Mom & Dad Are the Experts

byDr Kink©

Alice couldn't believe the feeling that was going through her body. She realized that watching her husband strip his mother naked and caress her got Alice extremely hot. Phil's attention to her also helped immensely. It even surprised her how fast she came and the fact that she was still extremely horny. She reached down and fondled her husband's cock and balls. Maybe it was her imagination, but he seamed bigger and harder than ever. She moved, so that she could work on his cock. She first licked the shaft up and down. Then, she nibbled, very gently, at the skin around the head of it. Finally she opened her mouth and went down on it. She played with his balls while she sucked him off. He had always asked her to do that and today they felt hot and full. After a few minutes she felt his body stiffen and his breathing become rapid. She actually felt his balls unloading its load of sperm. The first blast hit the back of her throat. She quickly moved her lips so they were only covering the head of his dick and at the same time used her hands to jack him off. She milked every drop of sperm from his cock.

Sam couldn't believe what he was feeling or how Alice was acting. He had never come with that intensity. He was so worked up, after the session with his mom, that as soon as Alice put her lips around his cock, he was ready to explode. He was still hard. He had just come and his cock didn't go soft, it stayed erect.

When the last drops of semen entered Alice's mouth, she finally removed her mouth from her husband's still hard dick. She needed to come and now it was her time. She straddled his body and placed the head of his cock in the entrance of her pussy. In one motion, she pushed down on his cock, with all her weight, until her pussy lips were touching the flesh around the base of his cock. What a feeling, one second you are empty, craving for some hard cock and the next second you're full. She leaned down and gave Sam a kiss, shoving her sperm coated tongue into his mouth. He could taste his juices, for a change. After all, he had shoved his tongue, covered with her pussy juices, into her mouth many times.

Sam tasted his own sperm, for the first time, it was an interesting taste. He had thought it would be disgusting, but it really wasn't.

Alice broke the kiss, sat upright and moved her hips up and down. She would rise up until his cock was almost outside her pussy and then she would push down, impaling herself on his cock. She reached down, grabbed his hands and brought them up to her breasts. He got the idea and starting playing with them, especially the nipples. Alice increased her pace of going up and down one her husband's cock. As she got closer to a climax, she told Sam to pinch her nipples harder and harder.

Sam couldn't believe it was his wife riding his cock that way. When she asked him to be rough with her breasts, he was astounded. He could feel her getting close to coming. At the moment her body started its gyrations of lust, he squeezed her nipples hard and held on. That drove Alice crazy, she screamed, her body got stiff and collapsed on top of Sam.

Sam held Alice tight for a few minutes, waiting for her to come down off her sexual high. Slowly, he started to move his cock in and out of her pussy, very gently at first. Soon, he felt Alice responding to his thrusts. He picked up the pace, his cock urging Alice to respond, his hands kneading her ass cheeks, urging her forward.

Alice did respond. What a wonderful feeling she was experiencing. She was climbing very quickly to the orgasmic point. She ground her pussy hard against his cock. It wouldn't be long before she came again. She increased the movement of her hips thrusting against Sam. He took the hint and increased his movements. Alice went over the top and again collapsed on Sam. Her body began undergoing involuntary spasms, sounds were coming out of her mouth that he didn't know she could make and her pussy was still in spasms around Sam's hard cock. Alice's heart was pounding hard, so hard Sam thought it would explode.

Sam rolled onto his side, still holding Alice in his arms and keeping his cock buried deep in her hot pussy. Her body was still quivering, her breathing was rapid and her pussy muscles were still grabbing his cock. Sam waited a few minutes, and then he began to work his cock in and out of his wife pussy. He proceeded slowly and gently at first, then with more force, as his wife responded to his thrusts.

Sam heard some moaning, he turned to see that his parents were fucking on the family room floor. There was his mother, his sexy mother, on all fours, facing Sam and Alice. Phil was behind her, on his knees, pumping his cock in and out of her pussy. Sam's mother tits were hanging down, swaying to the rhythm of Phil's thrusts. Both his mother and his father were watching their son fuck his wife, what a turn on for Sam. This caused Sam to intensify his fucking of his wife. Soon, both Alice and Sam were on the verge of coming. Just then, Mary started moaning and yelling at Phil to fuck her harder and faster. That was all that Sam and Alice needed to put them over the top. Alice came first. Then with one giant thrust, Sam came, his cock buried deep in his wife's pussy. He could feel her pussy contracting and squeezing his cock. That helped to milk all the sperm out of his cock and he collapsed on top of Alice.

