meant that she was legal. Otherwise he'd have felt more than a little like the perv he already seemed to be when his pants started to grow tight.

Lilly's hand negligently drifted across his chest and flicked at the button that had broken the ice. "So, which are you a fan of?"

"Excuse me?" Mike gulped, trying to swallow past a lump in his throat. He couldn't help but think of the innuendo involved, particularly with those moist, black-clad, lips so close.

"I bet you're a fairy kind of guy." Lilly looked up, through batted lashes, to meet his gaze. Mike was acutely aware of how hot and stuffy the club was. Somehow, however, his mind and body screamed that the only natural reaction to all that steamy heat would be to strip down.

"I think, most people would probably look at you, black boots, black jeans and t-shirt and black trench coat, and think you're a vampire kind of guy. But I suspect you're more of a real goth than most of the vamp poseurs. All this black isn't about fashion or rebellion, but just what you're comfortable in."

Mike nodded slightly, barely able to breathe. After a few moments, he finally managed to draw in enough air to respond. "Yeah. It's a theater thing."

"I knew it!" Lilly responded. Her hand, seemingly forgotten, stopped playing with the button and had begun to rub negligent circles on his chest. Somehow, she'd pulled her feet up beneath her and now sat on her heels. The way she rocked back and forth, slightly, caused her soft breasts to rub up and down around his arm.

"So," she almost purred, "was I right? Is that what you like?"

"Yeah," Mike managed. He'd never really thought about it, but he had no particular preference for any of the supernatural races. Fairies were just as fitting as any other, and far less cliché. "I guess."

"It's true, too, you know."

Mike looked at Lilly in confusion. The non sequitur caught him off guard. All the while, however, he began to get the feeling that he was the one who should feel trapped in the booth. Strangely, that sensation only aggravated his little problem. Now his pants felt very tight.

A slight giggle escaped Lilly. She pitched forward. Mike had no idea what she intended to do, but it became instantly apparent that she might have had a few more of the potent drinks than he thought when she suddenly lost her balance and nearly collapsed under the table. He caught a flash of butterfly wings, he hadn't previously noticed pinned to her back, before she came to rest at his feet, hidden from sight by the furniture.

His own thoughts were muddled, intoxicated not through alcohol but by her presence and the heady energy she seemed to cause in him. That was the reason he eventually attributed to his failure to realize her intentions. Her inebriation came into instant question. There was no way anyone as intoxicated as she seemed could have undone his belt and zipper as quickly and deftly as her hands succeeded. He tried to reach down and stop her but even he recognized the attempt was half-hearted. Not only did she already have his length free of its prison and wrapped in her warm hands but his supposed girlfriend was a dead fish in bed.

A mischievous smile shined from beneath the table. With the low light, all he could see were her white eyes and teeth. The tongue, nothing more than a silhouette as it ran suggestively across her brilliant smile, sent shivers through his body. "You're right...fairies blow."

Mike's moan was heartfelt and appreciative. Those pearly teeth vanished as her black-clad lips closed around the ridged tip of his member. A moment later she seemed to vanish entirely when her eyes closed in apparent appreciation. All that was left was the wet warmth that surrounded his lust and the delightful, if questionable, moans of pleasure that she vibrated straight into his core.

He could no longer even pretend to resist. She clearly wanted this and his body was equally adamant. The way her lips glided down his length was already more sensual and powerful than every time he'd been in bed with his girlfriend. As he lifted his arms to rest on the back of the seats and settled back, he already knew this explosion would be worth a dozen nights with Rose.

Lilly shifted her head back and forth as she worked her way down the shaft, as if to make room for more. Her hands pumped slowly, gently, drawing more and more of him into her mouth. Each time her hands retreated, her mouth lowered further. When he felt his tip brush the back of her throat, he thought he might explode.

