tagIncest/TabooMolly and Her Daddy

Molly and Her Daddy


Molly James had just returned to her hometown after a long vacation. She and a few friends had spent the week lying on the shore of Wallowa Lake, tanning and drinking. The drive from Eastern Oregon had been a long eight hours and everyone was tired and ready to get home.

Finally, the Honda Civic pulled up in front of her house. Molly gathered her belongings from inside the car while her friend Matt popped the trunk and grabbed her other bags. "I'll help you in, if you want," Matt offered.

"Oh, no thanks. I can manage," Molly said with a smile.

"I had a great time, you know. The other night." Matt blushed after he said these words. They hadn't spoken about Tuesday night since it happened.

"Me too. This isn't really the place though. I'll call you later, k?" She didn't want to talk about this in front of their friends and thankfully, Matt seemed happy that she was planning on calling. Molly kissed him on the cheek, and headed to the porch of her parent's home. She was so excited to finally be home. It's hard to sleep when you're not in your own bed and Molly had really missed her dad. She hoped he had been okay while she was away.

She watched until the car had driven out of sight and unlocked the front door. As she headed upstairs, she thought about "the other night" Matt had referred to. Molly had had a few too many cocktails, Matt had been the only one awake with her, and she wanted him. She wished she didn't, but she did. Cocktails can do that to a girl. Molly had always enjoyed sex and being in control, and sleeping with Matt was no different. She had straddled his lap for a make out session, unbuttoned his pants for a blow job, and then bent over the arm of the couch while he fucked her. Now, in the light of day, with a clear head, she regretted all of this. Matt and Molly had never had any chemistry together. Since elementary school, he always been a little in love with her, but she could only see him as a friend. Obviously she didn't only see him as a friend now, which really confused her. She would call him later and straighten everything out- they would just go back to being friends.

Once in her room, she tossed her bags onto the floor and pulled out her toiletries. Shampoo and soap in hand, she headed to her bathroom to shower. She felt she really needed a shower at home, to wash away that "great outdoors" feeling. Molly turned the warm water on, pulled her white t-shirt off and unhooked her lacey white bra. She turned in the mirror to admire her new tan. She had even been daring enough to lay topless, so her 32B breasts were also a golden brown. Her whole body had that "sun kissed" look.

Molly finished undressing and stepped into the shower. She stood in the gentle spray and helped wet her hair thoroughly by sliding her hands through it. She poured some shampoo into her hands and began washing her long, dark brown mane. While she rinsed, she thought of Matt. She had a lot of fun with him on the trip. Maybe the sexual tension had been building all of these years. She thought maybe they would give dating a try. She finished washing her body and stepped out of the shower.

Once out, Molly dried herself with a fluffy white towel. She placed her right leg on the lid of the toilet and dried from her toes all the way up her toned calf and thigh. She did the same with her left leg and then wrapped the towel around her back. She rubbed the towel from side to side to dry her buttocks and her back then dried her flat stomach and breasts. Since she was home alone in the middle of the afternoon on a Thursday, she wrapped her hair in her towel and headed to her bedroom, naked.

Molly wasn't alone though. Her Dad, Eric, had come home early to see her when she arrived from her trip. Eric had car pooled with another family in the neighborhood, since his car was in the shop. He had asked if his buddy could drop him off early. Molly was unaware of the special love he felt for his daughter. She had probably never noticed the way he watched her, especially since she had gone through puberty. Molly had grown from a chubby awkward kid into a very sexy young woman.

Eric tried to stop the erection that had formed in his slacks, without success. Sitting in his office, he had a direct view from his doorway into Molly's room, without her really noticing him. He had seen her walk out of the bathroom, stark naked with nothing but a towel on her head. Now, Molly stood in her room, seeming to look through her closet for clothes to wear. She seemed to change her mind and to his delight, she bent over to dig through one of her unpacked bags. He could admire her naked, full behind and tight legs without reproach. Eric could just imagine walking in behind her, unbuttoning his pants, sliding his cock inside her..... Before he could continue with his fantasy, Molly picked up the bag she had been looking through and took it to her dresser. This allowed Eric to view and admire her profile. Molly's breasts were so delectable. With their golden color from her days spent on the beach, he wanted them in his hands more than ever. Molly must've been looking for her hairbrush, because she pulled the towel from her head and began brushing her hair. Watching her made him want her so badly.

For a few years now, Eric and Molly's mother, Jamie, had not had a good marriage. There had been multiple affairs by both parties, but the couple stayed together. They hadn't had sex together in three years, barely spoke to each other, and he was very lonely. Especially the week Molly had been gone. Not only did want her to be his lover, she was his best friend. They did everything together and she helped combat the despair. Suddenly, Eric felt sad and decided to go into Molly's room to talk to her. He felt guilty for staring at her with lust in his heart.

Eric left his office and headed to Molly's room. She was going through the drawers of her dresser, probably looking for panties. "Hi Molly," Eric smiled.

"Oh, hi, Daddy. Are you okay?" Molly looked concerned, but wrapped her towel around her body as she asked him. She had never been too modest.

