Molly's Facial


John's head was spinning from the sensation of getting his cock licked for the first time. Even if it wasn't true head, this was still better than he had ever imagined it would be. The experience was heightened by the fact that he had so much cum stored up, and with this long-awaited release, he was effectively drenching Molly and flooding her hungry, open mouth to the point that his jizz was spilling out the corners of her lips and running down her chin, her neck, and trickling on toward her chest. Fortunately, despite the increasingly thick mask of cream she wore on her face, not enough had hit her eyes to cause her to close them, because now she looked up at him, watching him watch her--a small drop of white stuck in her left eyelash--and he felt that she was, impossible as it seemed, just as excited as he.

She swallowed big, taking a significant amount of his sperm deep inside her, then even smiled as the last bit of cum spilled out from John's cock and dribbled onto her chin.

The mouthful of cum she had just taken down her throat was bigger than any load she'd ever swallowed before by at least fifty percent, and it seemed like most of John's orgasm had landed on her face, judging by the heat and weight she felt. The sensation of feeling his seed slide down her throat as she looked into his eyes triggered another orgasm, this one much bigger than the first, and instantly she simply had to have him.

Molly pulled John down and drew him to her face. It happened so fast that John didn't have time to consider what was going on until he was already kissing her, tasting what was left of his own fresh, warm, musky cum on her tongue and even feeling it between their lips, thick and sticky. He expected to be turned off by this, but on the contrary; Molly seemed to be enjoying it as she shook and convulsed in his arms--all the while groaning into his mouth--and that simple fact made the act not only okay, but extremely thrilling.

They made out, John eventually ending up on top of her on the bed, his still hard dick pressing against her wet but clothed crotch. Most of the cum on Molly's face streaked down when she laid back, dripping across her cheeks and into her hair, but some smeared on John's face, too. They continued kissing until the taste of sperm was no longer in either of their mouths.

When they finally stopped, Molly licked the little cum still on John off of him, both from his face and his cock. He was still hard, and this only made him harder and more ready to go to the next level, but Molly stopped suddenly and went into the bathroom to clean up.

John waited on the bed, not sure if he should pull his pants back up or not. He knew tonight's event was over, but maybe if he pretended not to know, Molly would reconsider going home so soon. He heard her at the sink, then heard the shower run. He jumped up when he finally heard the bathroom door open, but Molly was instantly opening the door to their room and stepping outside.

"I'll be right back," she said. "I need to get something from my car."

She never did come back, but when John finally wised up to this and went outside, he found a note stuck under his windshield wiper.

John unfolded it, afraid of what it might say, but his heart and cock jumped when he finally read the words. "Next time I'll suck you. Promise."


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