The orgasms of their son and his wife pushed Phil and Mary over the edge. Soon they were moaning and groaning. Mary was still yelling for Phil to fuck her harder and deeper. Sam and Alice turned to watch them come. Phil give one final thrust, one so hard it collapsed Mary's arms and her head was resting on the floor. Phil held his cock inside of Mary for a few seconds, then he shoved it in and out of her pussy two or three more times. Then he collapsed on top of Mary.

It was a few minutes before everyone return to reality. They slowly returned to normal, that is if you can call a mother, father, son and daughter-in-law all naked and having just fucked in front of each other normal. Phil was the first one to talk. He wanted to know what help Sam and Alice needed. It looked like they were quite proficient in their lovemaking; he didn't think they needed Mary's or his help. Mary nodded her head in agreement with her husband. So if they really didn't need help, why did they drive all the way up here and ask for help?

Sam and Alice looked at each other; their expressions were of one caught with his hand in the cookie jar. Sam told his father, that he was correct. They really didn't need help. Most of their story was true, he and Alice weren't very good at love making in the beginning of their marriage. They had consulted books and videos, just like they told Phil and Mary. However, through reading and practice, they were able to get quite good at their lovemaking. After all, both he and Alice were great bookworms.

Mary looked surprised. She wanted to know why they asked for help, when they really didn't need it. She asked hat was their motive behind their request for help from Phil and her.

Alice answered her mother-in-law. She explained that during their research into improving their love making, they had stumbled on to a hidden secret in Sam's life, he wanted to screw his mother. That was something they realized after they tried to improve their sex life. Just like they told Phil and Mary earlier, their sex life was always better when Sam remembered anything sexual about his mother. Alice told them how she made Sam acknowledge his secret obsession with his mother. Alice told her in-laws, it was she who came up with the idea of telling Phil and Mary the lie about needed help. She wanted Sam to realize his fantasy. Besides, Alice had her own fantasy about her father and she thought Phil would be perfect to help her satisfy her fantasy.

Sam told his parents he was sorry that he had deceived them. But, after he was made to realize his sexual feelings he had for his mother, that was all he could think about, it became an obsession; he had to fuck his mother. The thought of him having sex with Mary dominated his life. The encounter with Mary, a few minutes ago, was unbelievable. He never had any orgasms more intense than the two he just had with Alice. He also noticed that his mother seemed to enjoy both making out with her son and watching her son and his wife fuck.

Mary had to admit that Sam was correct, she did enjoy both those things. She didn't realize herself that she had sexual feelings for her own son, not until today. She thought they were just feelings of pride, ones that a mother has for her son. In a way, she was glad Alice and Sam concocted that story, she probably wouldn't have agreed to having sex with her son, just for pleasure. Now, however, she's wants Sam almost as much as he wants her.

Phil was only too happy to fulfill Alice's fantasy. He always thought she was a very sexy woman and due to the open marriage he and Mary had, he wanted to have sex with her almost from the first time Sam brought her home. He told everyone, even though he and Mary had been involved in the swapping scene for years, this sexual encounter was probably the most erotic one in which he had ever taken part.

Mary agreed with Phil. She suggested that everyone take a shower, and then have something to eat. Then, they could do something about fulfilling everyone's fantasy. They all agreed.

In about thirty minutes, there were four naked people in the kitchen. Mary and Alice were preparing sandwiches, while the men were making the drinks. In a few minutes, they were all sitting around the table eating and talking. It was like any normal family meal, except everyone was naked. The conversation was about Sam's practice and Alice's jobs; Phil's business and Mary's garden, normal conversation. When the meal was finished, the women cleaned up while the men made another round of drinks. Someone suggested they go back to the family room.

