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Modern Slave Wife


Mindy and I have been married for almost 3 years, and on the outside, it looks like any other random marriage than you chance upon in your life. However, the secret to our marriage is that Mindy is a devout slave, a sexual toy for my perverted mind to utilize. We aren't one of those couples that are openly in an S/M relationship, because it will affect her work (as a teacher) and cause problems in our generally conservative neighborhood. It will also leave myself open to accusations of spousal abuse and undesired negative attention. So for the sake of both of us, we've pretty much kept this part of our relationship a secret. We're not one of those couples that host parties every weekend with 20 other S/M couples or anything.

First of all, Mindy is 31 years old, 5'5 in height, and a good figure. She has 36 DD breasts, and ample backside. She's not like a supermodel with six pack Abs or anything, she has a little pouch, but it is minimal, and won't evoke any images of a cow or obese animals. Her face is cute (Ok, I'll admit, I don't exactly know how to describe people's faces, what do you say? She has a nose, eyes? How do you convey cuteness? Let's just say it's cute) with black hair. Her legs are pretty nice too. She works as a teacher as I mentioned before. I'm 5'10, I look good (Yes, I look good, got it?!), and I work as an accountant (Yes, not the sexiest job, but it keeps premium food on the table).

Before we got married, it was a relationship that mirrors most other relationships you hear about. We met randomly at a concert, started talking to each other on social media, and then soon enough started dating.........which eventually led to us getting married. Vanilla.

I've always been interested in BDSM, atleast the dominant side of it. I don't quite get how more people aren't, to be honest. How can you not want a woman who listens to every one of your desires and aims to please you? But the problem is that, it's not mainstream enough, and that leaves it hard to find a suitable companion that has avidity for the submissive side of a BDSM relationship. You'll realize soon enough that there are plenty of women who want to control you, but the city of Atlantis has a better chance of being found than a truly submissive woman. Before we got married, I had noticed some submissive tendencies in her, but none were explicit enough for me to conclude that she was truly submissive. She always deferred to me in picking places to visit or planning events, or was more than happy to cook food while I was watching TV or something, and would clean my apartment when I slept in late. Overly considerate? Submissive? I didn't know.

You have to realize with psychology, that if you ask someone to be a submissive, and they aren't one- and don't plan on being one- it ruins the relationship because everything else is now seen as possible implementation of authority. So if your wife/gf rejects being a submissive, the next time you ask her to pass the water might not seem so innocent to her. So while I had an idea that she might be submissive, I definitely wasn't going to push it, until I knew for sure.

And that day came soon.

One of the benefits of being an accountant is that, soon after the tax season, there isn't much for you to do at work. There is obviously still balancing the books and all, but most of the grunt work is done for about 3 months leading up to the tax deadline. Alas, it's easier to get days off, and on one of these days off, I decided to unpack a bunch of stuff in our new home. And since it's the summer, Mindy was home as well. So we went through unpacking boxes and arranging it in different parts of the house. As usual, she did more work than I. Eventually, she was complaining about how much stuff we have, so I decided to pitch in, with some of her stuff. Soon, I got to a box that was marked "Personal", and I knew it was hers, since I don't actually label any of my boxes, so I opened it with curiosity. Much to my disappointment, it seemed like a bunch of books.

However, as soon as she saw me looking at the box, she leapt up from her place across the room, came by, took the box, and said she'll take care of this, don't worry. I wasn't really interested in the books before, but I sure was now!

She had the same tenacity to protect that box as you do, when your parents are trying to clean your room, and they get too close to the secret porn stash, and you leap in, saying you'll take care of. "Don't worry, I got it, I can take care of the room, Mom, move on!"

Eventually I told her I wanted to see the box and she gave in (Submissiveness again? Although I don't know why I keep asking, the title is "Modern Slave Wife", so the answer is yes obviously. I finally feel like one of those crash investigation shows, where they lead you into a commercial break asking "Is Flight 145332 going to make it, or be doomed? We'll be right back!").

And inside it were a bunch of BDSM stories, pictures, and a boat load of books about BDSM slavery, mostly from the slave's position. WTF? You really need books to explain being a slave? I thought the whole point was to just do what the master wanted? Like a master is really going to be like "Hey, I want you to do Clause 6 of Page 134 in Book X, NOW!!"