"Mmmm mmmm mmmm." She chastised. With the extra vibration, he felt the pressure within his balls burst and felt the molten core begin to surge forward. Somehow, her lips tightened and stopped the fiery explosion In its tracks. The aborted orgasm rebound and suddenly his veins felt an inferno of need.

Her tongue pierced the underside of his length, right where her lips pressed. The extra pressure served to hold him in check. Meanwhile, she shoved her head farther forward. He could feel her teeth, through those lush lips, press against his groin. Her jaw dug into his balls. He could only whimper with the need to explode. His mind was already torn to shreds with his desire. Every muscle, every nerve, in his body screamed for release.

He was too long for her tiny frame. He felt the muscles of her throat convulse around him as her gag reflex kicked in. It only served to milk him harder. Only that maddening tongue prevented instant relief. It wasn't a question of if he would finish, merely whether she'd let him come inside of her or across her face. She was now just as trapped as he was. There was no way her tongue was long enough that she could release him pointed any way except straight at her.

"MMMmmmmmmMMMmmmmmmMMMmmmmmm." She moaned in apparent appreciation. The vibration shot straight through his length and built upon the frozen explosion beneath her sheathed teeth.

Mike's fingers clutched at the seat backs. He strained painfully at the extent of his flesh. He'd never been drawn this tight. As more blood had flowed into his length, he began to push against her mouth. Vaguely, he wondered if it would even be possible for her to open even the little extra bit needed for him to pull out.

It didn't matter. The seconds drifted past timelessly while her body convulsed around him. Somehow, she kept herself pierced by his spear while her throat continued to reject him. Tears rolled down his cheeks as the pain and pleasure built to literally maddening levels without any recourse.

Finally, she took pity on him. He was barely aware that the tongue began to let up. He wasn't so consumed with the blissful torture, however, to fail to notice when her face pressed harder against his groin.

No words could describe his release. His feeble mortal mind couldn't fully process the experience. Flashes of sensation burned indelibly into his mind. Tough flesh gripped his tip while he injected his essence directly into her throat. A slimy mass writhed back and forth across the tender skin beneath his shaft. Hands fondled him and pulled impossible amounts of his flesh into the infinite depths of that mouth.

Mike passed out. It was all he could imagine had happened when he suddenly found the impish girl on his lap. His spent form hung limp, outside of his pants, but remained hidden from the club by her tight leather skirt. Her hands rested on his shoulders and pinned him firmly to the seat. Still dazed, he watched her tongue writhe between half-closed lips.

Somehow, his body found new endurance as his eyes tracked the single drop of white that slipped from the corner of her mouth and left a trail down her chin. He whimpered when her hips shifted lower to rub satin panties against his length. Whatever he wanted, she had inspired his body to want more like no woman had before.

His lust remained pressed against the smooth fabric, even as she shifted and slid their trapped bodies to the side of the seat. She bit her lower lip playfully and dragged clawed hands down his chest. The trail of pearly liquid remained bright against her pale flesh.

Her legs closed around his thickening shaft as she stood up. Unable to resist, Mike was drawn forward with her. His arms wrapped instinctively around her as their bodies pressed together. Once more, she batted her eyes and looked up at him through dark lashes. "I don't think either of us are quite ready for this to end."

Before he could reply, her legs opened just enough to release him. A fresh shudder ran through his body from crotch to head to foot again when she massaged him. After too little attention, she carefully put him back in his pants, though still free of his underwear, and zipped him up.

A moment later, she was gone.

Feet away, she laughed as she dropped a fifty on a waitress' tray and scooped up a literal handful of shooters. Lilly downed one while she batted her eyes from the mouth of a hallway. He staggered forward to see her exit the other end of the hall, two more shots dropped on the ground behind her.

He dodged past the grinning guy to enter what seemed to be a private room. Lilly stood in the center of the room, illuminated by the sole light that hung just above the pool table. Her back was too him as she leaned over, heavily, against the green felt of the table. She swayed, slightly. Obviously, so many shots in succession had taken their toll on her.

