tagIncest/TabooMom and Her Two Sons

Mom and Her Two Sons


It all started with me blowing my sons and god, I loved it. My boys Jacob and Brad are 23 and 20 now. I'm 51, by the way, and I still look pretty good for my age. Except for my hair has started to go grey which I hate, but I dye it back to just a touch darker than my natural color and that turns back the clock with wonders.

What I really want to talk about is the glorious Saturday my boys gave me last summer, but I think that maybe I should start a little farther back. Like the beginning.

The real beginning would be on my oldest son's 18th birthday. I woke up next to my husband Mark and he asked me if everything was on track for Jacob's party. I assured him that it was, except for the cake needed to be picked up that afternoon. Then he asked me if I could believe that Jacob was eighteen. I agreed that the time went by so fast that it seemed impossible. He chuckled.

"What is it?"

"Oh - nothing. Never mind," he said and got up out of bed. His large, hard cock was straining against his thin boxer shorts. If he were standing closer to me I would have reached out for it. The teaser.

"Come on, what?," I pleaded.

He could have deflected me with some trivial made up thing, but he didn't. Over the past few years, I've wondered if any of this would have happened if he had just claimed he remembered a joke from TV last night that made him laugh or something.

"Do you think Jacob is still a virgin? I mean, he's a grown man now, after all."

"Yeah, hmm. I never really thought about it. Anyway, we've lazed around in bed long enough. Better get to it." For some reason, I was eager to change the subject from my oldest son's sex life.

"Were you going to take a shower right now?"

"Yes," I told him. "Why?"

"Well...might save a little time if we both go together."

I looked at him as he grabbed his crotch and shook it. "Come on, then," I told him with pretend annoyance.

In the shower, I let him fuck me from behind as I washed my hair. His asking about Jacob's sex life must have sparked something in me because I was imagining that it was Jacob who was fucking me. When Mark grabbed my tits and came inside me I almost exhaled a dreamy "yes, son," but I changed it to "yes ssssss, mmm better, baby?"

"Yeah, that does it," he said as he removed his cock from me. As he was sliding his length out, I wondered how Jacob compared in size.

All through the morning I kept fantasizing about Jacob. I playfully cursed Mark for opening this door, but really it was fun to play with in my mind. Later on, I went to Jacob's room. His door was open, so I knocked on it a few times as I walked in. He was sitting on his bed watching TV.

"Hi, hon."

He looked up from the screen. "Hey Mom." He looked so relaxed and at ease.

"I know I said it before, but I just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday and see if there's anything I can get you?"

"No thanks, mom. I'm ok."

"You sure? Nothing? Anything to eat? A smoothie or something?"

"Hmm, actually, a smoothie sounds pretty good."

"Sure baby, I'll go make you one. You just wait right here."

I went to the kitchen and whipped up a quick fruit smoothie. Just as I was leaving, I picked up a banana to take along with me. I stopped again for a moment and considered the situation. I debated, hesitated and decided to go one step further. I set down the smoothie glass and the banana. I unbuttoned the top button of my blouse. I pulled it open and adjusted it. It was subtle, it barely showed anything. I even considered undoing another button, but stopped. I didn't want to go too far. I took Jacob his smoothie.

Back in Jacob's room, I closed the door behind me this time. He glanced toward me and back at the TV.

"Here you go, dear," I said as I handed him the glass. I took a step back.

"Thanks, mom."

"It's good weather for a smoothie," I said. God, so stupid.

"Yeah, it is, really hot."

"I didn't feel like one, but this banana just looked so good." I unpeeled it and held it in front of my mouth, looking at it, knowing Jacob was watching me as I did. I glanced at him and took a slow bite. "Ummmm. Mmmm. There's nothing like ripe, fresh fruit," I said.

"Well, was that it?"

"What, dear?"

"The smoothie and all?"

I began to come back to my senses. I didn't even know what I had been doing in the first place. "Um, yeah, that was all. Just wanted to see if you wanted anything."

Jacob drank the last of the smoothie and reached the empty glass out to me. "I guess you can take this. Thanks though. It was really good."

"Oh, yes, sure. Boy, you drank it fast." I stepped forward and took it from his hand.

"Yeah mom, I really sucked it down. It was so smooth and creamy. So good. You sure you didn't want one after all?"