By now Mindy is about a shade below crimson and obviously embarrassed. I asked her about her fetish, and all, and eventually she says that she had a period when she was really into BDSM, and how giving up control appealed to her. She mentioned that, "at work, I'm supposed to have prime control over the classroom, so when I come home, I'd enjoy relinquishing control and being free". I didn't exactly follow the psychology there, but whatever, it's music to my ears. I told her about my liking for BDSM and how I figured that there wouldn't be women out there that would want to be submissive. Threw in some random BS about how I guess this means we were meant to be and all (Trust me guys, random BS about fate, destiny, and a "greater plan" always goes far in any relationship). So we finally decided to enter a S/M relationship, much to my happiness. I have to say that moment was probably the third most happiest of my life (right after my favorite team won an improbable championship, and my first blow job).

And so it began. We worked out a contract of sorts.

First of all, her slave name: She doesn't really have one. I like to randomly call her Mindy, bitch, cunt, slave, whore, fuckface, slut, whatever. I don't like being tied down to using one name. I told her "If you hear your name or a derogatory term, assume it's you".

One of the rules is that when she's home, she is to wear a corset and a garter belt. I know some other masters like having their slaves be naked around the house, but I love garter belts. Also, I did not want her walking around bra-less, because that would then lead to her ample boobs sagging more and more as she ages. And it's not like it's hard to take of a bra, takes about a second. Sometimes I like to move her nipples over the bra, so they are peeking out. And she has huge nipples that perk out, so I love twisting and flicking them with my fingers. She walks on all fours while in the house. This is more of a psychological torment for her than anything physical; I really just want to reemphasize the nature of her submissiveness. She is allowed to stand to cook. Other than that, she is to be on all fours while she moves around.

Now when she goes to the bathroom to take a shit, then fine, use the toilet. I and shit don't care to interact much, so she's off her slave duties then. However, when she wants to pee, she has to crawl to the tub, and pee like a dog. She can also stand up to clean the house, which is usually in the morning of off days, since I like to sleep in on the weekends.

Sex is pretty much anyway I want it. I like to fuck her face a lot, because I can grab the back of her head and pound my dick in her mouth as hard as I want to. I love it when I come, that I can push my dick as far into her throat as possible and release the semen into her gut. Tying her legs and arms to the four corners or the bed, and then have her laying up with her head off the side of the bed, is probably the best way to fuck her face. She feels upside down (thus a feeling of even less control) while the ball sack keeps hitting her face.

When I'm eating food, she sucks my dick underneath the table. If don't come by the time I'm done eating, she gets punished with a spanking and sometimes a flogging. I like bending her over the table, and fucking her pussy as hard as I can. Her pussy is beautiful in that, everything seems tucked in, so all you really see is like a little bulge and a line, instead of pussy flaps hanging lose and what not. Although since we're not trying to have kids yet, and have a rule that anything that comes out of my dick goes in her belly, I get to feed her cum from the condoms. But I hate condoms because they reduce the pleasure, so most of the time I stick to oral sex.

I like to walk around sometimes with a stop watch, and go up to her and say "you have 4 minutes to make me come with just your mouth, and time starts NOW". It's amazing the amount of work she'd put in to get you to come in the time period, but if she fails, she knows there will be ensuing punishment. A rimjob is pretty amazing as well, and she really does extend out her tongue as much as possible into my asshole.

The best part about having a slave is that, you really don't have to answer to anyone. You want to watch the big sports game? No problem.

Speaking of sports, I developed a superstition now where she has to blow me for the entire time of the game that I'm watching. It started when I was pissed off one day when my team was losing, and ordered her to suck my cock, and in the meantime my team made an improbable comeback. So from now on, for whatever hours the game is on, my cock doesn't leave her mouth for a second. It doesn't even matter if I'm horny or not, or if I came already, it just stays in there.

You probably did notice that I said "anything that comes out of my dick goes in her belly" which also means that she drinks piss. Now this is something that at first really didn't seem all that interesting to me. I didn't quite understand the allure, and figured it was something that I wouldn't really enjoy, because it's not like I feel amazing every time I pee or anything. But I did remember that when we did go through a list of stuff that we could do, she hesitated on water-sports, but didn't say no.