Suddenly, he realized he had tears in his eyes. "I'm fine, I just missed you."

"I missed you too, but I'm home now. Come and sit down. Did you and Mom have another fight?" Molly sat on the edge of her bed.

"Oh, no. Nothing like that. It's just lonely around here when you're gone." Eric said, honestly.

"I know, Daddy. I'm sorry." Molly leaned in and kissed her dad on the cheek.

Eric couldn't help himself. He reached his hand out to touch her exposed thigh and caught her retreating mouth with his. She fought the kiss for a moment, but when he felt her lips part for his tongue, he couldn't believe this woman he had raised. Her soft lips were like silk against his own. She leaned into him and he pulled her closer. They kissed hard and more feverishly, Eric couldn't get enough of his little girl.

Molly couldn't believe she was kissing her father. She was disgusted at first, but he was such a good kisser, she couldn't pull her lips away from his. When his tongue slid inside her mouth to touch her own, she could feel the excitement in her stomach and the moisture forming between her legs. She slid her arms around his neck and kissed him harder, sliding her own tongue into his mouth to tease him. He groaned when she did this and she became more excited.

Suddenly, she wanted him so badly. Molly took the reins and straddled her daddy's lap. "Mmmmm...." Molly moaned as his hands slid inside her towel. He seemed afraid to pull it away, so she did it for him. She dropped the towel to the floor and brought one of her father's hands to her breast.

"It's okay, Daddy. I want you to touch me." Eric hesitated even after her words, but once his hand was on her breast, he seemed like a fire had been lit under him. He lowered his head to take her nipple into his mouth and Molly leaned back in ecstasy. Molly squeezed her thighs tighter around her father's muscular legs and this brought her closer to his bulging erection. She began to grind her hips against him and he groaned.

"Do you like that?" Molly asked, playfully.

"Oh yes, very much" She forced his head back to her chest and his mouth back to her nipple. He licked each one in turn and then sucked them into his mouth to the delighted moans of Molly.

While Eric was suckling Molly's breasts, Molly ran her hands through his salt and pepper colored hair. The thickness of it felt good between her fingers. She began unbuttoning his oxford to feel more of him. Molly kissed his neck and inhaled the smell of him. Her dad had always smelled like home, like a safe haven to her. Now, he still had that "home smell," but with it mingled a certain rugged manliness. Molly continued unbuttoning his shirt and kissing down his chest. She suddenly wanted him naked too. Molly stood and kissed her father as she did.

"Are you starting to regret this, honey?" Eric asked, fearfully.

Instead of answering him, Molly helped him remove his shirt. She knelt in front of him on the floor and unbuttoned his black slacks. With the sound of the zipper, Eric groaned. Molly's green eyes met her father's matching ones, and she smiled. Opening his pants and parting his plaid boxers, his hard cock met her gaze. Molly couldn't help but lick her lips. She leaned in and slid her tongue over the head of his cock, then slid one of her feminine hands along the shaft of his manhood.

Eric thought he was going to cum right then and there. His little girl was kneeling in front of him, licking and touching his cock. It felt so good he almost couldn't control himself. He wanted to force her head down, feel her take him into her mouth and watch her suck his cock. To his delight, Molly seemed to know what he wanted. She began to take his cock into her mouth and suck it just how he liked it. He put his hands on her head and pulled her dark brown hair gently. He moaned with each suck.

"Oh, Molly."

Suddenly, she wanted him inside her. She stood up and pulled him with her. "I want you to fuck me." With this, Molly pulled his slacks and boxers down. She turned around, placed her hands on her bed and parted her legs.

"Fuck me. Please." Molly begged. She reached around to tug him by his hip, "Now. Slide inside me."

Eric couldn't believe how forward and controlling his daughter was. It was quite a turn on. He had always had to be the agressor in his past relationships.

Obligingly, Eric placed his cock at her opening and penetrated her in one thrust. Her pussy was so wet and tight that he didn't think this would last long. He slowly began to move inside her and Molly moaned with each movement.

"Oh, Daddy. Mmmmmm... Harder."

He held onto her hips and began moving faster and harder. He could hear his balls rubbing against her pussy and he loved it.

"Fuck me, Daddy." Molly yelled. With this, she reached down between her legs to touch her clit.

Eric obeyed, squeezed her hips tighter and began fucking her harder. His cock moved feverishly inside her. He did all he could to fuck her until she came around his cock. He pulled her harder against him, moving inside her deeper. Suddenly, he felt her tighten and convulse around his cock. Her screams of orgasm pushed him over the edge. He thrust inside her one more time and felt his own orgasm. With a groan of pleasure, he came inside his daughter.

Both of them were so exhausted after their orgasms, they chose to lay down on the bed. In the afterglow of such intoxicating sex, they tried to catch their breath.

"I'm sorry, Molly. That shouldn't have happened." Eric was suddenly feeling horrible about himself and what they had just done. Instead of holding his daughter, the woman he had just made love to, Eric stood and left her room.


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