I just stood there.

"But no, you had your banana. Look you didn't finish it." He took the half eaten banana from my other hand and peeled it further down, revealing it soft flesh. He stood up and raised it to my mouth. "Open up, momma."

I did and he eased the banana into my mouth. I bit off a chunk and he kept the rest of it against my lips, pushing it against my closed mouth as I chewed and swallowed.

"Alright, son. I think--"

"I think there's only one bite left," he said. He unpeeled the last of it and held it up to my mouth.

This time he didn't push it in, but waited for me to take it. I swayed forward and took the last bite. His cock was hard, but he made no move to try and hide it. I reached my hand out and felt him. I've always remembered that moment as the point of no return. Up until then, even though things had gone way over the line, we could have backed off and just laughed nervously about it. I put my hand on his cock through his pants and felt it pulse against my fingers.

I dropped the empty glass onto the carpet and it bounced onto its side. A little bit of smoothie that was collected in the bottom of the glass dripped out onto the floor. Jacob moved his hands to the waist of his pants as I kept my hand against his cock. Not letting my fingers deter him, he unzipped himself and pushed his pants and boxers down together. His hard cock sprang out and it was beautiful. Incidentally, my question had been answered. He was not quite as big as his father, I'm sure Mark would be pleased to know. But that was really neither here nor there.

He sat down on the bed, his legs over the edge, feet touching the floor. He spread his legs apart and as if I were attached on a string I moved forward. I knelt in front of him, his legs on either side of me. I put my hands on his thighs. He made his cock dance toward my face. It looked ridiculous, but I looked up at him and smiled. The way he looked down at me so expectantly made me blush. I was on my knees for my son and I liked it. I put my hand on the base of his cock and put my mouth over the head. He moaned and looked up at the ceiling.

"Oh Mommmmmmmm. Don't stop, please."

I took him into my mouth deeper, sliding my tongue against his shaft and swirling it around. The angle of my head cut off his eyes so I couldn't see him, but I could hear the pleasure coming from his voice low and constant. I was taking his breath away, driving him wild. After my husbands cock, it was easy to take him all the way into my throat and hold him there while I tugged at his balls. He started squirming too much and I had to come up for air.

"Oh Mom, oh my god," he gasped.

"Good, baby?"

"Please do it some more, it feels better than anything I ever felt before."

I felt proud to be giving him this amazing experience. This would be a birthday he would never forget, and I would never forget it either. "Mmm, get ready," I whispered. I started at his sack, massaging it with my tongue and moved upward, drawing my tongue firmly along his length.

I took him deep again and moaned around his cock. Saliva flowed out of my mouth and drained around his balls. I slid my lips up and down his shaft, I figured he wouldn't be able to last much longer when his stomach started to tighten repeatedly. I could feel him pulsing his cock inside my mouth, trying desperately to hold back his cum.

Suddenly, he sprang up. His momentum rocked me back on my heels. He put his hands flat on either side of my head and let out a long groan. He hunched over me and I felt him start to shudder. He grabbed my head harder and I wrapped my arms around his thighs. I knew he was right about to cum in my mouth.

He pumped his hips once and stopped as he started to orgasm in my mouth. "Fuck. Yes. Ooooohhhhhmmmmmm. Oh my goddddddd."

His cum jetted against the back of my throat in hard spurts and flowed forward to the front of my mouth. After five or six good shots his orgasm started to subside and he spurted several smaller shots and he began to relax. I let his load stream out of my mouth all around his cock and onto the floor as he panted and caught his breath.

"Oh my god, Mom. That was fucking amazing. I mean - that was just the best thing ever."

I smiled at Jacob, pleased that I could thrill him so well. "You're welcome, baby. Happy Birthday."

That is the main part of the story with Jacob. Nothing much changed between us or in the family. Everything went on as it had before, I blew him several more times after that until he went away to college.

It worked similarly with my youngest, Brad. He was on a summer trip with a friend's family for a few weeks which included his 18th birthday so we were going to be celebrating with our family a week later. He had been back home for two days when the day of his party arrived.