The first time I tried it was actually not something I planned on doing. We were driving to a camp site that was about 6 hours away from our home, but our GPS decided to take us through the most isolated roads you could find.

Unfortunately with isolated roads, it also means that there aren't any restaurants on the side or service areas, and I had just drank a ton of water (it was unusually hot that day, damn global warming) and she was finishing up her 44oz of slushie. Eventually unable to hold it, I decided to pull over to a place that was just the side of a small forest and enrich the plants on the side of the road. However, as soon as I pulled over, cars were coming around from nowhere, which made me reluctant to pee. I decided to wait it out a bit, because I figured the road would become isolated again soon, but the cars were spaced out tantalizingly apart.

While waiting, I heard that noise of my bitch finishing up her slushie (the unmistakable sound when the straw is being sucked at, but there is a lack of fluid in the container) and a light bulb just went on in the back of my head. I told her to give me her slushie bottle, opened it up and saw it was pretty much empty. I took the top off and just pissed away into it, while being in the car. The relief, just amazing. I filled up the bottle to pretty much the top, and then put the lid back on with the straw. I handed it to her, and just said "You have 3 minutes".

She gave me a hesitant look, but started sipping soon. You could see the dislike for it as she swallowed, but like a true champion, she finished gulping it up in about 3 minutes. That's when I realized why a slave drinking piss is such a great experience. It doesn't have much to do with the actual act as you'd think, but the psychological authority in knowing that your waste is being gulped down by this beautiful woman.

Since that day, I started to train her, usually by just peeing in containers and giving her time to drink it. Eventually, I moved onto peeing into her mouth with a small bucket underneath her chin (to catch the piss that would fall out) and seeing her struggle to swallow. And then finally when she perfected the art of swallowing quickly (it mostly has to do with getting used to the taste, which lets her swallow without that extra hesitation), I could just put my dick in her mouth and let go.

Nowadays, every time I pee, it goes down her throat (except at work of course, because if I have to pee at work, I pee at work, not going to torture myself holding it in until I get home). It went from something that I rarely found attractive, to something that cements our relationship as master and slave. With women now, swallowing after a blow job, or almost always being up for sex is somewhat common, so I love the fact that my slave is willing to go further than them to illuminate her submissiveness. There is no better feeling than waking up in the middle of the night, smacking her in the face, and just stand up, while she wraps her lips around your dick, and you can just pee in her mouth.

Remember when I first had her drink pee, from that slushie container? Well now, I don't need a container. Can just go to the back of the car, have her kneel down while I sit, and just pee directly into her mouth. By eliminating the container, I am now doing my part to save the world from more waste.

Spitting is another activity that I've picked up on lately. Having your wife be a spit receptacle is pretty arousing. It sort of goes against the flow of natural behavior I guess to have say your toes sucked, and then you reward her by spitting on her face. But that's one of the perks of an S/M relationship, you sort of get to make up your own natural behavior.

There are times when she does need to be punished, and I like to use both physical and psychological torment. As usual, there are plenty of spankings, floggings, whipping, and smacking her, at various targets on her body. But the best is the old face slap, because it's demeaning to have your face slapped hard. With a spanking or flogging, she doesn't really see it coming, and you have a hard time seeing her reaction. With a face slap, she can be looking right at you, while you slap her face back and forth. I like using her as a table to rest my feet on as well.

On days that she is off from work, I like to send her outside with no panties and bra on, with the intention that she knows she's a bitch slave, even though it may not appear so to the world. If she sits in the car and is wearing a skirt, I like to have it raised so her bare ass is on the seat, which works especially well on leather seats in the cold.

She does have it easy on some terms though. I usually don't mess with her at work too much, because it would affect her work, in turn jeopardizing overall income. The most I've done is having her insert a vibrator (attached to a belt) inside her pussy while she goes to work, and then show up at lunch time with a remote control and turn it on as she's standing outside on lunch duty. I also know that most slaves stay home, and they are waiting by the door when their master comes home, but unfortunately I can't afford to be the only income in the house, and still be able to pay mortgage, and have savings. She gets in some relaxing time on the weekends because I wake up very late, and she gets up early in the morning. But as soon as I wake up, she'll be on the floor to be my urinal, and begin another day as a slave.

That's the story of Mindy, my modern slave wife.

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Is it a true story? Well this is the first time that I've seen an article on Literotica

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Very arousing

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