They paired off, walked into the family room; Sam was with his mother, while Phil was with his daughter-in-law. As soon as the sat down the mood changed, both couples could feel the sexual energy in the room. Soon, both couples were engaged in foreplay. Phil was kissing Alice's neck, his fingers rubbing her pussy. Sam was sucking on his mother's tits and biting her nipples, while she was playing with his cock and balls. Things began to heat up very quickly.

Phil began to kiss his daughter-in-law's breasts, first one then the other. Alice lay down, her eyes closed, her breathing becoming deeper and more frequent. Phil continued to go lower and lower toward his goal. He was kissing and licking her navel, when Alice grabbed his head and pushed it toward her pussy. She spread her legs wide, giving Phil easy access to her hot wet pussy. She threw her legs over his shoulders; his head was now in between her thighs. He kissed, sucked, licked, probed, and nibbled her pussy. His hands went up to play with her tits, but when they got there, Alice's fingers were already there, pinching her nipples. Not wanting to disturb her, his hands went to base of her tits, where they kneaded them like dough for making bread. This went on for quite a few minutes, soon Alice's breathing got very rapid and her moans became very loud. Knowing Alice was very closed to coming, Phil devoted his complete attention to her clit, he sucked it in and out of his slightly opened teeth. After doing that for a few seconds, he sucked her clit into his mouth as far as it would go and with his tongue, he worked her clit side to side, just like a boxer would work a punching bag. All of a sudden, Alice's thighs clamped on Phil's head and held it there. Her hips moved forward mashing her pussy against his mouth and her hands pushed his head hard against her pussy. Her head flew back, her eyes shut, and her mouth was wide open. She screamed and moaned, unintelligible sounds escaped from her throat. Her body was racked with spasms. Phil stopped all his movements and hung on for dear life. Soon, Alice's thighs relaxed, her breathing returned to a more normal pace and her whole body became relaxed. Her head moved upward and she was able to see Phil through her half opened eyes. She gave him a big smile and told him how wonderful her orgasm was, as if he didn't know. Phil moved up aside of her and pulled her close to him. He liked the feel of her breasts pressing against his chest, her hard nipples being pushed deep into his chest. He would give her a few minutes to recover, before he would plunge his hard cock deep into her young, hot, moist pussy.

Sam and Mary would have been quite turned on by what Phil and Alice just did, that is if they weren't busy in their mother-son love fest. The kissed and fondled each other for a few minutes, but the very thought of what they were about to do had excited both of them to the point of not needed much foreplay. Sam sat on the floor, his back resting against the sofa. He told his mother he wanted their first fuck her to be in this position. He explained how he always visualized them having sex, she would be on top, her tits bouncing up and down, He wanted to be in a position to be able, with very little trouble, to see the expressions on her face, to be able to lean forward and kiss her or take one of her tits in his mouth, and to look down and see his cock plunging in and out of her pussy.

Mary told him, if that's what he wants, then that's what her son will get. She straddled his body and slowly lowered herself onto his hard, rigid cock. They both couldn't believe the sensation. Mary felt her son's cock, slowly filling her. She could feel it go deeper and deeper into her pussy. In her life, she had many cocks in her pussy, but they never felt like this one, not like her son's. When she finally got all of his cock inside of her and she could feel her pussy lips touching the base of his cock, she remained there for a minutes, hardly moving, just enjoying the sensation. Then, she moved her hips in a side-to-side motion; this caused her son's cock to brush her g spot, again and again. That shot waves of pleasure throughout her whole body. She opened her eyes and looked into the face of her son. His eyes were fixed on hers; he had a smile of contentment on his face. Mary leaned down and kissed him hard on the lips, driving her tongue deep inside his mouth. At the same time, she began to move up hips up and down, very fast and forcibly. Sam's cock was slamming again and again into her pussy. Within minutes, her head was thrown back, her mouth was wide-open and loud moans and groans were coming out of it. With one final downward thrust, she impaled herself on Sam's cock, screamed and collapsed onto his chest.

Alice opened her eyes and looked at her father-in-law. Alice told him how fantastic her orgasm felt and that he really knew how to treat a lady. She told Phil, that she and Sam could learn something from Mary and him after all. Phil replied that's what parents are for. They both laughed at his comment.