When I woke up, Mark had already left. It crossed my mind that I would need to go pick up Brad's cake that afternoon. That reminded me of Mark's and my conversation on Jacob's 18th birthday. I leaned back and fondly remembered all the times I'd had Jacob's cock in my mouth. I never found out for sure if Jacob was a virgin when I went to him. I was pretty sure that Brad was though. He always was more shy than his brother was. I heard him moving around in his room. It was just the two of us in the house.

I went and knocked on his door. I waited as he yelled out "just a minute" and got himself together to open the door for me.

"Hi, sweetie."

"Hey mom."

"I wanted to be the first one to wish you Happy Birthday today. I know it's a week past, but we are celebrating tonight so that makes it official."

"Oh, thanks."

"Do you have any big plans today?"

"No, not really."

"Hmm, well...I want to make sure that you have a very fun day today." I walked past him into the middle of his room. "Gosh, your room is so neat. Jacob's was always such a mess." I looked around his room, admiring how well kept it was.

"Yeah, I guess I just like to keep things tidy. I don't really think about it much."

"Awww, you've grown up so good, you know that?" I said. Brad looked down at the floor and mumbled a thank you. I stepped closer to him and took his hand. "Don't be shy, dear. You really have." He was shifting his weight on his feet. To relieve the mounting tension for a moment, I changed the subject and let go of his hand. "Well, you've been 18 for a week now. Do you feel any older?"

"No, not really."

"Did you do anything momentous to mark the occasion? You didn't buy cigarettes did you?"

Brad turned bright red and his eyes flew away from mine. He let out a breathless laugh that sounded like a hiccup. "No, I didn't buy any cigarettes or anything."

"Alright, mister. Spill it. What did you do then if you didn't buy any cigarettes. Good to hear that you didn't by the way. But I can tell that you must have done something. Now sit down and tell me."

Reluctantly, he turned the chair at his desk out to face the room and sat down. To try and make him a little more comfortable I went and sat on his bed so I wouldn't just be standing over him.

"It's just that I went into an, um...adult shop with my friend Will. He was always talking about it and stuff so I said that I'd go when I was finally old enough. Just to see it once."

"Is that all? Honey, that's alright. I won't ask you if you bought anything there, but if you haven't figured it out, the internet is way better for porn. But that's ok, you don't need to answer that either. That's your own private business."

I got up to go, but stopped a second. "But just between you and me, there are nicer ways to explore sex than through porn. I'm just saying."

He looked so miserably uncomfortable and I wanted to ease his awkwardness. "I know," he said. "It's hard for me though, I always get nervous and stuff."

"Baby, trust me, you don't need to be nervous. And relax, you still have lots of time to grow into yourself. It will all be ok, believe me."

"Sometimes it doesn't feel that way."

My heart broke a little bit for him right then. He apparently couldn't see that there was nothing wrong with him. All morning I had wanted to go to him like I had for Jacob, but I wasn't sure how to proceed or if he would be agreeable to it. It's not every boy who wants to be intimate with their mother. Also, it felt more important to me that I let Brad experience this than it was for Jacob. I wouldn't be able to seduce him playfully, I knew that. Brad would need a different approach. Looking back on it, I am still surprised that I was so bold, but I suppose some part of me knew that it would be received as I intended.

I asked him to sit next to me on his bed. He did, rising slowly from the chair and almost tiptoeing across the room. He sat, leaving a few feet between us. His door was open, but we were the only ones in the house and I was confident that nobody would disturb us.

"Can I show you something, dear? It would have to be our little secret. Just between us. I mean it. Nobody could ever find out."

"What do you mean?"

"I think that I could do something for you that would make you feel a little more comfortable around girls. Maybe not right away, but it could be a start, anyway."

I scooted closer to him and he looked at me with wide eyes. "Mom, I don't know what you mean."

I felt that he did have an idea what I meant, but was afraid to say it out loud. Afraid that perhaps he was misreading everything and was about to make a huge mistake.

"Sweetie, more than anything I want to teach you to be able to trust your instincts," I said, scooting even closer to him. I unbuttoned my blouse partway and pulled it down past my shoulders, revealing the top of my breasts. I took his hand and placed over my left breast at the bottom so he could feel my whole breast against his hand. I kissed him on the cheek and put my hand on his crotch to feel him reach full hardness.

"Just scoot back and let me make you feel good," I said with hushed breath. "Remember, our little secret."

"Oh - OK, Mom. I won't tell anybody."