The pose had caused her leather dress to ride up and reveal the satin underwear that had so engaged him moments before. The splash of deep crimson, in contrast to her white legs and black skirt, screamed invitation as clearly as her batted eyes had done. With two steps, he crossed the room. His fingers found the smooth material.

Lilly swayed forward as he pressed and felt her flesh, trapped beneath the fabric, give way before him. After a moment, she moaned her appreciation and pressed back with equal firmness. Her head twisted around to look at him around her shoulder.

Mike was almost stunned by the blank confusion that greeted him. Her eyes swept down his body in a frank appraisal, for the second time that night. Her gaze paused at the undone button and now-half-open zipper and the pulsing flesh that had begun to slip loose. A hungry smile crept across her face and she turned away and renewed the pressure against his hand. Her body began to rock forward and back, even as her hips rolled to accommodate his caress.

"Thash not 'nough! I want it all." Lilly slurred. Mike had a moment of uncertainty as he considered her state of inebriation. Whatever she'd grabbed from the waitress must have had some kick! Still, she'd been sober enough when she'd started everything so it should be all right.

Mike looked around. He hadn't noticed the door he'd passed through at the end of the hallway but it now slowly closed. On the front was a plaque that read "Private: Employees Only". In moments the door would be almost fully shut and that daunting warning should be enough to keep most of the drunk patrons away. He hoped he wouldn't get in trouble for being there but he figured it worth almost any price after what she'd already done.

His hand curled around the top edge of the thong. For a moment he was a little confused. He could have sworn she'd had on bikini cut, or something that covered a little more of that soft ass, when she'd tormented him on his lap. Of course, he'd been a little distracted so he probably noticed wrong.

She made all the right obliging noises when he slid the underwear across her smooth skin. He could feel her brace herself against the pool table. Pink flesh glistened with need as she presented herself like an animal. Just the sight reinvigorated him. He left the underwear wrapped around her thighs, in his haste, and yanked at his own pants. He lined himself up, placed his tip at her opening, and was rewarded with a moan of anticipation and a growled "fuck me!"

She wasn't as tight as he'd expected. With the first thrust, he thought he would vanish within her sopping depths. Her flesh made a feeble attempt to grasp at him but could not overcome her slick lust. Mike had never thought of himself as large but he'd always known he was better than average. Inside her, he felt more than a little lacking.

"God! Fuck me, bitch!" Lilly moaned out with apparent sincerity. "Plough me! Paint me! Cum inside me!"

Mike barely noticed the coarse suggestions. His hands had found her hips and the haze of need he'd felt earlier had returned. Her body might not have been able to milk him, like her mouth had, but the impact of their hips made up for the lack. She already screamed with the onset of her climax and she wanted him to finish as well. He could feel the pressure build within him and knew he'd be more than able to oblige her.

"Oh, Jesus Christ, sis. I'm gone for a few minutes and you already find a guy to plough..."

Adrenalin surged through Mike at the sharp bang of the door flying open. The fresh euphoria mingled with his arousal and sent him over the edge. His rhythm faltered. Lilly half-turned to look around her shoulder, at the door, and caused him to pop free just as the pearlescent stream exploded from him. Mike stared in embarrassed confusion as his lust pumped out and clung to her already soaking folds.


Still dazed, he turned at the unexpected summons. His body froze in panic when he recognized the woman in the doorway. "Rose?"

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Eris, still disguised as the man she'd transformed into at the end of the hallway, couldn't help but grin. The girlfriend had shown up right on cue. Her words rang down the corridor loud enough to be heard by a good chunk of the club, even over the pounding music.

"I don't know which of you I should suggest get tested, you fucking whores!"

This had to be one of Eris' crowning achievements in quite some time. Of course, there'd been no little bit of luck involved. A girlfriend who stood up the man she loved to bail her sister out of trouble yet again? It was a recipe for disaster. All it needed was a little bit of divine sexual prowess and he'd fall right in line. Or was that fall right into her sister?

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