Phil kissed Alice and she responded by rolling on her back and pulling Phil on top of her. She reached down, grabbed Phil's cock and put in at the entrance to her pussy. He took the hint and began to push it into her still moist pussy. She spread her legs wider and wrapped them around his waist. After a few minutes of fucking in this position, Alice expressed her desire to have Phil's cock even deeper within her pussy. Phil reached around and grabbed one leg then the other. He pushed her legs forward and out to the side, so that her ankles were almost behind her ears. This caused Alice's pussy to be opened as wide as it could be and allowed Phil's cock to go deep into her pussy. Phil was not only enjoying the physical sensation of his cock being plunged in and out of her pussy, but also the vision stimulation of seeing Alice spread wide open, that turned him on even more. He knew he would come in a few minutes; he wanted to make sure Alice came with him. She must of read his mind, she reached up and began pinching her nipple with one hand and rubbing her clit with the other. That pushed Phil over the edge, he pumped his cock in and out of her pussy faster and faster. He came with one giant plunge, he held himself in that position while his cock shot come deep in his daughter-in-law's pussy. Phil's orgasm caused Alice to rub her clit furiously and pinched her nipples extremely hard. Soon she came, too. When Phil felt her pussy walls contracting around his cock, he resumed fucking her pussy, maximizing both his and her orgasms. When he was finished, he collapsed on top of Alice, laying there, panting and moaning. His cock was still buried deep within her. He could still feel her pussy contracting around his cock and then releasing it, however as his erection faded, so did his sensation of it. They both lay there, oblivious to what else was going on in the room.

Sam and Mary had rested for a few minutes and then resumed their lovemaking. Mary told her son he had given her a great orgasm and now it was up to her to return the favor. Sam's cock was still rock hard, even after coming twice already with Alice. Mary loved young cocks because of their staying power and she knew Alice was a lucky woman to have her son for a husband. Mary started to fuck her son again, very slowly, she was making sure his fantasy coming true would be one to remember. She continued to move up and down on his cock, she leaned down and kissed him on his lips, allowing his tongue to invade her mouth, just as his cock was doing to her pussy. Sam's hands went to her ass, grabbing it at first, but soon controlling the tempo of her fucking. Mary changed her movements to follow her son's guide; she increased the tempo of their screwing. Soon, she could tell her son was getting close to coming. Knowing that, she reached down grabbed the back of his head and shoved it forward so that it came to rest in between her tits. She proceeded hold his face between her tits. This caused her tits to rub up and down his face as she rose and fell on his cock. Sam tried to kiss and nibble on his mother's tits, however with her body movements he was really only able to lick her tits. This caused Sam to get closer to coming and Mary sensed that. She held his head with one hand and with the other; she reached behind her back and between Sam's legs. She grabbed on to his balls and gently played with them. That did it for Sam; he came for the third time in the last few hours, but this time it was deep within his mother's pussy. His fantasy had come true! Sam held her hips still as his cock pumped his come, what little he had left, into his mother's pussy. He collapsed onto the sofa. Mary slowly moved up and down on his cock, milking the last bit of sperm out of him, this movement also caused Sam's orgasm to continue It also caused Mary to have an orgasm of her own, not as good as her last orgasm, but she had concentrated on making sure his orgasm was as good as he fantasized. She looked down at her son, his eyes closed, breathing rapid and a look of contentment on his face. She grabbed his head in both her hands and pulled it to her bosom, much like a mother would hold her son.

The two couples sat with their spouses on the floor in the family room, they were all still naked. They were discussing what had just happened between them. In the case of Sam and Alice, this was the first time they had been involved in swapping partners. They felt no guilt; in fact Sam was elated that his fantasy had come true. Alice expressed pleasure in having sex with her father-in-law. Sam and Alice wondered where do they go from here? What is their future relationship with Sam's parents? Sam and Alice didn't have all the answers, but they knew one thing for sure, this was the best sex they had ever had.

Mary told them how wonderful she felt and in fact she wanted to continue this new relationship. Phil nodded in agreement with his wife, but mentioned that no one should feel pressure to do something they did not want to do. It was getting late; Phil suggested they go to bed. They should go to their rooms with their spouses and discuss what had just occurred. In the morning, they would discuss this further.

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