He positioned himself back on his bed so he was sitting propped up. I unzipped his pants and slid them off his body as he lifted himself up. I leaned over him, letting my breasts brush over his thighs. I left my bra on and my blouse bunched down around my middle loosely.

"Sweetie, your cock is so big," I told him and I wasn't lying to him. He was bigger than Mark was by at least half an inch and he was thicker too. "Do you play with it a lot?"

"Yes, I guess I do."

"That's ok, baby." I felt it in my hand and he jumped and twitched as I touched it. "Is this the first time somebody else has touched it?"

"Yeah," he gasped. "Yeah and it feels so good."

I leaned down and drew my tongue around the head of his cock. He moaned loudly and shuddered with pleasure. I put my lips around his cock and slid down. I moaned for him with his dick stuffed in my mouth.

"Oh mom, Oh my god."

I gave him some more pressure, sucking him hard, knowing he was having the time of his life and sorry that it would be over so soon.

As if on cue, he squirmed his hips around and said "Stop, hold on, I'm about to cum."

I thought to myself, 'no baby, I'm not going to stop, but I will hold on...' I slathered my tongue against his cock and slid up his shaft a little bit to give him room to cum. I wanted to tell him to let it out and cum for me in my mouth, but I didn't want to break the flow. I knew he didn't need my coaxing.

"Ooh, mmm, Ooh OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM," he moaned, his eyes rolled up in his head and he closed his eyelids. His spurts came thick and heavy into my waiting mouth. I swallowed his hot load as it shot into my mouth, rope after rope. His orgasm was over as suddenly as it began, but I kept him lightly in my mouth for several moments afterward.

Brad just sat there breathing heavily, getting his mind back in a slow wave. I took my mouth off his cock and watched him as sense returned to his eyes. "Like that, sweetie?"

"Oh Mom, that was so good. Better than I ever would have been able to imagine."

"Well, Happy Birthday."

I blew him many more times in the few months before he left for college too. We had such a sweet time together. So that brings us to the most recent events.

Now Jacob is 23 and out of school. He lives nearby, but I hadn't seen him in a long time. Brad is 20 and off at school so I rarely see him either. As it happened, Mark was out of town for a few days on a work trip so I was all alone in the house, really for the first time since we'd moved in. I knew it was only going to be for a few days, only one full day, actually, but I was feeling kind of lonely anyway.

That's when my two sons surprised me with a visit out of the blue. They didn't even call first. I asked them what was up and Brad said I had mentioned to him that Mark would be gone for a bit and they two of them decided to come on over as a surprise. And such a nice surprise I thought it was, but little did I know how nice it would turn out to be.

Once we were in the living room, Brad was the one to drop the bombshell. They both knew about each other. They both said they were sorry, that they knew it was supposed to be just between us, but that they accidentally figured it out. I wasn't mad, as far as I was concerned it still was just between us and I told them as much. I asked them if the only reason they made a special trip to see me was to confess their knowledge and make sure I wasn't upset.

No, they said. And then came the real bombshell. The real reason they both came over when they knew that Mark was gone was that they wanted to take our secret further. They asked me if in all the times that I was sucking them off if I had never wanted to do more because both of them sure had.

I think I actually blushed when they asked me that. I didn't answer right away, but it was true. My first imaginings in my mind were about Jake and me fucking, but once I began actually blowing Jacob, that seemed to be far enough. Still, it didn't take long for me to start fantasizing about letting them take all of me. I didn't know what to tell them. Why hadn't I ever gone past blowjobs? I guess maybe I was afraid of crossing some line too far, I don't know.

They understood completely, but they told me that if we all agreed, that the perfect opportunity had come to take that leap. In the first instant, I resisted the idea in my mind. I thought of Mark and what his opinion would be. It was true that I had cheated on him already, but this seemed that it would be worse. But then I decided that it would be alright after all. I was able to justify it relatively easily. To do it for love would be alright, and for me and my sons to all share love couldn't be frowned upon. Besides, I didn't expect him to find out. Perhaps to ease my guilt a little bit more, I told them that this would have to be a one time thing. They were old enough now to start carrying on their own lives completely separate from me. In the sexual sense, at least. Neither of them had a problem with that so there we stood. Three horny people with a whole day to entertain each other. I told them that I hoped that had packed their cocks.

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